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Hillary Clinton to Present Health Care Plan

Hillary Rodham Clinton will present a proposal to decrease the cost of prescription medication, as part of a series of campaign events devoted to health care policy and how she would build on the Affordable Care Act.

Today in Politics: Pope Arrives in a Washington That’s Hoping to Hear Only What It Wants

Gov. Scott Walker of Wisconsin may have followed former Gov. Rick Perry of Texas off the trail to “clear the field,” but Washington is gaining both a boldface name and hundreds of thousands of members in his entourage.

Scott Walker Quits the 2016 Presidential Race

Gov. Scott Walker of Wisconsin, short of support and money, suspended his campaign for president.

Timeline of Scott Walker’s Presidential Campaign

Two months after announcing a presidential bid in which he promised to "wreak havoc" upon Washington, Gov. Scott Walker of Wisconsin is ending his run.

Scott Walker Said to Be Quitting Presidential Race

Gov. Scott Walker of Wisconsin has concluded he no longer has a path to the Republican presidential nomination and plans to drop out of the 2016 campaign, according to three Republicans familiar with his decision.

Ben Carson’s Comments Stir Anger Among Muslims

Muslim advocates called for Ben Carson to leave the presidential race after saying that he was opposed to a Muslim being president.

Donald Trump Holds Q. & A. in Video Twitter Chat

Donald J. Trump answered questions in a video Twitter chat, part of his strategy of using social media, rather than traditional advertising, to reach voters.

New Poll Offers Hillary Clinton Some Comforting News

Hillary Rodham Clinton drew the support of 42 percent of registered Democrats and independents who lean Democratic, expanding her lead over Senator Bernie Sanders (24 percent) in the CNN/ORC International survey.

Hillary Clinton, in Louisiana, Gets a Health Care Challenge From Bobby Jindal

Hillary Rodham Clinton has a campaign stop in Louisiana, where the governor there, the Republican presidential candidate Bobby Jindal, hopes to gain some attention with their differences on health care.

Soul-Searching Continues for Possible Joe Biden Run

In a magazine interview, Vice President Joseph R. Biden Jr. said that his thinking about a presidential run had not changed since his last public statements on the question.

Today in Politics: Republicans’ Comments Put Them on Other Side of Pope’s Visiting Message

The pope, whom American Catholics overwhelmingly support, arrives in the United States as Republicans wrestle with these issues and with perceptions of intolerance.

Hillary Clinton Rates Unfavorably in New York State Poll

Mrs. Clinton was viewed unfavorably by 51 percent of the voters polled in a new Siena College survey, a low mark in the state she represented as a senator for eight years.

Republicans Ensnared in Questions of Identity Politics

Several presidential candidates took to the Sunday talk shows to clarify points and weigh in on new controversies.

Hillary Clinton Calls for the U.S. to Accept More Syrian Refugees

Mrs. Clinton also accused Donald J. Trump of "fueling a level of paranoia" in a news-making interview on CBS's "Face the Nation" on Sunday.

Trump Tells Evangelicals He Handled Obama Ethnicity Question Better Than McCain

Donald J. Trump defended his decision not to correct a voter who called President Obama a Muslim.

Bernie Sanders Lightens Up With Stephen Colbert

The Vemont senator is teased about socialism and his stadium-size crowds.

Carly Fiorina Defends Her Comments on Planned Parenthood Video

Facing questions about the accuracy of her comments describing undercover Planned Parenthood videos, Mrs. Fiorina issued a sharp defense on Friday before a conservative forum in Greenville, S.C.,

Jeb Bush Says President Obama is ‘An American’ and ‘A Christian’

Jeb Bush made a made it clear on Friday night that, unlike Donald J. Trump, he will not give credence to conspiracy theories about President Obama’s religion or nationality.

Bernie Sanders Bashes Billionaires at a Manhattan Fund-Raiser

A Manhattan event on Friday for Bernie Sanders was anything but a traditional fund-raiser: hundreds of supporters in a sweaty concert hall cheering a stem-winder from the candidate about the evils of fund-raising in a post-Citizens United world.

First Draft Focus: The Week in Political Pictures

Battleships, diner patrons and Air Force One provide appealing backgrounds as the 2016 presidential campaign picks up.

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