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In the long run, failure to repeal Obamacare may not hurt Republicans

In a logical world, Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell and his Republican compatriots would pay a steep price for proposing a healthcare plan that, in all its iterations, has proved to be so hugely unpopular. But politics is not ruled by logic. Given the lack of public support, the legislation...

Trump Jr. and Kushner find politics a rougher game than real estate

It is no surprise the Trump family keeps running afoul of the rules of politics and government. After all, they have lived and thrived in a very different milieu — the world of New York City real estate. In that world, it is perfectly normal to say things like, “Don’t worry, we’ll pay you for your...

Job opening: the free world needs a new leader

I own a 1999 Dodge Ram truck with 130,000 miles on it. I use it for hauling trash, for helping out friends with furniture to move and for pulling the family ski boat and a buddy’s horse trailer. As a city boy with a job where I sit most of the day, I often joke that the truck keeps my testosterone...

Trump lacks the savvy and skill needed to cope with North Korea or Russia

On Thursday, President Trump spent yet another day embarrassing the United States on the international stage. Yes, he gave a pretty good speech before a Polish crowd in Warsaw in which he pledged to defend the values of the West. But then, in a news conference with the Polish president, he proved...

Lindsay Lohan calls for people to 'stop bullying' Trump

The "Mean Girls" star also said it's time to start trusting the president.        

Americans need to know all our history: the good, the bad and the complex

I am spending the Fourth of July in my hometown, Seattle, where, exactly a century ago, the Hiram Chittenden Locks opened with a boat parade and predictions that the new waterway connecting Lake Washington to Puget Sound would turn the upstart town into the biggest port on the West Coast. Los Angeles...

EPA’s Scott Pruitt is Trump’s most adept and dangerous hatchet man

Donald Trump is a crude buffoon who spends his days picking Twitter fights with people he sees on TV. He displays no skill, sophistication or capacity for subtle nuance in foreign or domestic policy. But Trump’s personal ineffectualness has not kept his administration from rapidly reversing the...

GOP healthcare scheme is all politics, no care

Here is the core problem with the Senate Republican healthcare plan: It is all about politics, not healthcare. The bill exists primarily to deliver on a promise Republicans campaigned upon continuously since 2010: “We will repeal and replace Obamacare!” Arguably, the GOP now controls both houses...

Climate change, our biggest threat, can't be stopped at the border

At Squaw Valley near Lake Tahoe last weekend, skiers were half naked. Guys were going shirtless. Girls were in bikini tops. Everybody was in shorts. Ski season in California has not ended and may not completely stop before the snow starts falling again in late autumn. Skiing with skin bared is...

Conservative pundits: Colluding with Russia isn't a 'crime'

Some conservative pundits are claiming even if Trump did collude with Russia, it's not a crime.        

Hillary Clinton calls Republicans 'death party' if health care bill passes

The former Democratic presidential candidate called out the GOP for its health care bill.        

The Bubble: Conservative and liberal spin on the Senate health care bill

This how the Senate bill looked from inside the liberal and conservative media bubbles.        

Mitch McConnell’s healthcare rewrite looks as 'mean' as the House version

After throwing a celebratory garden party outside the Oval Office with all those white guys in suits who passed an Obamacare repeal plan that would take away the healthcare of 24 million Americans, President Trump seems to have had a change of heart. He began characterizing the scheme as “mean”...

President Trump taunts Democrats over Georgia special election loss

President celebrates Republican wins in special elections        

Sean Spicer still looking for his replacement... but remains press secretary for now

White House press secretary says interviews are being conducted for communications jobs.        

Jared Kushner speaks and Twitter goes wild

The presidential son-in-law finally breaks his silence. And now we know.        

Georgia's special election between Ossoff and Handel: What you need to know

A guide to the special election that the political world will be watching as a referendum on President Trump.        

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