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A Sleep-Deprived Scott Walker Barnstorms Through South Carolina

Scott Walker worked off little sleep Wednesday during the first barnstorming trip of his presidential campaign.

Marco Rubio Has Missed Most Votes This Year of Senators Running for President

Running for president can make it hard for senators to attend to their day jobs in Washington: Just ask the five senators now seeking the White House.

Donald Trump Says He’s Worth More Than $10 Billion

Donald J. Trump issued a statement Wednesday saying that his net worth was now in excess of $10 billion, more the $8.7 billion he said he was worth when he announced his presidential candidacy just a month ago.

Paul Singer, Top Republican Donor, Is Still on the Sidelines

The billionaire Paul E. Singer, one of the most sought-after donors in the Republican Party, said at a Manhattan hedge fund conference that he was not committed to any political candidate yet.

Candidate Forum Planned in New Hampshire Before First Republican Debate

Local news outlets in states with early primaries are teaming up to hold a Republican candidate forum in early August amid complaints that subsequent full-fledged debates are excluding candidates based merely on polling.

Martin O’Malley Raises $2 Million for Presidential Bid

Former Gov. Martin Malley's aides portrayed the early campaign-finance dollar figure as a sign of his ability to connect with the grass roots.

Jeb Bush to Release Names of His Fund-Raisers

Disclosing the names of his "bundlers," or volunteer fund-raisers, makes former Gov. Jeb Bush the first — and so far only — Republican candidate to pledge to do so.

Bobby Jindal, a Late Entry, Reports Campaign-Finance Filings

Gov. Bobby Jindal of Louisiana raised about $579,000 in the week since he entered the race, he reported in campaign-finance filings on Wednesday.

Scott Walker Tries to Clarify Remarks on Gay Scout Leaders

Gov. Scott Walker of Wisconsin said the decision on the ban on gay scoutmasters was “up to the Boy Scouts,” and also answered a question about picking a vice-presidential running mate.

Scott Walker, in South Carolina, Skirts Gun Control and Flag Issues

Gov. Scott Walker of Wisconsin, in his first visit to South Carolina since nine people died in the church shootings, made a point of not giving any attention to the man charged in the killings.

Rolling Out Hillary Clinton, a Candidate Many Already Know

Mark Leibovich, the chief national correspondent for The New York Times Magazine, looks at the meticulously managed rollout of Hillary Rodham Clinton, a candidate whom voters think they know already.

Scott Walker Using Harley-Davidson to Burnish ‘Fighter’ Image

Gov. Scott Walker of Wisconsin is appealing to crowds of motorcyclists during the beginning of his campaign for president.

Sniping Intensifies Between Donald Trump and Jeb Bush

Donald J. Trump said former Gov. Jeb Bush lacks energy and will not deliver on his promises because he is beholden to the big donors who are filling his campaign war chest.

Today in Politics: After Obama’s Long Battle for Iran Deal, the Tough Fight Begins

A day after reaching a deal limiting Iran's nuclear abilities, Mr. Obama will begin what might be an even harder job: selling it to a skeptical Congress.

‘Super PAC’ Buys Cable Ads to Raise Rick Perry’s National Profile

The outside groups backing Rick Perry's presidential candidacy are buying advertising time on national cable networks to give the former Texas governor a shot in the polls so he is invited to the first debate.

Scott Walker Says He Would Kill Iran Deal and Seek ‘Crippling’ Sanctions

Scott Walker is branding himself a “fighter and winner" while in Nevada, and said that if elected president, he wanted to take the fight directly to Iran in the wake of the just-finalized treaty over its nuclear program.

Rand Paul Supports Outreach to Iran, but Opposes Deal

Senator Rand Paul, the White House hopeful from Kentucky who has supported negotiations with Iran, was silent on the historic development for most of the day on Tuesday before explaining on Twitter why he opposed it.

Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders Meet Again — in the Senate

Hillary Rodham Clinton and Bernie Sanders ran into each other in Washington at a Senate meeting, and the ensuing encounter was warm and friendly.

Donald Trump Is Tied With Jeb Bush for Lead in National Poll

Donald J. Trump is in a statistical tie with Jeb Bush in a new Suffolk University/USA Today national poll of potential primary voters.

Martin O’Malley Pledges to Go Further Than Rivals on Overhauling Immigration

Martin O’Malley, the Democratic presidential hopeful, pledged to go further on overhauling the immigration system than any other candidate, in a clear effort to present a contrast with Hillary Rodham Clinton.

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