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Join our tour of the worst Republican gerrymanders, with Ohio's 9th District!

We're taking a tour of the most outrageous Republican gerrymanders in the nation. Read why in our introductory post, and  click here  for the full series. Ohio’s 9th Congressional District previously centered on Toledo, but after the...Show More Summary

STOLEN AMBULANCE CHASE IN CENTRAL TEXAS: Ambulance chasing of a different order and degree. Read it …

STOLEN AMBULANCE CHASE IN CENTRAL TEXAS: Ambulance chasing of a different order and degree. Read it to believe it. This weird thief purloined the ambulance from a hospital in downtown Austin, TX then drove it north toward Killeen, TX. The dude was finally apprehended near Killeen. (Killeen is where Fort Hood is located.)

For 10 years, a fake U.S. embassy in Ghana sold illegal visas and ID papers

Every Monday, Tuesday and Friday for the past decade, a pink building in Accra, the capital city of Ghana, flew an American flag from 7 a.m. to 12 p.m. Inside, … Click to Continue »

Where Did All The Money Go? Green Party Halts PA Recount For Jill Stein

Paging Dr. Jill Stein, Paging Dr. Jill Stein, Your recount in PA is over. It was just announced that the Green Party will halt their recount effort in Pennsylvania. The reason given is the money, so what is Stein doing with the nearly...Show More Summary

Republican Voters Know the Electoral College is Rigged–and They Want to Keep it That Way

Partisanship is a powerful drug. It can change minds overnight, and blind supposedly decent people to overt injustice. Nowhere has that become more obvious than the large uptick in support for the Electoral College among Republicans in the wake up Donald Trump’s election. Whereas only 35% of Americans in 2011 said they wanted to keep... Read more »

Trump’s Protectionist Con Is Not New: Remembering The Bush Steel Tariff

President-elect Donald Trump is shaking up the Republican Party’s economic orthodoxy. He wielded the threat of government power to pressure United Technologies, the parent company of Carrier, to partially rescind plans for sending 800...Show More Summary

But What About the Children

This is disgusting, but par for the course with the Republican party: More than a year after lawmakers originally ordered it, Texas announced Monday it will enact significant cuts to the money that it pays therapists who treat vulnerable children with disabilities in two weeks. Medicaid reimbursement rates are used to pay for pediatric therapy […]

HMM: Saban says Keith Ellison’s DNC win would bring ‘disaster’ to relationship between Jews a…

HMM: Saban says Keith Ellison’s DNC win would bring ‘disaster’ to relationship between Jews and Dems. “Saban’s broadside – farther reaching, in calling him an ‘anti-Semite,’ than even some of Ellison’s conservative critics – is significant because of the mogul’s relationship to the DNC. Saban is better known for being one of the leading backers […]

Meanwhile, in Europe…

The Italian referendum is tomorrow, and no one is allowed to publish polls starting 15 days before the election. But Italians are publishing the results of “horse races” and such, that bear a remarkable resemblance to poll results. The latest horse-race numbers (literally) show No winning by 4 to 8 points. Show More Summary

WHY IS HOLLYWOOD SUCH A CESSPIT OF BABY-SHAMING? Hilary Duff Felt Judged For Having a Baby ‘Too Soo…

WHY IS HOLLYWOOD SUCH A CESSPIT OF BABY-SHAMING? Hilary Duff Felt Judged For Having a Baby ‘Too Soon.’

Law Enforcement Offers #NoDAPL Protesters Terms for De-Escalation

Looking north on N.D. Highway 1806 on Monday afternoon, the reinforced barricade of razor wire, left, and concrete barriers on Backwater Bridge can be seen as law enforcement vehicles line highway shoulders. In the foreground right,Show More Summary

Nuts & Bolts: Inside the Democratic Party—The outsider's voice

10 hours agoUS Politics / Liberal : Daily Kos

Welcome back to another edition of Nuts & Bolts Guide. Every week, over the last year, we’ve covered some of the elements of a successful campaign. Starting today, the guide changes a bit, to the nuts & bolts of what makes you, personally, successful in a local and state party. This week, I’m focusing on the outsider’s voice. Show More Summary

Trump heads to Long Island for lavish costume party

President-elect Donald Trump, still mulling key Cabinet positions, attended a lavish costume party Saturday night hosted by some of his biggest donors at their palatial Long Island mansion. Trump, who … Click to Continue »

Saturday Shred: Nick Johnston, "Poison Touch"

YouTube One of the new up-and-coming guitar slingers in Nick Johnston, who plays with a minimum of flash but lots of taste and style. His restraint makes the moments when he does cut loose much more impressive. Nick's new album is Remarkably...Show More Summary

Trump, mulling Cabinet picks, attends lavish costume party

The president-elect has close ties to Rebekah Mercer, the daughter of hedge fund manager Robert Mercer. According to two people close to the transition, Trump is moving away from two front-runners for the job, ex-New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani and Mitt Romney, the 2012 Republican nominee.

KKK supporters give Nazi salute in support of Trump

At a North Carolina rally Ku Klux Klan supporters wanted to show their support for Trump. They gave Nazi salutes and shouted “White power” as they thundered through Roxboro in the middle of the afternoon. The open display by a movement condemned as a hate group illustrates the way many believe Mr Trump’s election win [...]

Trump Targets Second Indiana Plant

Donald Trump took aim Friday at a second U.S. manufacturer that plans to move jobs from Indiana to Mexico, a day after he threatened consequences for business that shifted American jobs abroad. "Rexnord of Indiana is moving to Mexico and rather viciously firing all of its 300 workers," Trump wrote at 10:06 p.m. Show More Summary

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