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Joe Scarborough Trashes Teachers Protesting In Detroit

For months now, Detroit Public School teachers have been protesting the horrendous conditions in their schools. Moldy classrooms, a lack of heat, horrible conditions, and more have them furious and protesting. But instead of responding to their concerns, teachers were informed that they would have to work beyond June 30th without pay. Show More Summary

Observations from California's GOP Convention

I spent much of the weekend at the California GOP state convention, which attracted all three of the GOP presidential candidates and, as a result, its share of press attention. It’s always fun catching up with people and getting different...Show More Summary

AT AMAZON, it’s the Outdoor Fun Event. Grills, firepits, portable generators, and more. Plus, th…

AT AMAZON, it’s the Outdoor Fun Event. Grills, firepits, portable generators, and more. Plus, there’s still time to shop the Amazon Mother’s Day Store.

Sanders Supporter Gets A Laugh From Bernie When He Says 'Billionaires Can Fck Off'

An ardent supporter of Bernie's got a chuckle and a nod from the candidate during a campaign rally today. “Well, that is one way to phrase it,” mused Sanders after an attendee at his rally in Evansville, Indiana yelled out that voters need to tell the billionaires to “fuck off.”

Politico Founder Lectures Us About 'Normal America'

Well isn't that special. Jim VandeHei, former executive editor of Politico, has an op-ed in The Wall Street Journal called "Bring On a Third Party Candidate." VandeHei just can't stand how the Washington establishment has ignored "normal"...Show More Summary

TRUMP VS. HILLARY: Okay, this is something I’ve been wanting to talk about — reliance on “unfav…

TRUMP VS. HILLARY: Okay, this is something I’ve been wanting to talk about — reliance on “unfavorables.” It seems to me, we’re going to end up with 2 major-party candidates that most people don’t like. The election is going to be decided by the people who are going to be stuck voting for one of […]

ESPN Pulls Curt Schilling ‘Bloody Sock’ Game From Yankees-Red Sox ’30 for 30’

Apparently, being fired by ESPN means not only are you erased from the employee rolls at Bristol, but you are also erased from history!

La energía malgastada de los manifestantes latinos en las elecciones del 2016 (Columna)

La semana pasada se vio otro disturbio estridente relacionado con Donald Trump en el condado de Orange, al este de Los Ángeles. Veinte personas fueron detenidas por agredir a partidarios de Trump y a oficiales de policías y por dañar un automóvil de patrulla policial.

NBC Hypes ‘Growing Backlash’ Against Kirk Cameron for Stating Biblical View on Marriage

On Monday, NBC’s Today hyped liberal outrage against conservative Christian actor Kirk Cameron for daring to adhere to a traditional Biblical view of marriage. Teasing the story at the top of the 8 a.m. ET hour, co-host Matt Lauer declared: “Kirk Cameron controversy. Show More Summary

UN mediation in Syria flounders as Kerry seeks pathways

Bloody chaos is returning to its previous intensity in Syria as mediation by the United Nations flounders and Secretary of State John Kerry seemed at wits end today in his latest efforts to save the patchy cessation of hostilities. The UN’s own credibility and utility as an effective diplomatic tool for peace is at stake [...]Show More Summary

Neener neener! Stuck with Trump!

No one wants to be Trump’s running mate. Reaction to Donald Trump’s candidacy and (worse!) his popularity is recoil — at least within the Republican party. It’s a time-honored tradition for politicians to deny any interest in the vice presidency. But this year, with the possibility of Donald J. Trump as the Republican nominee, they [...]Show More Summary

60 Year Old Muslim Marries 12-Year-Old Girl, Does More Than Consummate Wedding

Sharia law is ridden with evil, primarily towards women, who are treated as objects to be used and thrown away by disgusting men. One example is the tragic case of

Donald Trump far behind in preparing for general election

WASHINGTON (AP) — The Republican presidential nomination may be in his sights, yet Donald Trump has so far ignored vital preparations needed for a quick and effective transition to the general election. Trump's early campaign efforts...Show More Summary

Kit-Kat Released What Is Already Being Called The Most Disgusting Flavor Of All Time

When I was a kid, I loved Kit-Kat bars. The jingle stuck in my head and the crispy and chocolatey goodness was one of my favorites in my Halloween bucket

Photo: A Plane Flies a ‘Blue Lives Matter’ Banner Over a Beyonce Concert

The Super Bowl was a long time ago, but law enforcement still hasn’t forgotten Beyonce’s anti-police message. At her Tampa concert, a Blue Lives Matter banner flew overhead. A plane

Clinton faces tough crowd in West Virginia coal country

(AP) — Hillary Clinton faced some angry voters Monday during a campaign swing through West Virginia, a state that overwhelmingly backed her eight years ago in her primary fight against then-Sen. Bo Copley, an unemployed coal worker,Show More Summary

Campaign rumbles into Indiana with underdogs struggling

(AP) — The 2016 presidential campaign rumbled through Indiana Sunday focused on Tuesday's critical primary, even as front-runners Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump itched to fully engage in the one-on-one battle they cast as inevitable. Campaigning...Show More Summary

VIDEO: Vulgar Children Curse At Trump Supporters

Our political discourse is in the garbage. We are left with an unindicted felon as a Democrat nominee for the presidency and we have an egomaniacal billionaire who insults and

Thought Crime at University of Washington: Cheerleader Depicted as Attractive Blonde

Brazen thought criminals commit their hurtful crimes even at citadels of political rectitude: The University of Washington removed an infographic Tuesday that gave prospective cheerleaders tips on how to do

White House Says President Obama Not Put Off by Comedian

A White House spokesman said Monday that Barack Obama "appreciated the spirit of the sentiments" from comedian Larry Wilmore, who expressed his admiration for the nation's first black president but drew criticism over his use of the "n-word" in his remarks at White House Correspondents Dinner.

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