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OnPolitics Today: Everything is looming

Happy Monday, OnPolitics readers! What a week this is already shaping up to be, from the marking of President Trump's first 100 days to Bara...        

Why is a U.S. embassy promoting a story about Mar-a-Lago?

An article about Mar-a-lago started making the Twitter rounds Monday afternoon after users — including House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi, D...        

What did Trump tweet in his first 100 days?

A USA TODAY analysis of the new president's tweeting patterns since taking office.        

Survey: Majority of Americans back bigger government for first time in 8 years

With a federal government shutdown looming this week, a new survey out Monday found more Americans would prefer a bigger government.        

President Trump finishes his Twitter thought three hours later

President Trump tweeted Monday morning about why building "The Wall" along U.S.-Mexico borderADDED THIS was necessary. But he left his follo...        

People poke at Trump and 'General E. Watch'

President Trump took to Twitter Monday morning to, as often is the case, complain about the media.        

This week in OnPolitics: The fate of the politically furious

Happy Friday, OnPolitics readers! If there's one thing we've learned from the Fast and the Furious franchise, it's that there's nothing more...        

Pence has captive audience for his promotion of 'greatest sports movie ever'

Vice President Pence entertained reporters traveling with him to Australia by showing them the "greatest sports movie ever made."        

After three-month vacation, Obama to return to public eye

The event in Chicago is billed as a conversation with young leaders on civic engagement.        

Trump braces for 'first 100 days' news stories on his accomplishments

The president hit the media ahead of expected slew of stories on his first months in office.        

Ivanka Trump skips book tour and will donate proceeds to charity.

President Trump's daughter and adviser said she doesn't want to misuse her position.        

OnPolitics Today: Trump ready to bawitdaba, push health care bill again

Warning: A disturbing photo from the Oval Office is contained herein.        

Marijuana activists arrested near the U.S. Capitol

At least seven marijuana activists were arrested Thursday as they handed out free joints to congressional staff and federal employees on 4/2...        

Jason Chaffetz on leaving Congress: 'I may depart early'

Rep. Jason Chaffetz may not finish out his current term in Congress.        

Trump blasts 'New York Times' over Patriots photo flap

Another chance for the president to attack his hometown paper        

President Trump to nominate Scott Brown as New Zealand ambassador

President Trump plans to nominate Scott Brown as ambassador to New Zealand, the White House announced Thursday.        

Is Jason Chaffetz running for office in 2028?

The private sector may be calling to Jason Chaffetz right now, but that doesn't mean that he'll never again hold office.        

Sarah Palin, Ted Nugent and Kid Rock visit the White House

Sarah Palin, Ted Nugent and Kid Rock got to hang out in the Oval Office with President Trump on Wednesday night.        

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