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McConnell breaks with Trump over Putin, Russia

McConnell said he doesn’t view Putin in the same way that President Donald Trump does.        

Ooops! Conway says she misspoke about 'massacre' that never happened

Kellyanne Conway used the inaccurate phrase to defend President Trump's refugee ban.        

From cable TV to cattlemen’s websites, flood of Trump news swamps the media

Here is the latest news from the “Stock Exchange,” a website you’ve probably never seen that tracks news of interest to cattlemen and ranchers: Tracy Brunner, president of the National Cattlemen’s Beef Assn. is worried that the Trump administration’s protectionist trade policies are going to be...

Trump tweets: Iran, Australia, protesters, and Schwarzenegger

A variety of things on the president's social media mind        

Senate panel to investigate Russian election interference

Sens. Lindsey Graham and Sheldon Whitehouse will lead the bipartisan inquiry.        

Video: Frederick Douglass declines to comment on doing 'an amazing job'

President Donald Trump's meeting Wednesday with African-American leaders provided his critics on Twitter with plenty of ammo — and they didn...        

America’s fate is in the hands of Trump’s bizarre inner circle of advisors

Here is something to keep you awake at night: Your future, and the future of the world, now rests in the hands of a tiny team of zealots and opportunistic hacks in the White House who prefer to rule the country by edict and “alternative facts” while ignoring the courts, leaving Congress out of...

Trump bashes refugee deal with australia

In a phone call last week with Australia's prime minister, President Trump bashed a "very bad deal" the U.S. made with Australia to receive...        

Watch Sen. John McCain punk a CNN reporter

The Arizona senator seized a chance to get even.        

Trump loses court battle, will pay $5.7M to golf members

President Trump’s golf course empire lost in court this week with a federal judge’s ruling he must repay members $5.7 million in deposits.        

Millions in campaign funds went to Trump firms

From planes to bottled water, Donald Trump kept it in the family.        

McConnell and Democrats have flip-flopped on the 'nuclear option'

Lawmakers' view on “nuclear option” depends on whether your party is in power at the time.        

Hillary Clinton signs two book deals

Hillary Clinton is announcing her first post-election plans        

Trump: Call it a ban if you want

President says travel order designed to block potential terrorists        

McConnell: Dems should allow vote on Supreme Court nominee

Minority Leader Chuck Schumer said Republicans shouldn't use "nuclear option."        

Bernie Sanders seeks Trump's support in cutting drug costs

Sanders has otherwise called Trump’s behavior “delusional,” “dangerous” and “unconstitutional.”        

Obama backs Trump protesters on travel ban

First statement from ex-president praises Trump order protesters        

Trump to host Netanyahu on Feb. 15

Israeli prime minister will visit the White House.        

Trump calls Canada leader over mosque shooting

President offers condolences to Canada Prime Minister Justin Trudeau        

Trump and Bannon’s refugee edict is callously amateurish

The level of ineptitude, hubris and callousness is breathtaking. Would-be czar Donald Trump and his scruffy Rasputin, Steve Bannon, seem to believe that they can run the world by edict, guided by nothing more than their own biases, whims and fantasies. And they get extremely peeved when someone...

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