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‘She Has a Name,’ Alicia Machado, and It Is Everywhere

Ever since Hillary Clinton cited her in Monday’s debate, the 1996 Miss Universe has been widely written about and has made numerous TV appearances.

Gary Johnson has another 'Aleppo moment' in interview

"I guess I'm having an Aleppo moment," Gary Johnson said.        

Judge Dismisses Appeal Against Benjamin C. Bradlee’s Mausoleum

Nearly two years after his death, the celebrated editor of The Washington Post may now be secure in his resting place after all.

Old Foes Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton Team Up to Woo the Kids

At a college event in New Hampshire on Wednesday, both insisted they would be the best of partners if only the voters would give them the chance.

Court Overturns New Hampshire Ban on Selfies (and Snapchat) in Voting Booths

The social media company and journalism groups argued against the claim that the pictures intimidate voters.

Hillary Clinton Struggles to Win Back Young Voters From Third Parties

More than a third of voters ages 18 to 29 say they will vote for a third-party candidate, and when asked to choose a major-party nominee, 10 percent said they would not vote.

U.S. to Send 600 More Troops to Iraq to Help Retake Mosul From ISIS

The deployment, to aid Iraqis in the looming battle to take back Mosul from the Islamic State, will bring the number of American troops in Iraq to 5,000.

Ethics Committee: W.Va. Rep. McKinley broke rules for quitting his company

The House ethics committee said Rep. David McKinley ignored its advice        

Senate Votes to Override Obama Veto on 9/11 Victims Bill

A bipartisan group rebuffed Mr. Obama, in the first override of a veto by him, over a bill that will let Americans sue Saudi Arabia over the attacks.

Donald Trump ‘Doesn’t Do His Homework,’ Obama Says After Debate

President Obama said Mr. Trump’s debate performance exposed him as a person unfit to be president, and he lashed out at him for denigrating women.

U.S. Threatens to End Syria Talks With Russia if Aleppo Bombings Continue

The warning from Secretary of State John Kerry was made in a telephone call to his Russian counterpart, Foreign Minister Sergey V. Lavrov.

Democrats Eye Hillary Clinton’s Confidence After Debate With Caution

Mrs. Clinton seemed emboldened by her performance against Donald J. Trump, but many of her aides and supporters sense that the feeling could be fleeting.

'Arizona Republic' not the only paper breaking GOP streak to endorse Clinton

Multiple newspapers have veered from traditionally supporting Republicans.        

Trump's bizarrely bad debate performance does not disturb his fans

In an interview on NBC News, a young millennial woman gave her assessment of the first presidential debate of 2016: Hillary Clinton seemed overly scripted while Donald Trump looked strong and passionate. So much for the unanimous mainstream media verdict that a well-prepared Clinton crushed a poorly-prepped...

Why You Shouldn’t Believe Most Online Polls

Though popular with news sites, instant-reaction polls tend to produce junk data that doesn’t offer much valuable information.

Trump and Clinton Move From First Debate Into Swing States

Hillary Clinton will appear with Senator Bernie Sanders in New Hampshire, while Donald J. Trump will have a chance to regroup with visits to Iowa and Wisconsin.

Senate Set to Override Veto on Bill Allowing 9/11 Suits Against Saudi Arabia

The override, the first Mr. Obama has faced in his presidency, is expected to begin in the Senate on Wednesday, followed by the House on Thursday.

For the Record: Clinton, Trump hand out trophies to themselves

After declaring simultaneous, incompatible victories in Monday's debate, Hillary and Donald are back on the trail for the final six weeks.        

Sinosphere: Interpreting the U.S. Presidential Race for Chinese: It’s Not Really Like ‘House of Cards’

The co-creator of a podcast says that the Chinese are more interested in the American elections than ever, but don’t always understand it.

Obama Nominates First Ambassador to Cuba in Over 50 Years

The president selected Jeffrey DeLaurentis, who has served since 2014 as the chief of mission for the United States in Havana, to fill the post.

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