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Fiorina's campaign is longest yet for a female GOP presidential candidate

Fiorina's campaign was 58 days longer than Elizabeth Dole's campaign for the 2000 GOP nomination.        

Hours after campaign ends, Carly Fiorina 'now available' for speaking gigs

The freshly former presidential candidate is already 'available for speaking engagements.'        

John Kasich Says ‘Negative’ Tone of Jeb Bush’s Campaign Could Hurt Family Name

The Ohio governor said Mr. Bush was risking tarnishing his family's name by "trashing people" on the campaign trail.

'Tiny Dancer' will never be the same after you hear 'Hold Me Closer, Bernie Sanders'

"We wanted to give those feeling the Bern something to celebrate with," Flannery said.        

Stephen Colbert to Bernie Sanders: 'I'm in the top 1%'

Vermont senator made a 'Late Show' appearance on Wednesday.        

Sanders supporters say superdelegates should back will of voters

Bernie Sanders’ backers say voters -- not party insiders -- should choose the Democratic nominee.        

Hillary Clinton Gets Backing From Black Democrats in Congress

The political arm of the Congressional Black Caucus endorsed Hillary Clinton in what has become a tight race for the Democratic presidential nomination, providing an institutional boost as she battles with Senator Bernie Sanders for the support of black voters.

Congressional Black Caucus PAC endorses Hillary Clinton before South Carolina primary

The Congressional Black Caucus PAC said Clinton is the most consistent ally of the black community.        

Donald Trump’s Campaign Pulls a Negative Ad on Ted Cruz

Donald J. Trump's campaign has ceased running a new negative ad against Senator Ted Cruz in South Carolina, a sign that the candidate may be emphasizing a more positive tone at this point in the battle in that state.

Donald Trump Announces Endorsements, but Doesn’t Name Them

Donald J. Trump announced that “dozens of Georgia officials” have endorsed him, but he only named four of them.

Hispanic Group Backs Harry Reid’s Chosen Successor in Nevada

The Latino Victory Fund and one of its more famous representatives, the actress Eva Longoria, endorsed Catherine Cortez Masto, Nevada's former attorney general. She is the chosen successor of Senator Harry Reid, who is retiring.

Hillary Clinton is losing the votes of young women to Bernie Sanders

It is bad enough to lose the New Hampshire primary by more than 20 percentage points to a septuagenarian socialist, but when you also lose the votes of young women by an even more lopsided margin, it really stings if you happen to be the first female in history with a serious shot at becoming president...

First Draft Focus: Throwback Thursday — The More Things Change

Michael McNerney, 5, tired of waiting for his mother to mark her ballot in the New Hampshire primary, peeps out of a voting booth in Goffstown on March 11, 1952.

Funding Dispute Clouds Agreement Over Drug Crisis

A bipartisan measure to address the opiate crisis, which has been a major issue on the campaign trail, is expected to pass through the Senate Judiciary Committee on Thursday. But Senate Democrats are expected to hold a news conference to chide Senate Republicans over funding disputes.

For the Record: Democrats in Cheeseland

Has New Hampshire changed anything? Will we hear anything new tonight between Hillary and Bernie? And with Christie gone, who's going to pic...        

Here's how badly Clinton lost among women in New Hampshire this week

A pillar of Clinton's campaign failed to resonate this week.        

Rubio: S.C.'s conservative electorate offers chance to bounce back

Rubio brought his presidential campaign to Spartanburg on Wednesday.        

Bernie Sanders raises $5.2 million off big New Hampshire win

Vermont senator builds bank account for a protracted primary battle with Hillary Clinton.        

Jimmy Kimmel redid George W. Bush's Jeb endorsement ad, and it's excellent

"Parents can't put food on their families. And our children still isn't learning."        

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