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Republicans Continue to Lurch Right on Immigration

Some Republican presidential candidates in 2016, whose party had said they would try to tackle the issue of immigration reform so as to not risk alienating Hispanic voters, have not softened their stance.

Super PAC Backing Hillary Clinton Sees Staff Overhaul

The head of Emily's List will be taking over the super PAC supporting Hillary Rodham Clinton's presidential bid in a major shakeup of the group.

Hillary Clinton Hires Lorella Praeli, a ‘Dreamer,’ to Connect With Latinos

Hillary Rodham Clinton's campaign has hired one of the most prominent activists in the "Dreamer" movement, Lorella Praeli, to lead her Latino outreach efforts.

Michelle Obama’s Vigorous Exercise Routine Is Not a Stretch

In a video to promote her "Gimme Five" campaign, the first lady's workout included jumping rope, doing pullover crunches and plyometric jumps, lifting weights, and kickboxing with a punching bag.

Newt Gingrich Weighs In on 2016 Crop and Why He’s Not in It

Newt Gingrich, the former House speaker and longtime Georgia congressman, said running for president these days is "too big a mountain" for him.

Today in Politics: Bush Seeks a Shifted Focus in New Hampshire

Jeb Bush is visiting New Hampshire and hoping for a salve for a tough week.

Connecticut’s Governor, Dannel Malloy, Calls on Congress to Lift Needle-Exchange Ban

Gov. Dannel P. Malloy of Connecticut said "the time has come" for Congress to lift its ban on funding needle exchange programs, citing the rising numbers of H.I.V. cases from intravenous drug use in several states.

Scott Walker Calls Himself ‘the Most Scrutinized Politician in America’

Scott Walker, the governor of Wisconsin, is only just beginning to introduce himself to voters nationally. But in a field that includes Hillary Rodham Clinton and most likely Jeb Bush, Mr. Walker sees himself as getting the most attention.

Hillary Clinton Takes a Detour but Stays on Message

Hillary Rodham Clinton followed a round-table discussion with small-business owners with an impromptu shopping trip in Independence, Iowa.

Boehner Urges Obama to Withdraw Request to Use Force Against ISIS

Speaker John A. Boehner urged President Obama to withdraw his request to Congress for authorization to fight the Islamic State and "start over."

Hillary Clinton Answers Questions on Iraq, Emails, the Foundation and Wealth

Hillary Rodham Clinton, who has been criticized for weeks for her unwillingness to engage with the political press corps, approached journalists and answered five questions in Iowa on Tuesday.

In Iowa, Hillary Clinton Stays Vague on Trade

Campaigning in Iowa, Hillary Rodham Clinton stays vague on the issue of the Trans Pacific Partnership.

Don Draper is, in the end, just a baby boomer's dad

Matthew Weiner, the creator of "Mad Men," brought his melodrama of 1960s America to an end Sunday night, closing with an intriguing riddle involving Coca-Cola and the show's central character, Don Draper. Fans will be parsing those last couple of minutes for days, if not years, to come.

Hillary Clinton Tamps Down ‘Third Term’ Chatter

"We're going to make clear, I'm not running for my husband's third term or for President Obama's third term," one person recalled Hillary Rodham Clinton saying last week. "I'm running to make history on my own."

Today in Politics: Clinton Says Citizens United Would Guide Her Supreme Court Picks

Hillary Rodham Clinton offered a rare metric for a presidential candidate amid increased scrutiny of the Clinton Foundation.

Connecting the Dots, Part II

The Times on Monday published an interactive graphic that looks at how the teams behind some likely and announced candidates are connected to previous campaigns and administrations.

First Draft Focus: Easing Tensions

President Obama visited Camden. N.J., as part of his effort to try to build trust between law enforcement organizations and citizens in minority communities.

An Important Announcement, About a Coming Announcement

"It's the soft opening before the official opening," says one political strategist, on how presidential candidates aim for more exposure and rewards by keeping their names in the lights as long as possible.

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