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Mike Huckabee Responds to Obama’s Criticism of ‘Oven’ Comment

Mike Huckabee, in response to critical comments made on Monday by President Obama in Ethiopia, defended his use of Holocaust imagery to describe the White House's policy toward Iran.

Verbatim: Obama Calls Republicans’ Remarks ‘Sad’

"The particular comments of Mr. Huckabee are just part of a general pattern we’ve seen that would be considered ridiculous if it weren’t so sad." — President Obama, during a news conference in Ethiopia.

Today in Politics: Drowned Out by Donald Trump, Other Candidates Clamor for Space Onstage

Less than two weeks before the first Republican presidential debate, candidates are turning up the volume in hopes of getting onstage and keeping up with Donald J. Trump.

Clinton to Unveil Climate Change Plan

Mrs. Clinton said on Sunday that she would aggressively fight climate change as president and would release a video on Sunday evening pledging a policy with "really high goals."

Strong Showings for Donald Trump in Iowa and New Hampshire Polls

For now, Donald Trump is here to stay, at least according to two new NBC News/Marist polls released on Sunday.

Republicans Fault Hillary Clinton Over Emails on Talk Shows

The 16 Republican presidential hopefuls are competing against one another to score a coveted spot onstage for the first Republican debate next month. But on the Sunday shows, the chatter was all focused on the new developments surrounding Mrs. Clinton's emails.

In Iowa, Christie Gets a Hero’s Welcome, Pun Intended

The New Jersey governor found a friendly audience, and tempting food, at an Italian-American street fair in Des Moines.

In Iowa, Donald Trump Takes Aim at Scott Walker, for a Change

Mr. Trump directed his distinctive brand of ridicule at a new presidential rival: Scott Walker, the Wisconsin governor, who leads in polls of Iowa Republicans.

Haggling Over a Deadline for Railroad Safety Measures

Senators are debating whether to extend -- or for how long -- a deadline for railroads to install safety features that might have prevented May's fatal Amtrak derailment in Philadelphia.

First Draft Focus: The Week in Political Pictures

Republican White House hopefuls campaign in Iowa and Texas, and the president visits Kenya amid schools, and backpacks, with his name on them.

‘Super Pac’ Backing Rand Paul Raised Far Less Than Rivals, Report Shows

A "super PAC" supporting Rand Paul raised just over $3 million in the first six months of the year, according to a report filed Friday, far less than most of the outside groups backing his rivals for the Republican presidential nomination.

Ted Cruz Breaks Vow to Not Criticize Other Republicans

Senator Ted Cruz has made taking the high road a hallmark of his presidential campaign so far, vowing not to get into fights with other Republicans. Apparently Senator Mitch McConnell is not covered by that policy.

First Draft Archive: Rendezvous at the Border

President William Howard Taft met with President Porfirio Díaz of Mexico in October 1909, when both leaders traveled to the United States-Mexico border.

Ted Cruz Accuses Majority Leader Mitch McConnell of Lying

Senator Ted Cruz, the sometimes-incendiary Texan running for the Republican presidential nomination, took to the Senate floor Friday to call his party’s majority leader a liar in an extraordinary public airing of grievance.

One of Two Charges Against Rick Perry Is Dismissed

Former Gov. Rick Perry of Texas received some good news regarding his legal problems when an appeals court in his state dropped one of the two felony charges he is facing.

Hillary Clinton to Back $15 Fast-Food Minimum Wage in New York

Hillary Rodham Clinton supports an increase in the national minimum wage but has suggested that some localities may need to set a higher wage floor than others.

Chris Christie Makes Big Advertising Splash on Fox News

Gov. Chris Christie's campaign has purchased $250,000 of advertising time on Fox News, where the first Republican presidential debate, featuring the top 10 candidates in polling, will be shown next month.

1993 Video Reveals a More Impassioned and Direct Hillary Clinton

A 1993 speech in Austin, Tex., that Hillary Rodham Clinton delivered, shortly before her father's death, showed the then first lady's intellectual and philosophical worldview.

Democracy goes trivial with the Donald Trump/Lindsey Graham feud

Apparently, the six months leading up to the first presidential primary can now be aptly christened as the Silly Season. Four years ago, it seemed as if the nuttiness could not be topped, with Michele Bachmann and Herman Cain setting a high mark for unintentional comedy, but that mark has now been...

Today in Politics: A Billionaire’s Deep Pockets Come With a Big Catch

Inspectors general have asked the Justice Department to investigate whether Hillary Rodham Clinton mishandled sensitive information on a private email account, and a wealthy environmentalist is setting a litmus test for Democratic candidates.

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