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Christie’s Lieutenant Governor Goes Rogue

Lt. Gov. Kim Guadagno (R) staked her independence from Gov. Chris Christie (R), “in a highly public break with the governor who had plucked her from relative obscurity to serve as his running mate,” Politico reports. “Christie and Guadagno [...]

President Obama Grants Another 98 Commutations in the Month of October

Earlier this month, President Obama granted commutation to 102 federal inmates. Today, he granted another 98 commutations, underscoring his commitment to using his clemency authority through the remainder of his time in office. With today’s grants, the President has now commuted the sentences of 872 individuals. Show More Summary

Texas officials: Trump not telling the truth about vote-flipping

Donald Trump is making it up again. A social media post about ballot confusion in Texas has Donald Trump stoking claims of electoral corruption, but local officials say there’s not foundation for concern… The Republican presidential nominee took to Twitter to suggest Thursday there have been widespread cases of “vote flipping,” the act of casting [...]

Polls Narrow In Missouri Senate Race As Election Day Nears

Election Day is 12 days away, and it's looking as though the Missouri Senate race is going to go down to the wire. Incumbent Sen. Roy Blunt (R-MO)...

Poor, Poor GOP Rep. Joe Heck has ruffled some Trumpian feathers and there'll be heck to pay for it

Nevada GOP Rep. Joe Heck has attracted some headwinds in his bid to retake Harry Reid’s Senate seat—a flock of angry Trump voters are in a snit about Heck’s disavowal of Trump earlier this month. And the chair of the local GOP in Reno,...Show More Summary

Obama commutes sentences of 98 inmates

President Obama has commuted more sentences than any other president. It was Obama’s eighth round of commutations this year, bringing him to a total of 872 since taking office — more than the past 11 presidents combined. He’s commuted the sentences of 688 inmates this year alone. Obama has eclipsed Calvin Coolidge, who commuted 773 sentences, [...]

Can You Become The Calm In The Storm? Coming Together During The Elections and Beyond

Photo by David Marcu via Unsplash For many of us, this electoral season has been a storm of conflict and upset. And, of course, it's not yet over. But suddenly I feel the calm. And it's not because I believe that "my" preferred candidate will win. Show More Summary

President Obama Explains the Difference Between TPP and NAFTA

What are the major differences between NAFTA and the TPP? originally appeared on Quora - the knowledge sharing network where compelling questions are answered by people with unique insights. Answer by Barack Obama, 44th President ofShow More Summary

QUESTION ASKED: “You said every woman should be believed. Why not the women who accused him?”  Wiki…

QUESTION ASKED: “You said every woman should be believed. Why not the women who accused him?”  WikiLeaks: Clinton Staffer Speechless on How to Address Bill’s Sexual History.

Read the Transcript of Michelle Obama’s Speech at a Hillary Clinton Rally in North Carolina

"Here's where I want to get real. If Hillary doesn't win this election, that will be on us"

Conservative Women Find GOP Misogyny Revolting

The 2016 presidential campaign kicked off in earnest with a clash between Megyn Kelly and Donald Trump over gender and conservatism at the first GOP debate, and now there's another Kelly moment to bookend the race. Newt Gingrich, a top...Show More Summary

Where the Trump and Clinton Campaigns Stand as Election Day Nears

John Feehery: Donald Trump is the candidate of change, but voters might find it and him to be too much change.

Will the Americas ever take action on Venezuela?

Nine months after the secretary-general of the Organization of American States threatened to invoke the hemispheric organization’s Democratic Charter against Venezuela, the 34-nation group continues its wait-and-see approach. The Venezuelan … Click to Continue »

WHOA! Megyn Kelly Just Got A RUDE AWAKENING- Was Reminded She’s REPLACEABLE!

Some Trump supporters claim that Megyn Kelly should be ousted from her job at FOX News because of the way that she covers Donald Trump’s campaign. They claim that she

Texas officials refute 'vote-flipping' after Trump tweet

In his latest attempt to cast doubt on the election process, GOP presidential candidate Donald Trump raised suspicions Thursday about the voting machines in reliably Republican Texas despite producing no … Click to Continue »

Trump takes issue with Clinton's criticism of Putin

Donald Trump on Thursday criticized rival Hillary Clinton for being too tough on Vladimir Putin, once again raising eyebrows about the Republican candidate's relationship with the Russian president. Speaking at … Click to Continue »

When It Comes To Union Negotiations, Harvard’s $37.6 Billion Endowment May Be A Minus

While multi-billion dollar university endowments provide great independence, they also introduce something of a moral dilemma for wealthy schools.

Bayh hammered over corruption, Senate record by … HuffPo and Buzzfeed

Opportunist. The post Bayh hammered over corruption, Senate record by … HuffPo and Buzzfeed appeared first on Hot Air.

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