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Truth or Insult? Artwork Hung in Capital Spawns a Dispute

A student’s painting with political overtones has been removed. And restored. Repeatedly.

A Financial Mystery Emerges. Its Name? Steven T. Mnuchin Inc.

The Treasury nominee revealed plans to divest himself of much of his vast interests, but he intends to keep control of his little-known namesake firm.

Art of the dodge: The questions Trump didn’t answer at his news conference

The president-elect left some questions hanging in the air (especially on Russia).        

Justices Face ‘Blizzard of Words’ in Special Education Case

The Supreme Court was asked to decide whether public schools should do more under a federal law to provide a free education for children with disabilities.

Who Is Performing at Donald J. Trump’s Inauguration? A Shortlist

It's been hard to keep track of who is performing, who has been rumored to play and who has issued an emphatic "no."

Juliet and Jackie Evancho, Bonding as Targets in a Trump Media Frenzy

Jackie, 16, who will sing the national anthem at the presidential inauguration, and her transgender sister, Juliet, 18, lend each other support.

Donald Trump’s News Session Starts War With and Within Media

He called BuzzFeed “garbage” and shouted at a CNN reporter, and the two outlets argued with each other over publishing unverified claims about him.

Taliban Release Video of Western Professors Abducted in Kabul

The 13-minute video is the insurgents’ first confirmation that they were behind the abduction of American and Australian professors in August.

Confirm or Deny: Confirm or Deny: Peter Thiel

The Pay Pal founder and Trump fan, interviewed by Maureen Dowd, prefers “Star Wars” to “Star Trek” and is in favor of California’s seceding.

With ... Peter Thiel: Peter Thiel, Trump’s Tech Pal, Explains Himself

The Silicon Valley billionaire and scourge of Gawker describes his admiration for the president-elect, who told him, “We’re friends for life.”

A Senate ‘Vote-a-Rama’ Primer, in Case You Plan to Sleep Tonight

As Republicans push forward with repealing the Affordable Care Act, lawmakers are about to undertake a grueling Senate tradition.

In Trump’s News Conference, Hints of What’s to Come

The president-elect continued the showmanship displayed during his campaign, and offered glimpses of his plans for his first days in office.

John Lewis Puts Race at Center of Jeff Sessions Hearing

Mr. Lewis, a Georgia Democrat, said the law-and-order mantra of the nominee for attorney general harked back to the civil rights era.

Elaine Chao Gets Cozy Reception at Confirmation Hearing

Ms. Chao sailed through the hearing with little difficulty, offering remarkably few specifics but many promises of cooperation.

Trump C.I.A. Nominee Faces the Balancing Act of His Career

Known in Congress as an unrelenting partisan, Representative Mike Pompeo is wading into an extraordinary breach between the president-elect and the intelligence agency.

Immigrants Head to Washington to Rally While Obama Is Still There

Hundreds will travel to the capital Saturday to make their voices heard on immigration issues, before what they fear may be a harsher regime takes hold.

Trump didn't answer these questions at his news conference

President-elect leaves some questions hanging in the air (especially on Russia).        

Trump to CNN: ‘You are fake news’

He refused to let the network’s reporter ask him a question at a press conference Wednesday.        

What is the Emoluments Clause and why is it relevant to Trump's business plans?

The clause is an anti-bribery provision that forbids any U.S. president from receiving gifts from foreign leaders.        

Donald Trump News Conference: Transcript

It is the first time the president-elect took questions from reporters in a formal news conference since July.

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