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Report: USA Freedom Kids to sue Trump

The trio sang the catchy song at Trump's Florida rally.        

#DNCinPHL: BernieOrBust fights on, Bill Clinton's up, mocking Michel-lania and more

Here's the rundown on everything happening at the Democratic National Convention.        

Former Ohio legislator Nina Turner shuts down VP chatter

Some Bernie Sanders supporters have been looking for an alternative to Tim Kaine.        

Cuomo taking active role at DNC

N.Y. governor, a potential candidate for president himself, traveling more in second term.        

RNC spokesman Sean Spicer: First lady is 'off limits' for criticism

"I think that she gave a great speech if you're a Democrat," Spicer said.        

Disappointed Bernie fans resist Sanders' hopeful view of Hillary Clinton

Monday evening, Bernie Sanders stood on the stage at the Democratic National Convention as the most influential loser in a presidential primary race since Ronald Reagan in 1976. Except for the hard reality that he is not the party’s nominee, Bernie’s prime time address was truly a victory speech....

Sanders touts Clinton in surprise visit to N.Y. delegates

Fresh off his rousing DNC speech, Sanders implores delegates to back Hillary Clinton.        

David Duke’s Remarks on Senate Backing Put Donald Trump’s Camp on the Defensive

The former Ku Klux Klan leader said that the Republican presidential nominee may still support him in his Senate run, despite the Trump campaign’s continued disavowal.

Tenn. rep calls Trump 'unmitigated disaster'

Rep. Mike Stewart issues call to arms to Tennessee Democrats.        

‘Arrest Me,’ Convention Protesters Say, but Police Officers Show Restraint

Those taking part in the demonstrations want to be taken into custody, if it will accentuate their cause. But the police seem to be using constraint more than their handcuffs.

No bacon in the budget for Iowa delegates

Delegates from the top pork-producing state in the nation are without bacon at the DNC        

What is a convention roll call vote, and what does it mean for Clinton?

Tonight, Hillary Clinton will officially secure the Democratic presidential nomination.        

U.S. to Expand Program to Admit Central American Refugees

The Obama administration will broaden the effort to allow families of children fleeing dangerous conditions to enter the United States with them.

Bernie Sanders Hears Boos Again as He Asks Supporters to Back Hillary Clinton

Members of the California delegation at the Democratic convention heckled the Vermont senator as he kept trying to dissuade them from “a Donald Trump presidency.”

Activists Exhort Pentagon to Fix Vietnam War Website They Say Lacks Context

For two years, a committee has been seeking changes to what it calls a rose-colored portrayal of the conflict on a website commemorating its 50th anniversary.

Critic's Notebook: Boos, Cheers and Talk Therapy for the Democrats in Philadelphia

Wounds were ripped open, but a slate of speakers led by Michelle Obama and Bernie Sanders steadied the first night of the Democratic National Convention.

The White House That Slaves Helped Build

Michelle Obama, speaking at the Democratic Convention, said she lived in a home built by slaves. Some were taken aback, but history supports her.

Booker responds to Trump attack: 'I love Donald Trump'

Cory Booker is trying to counter Donald Trump’s insults with love.        

No mention of Islamic State during DNC's first day

There were 61 speakers at the Democratic convention on Monday and zero mentions of the Islamic State.        

Michelle Obama, Bernie Sanders own Twitter and Google

Michelle Obama’s speech Monday night garnered praise on both sides of the aisle, but it was the praise from her husband that really got Twit...        

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