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Hillary Clinton: Don’t Let Obama’s Legacy Fall Into Trump’s Hands

Hillary Clinton blasted Republican Donald Trump on race and equality issues Sunday, warning that the progress made on President Barack Obama’s watch could be wiped away if the businessman is elected president.

WH Correspondents Dinner: Larry Wilmore Smears FOX News as Racist, Calls Obama ‘My Ngga’ (Video)

Comedian Larry Wilmore smeared FOX News last night at the White House Correspondents Dinner as a racist news outlet. He... The post WH Correspondents Dinner: Larry Wilmore Smears FOX News as Racist, Calls Obama ‘My Ngga’ (Video) appeared first on The Gateway Pundit.

Right-Wing Host: Obama Should Have 'Walked Off Stage' After Larry Wilmore 'Disrespected The Office'

Conservative talk show host Jimmy Mathis lashed out at President Barack Obama on Sunday because he didn't not condemn comedian Larry Wilmore for using the N-word in a joke. At the White House Correspondents Dinner on Saturday, Wilmore ended his comedy routine by saying, "So, Mr. Show More Summary

VIDEO=> Caitlyn Jenner Uses Women’s Bathroom at Trump Tower – Slams Ted Cruz on the Way Out

Caitlyn Jenner took Donald Trump up on his offer using a women’s restroom at Trump Tower in New York City.... The post VIDEO=> Caitlyn Jenner Uses Women’s Bathroom at Trump Tower – Slams Ted Cruz on the Way Out appeared first on The Gateway Pundit.

Cruz won’t say if he would support Trump as Republican nominee

Sen. Ted Cruz would not say, despite repeated questioning, whether he would support Donald Trump as the Republican nominee for president. "I believe that if the Republican Party nominates Donald Trump, we will lose to Hillary," the senator from Texas said in an interview with NBC's "Meet the Press." What followed was a five-minute back-and-forth in […]

Breitbart Audience Reacts to Larry Wilmore's Speech With Huge Outpouring of Ugly Racism

In his speech to the White House Correspondents' Dinner, Larry Wilmore pushed the envelope hard; George Carlin would have been proud of him. Wilmore closed by saying, "Yo Barry -- you did it, my nigga." And of course, that was all it...Show More Summary

Shocking Video From 2008 Shows Carly Fiorina Doing The Unthinkable

Ted Cruz recently chose Carly Fiorina to be his running mate if he should win the Republican nomination. Opponents to the candidate say that THIS video could ruin their campaign.

‘We’re going to have that teed up’: Trump lays out plan to use Sanders’s attacks against Clinton

Donald Trump on Sunday laid out plans to use Sen. Bernie Sanders's attacks to weaken Hillary Clinton in a general-election matchup. Trump, doubling down on his comment that Clinton is succeeding in the Democratic primaries only because she is a woman, said that Sanders has leveled criticism that was "a lot worse" and that he […]

THIS IS CNN: After ‘Alleged Journalist’ White House Correspondents Dinner Joke, Don Lemon Gives …

THIS IS CNN: After ‘Alleged Journalist’ White House Correspondents Dinner Joke, Don Lemon Gives Larry Wilmore the Finger. To be fair, CNN has been giving its viewers the finger for at least two decades now. It’s only fair that they start flipping off their fellow Democrat operatives with lavaliers as well.

Supreme Court Not Blocking Texas Voter ID Law

Texas' new voter ID law is here to stay, at least for now. The Supreme Court on Friday issued an order stating that they would not consider the...

Pete Wilson of California Backs Ted Cruz and Warns of Donald Trump

Former Gov. Pete Wilson of California used a surprise appearance before the state's Republican convention Saturday to endorse Senator Ted Cruz, warning that the nomination of Donald J. Trump could lead to political ruin for the party’s candidates this November.

A top adviser to Bernie Sanders makes a key concession about the race

Bernie Sanders vows that the Democratic convention in Philadelphia will be “contested.” He means that neither he nor Hillary Clinton can win a majority of delegates to the convention through winning pledged delegates alone, so super-delegates will have to ultimately decide the outcome. Sanders will compete for those super-delegates, even if he trails in the […]

BREAKING: Indiana Exit Polls Are Not Yet Armageddonish

CNN is reporting that Indiana exit polls show voters believe the primary has divided the party but, overall, it has been fair. This is the kind of news that is good for Ted Cruz since it has been the “rigging the primary” drumbeat of...Show More Summary

Trump and Cruz Engage In a War of Words

Truly, Donald J. Trump is one colossal anomaly. I’ve seen a lot of squishy moderates, barely-Republicans, and outright RiNOs in my years as a political geek. Rarely have I seen an outright liberal, in the same vein as Obama, Pelosi,Show More Summary

THIS IS IT: Indiana Votes and Here is Our Open Thread!!

There are many open threads like it, but this one is ours. Plan your post-apocalypse survival and escape routes. Share your stories about who has become a zombie and which microwaves and computers have revolted. Or make your predictions for who will win and who will lose and who should drop out and go back to Ohio at long last. Show More Summary

Donald Trump is the Intellectual Heir of Ron Paul

I think you can tell a tremendous amount about a person, intellectually and psychologically speaking, by the extent to which a person is willing to believe in conspiracy theories. I think most people fall somewhere on the spectrum of...Show More Summary

Woman Chases Pervert out of Target Before He Can Follow Her Into the Restroom (VIDEO)

Candice Spivey of Yulee, Florida just might be a new critic of Target's radical bathroom policy. She was approached by a convicted pervert while shopping for bikinis at Target, and since she recognized him from a previous encounter, she decided to film the incident. Show More Summary

Watercooler 5/3/16 Open Thread: Record Taxes, Marine Air, Student Loans

$1.48 Trillion: Government Collects Record-High Taxes in First Half of FY 2016 Inflation-adjusted federal tax revenues hit a record $1.48 trillion for the first half of fiscal year 2016, but the federal government still ran a $461 billion deficit during that time, according to the latest monthly Treasury Department statement. Show More Summary

Right-wing loathing of Hillary Clinton is mirrored on the left

Zealots on the political right have enjoyed an unusually large megaphone throughout the years of Barack Obama’s presidency and that cacophony from one side of the political spectrum has drowned out equally strident voices on the left — at least until Bernie Sanders came along. Sanders is not, himself,...

Learn a Lesson From the Panglong Conference

On April 27, Myanmar's State Counselor Aung San Suu Kyi held a meeting with the Joint Monitoring Committee, a body representative of the army and eight non-state armed groups that signed the so-called Nationwide Ceasefire Agreement (NCA) last October. The meeting was the first of its kind since the National League for Democracy (NLD) assumed power. Show More Summary

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