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Questions For Jeb Bush: Iraq Is Just the Beginning

First Draft comes up with a few subjects that the former governor of Florida might be asked to consider, once the questions about invading Iraq die down.

John Bolton Decides Against Entering Presidential Fray

John R. Bolton said his lack of experience as a conventional politician was too much to overcome in a potential 2016 presidential run. He said he concluded "that it was just not workable."

Ivy Ziedrich, College Student, Warms to Role as Jeb Bush Critic on ISIS

Ivy Ziedrich told Jeb Bush, "Your brother created Isis," and now she finds herself both a target and a hero on social media.

Marco Rubio’s Answers on Iraq a Departure From the Past

On the Iraq invasion, Senator Marco Rubio seems to be walking a highly delicate verbal line. He understands the reasons for the war, and thinks the outcome was ultimately a positive, yet knowing what he now knows, he said he wouldn’t have authorized it himself.

Sheldon Adelson Comes to New York, and Presidential Candidates Follow

Sheldon Adelson and his wife, Miriam, will be among the hosts of the Champions of Jewish Values International Awards Gala on May 28 in New York, where many presidential candidates are expected to attend.

Rand Paul: Stephanopoulos Shouldn’t Moderate 2016 Debates

The Kentucky senator and Republican presidential candidate sees a conflict of interest for George Stephanopoulos, the ABC News top political anchor.

George Stephanopoulos Acknowledges Giving Money to Clinton Foundation

George Stephanopoulos acknowledged that he had made donations to the Clinton Foundation in recent years without disclosing those contributions to his employer — even as he reported on the Clintons and their foundation.

Russ Feingold Will Run for Senate in Wisconsin

Russ Feingold, the liberal Democrat and former three-term senator, announced that he will run for the United States Senate from Wisconsin.

Hillary Clinton Enlists Bigger-Name Backers in Novel Ways

Hillary Rodham Clinton's campaign is using her big-name supporters to help get out the vote instead of promoting their endorsements.

Martin O’Malley Courts Democrats Before May 30 Announcement

Martin O'Malley, the former Maryland governor and likely presidential candidate, will announce his political plans for 2016 on May 30.

Jeb Bush Taunts Hillary Clinton Over Not Taking Questions

“You can’t script your way to the presidency,” Jeb Bush said of Hillary Rodham Clinton at a stop in Reno, Nev.

Sheldon Adelson Receives a George W. Bush Original Painting

Sheldon Adelson, the casino mogul and big-time Republican campaign donor, is the owner of a genuine work of art by former President George W. Bush.

Today in Politics: Gulf Leaders to Push Obama for Support

The talk all week has been whether the no-show by Saudi Arabia's king at Thursday's Camp David summit meeting was a snub of President Obama.

Donors Must Find Their Own Lunch at Clinton Gathering

Hillary Rodham Clinton's campaign may be wooing donors in the Red Hook section of Brooklyn on Thursday, but there will be no free lunch.

Jeb Bush Declares His Candidacy — Prematurely

Jeb Bush, dropping an "if," unintentionally declared that he was running for president during a question-and-answer session in Reno, Nev.

Verbatim: Rubio, Raúl Castro and the Church

Senator Marco Rubio responded to the news that President Raúl Castro of Cub was considering returning to the Roman Catholic Church because of the influence of Pope Francis.

College Student to Jeb Bush: ‘Your Brother Created ISIS’

"Your brother created ISIS," a young college student tells Jeb Bush -- creating the kind of confrontational moment that presidential candidates dread.

Senator Thomas Carper Got Off Train Minutes Before Crash

Senator Thomas R. Carper of Delaware was home watching the news when he heard than an Amtrak train had derailed about 30 minutes after he had gotten off.

President Meant No Offense in Calling Elizabeth Warren by Her First Name, White House Says

The White House said President Obama meant no offense in calling Senator Elizabeth Warren by her first name in an interview and claimed that he was the one who was owed an apology.

Martin O’Malley Holds Firm Against Trade Deals

Former Gov. Martin O'Malley reiterated his stance against the Trans-Pacific Partnership, which Hillary Rodham Clinton has yet to take a clear position about, and did not hold back from sharing his opposition to Nafta.

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