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Hillary Clinton Opposes Obama’s Trans-Pacific Trade Deal

Hillary Clinton said she does not support the Trans-Pacific Partnership, the 12-nation trade pact that President Obama has championed and liberals in the Democratic Party have vehemently opposed.

Rand Paul Campaign Offers ‘a Great Fiction Book': Hillary Clinton’s Memoir

Senator Rand Paul has added an item to his online campaign store: a signed copy of Hillary Rodham Clinton’s 2014 memoir, “Hard Choices" -- listed as fiction.

A Picture With a Marco Rubio Supporter? Sure, Says Jeb Bush

Jeb Bush shared a moment -- and an awkward photo -- with a Marco Rubio supporter in Iowa on Tuesday.

Poll Watch: Gallup Ends ‘Horse Race’ Polling of 2016 Presidential Race to Focus on Issues

Gallup, one of the biggest polling organizations, has decided to take a step back from the frenzied who’s-in-first coverage and focus solely — for now, at least — on what the American public thinks about issues.

In First TV Ad, Lawrence Lessig Asks Who ‘Owns’ Marco Rubio

Lawrence Lessig, a Harvard professor running for the Democratic presidential nomination, suggests in a new ad that Marco Rubio, a Republican, would answer to the big businesses that have donated to his campaign.

Bernie Sanders Gets First Congressional Endorsement, From Raúl Grijalva

The endorsement from Representative Raúl Grijalva of Arizona is Senator Bernie Sanders's first nod of support from a member of Congress, and he gets it just ahead of next week's first Democratic debate.

Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton Stay Ahead in 3 Crucial States

The Quinnipiac University surveys show expanded leads for Donald J. Trump in Florida and Ohio, with some slight tightening in Pennsylvania, while Hillary Rodham Clinton is ahead in all three states as well.

New TV Ad Urging Joe Biden to Run Recalls 1972 Accident

A group trying to persuade Vice President Joseph R. Biden Jr. to enter the Democratic field is starting an unusual television campaign in which he recounts how the accident shaped his life.

Ted Cruz Amasses Ground Game That Covers Every County in Four States

Senator Ted Cruz of Texas has locked down leadership teams in Iowa, New Hampshire, South Carolina and Nevada to organize outreach efforts, offering a display of his large infrastructure and underscoring his grass-roots support.

Flooding in South Carolina Challenges Lindsey Graham and Others

Republicans who voted against an aid package after Hurricane Sandy must decide whether to favor federal aid for a crucial early voting state and risk being seen as skirting their fiscally conservative principles.

Eclectic Swag Kicks Off Jeb Bush’s 3-Day Iowa Swing

Guests waiting to hear Mr. Bush give a keynote speech at Republican dinner in Iowa, could browse and bid at a silent auction for, among other things, Bush-Quayle and Bush-Cheney campaign buttons, a “concealed carry package, and a book signed by Donald J. Trump.

Today in Politics: Hillary Clinton Continues to Ride the Momentum of a Criticism Gone Awry

Hillary Rodham Clinton, who has had a long summer of those sharp elbows from others, seems emboldened by the lingering effects of Republicans’ errant attack.

Obama to Host Workers’ Voice Summit at White House

President Obama, who has had a sometimes rocky relationship with unions, will address the "Summit on Worker Voice" on Wednesday, an effort to give unions, organizers and some businesses a platform to discuss wages and other issues.

Hillary Clinton Jabs at Jeb Bush as They Circle Each Other in Iowa

On a day Hillary Rodham Clinton and Jeb Bush scheduled campaign events a few miles from each other, Mrs. Clinton jabbed at two Bushes -- the one running for president and the brother who once had the job.

Ben Carson Says He Would Have Been More Aggressive Against Oregon Gunman

Ben Carson defended his position that tougher gun control measures would not curb violence, saying that he would have defended his faith at any cost in the face of the shooter at an Oregon college.

E.P.A. Strategist Is Appointed to Fine-Tune Global Warming Agenda

The White House has named Thomas Reynolds, a top communications strategist at the Environmental Protection Agency, to a new position dedicated solely to pushing President Obama's global warming message.

Hillary Clinton to Celebrate 68th Birthday With a Fund-Raiser

Hillary Rodham Clinton's campaign has a blowout bash planned for Oct. 25 (the day before her 68th birthday) in New York City to toast Mrs. Clinton and bring in campaign contributions.

Donald Trump Insists That He’s Still in It to Win It

The billionaire developer's plans have been subject to speculation because of recent polls that have showed his lead in the crowded Republican field narrowing.

Hillary Clinton Plans a More Humane Approach on Immigration

Hillary Rodham Clinton, in an interview with Telemundo, said she would differ from the Obama administration on immigration policy, avoiding deporting people and breaking up families over small crimes.

Today in Politics: Jeb Bush Returns to Iowa as He Calls for Changes in Washington

Jeb Bush is heading back to Iowa, and the House to its leadership fight. At the same time, Congress is preparing to deal with the Trans-Pacific Partnership trade pact.

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