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Trump leaving McConnell to handle Senate bill on health care

Trump's team also failed to score major wins in last month's wrap-up spending bill, as lawmakers blocked funding for his border wall, leading the president to lash out on Twitter and ponder vetoing the measure. After a shaky start, the...Show More Summary

5 GOP senators now oppose health care bill as written

A total of five Republican senators are now opposed to the proposed GOP health bill. It would take only three defections to Democrats opposing the bill to sink the measure. … Click to Continue »

Trump approves $2B sale of drones to India ahead of meeting

The Trump administration has authorized the sale of unarmed surveillance drones to India, the manufacturer said Friday, as the two nations' leaders prepare for their first face-to-face meeting. India initiated … Click to Continue »

Some House Democrats mull over how to oust Pelosi as leader

WASHINGTON (AP) — A dozen or so House Democrats want Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi to go after a dispiriting loss in a House election in Georgia. The frustrated Democrats met in Rice's office a day earlier to discuss their options asShow More Summary

Consumer issues stemming from the GOP health care initiative

Republicans in full control of government are on the brink of history-making changes to the nation's health care system. The impact for consumers would go well beyond "Obamacare." Former President … Click to Continue »

Senators seek Pentagon investigation of torture reports

Pressure mounted Friday on the Defense Department after multiple U.S. senators called for investigations into reports that U.S. military interrogators worked with forces from the United Arab Emirates who are … Click to Continue »

Gowdy: Oversight won't investigate Russian interference

Rep. Trey Gowdy, R-S.C., said he does not want the oversight panel to interfere with investigations by special counsel Robert Mueller and other congressional committees. Rep. Gerald Connolly, D-Va., a member of the oversight panel, called...Show More Summary

Some House Democrats mull over how to oust Pelosi as leader

A dozen or so House Democrats want Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi to go after a dispiriting loss in a House election in Georgia. They just don't know how to make … Click to Continue »

Kamala Harris goes silent when confronted with true sex-based oppression

(Paul Mirengoff) Last week, Sen. Kamala Harris became the left’s designated victim of the month because she was interrupted by Republican Senators during a hearing of the Senate Intelligence Committee. Harris kept interrupting the witness, Attorney General Jeff Session, so it’s debatable whether she had a genuine grievance. Show More Summary

Oregon House Passes “Sanctuary State” Bill

As reported earlier in the week, the Oregon legislature is moving full-speed-ahead with an illegal alien protection bill that would... The post Oregon House Passes “Sanctuary State” Bill appeared first on The Gateway Pundit.

Health Care's Four Horsemen

The Senate health care bill simply digs the hole deeper.

When Evangelicals Become Useful Idiots for Islamism

Too many conservative Christians are ignoring the dangers posed by Islamic terrorism and the subversive effort to advance the conquest ideology of sharia law.

Not Business, Mr. President, but War

There is no "art of the deal" when fanatical leftists refuse to negotiate. It is time for a change in strategy.

A Proposed Free Speech Tax from Republicans?

Some congressmen seem to need to be reminded that advertising is indeed speech.

The Confederate Monuments: Dead Stones and Real Monsters

Leftist iconoclasts clamor against Confederate monuments to fight "white supremacy," but their proposed solution is just as bad as the imagined problem they claim to want to eradicate.

Equality as a Social Construct

The closer we get to equality, the more miserable we all are.

In His Own Image: How to 'Flip' a Country

Much of the effort to change America through preferential immigration has its manifestation in President Obama.

Last Word 6/23/17

Watch the full episode of Friday night's The Last Word with Lawrence O'Donnell.

We are Witnessing the Implosion of the Democrat Party

When you’re winning, you never argue amongst yourselves. Winning cures all ills. Everyone likes everyone else. All is forgiven, etc.   For decades the democrats controlled Washington, D.C. The dems

Leading From Behind (Cartoon)

× 101 Things All Young Adults Should Know by Sir John Hawkins John Hawkins's book 101 Things All Young Adults Should Know is filled with lessons that newly minted adults

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