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Oklahoma Supreme Court: Take Down That 10 Commandments Statue

In a recently issued opinion that could have widespread implications, the highest court in Oklahoma determined that the state’s Ten Commandments...

Netanyahu’s take

(Scott Johnson) Israel simply cannot afford the smug self-delusuions with which our pending nuclear agreement with Iran is being negotiated and sold. Its critique of the arrangement reflects a realistic view of the proceedings. Prime Minister’s Netanyahu’s views, expressed most recently yesterday and posted here, represent the Israeli consensus. Show More Summary

The Cruz/Rove feud heats up

When Ted Cruz and Karl Rove are engaged in a feud, who do you root for? Well, it's a funny story, actually.

Hours from deadline, GOP faces new pressure on Ex-Im Bank

At midnight Tuesday, the Export-Import Bank of the United States will lose its federal charter for the first time in 80 years, and hours before the deadline, American exporters and Democrats heightened pressure on Republican leaders in Congress to limit the damage by scheduling a quick reauthorization vote once lawmakers return to Washington next week. […]

Fox News Ignores, Then Downplays Wash. Post Report On Jeb Bush's Dubious Business Dealings

Fox News downplayed a recent report on questionable business dealings made by Republican presidential candidate Jeb Bush after having ignored the story in the days after it broke. On June 28, The Washington Post reported on Bush's business...Show More Summary

Trump, Cruz and Paul emerge as Todd Akin Republicans

In 2012, then-Rep. Todd Akin (R-Mo.) took a winnable Senate race and turned it into a debacle for the whole party. His comments on rape were front and center at the Democratic National Convention. One news cycle after another was devoted to his ignorant remarks. He lived up to the cartoon portrait of a clueless […]

Media Silent On Exposé of Bush's Questionable Business Deals

Evening news programs on cable and broadcast news channels were completely silent in the immediate aftermath of a Washington Post story about business dealings by Jeb Bush "that raised questions about his judgment and exposed him toShow More Summary

Even more bad news for Hillary Clinton

Hillary Clinton’s re-launch did absolutely nothing to improve the trajectory of her campaign. And there are daily reminders that far from being Democrats’ best bet she may be the Republicans’ ideal opponent. First, she generates as much enthusiasm as dental surgery. But don’t just take my word for it. A new poll from Democracy Corps […]

Mob of 50 Black Teens Storm Georgia Walmart, Destroy and Steal Store

Do you think the Old Media establishment will report this story of a mob of 50 black teenagers swarming a Walmart in Georgia and destroying the place? Arrests were made,

President Forced to Watch Marriage-Ruling Celebrations on TV

President Obama expressed wistful regret that he was not able to celebrate with the crowds outside of the White House that had gathered hours after the Supreme Court struck down limits on same-sex marriage.

The Marines are weighing having troops hitch rides on foreign warships [Video]

Okay, this is just bug-freaking-nuts. I’ve seen some moronic things come out of this Administration, but this one takes the maritime cake. The Marines are now weighing placing our troops

Ted Cruz auditions for "The Simpsons"

What happens when Senator Ted Cruz auditions for "The Simpsons"?

The Cheerful Belligerence of Lindsey Graham

The Republican presidential candidate explains why he would threaten Iran with war and send U.S. ground troops into Syria and Iraq.

Ted Cruz: States Should Ignore Same-Sex Marriage Ruling

Texas Senator and presidential candidate Ted Cruz has some advice for those who are worried about the flagrantly unconstitutional Supreme Court ruling that legalized same-sex marriage in all fifty states:

Irish Pastor Faces Prison for Criticizing Islam

Tyrannical “hate speech” laws are evolving into sharia in Northern Ireland, where evangelical Christian pastor James McConnell faces 6 months in prison for criticizing Islam. Pastor McConnell got himself in

In Confirmation Hearings, Elena Kagan Stated “There Is No Federal Constitutional Right to Same-Sex Marriage”

Obama and Shrillary aren’t the only ones to “evolve” rather dramatically regarding the federal desecration of marriage on behalf of the radical homosexual agenda. Legal Insurrection recalls testimony by leftist

Oklahoma Supreme Court Rules that Ten Commandments Monument ‘Isn’t History’ and Must Be Removed from Capitol Grounds

Oklahoma’s state supreme court has ruled in a lopsided 7-2 decision that the monument to the Ten Commandments must be removed from the capitol grounds in Oklahoma City, OK. This

Twelve Western Students Are Feared To Be Heading To Syria To Join ISIS After Studying In Sudan

The Western world continues to see the radicalization of misguided young adults and according to a report from the Daily Mail, 12 medical students from the U.S., Canada and Great

The SCOTUS Fair Housing Act Decision a Welcome & Needed Win Following Racial Tragedy

It was in the wake of the murder of Martin Luther King, Jr. in April 1968 that President Lyndon Johnson signed into law a major pillar of U.S. civil rights legislation, the Fair Housing Act. Nearly 50 years later, it is in the wake of...Show More Summary


CRUZ REMINDS YAHOO VIDEO BLOGGER KATIE COURIC THAT HILLARY CREATED ANTI-OBAMA BIRTHER MOVEMENT: “The look on Couric’s smug face when he correctly reminded her that it was the Hillary Clinton campaign in 2008 that birthed the anti-Obama Birther movement, is priceless.”

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