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Bernie Sanders Draws Union Support Pressing Pensions Issue

With union members chanting “Bernie! Bernie” behind him, Senator Bernie Sanders sought to burnish his populist credentials for president as he introduced a bill to protect the pensions of millions of retirees from the threat of deep cuts.

First Draft Focus: Faith, Freedom and Rand Paul

Senator Rand Paul spoke at the Faith and Freedom Coalition's Road to Majority conference in Washington.

TSA's 95% failure rate shows airport security is a charade

A couple of years ago my wife - who may be the least likely person on the planet to commit an act of terrorism - was randomly pulled aside at airport security for a thorough screening. Seeing that the process was going to take awhile, I took a seat on a nearby bench where a TSA officer was taking...

Palmyra: Islamic State seeks to obliterate vestiges of ancient civilizations

There seems to be no limit to the cruelty of the marauders who call themselves Islamic State (ISIS). Beheadings, crucifixions, mass slaughter, rape, enslavement; these fanatics are like an unleashed death cult conceived in the scariest Hollywood horror movie - except these monsters are real.

Missouri House speaker's sexting scandal is good comic relief

There's nothing like a little sex scandal to restore one's faith in politics as the greatest source of trashy entertainment. So, thank you, Missouri Speaker of the House John Diehl for wrecking your career by exchanging a string of cringe-worthy texts with a 19-year-old female intern.

Bernie Sanders' 'socialism' may have mainstream appeal

Finally, conservatives have a real socialist to go crazy about. Instead of concocting dark fairytales about how Barack Obama, a very conventional liberal Democrat, is a secret Marxist who wants to destroy the American way of life, they can shriek about Bernie Sanders, the independent Vermont senator...

The race is on to milk Romney's big cash cows

Mitt Romney's decision to forego a third campaign for president has set off a scramble for money among the remaining "establishment" Republicans who are considering a run for the White House. Like cash cows with full udders, wealthy Romney backers are suddenly being eyed by the likes of Chris Christie,...

State of the Union: Obama and GOP are poles apart on taxes

President Obama gives his State of the Union Address tonight, but the White House has already revealed one of the key proposals to be offered up in the speech: Kicking up the capital gains tax rate for couples earning more than $500,000 annually.

Saudis' price war on U.S. oil is giving us cheap gas

As the owner of a gas-guzzling, 16-year-old Dodge Ram that I use to pull a horse trailer, haul a ski boat and loan to friends who are cleaning out their basements, I like the way gasoline prices are heading. But I also know enough to understand neither the president nor Congress nor the U.S. oil...

After attack, France needs solidarity from U.S., not Beltway politics

Republicans never miss a beat finding some new pretext for slamming President Obama. This week, he gave them an easy shot by failing to attend Sunday's huge rally in Paris that attracted 1.5 million people, including a number of international leaders.

Mike Huckabee needs to look like a good bet for the billionaires

Mike Huckabee has quit his job as a Fox News host because he has an inkling that God wants him to run for president. But, just because the Supreme Being is giving him a thumbs-up, that does not mean the ex-Arkansas governor will get a green light from the demigods of American democracy: billionaires.

Signs of a changing nation amid Rose Parade floats and bands

In the dark hours after the new year was rung in, hundreds of families had already staked out places along Colorado Avenue in Pasadena, camping out on the sidewalk through the chilly night. Some had propane heaters; some had barbecue grills fired up; some had set burn barrels aflame; most looked...

The road to Selma: Mississippi Delta locked in poverty of the past

Mississippi has been called "the South of the South" -- a place even more poor, more racially segregated and more violent than the rest of the region -- and the Mississippi Delta has been called "the Mississippi of Mississippi." 

Obama's a wily quarterback in the fourth quarter of a big game

Before heading off to Hawaii for a brief Christmas vacation, President Obama held a press conference in which he used a football analogy to characterize his upcoming final two years in office. "My presidency is entering its fourth quarter," he said. "Interesting stuff happens in the fourth quarter."

Kim Jong Un has made Seth Rogen's silly film the must-see movie of the year

The bizarre saga of the cyberattack against Sony Pictures Entertainment could provide the story line for a better movie than "The Interview," the film that inspired the hack. Still, much like Seth Rogen's goofball comedy about the fictional assassination of North Korea's baby-faced despot, Kim...

Tea party legislators oppose teaching complexities of U.S. history

The burgeoning ranks of tea party "patriots" who have gotten themselves elected to Congress and state legislatures have identified yet another threat to the soul of America: Advanced Placement U.S. history guidelines.

Obama finally brings Cuba policy out of the Cold War darkness

If you are 53 or younger, you have never lived in a time when Cuba and the United States had diplomatic relations. With China, the communist giant, we've established normal relations. With communist Vietnam, our onetime enemy in war, we've established normal relations. But not Cuba.

Cheap gas is not good news for those who worry about climate change

It seems as though low gas prices should be good news. When the cost of a gallon of gas dips well below $3 in most of the country, everybody smiles, right?

Congress gives bankers a sweet deal in funding bill, with more to come

The omnibus funding bill that the lame-duck Congress passed in the darkness of Saturday night sheds light on what we can expect from the Republican-dominated Congress that will take over in January. Here's a hint: The bankers are smiling.

Internet porn is an experiment in dehumanization

You do not have to be a prude to worry about porn. Thanks to the Internet, Americans have been pushed, unwittingly, into a vast social experiment testing whether unfettered access to the most freakish and foul pornography will warp sexual relations for generations to come.

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