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In Iowa, Jeb Bush Tries to Capitalize on Latest Debate Performance

Campaigning the day after his best debate performance so far, Jeb Bush tried to convey that he had slowed his slide in the polls and even turned momentum in his favor.

Donald Trump Insists That Wages Are ‘Too High’

Donald J. Trump on Wednesday morning repeated a statement he made the night before in the Republican presidential debate: that wages are "too high" in the United States, so he opposses raising the minimum wage.

Philosophers (and Welders) React to Marco Rubio’s Debate Comments

Philosophers say the discipline prepares them for a range of useful career choices, while welders say their skill is always in demand and touches most parts of the economy.

Republican Debate Draws 13 Million Viewers as Ratings Slip

The viewership was the most ever for Fox Business Network, with its moderators Neil Cavuto, Maria Bartiromo and Gerard Baker, but less than previous debates in the 2016 presidential race.

New Marco Rubio Backer Bankrolls Ad and Writes It, Too

In the ad from Baby Got Pac, a "super PAC" supporting Marco Rubio, a narrator cites statements from Democrats in which they have openly fretted about the Republican Florida senator's candidacy.

Right-wing talk radio pours gas on the flames of Republican 'civil war'

Traditional conservatives and Republican Party operatives are gobsmacked by the virulent, anti-establishment mood among Republican voters. They find themselves in a fight for the soul of the Grand Old Party — a fight they seem to be losing. Each new poll ratifies the fact that nearly half of Republican...

Cybersecurity Looms as Obstacle for Nominee to Lead the Office of Personnel Management

President Obama’s pick of Beth Cobert prompted Republicans to make clear they intended to frame her nomination around the widespread cybersecurity breach at the agency that exposed the personal information of as many as 20 million federal workers, contractors and their families.

Hillary Clinton Is Criticized for Not Condemning Man’s Talk of Strangling Carly Fiorina

Hillary Rodham Clinton is under fire from Republicans for failing to come to the defense of Carly Fiorina on Tuesday after a man at a campaign event said he wished he could strangle Mrs. Fiorina.

Hillary Clinton Pledges to Make Better Treatment of Veterans a Priority

Hillary Rodham Clinton called the Department of Veterans Affairs an “archaic system” that was “built for the past, not the future," as she unveiled a multipronged set of proposals Tuesday to expand care and medical services to the country’s 21.8 million veterans.

When Ted Cruz’s Father Campaigned for Fidel Castro

After leaving Cuba for Texas in 1957, Rafael Cruz spoke out in support of the Castro-led rebellion, only to reject it two years later after becoming disillusioned with its leftist leanings.

A Pre-emptive Strike From Marco Rubio, Using Jeb Bush’s Words

Marco Rubio's campaign unveiled an advertisement that shows former Gov. Jeb Bush showering his longtime Florida friend with praise, in a preview of what the senator may use should Mr. Bush go on the offensive in Tuesday night's deba...

Poll Watch: Overseas Elections Offer Warnings for U.S. Pollsters

Pre-election polls in numerous countries this year have widely missed their marks, often by underestimating support for candidates on the ideological fringes.

Donald Trump Sees a Bump in Attention After ‘S.N.L.’ Appearance

According to a digital marketing firm, Mr. Trump experienced a large increase in engagement across websites, social media and video platforms the day after being on the show.

Hillary Clinton to Release Plan to Address Veterans Affairs Scandal

Mrs. Clinton will roll out her proposals to help veterans and to improve the treatment they receive at the Department of Veterans Affairs as she fields Republican attacks on her previous comments about the problems that have plagued the department.

John McCain Consults Earlier Legislation in Bid for a Pentagon Overhaul

Mr. McCain’s large scale congressional review of the way the military is organized will include a hearing to look at the act that grew out of the military’s last major reorganization a generation ago.

Conference Seeks to Prompt Candidates to Discuss Education

Gov. Terry E. Branstad of Iowa, a Republican, and Gov. Jack Markell of Delaware, a Democrat, will hold a bipartisan event on Tuesday in the hopes of urging the presidential candidates to focus more closely on developing strong teachers nationally.

Hoping for His Backing, Jeb Bush Meets With a Cautious Scott Walker

Mr. Bush, who would rather avoid Mr. Walker's presidential trajectory but would love to have his support, held an event with the Wisconsin governor on Monday.

Martin O’Malley Receives Support From Obama’s Finance Circle

Five people who served on President Obama's national finance committee in his 2008 campaign are circulating a letter seeking to rally support for Martin O'Malley, who has been struggling to gain traction in the Democratic presidential race.

Hillary Clinton on Familiar Ground in Registering for the New Hampshire Primary

For the fourth time in her career -- twice as a political spouse and now twice as a presidential candidate -- Hillary Rodham Clinton placed the Clinton surname on the ballot for New Hampshire’s primary.

Lindsey Graham to Make His Voice Heard During Debate, on Social Media

Senator Lindsey Graham has been left out of Tuesday's Republican debates, but he will weigh in on Sidewire, a social media platform, to offer his own responses to questions.

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