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Today in Politics: Congress Prepares for Frenzies Both Before and After Boehner Departs

The news that Speaker John A. Boehner would step down next month increases the sense of disarray facing congressional Republicans, and it throws a mighty big wrench into a system that already had plenty of wrenches to go around.

Emails Show Hillary Clinton Adviser Sidestepping Potential Conflict

A newly disclosed exchange demonstrated the potential for conflicts to have arisen as part of Huma Abedin's status as a special government employee.

Jeb Bush Readies Fund-Raising Push Ahead of Deadline

Mr. Bush's campaign has invited leading donors to its Miami headquarters on Monday for a fundraising call-a-thon, part of an effort to maximize their haul for this quarter.

Hillary Clinton’s Chief of Staff Authorized Job Change for Huma Abedin

A document certifying a new employment position for one of Hillary Rodham Clinton's senior aides at the State Department was signed by Mrs. Clinton's then chief of staff, Cheryl D. Mills.

Ben Carson Dodges Question on Muslim President Comment

Appearing on ABC’s “This Week,” Mr. Carson, whose popularity is surging in the Republican field, was asked if he stands by his controversial opinion that a Muslim should not be president of the United States.

Jeb Bush Opposes Shutdown Over Planned Parenthood Funding; Carly Fiorina Doesn’t

Mr. Bush said he opposed shutting down the federal government to strip Planned Parenthood of all federal funding, but his Republican presidential rival Carly Fiorina suggested she could endorse the tactic.

Hillary Clinton Says She Cannot Explain Why Previously Undisclosed Emails Turned Up

Mrs. Clinton said she could not fully explain the discovery of a string of work emails sent on her personal account earlier than she has said she first began using it for State Department business. But she said she hoped voters would look past the email furor.

Bill Clinton Blames G.O.P., News Media for Wife’s Email Woes

The former president says that Republicans who hope to undercut Hillary Rodham Clinton's presidential candidacy and a voracious political news media uninterested in substance are to blame for the controversy surrounding his wife’s use of a private email account and server while she was secretary of state.

Marco Rubio Proposes Tax Credit to Spur Paid Family Leave

Senator Marco Rubio of Florida called for a 25 percent tax credit to businesses that give their workers four to 12 weeks of paid leave to care for family members "in times of great need."

First Draft Focus: The Week in Political Pictures

The pope’s and the Chinese president’s visits to Washington, along with presidential candidates on and off the campaign trail, in this week’s political pictures.

Donald Trump Analyzes John Boehner’s Exit as Speaker: ‘You Tell Me’

The Republican presidential candidate was uncharacteristically vague when asked his views on House Speaker John A. Boehner's announcement that he would step down.

Bernie Sanders Wins Endorsement of Ghost From Hillary Clinton’s Past

Senator Bernie Sanders has invited Jonathan Tasini, who challenged Hillary Rodham Clinton in a primary contest for her Senate seat in New York in 2006, to join him on the campaign trail in New Hampshire.

Climate-change-denying congressman shuns Pope Francis

Congressman Paul Gosar traveled to Nevada to visit Cliven Bundy when the renegade rancher was fighting the Bureau of Land Management over the grazing fees he has refused to pay for years and years. Apparently, the Arizona Republican has no problem going out of his way to see Bundy, a man who shirks...

Today in Politics: The Capital Emerges From the Pope’s Glow to Welcome China’s Leader

Hours after Pope Francis left Washington, another world leader, one who might as well have come from a different world, arrived in town.

Jeb Bush Says Hope, not ‘Free Stuff,’ Will Draw Black Voters

A message of "aspiration and hope" will attract more African-American support than offers of "free stuff," Jeb Bush said in South Carolina, echoing a contentious phrase from Mitt Romney's 2012 campaign.

Hillary Clinton Personally Signed Off on Job Change for Huma Abedin

Hillary Rodham Clinton was directly involved in arranging a new government position for a top aide that allowed the aide to begin working for a private consulting firm while remaining at the State Department, according to documents released on Thursday.

Bernie Sanders Eclipses Hillary Clinton in New Hampshire Poll

The new poll found that even if Vice President Joseph R. Biden Jr. entered the race, he would not garner nearly enough support to win or change the dynamic of the race

With Ultrasound as Backdrop, Carly Fiorina Presses Attack on Planned Parenthood

In visiting a Christian pregnancy center, where she chatted with a woman having an ultrasound, Carly Fiorina was taking aim at Planned Parenthood, a favorite target of Republicans.

Taking the Gloves Off, Marco Rubio Punches Back at Donald Trump

Senator Marco Rubio, who had been staying above the fray in the Republican presidential field, hit back at Donald J. Trump after Mr. Trump called him a "kid" and criticized his record in the Senate.

Donald Trump and Roger Ailes to Meet to Discuss ‘Differences of Opinion’

Donald J. Trump and Roger Ailes of Fox News plan to meet next week, the network said, "to discuss their differences of opinion regarding Fox's coverage of Mr. Trump's presidential campaign."

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