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Despite Campaign Woes, Donald Trump Flies to Scotland to Tend to Business Interests

Presidential contenders usually try to burnish their foreign policy credentials when abroad. Mr. Trump plans no meetings with government or political leaders.

House Dems bring new twist to the sit-down protest

House Democrats are taking a cue from a not-too-distant and resonant history of Americans standing up for something they believe in... by...        

Congressman Convicted of Bribery Will Step Down in October

Chaka Fattah’s decision to stay in office until just before his sentencing in the fall drew a rebuke from the House speaker.

Brent Scowcroft endorses Clinton over Trump

Scowcroft served as national security adviser to George H.W. Bush and Gerald Ford.        

Education Innovation: Studies in the First Amendment, Playing Out on Campus

Schools seek to balance the conflicts between allowing free expression and maintaining a sensitivity to those offended by language that is deliberatively upsetting.

Bernie Sanders Admits ‘It Doesn’t Appear’ That He’ll Be the Nominee

Taking a step closer to accepting defeat, the senator said he would still push Hillary Clinton to listen to the “millions of people in this country who supported me.”

Justices Disclose Privately Paid Trips and Gifts

Justice Stephen G. Breyer took 19 trips that were paid for by private sponsors, according to a cursory list of trips and gifts to Supreme Court justices.

The 2016 Race: Hillary Clinton’s Message: Yes, the Economy Is Messed Up. But I Can Fix It.

She embraced the economic discontent that has fueled the rise of her opponents, while presenting herself as the person most qualified to address it.

News Analysis: Questions for Yellen From Congress, but Not Quite to the Point

Janet Yellen’s testimony before a House committee highlighted how real debate about the economy has been overshadowed by partisan politics.

Clinton casts her economic plan as antidote to 'trickle-down economics'

Hillary Clinton on Wednesday laid out her plan to spur growth, saying she wanted an economic system that “works for everyone” and not just t...        

How C-SPAN is skirting the House TV blackout on Democrats' sit-in

Democratic sit-in is not being broadcast because House is not in session.        

Here's why you can't watch House Democrats' sit-in on C-SPAN

Democratic sit-in is not being broadcast because House is not in session.        

Medicare and Social Security Trustees Warn of Shortfalls

A report could add a note of fiscal reality to a presidential campaign that has given scant attention to the fiscal challenges of an aging population.

Elizabeth Warren to campaign with Hillary Clinton in Ohio next week

The event marks Clinton's first campaign stop with Warren, a possible vice presidential pick.        

5 most explosive attacks Trump leveled against Clinton

Trump came out firing against the presumptive Democratic nominee Wednesday.        

What in the World: A New Verb in Mexico: Trumpear (From ‘to Punch’)

Responding to remarks by Donald J. Trump, Mexicans are using satire, games, caricatures and other forms of ridicule to express anger and national pride.

Donald Trump Prepares Counterattack Against Hillary Clinton

He will shape an argument against Mrs. Clinton as a fatally flawed candidate with her own baggage from her time at the State Department and the Clinton Foundation.

The 2016 Race: Don’t Assume Donald Trump’s Supporters Believe His Promises

His campaign promises seem impossible to keep, but voters who like him might be taking that into account.

Poll says Rubio re-election bid would put Florida in GOP's win column

The poll shows Rubio beating either of the two Democrats running for his Senate seat.        

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