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Glenn Beck, The Blaze countersue Tomi Lahren

Beck and his company requested a temporary restraining order and a temporary injunction.        

Survey: Voters increasingly feel Democrats support their views on foreign policy, immigration

Republicans enjoy a majority in both chambers of Congress and have a GOP president. Yet a new Pew Research survey out Monday finds that Amer...        

President Trump, Republicans get jump on 2020 White House race

The Republican already has more than $8 million stockpiled for the next campaign.        

'Little Miss Flint' says Trump broke his promise

The 9-year-old child who has served as the face of the Flint, Mich., water crisis called out President Trump for breaking his promise to add...        

Cuomo 2020? NY budget boosts talk

ALBANY — When Al Sharpton praised Gov. Andrew Cuomo last Monday about the state's new criminal-justice reforms, he put it this way: "To be a...        

Happy Easter, Interior Department! You get to leave 59 minutes early

Interior Department employees, rejoice: Your Easter weekend will start 59 minutes early.        

Trump is being schooled by international events and sly adversaries

Donald Trump is learning about foreign affairs in the riskiest possible way: on-the-job training. During the presidential campaign, Trump ranted about world issues with all the assurance and comprehension of a guy on his fourth beer shouting at a TV. NATO was obsolete, Vladimir Putin was a great...

North Carolina legislator compares Lincoln to Hitler

Cabarrus County Republican Rep. Larry Pittman posted the comment on Facebook.        

ADL offers Holocaust education classes to Spicer, White House staff

The Anti-Defamation League has offered Holocaust education trainings to Trump spokesman Sean Spicer and others at the White House.        

Mar-a-Lago's kitchen had 13 violations in January

Anyone visiting the "southern White House" may want to be wary of the kitchen.        

Yes, someone asked about hockey at the White House press briefing

During Thursday's White House briefing, a reporter asked whether President Trump was rooting for the Washington Capitals or the New York Ran...        

OnPolitics Today: These Trump staffers had a rough day

Blasted by the boss. Apologizing for Hitler comments. Denying being "the darkness."        

Sen. Ron Wyden: If I get 18M retweets, will Trump release returns?

President Trump's refusal to release his tax returns has continued to be a sticking point among his critics.        

Trump should claim victory on the border and abandon his foolish wall

It was his sure-fire applause line, one he pulled out of his rhetorical grab bag whenever he saw he was losing the enthusiasm of a crowd: “I will build a big, beautiful wall and Mexico will pay for it!” If we are lucky, though, now that he is president, Donald Trump will renege on this, his biggest...

'Game of Thrones,' Great Wall of China inspire Trump border wall ideas

Contractors reveal their plans for 2,000-mile physical barrier between USA, Mexico.        

Sean Spicer: Adolf Hitler remark 'was a mistake'

The White House spokesman apologized for likening Bashar Assad to Holocaust architect Adolf Hitler.        

Sean Spicer: 'Hitler didn't even sink to using chemical weapons'

WASHINGTON — President Trump's spokesman backtracked Tuesday on comments likening Bashar Assad to Holocaust architect Adolf Hitler.        

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