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Today in Politics: Some Hiccups Await Rand Paul’s Big Day

Senator Rand Paul of Kentucky enters the race for the White House on Tuesday in Louisville, Ky., where he will become the second Republican to formally declare.

Ad Attacking Rand Paul on Iran Will Coincide With Opening of His Presidential Campaign

As Senator Rand Paul of Kentucky is set to announce his presidential campaign on Tuesday, a television ad tethers him to President Obama's policy on Iran as part of a $1 million ad buy painting him as "dangerous."

Republicans Eyeing White House Take Turns Slamming Iran Deal

President Obama's preliminary agreement with Iran on its nuclear program has given Republicans considering a run for the White House a new and easy target to criticize.

First Draft Focus: At White House, Easter Bunny Is All Ears

President Obama and the first lady welcomed the Easter bunny to the White House on Monday for the Easter egg roll.

Verbatim: Boehner Shares Iran Concerns With Obama

"Like all of my exchanges with the president, the call was pretty straightforward. He briefed me, walked me through it, I shared some of my concerns, and thanked him for calling." -- Speaker John A. Boehner, recounting his telephone call with President Obama about a prospective nuclear deal with Iran.

Jeb Bush Listed Himself as ‘Hispanic’ on Voter Form

There is little doubt that Jeb Bush possesses strong credentials for appealing to Hispanic voters.

First Draft Focus: The Week in Political Pictures

Nuclear talks with Iran, early campaigning for 2016, a bribery indictment and an outcry over religious laws.

Son of Iowa Governor Is Trailing Candidates, on Behalf of Ethanol

Candidates, welcome to Iowa. Now meet the governor’s son, who is tracking you.

Relentless drought is turning California into Nevada

A couple of weeks ago, I was flying to a conference in Sun Valley. The passenger next to me was looking out the window, down at the dry, barren landscape below. He asked me if I knew where we were and I said, “I think it’s Nevada, but it could be the moon.”

Because It’s Friday

In a visit to Jimmy Fallon on NBC's "Tonight Show" on Thursday night, Michelle Obama put to rest any doubts that her dancing ability had diminished during her days in the White House.

Clinton Is No Longer Seeking Office. (She’s Rented One.)

It's official: Hillary Rodham Clinton has chosen a campaign headquarters in Brooklyn. All that's left is for her to say what she is running for.

First Ad From Ted Cruz Campaign Stresses His Parents

Ted Cruz has made his parents' story a centerpiece of "Blessing," the Texas senator's first campaign ad as a presidential candidate.

Verbatim: Presidential Passover Wishes

"From my family to yours, Chag Sameach." -- President Obama, wishing those who celebrate a Happy Passover.

Rand Paul Has J.C. Watts in His Corner

J.C. Watts, one of the few black Republicans to have served in Congress, is said to admire Rand Paul’s approach toward growing the party's base.

For Republicans, Weak Jobs Report Is a Welcome Target

A tepid monthly report from the Labor Department on job creation and the economy provided a respite for Republicans seeking safer footing for criticizing President Obama.

Ted Cruz Has a Swag Problem

Senator Ted Cruz of Texas has addressed standing-room-only, town hall-style meetings throughout his recent campaign sweep through Iowa. But, despite the crowds and enthusiasm, none of the events have completely felt like a campaign event. Something was missing.

First Draft Focus: Obama Lands in Utah, His 49th State

President Obama waved as he arrived at Hill Air Force Base in Utah on Thursday night, his first time in the Beehive State as president.

Today in Politics: Menendez Indictment Could Alter Congress’s Role on Iran

The Iran deal intersects with another major story line: the corruption charges against Senator Robert Menendez of New Jersey.

First Draft Focus: Robert Menendez Goes to Court

Senator Robert Menendez, Democrat of New Jersey, arrived in Newark on Thursday to be arraigned on federal bribery charges.

Awaiting Iran News, Obama Delays Travel Plans

President Obama has delayed departure for his scheduled trip to Kentucky while waiting for news on the Iranian nuclear talks.

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