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Bernie Sanders Urges Booing Supporters to Embrace Hillary Clinton

The Vermont senator, who lost the nomination to Mrs. Clinton, told his supporters it was important to vote for her to stop Donald J. Trump.

Wasserman Schultz says she won't open convention

The outgoing Democratic chairwoman will no longer kick off the Philadelphia convention.        

LGBT magazine The Advocate endorses Clinton

This is only the second presidential endorsement by The Advocate.        

Journey stops believin' in political gigs

Classic rock band Journey declined invitation to play the Republican National Convention.        

Trump tries to use DNC emails to his advantage

Donald Trump has taken to Twitter to call out Hillary Clinton for her “BAD JUDGEMENT” in the wake of the DNC email scandal.        

Hillary Clinton Throws a Foreign Policy Counterpunch at Donald Trump

The presumptive Democratic nominee said he would shore up the nation’s alliances rather than unravel them, and never order American troops to commit war crimes.

Poll: Trump gets bump following GOP convention

Donald Trump passed Hillary Clinton, according to a new CNN/ORC poll.        

Democratic Convention Challenge: Squeezing In the A-Listers

With a lineup including President Obama, Bill Clinton, Bernie Sanders and Michael R. Bloomberg, the Democrats will be managing a tight schedule.

D.N.C. Emails Offer Glimpse at How Big Donors Are Wooed

Democratic National Committee emails released by hackers show how donors are coaxed and flattered, with invitations, meetings and proximity to the president.

Ask Trump anything. Really!

What are you dying to know about Donald Trump?        

Q&A: What's the deal with the leaked DNC emails?

A brief explainer of the scandal that kicks off the Democratic National Convention.        

Next Item on Obama’s Climate Agenda: Airplane Pollution

The airline industry opposes the administration’s plan to curb airplane emissions, saying it could endanger passengers and hurt American companies.

Debbie Wasserman Schultz Is Met, Mostly With Jeers, at Pre-Convention Breakfast

Supporters of the congresswoman, who was trying to address delegates from her home state of Florida, could not drown out the protesters in Philadelphia on Monday.

Pro-Bernie Sanders activists in Philadelphia may get beat by the heat

The wheels could come off the Democrats’ bandwagon in the next four days, but, on Sunday, this city felt nothing like Cleveland, the site of the Republican National Convention. Cleveland was a city under police occupation; downtown Philadelphia where Democrats have gathered to anoint their nominee...

For the Record: Party turmoil, week two

Much like you've always suspected you weren't your parents' favorite child, Bernie long suspected that DNC Chair Debbie Wasserman Schultz wa...        

Sidebar: Justices Show How Disclosing Revisions Offers (Confers?) Benefits

Urged to be more open about changes, the Supreme Court has started pointing out after-the-fact edits, both stylistic and factual, to its opinions.

Democratic Convention: What to Watch For on Day 1

The party will attempt to find unity under a “United Together” theme, and Bernie Sanders will get one last chance to push his agenda on a big stage as he speaks.

Hillary Clinton’s Team Seeks a Balance: Celebrating Women Without Alienating Men

Some advisers believe that overemphasizing Mrs. Clinton’s historic achievement as the first woman to accept a major party’s nomination could backfire.

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