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Democrats Seize the Optimism Trump Surrendered

First Read: “As soon as President Obama finished his speech here Wednesday night, it was immediately clear that Donald Trump and Republicans made a fundamental mistake by abandoning a hopeful, optimistic message in Cleveland. And Obama and the Democrats seized [...]

Clinton Campaign Warns Trump May Leak to Russians

“The chairman of Hillary Clinton’s campaign urged U.S. intelligence agencies on Wednesday to get an ironclad agreement from Donald Trump that he would not leak information to the Russians before providing him with presidential candidate briefings,” the Huffington Post reports. [...]

Biden Pushed Out of Prime Time

Politico: “Vice President Biden didn’t even make prime time on Wednesday night, because his boss and his potential successor had to speak. It was a stark reminder of one crucial difference between the two conventions: The big Democrats almost all [...]

Quote of the Day

“I guess I take it a little bit personally. You can’t let it get you down. You have to go out.” — Donald Trump, quoted by Politico, on the attacks on him from Democrats.

The Optimistic Candidate

Politico: “It’s become a cliché to say that the more optimistic candidate usually wins presidential elections, but there isn’t much doubt which party stands for optimism these days. Trump has tried to make November a referendum on the state of [...]

Surprise: Yet Another Warmist Calls For Climate Skepticism To Be A Crime

I wonder, should it be a crime to call for all sorts of anthropogenic climate change measures and laws to fail to practice what they preach? Should it be a

The Chaos Candidate

“The big story at the Democratic convention for most of Wednesday was not the Democrats — not Hillary Clinton, Tim Kaine or even President Obama, the evening’s star speaker. It was Donald Trump, whose loose and provocative talk about the [...]

Obama Gives Speech At DNC, Forgets Who Has Been President Last 7+ Years

It was an amazing speech from a guy whose political party loathes America, and he himself has long attempted to fundamentally transform America. This ABC News headline is perhaps the

Thursday Morning News Dump (7/28/16) [Mis. Hum.]

John Hinkley to be released When do the Germans say enough is enough? The Pope comments on the R.O.P. Iran doesn't care for television Which moron will they hire? Are you ready for another farce investigation?. Another liberal snafu...

Russia Disrespects Obama Once Again, Joins Chinese Navy in South China Sea for Joint Training

Russia has teamed up with the Chinese navy in the South China Sea to conduct a joint training exercise which only escalates tensions over the...

Pelosi: White Men Don't Support Hillary Because They're God-fearing Homophobic Gun Nuts

In an interview on Tuesday at the Democratic National Convention, PBS host Judy Woodruff asked Rep. Nancy Pelosi about the fact that Donald Trump...

The 5 Reasons You Should Be A One-Issue Voter

Truth is I've been a one-issue voter for most of my voting life. I didn't often want to admit it because I know some would say being so is unethical. If you put all your caring eggs into only one basket, the other caring baskets go empty. Show More Summary

An Open Letter To Ivanka Trump

Dear Ivanka, Few would argue against the idea that you are a poised, articulate, capable young woman. You have lived a life of privilege, without coming to the conclusion that this makes you entitled. I applaud you. You deeply respect and greatly admire your father. Show More Summary

BILL DE BLASIO CAN SEE SAN FRANCISCO FROM HIS HOUSE: Homeless Encampments Worry Commuters At Penn St…

BILL DE BLASIO CAN SEE SAN FRANCISCO FROM HIS HOUSE: Homeless Encampments Worry Commuters At Penn Station. Of course, it’s not as though the current Penn Station is all that aesthetically pleasing to begin with – I explored its sad history in a lengthy-ish post back at Ed in 2009 after Mad Men name-dropped […]

Obama passes the baton while scorching Trump

In a contest over who understands America, Obama thinks he, not Trump, has the stronger case. At the Democratic convention, Obama proved how right he is.

Trump Shows the Flaws of NSA Surveillance

His call for Russian hackers to break into Hillary Clinton’s email validate the worst suspicions of security-state critics.

HILLARY COMMISSIONS HER OWN DISASTER MOVIE, and gets James Cameron, Arnold Schwarzenegger, and Sigou…

HILLARY COMMISSIONS HER OWN DISASTER MOVIE, and gets James Cameron, Arnold Schwarzenegger, and Sigourney Weaver to issue an ominous warning about global warming. Related: Hillary Clinton Really Likes Private Jets; as of the end of February, her campaign spent more than $2 million on them. “While it is not clear which jet Clinton prefers on […]

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