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Deez Nuts for President? Why Not, Says Iowa Farm Boy

Brady Olson, a sophomore in high school as of next week, registered as a presidential candidate under an assumed name, and that name has become the top trending topic on Twitter.

First Draft Focus: Throwback Thursday, With Jimmy and Rosalynn Carter

Jimmy Carter and his wife, Rosalynn, on Nov. 2, 1976, the night he was elected president.

Spokesman for Hillary Clinton Offers New Take on Email Issue

Brian Fallon, Hillary Rodham Clinton's press secretary, said members of a House committee might have unwittingly handled classified material on unclassified systems, just like Mrs. Clinton apparently did when she was at the State Department.

Jeb Bush Cites Ted Cruz and Marco Rubio in Defending Birthright Citizenship

Jeb Bush mentioned two rivals for the Republican presidential nomination in defending birthright citizenship, saying they might not be able to run for president if some in the conservative wing of the Republican Party had their way.

Once Voters Get the ‘Narrative,’ Jeb Bush Says, They’ll Turn to Him Over Donald Trump

A day after being called "low-energy" by Donald J. Trump, Jeb Bush fired away by saying there was a big difference between him and Mr. Trump, especially on issues dear to conservative hearts.

Marco Rubio Gives Hillary Clinton Staunch Challenge in Bellwether States, Poll Shows

In a Quinnipiac University survey of voters in Ohio, Florida and Pennsylvania, Marco Rubio beats Hillary Rodham Clinton in a general election matchup by the widest margins of any Republican presidential candidate.

A Beating in Boston, Said to Be Inspired by Donald Trump’s Immigrant Comments

When told of an attack on a homeless Hispanic man, possibly inspired by his inflammatory comments, Donald J. Trump said, "It would be a shame," adding that his supporters "are passionate."

Verbatim: For George Bush, It’s 5 O’Clock Somewhere

"My mom said he can now have a martini." — Jeb Bush on his father, former President George Bush, 91, who is slowly recovering from a broken vertebra after falling at his Maine home this summer.

Discussing Immigration, Donald Trump and Jeb Bush Use an Offensive Term

Donald J. Trump continues to overheat the Republican Party’s speech on immigration, using a term deemed a slur by immigration advocacy groups, and former Gov. Jeb Bush of Florida followed suit.

Trump's immigration scheme kills Republican chances with Latinos

Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker fell for Donald Trump's evil scheme. Trump came up with an immigration plan that is so preposterous it proves he must be an undercover Democratic Party saboteur tasked with ruining any chance for a Republican victory in the 2016 presidential race.

Today in Politics: Email Controversy Begins to Weigh on Hillary Clinton’s Allies

The questions surrounding Hillary Rodham Clinton's use of email while she was secretary of state have proved durable, and her allies are increasingly concerned about whether she has a political strategy to address it.

Martin O’Malley Calls Hillary Clinton Email Issue a ‘Huge Distraction’

Martin O'Malley on Wednesday said that the constant questions about Hillary Rodham Clinton's email use was a distraction for the entire Democratic Party.

First Draft Focus: Striking Up the Band in New Hampshire

The Marching Lancers from Londonderry High School opened an education summit in Londonderry, N.H.

Bill de Blasio Addresses ‘Outrageous’ Remarks by Donald Trump

In a clash of political foils, Mayor Bill de Blasio of New York took direct aim at Donald J. Trump, accusing the developer of “trying to undermine fundamental constitutional rights.”

Jeb Bush Uses Caution on Dicey Subject of School Standards

"If people don’t like Common Core, fine," former Gov. Jeb Bush of Florida said at an education policy forum in Londonderry, N.H. "Just make sure your standards are much higher than they were before."

Verbatim: John Kasich Takes On Teachers’ Attitudes

"If I were, not president, but if I were king in America, I would abolish all teachers' lounges where they sit together and worry how woe is us." — John Kasich, at an education forum in New Hampshire.

In Clintons’ Town, a Call to Move a Prom Over Donald Trump’s Politics

In the heart of Clinton-land, another one of Donald J. Trump's business interests is under pressure after his remarks about Mexican immigrants: his Westchester County golf club in New York that hosts high school proms.

Hillary Clinton Asks to Have Donors Pay for Food and Drinks at Her Fund-Raisers

Hillary Rodham Clinton’s campaign wants to have donors foot the bill for those appetizers and gin-and-tonics -– not to mention valet parking — at some fund-raisers, and also follow Federal Election Commission finance rules.

In Jerusalem, Mike Huckabee Calls West Bank Part of Israel

Staking out the most extreme position on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict in the crowded field of Republican candidates, former Gov. Mike Huckabee of Arkansas said Wednesday the entire occupied West Bank was part of Israel, leaving no room for a Palestinian state there.

Today in Politics: Republicans Look to Turn Conversation to Education

President Obama remains on vacation, hoping things stay as unexciting as possible. while several Republican presidential candidates are heading to New Hampshire to talk education.

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