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Unknown: Islam’s “Kill-All-Jews” Day and the Left’s Hateful Silence.

On this new special edition of The Unknown, Anni Cyrus focuses on Islam’s “Kill-All-Jews” Day and the Left’s Hateful Silence. She sheds light on Muslims chanting “Death to Jews!” on “Al-Quds”

What happens when the federal government eliminates health coverage? Lessons from the past

By Simon Haeder, Assistant Professor of Political Science, West Virginia University. Larissa Pisney of Denver protests outside the Aurora, Colorado offices of Rep. Mike Coffman (R-Colorado) to show her displeasure with efforts to dismantle the ACA. Show More Summary

Republicans Take from the Poor, Give to the Rich

Here’s a question for all the Democratic-leaning voters who abstained last fall – the ones who stayed home, spurned Hillary, skipped the down-ballot candidates and pined in vain for Bernie. Happy now? Because if they still somehow think that going AWOL made no difference, they should read the Senate Republican bill that eviscerates Obamacare by [...]Show More Summary

Rachel Maddow 6/23/17

Watch the full episode of Friday night's The Rachel Maddow Show.

California governor stops parole for Charles Manson follower

California Gov. Jerry Brown has blocked parole for Charles Manson follower and convicted killer Bruce Davis. Brown's rejection issued late Friday night is the fifth time Davis has been recommended … Click to Continue »

Open Thread - Trump Interviews For A Lawyer

The Donald Trump on Comedy Central's "The President Show" interviews Gloria Allred, Ron Kuby, and Alan Dershowitz as potential attorneys for any legal "troubles" that might be coming his way. You'll want to watch to the very end. It's worth it. Open thread (but please, no spoilers) below...

Surprising Number Of Threats And Attacks Against GOP Congressmen

[guest post by Dana] A report notes that 30 GOP congressmen have been attacked or been the victims of a death threat since May. Here are a few examples: May 8: Wendi Wright, 35, was arrested after stalking Rep. David Kustoff (Tenn.) and trying to run him off the road. After pulling over, Wright “began […]

The President Tweets Without Discernment Or Discretion, Part 513

[guest post by Dana] Words matter. But apparently not if you’re the President of the United States. And not if it concerns matters that are of a rather serious nature. Then: Now: Go ahead, tell me he’s playing the media and his enemies like a fiddle. I can’t even. (Cross-posted at The Jury Talks Back.) […]

Must Watch: A Real Life Potential Victim Of TrumpCare. Shame On Republicans!

Tonight MSNBC had a young man named Mike on to discuss his day to day life as someone who lives with spinal muscular atrophy. He depends on Medicaid to ensure that he has 24 hour a day care so he can live at home with his mother. Without Medicaid he would be in an institution. Show More Summary

NPR Tiny Desk Concert: A Unique, Dazzling Performance by Penguin Cafe

Bob Boilen | June 16, 2017 — The music of Penguin Cafe is like no other. Its origins date back to the early '70s, within fever dreams Simon Jeffes had that were brought on by food poisoning. In those dreams he imagined a dispassionate world "where everyone lived in big concrete blocks and spent their lives looking into screens. Show More Summary

Late Night Open Thread: Challenge

Trump loves to talk about his TIME covers—was reportedly annoyed when Bannon got one New cover: Special Counsel Mueller: “The Lie Detector” — Bradd Jaffy (@BraddJaffy) June 22, 2017 Or is it?…. #TapperTiltShow More Summary

Uptick in Russian visa requests ahead of 2016 election: WaPo

Ned Price, former NSC spokesman and senior director, shares with Rachel Maddow insights on the reporting by the Washington Post of an uptick in visa...

Judge Halts Trump's Deportation of Iraqi Christians

A Detroit federal judge issued a two-week stay Thursday halting the planned deportation of more than 100 Iraqi Christians back to their country of origin. U.S. District Court Judge Mark A. Goldsmith responded to a habeus corpus petition...Show More Summary

This Week at State: June 23, 2017

Did you miss key foreign policy developments this week? We’ve got you covered. Each week DipNote recaps the latest U.S.

Observations: The QandO Podcast for 23 Jun 17

Technically, it’s possible to have served in Afghanistan as an E-1 Private and now be a Sergeant First Class. We’ve been there for 15 years, and we have no clue when we’ll leave or what victory is. Which is interesting to think about, considering we seem to staggering towards another war in Syria. BTW, what’s […]

Reality isn’t something SJWs want to deal with

Seen around the net: “If Planned Parenthood can afford to drop over $700,000 on a special election (GA06), why does it need government subsidies?” Good question. Here’s a little eye-opener for the perpetual whiners about “income inequality”: From the accompanying article: We’re often told that to be poor in the US is much worse than […]

The AP Runs Interference for Comey and Mueller

(John Hinderaker) President Trump noted that James Comey and Robert Mueller are “very, very good friends…which is bothersome.” So the Associated Press sprang into action to defend the two men now locked in a death struggle with the president. Show More Summary

Russia 2016 cyberattacks seen as dry run for future elections

Ellen Nakashima, national security reporter for The Washington Post, talks with Rachel Maddow about her reporting on Russia's cyberattack on the U.S....

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