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New bot turns President Trump's tweets into 'White House statements'

Every time President Trump tweets, he shows where he stands on any given issue.        

Vice President Pence has reasons for wanting safer flights

Vice President Pence had personal reason for applauding Monday President Trump’s push to privatize the nation's air traffic control system.        

Louisiana congressman on radicalized Islam: 'Kill them all'

Rep. Clay Higgins' fiery Facebook post on America's "war with Islamic horror" has attracted widespread attention and some criticism.        

President Trump calls London mayor's words 'pathetic excuse'

President Trump maintained his feud Monday with London Mayor Sadiq Khan, two days after a terrorist attack in the British capital.        

Haley: Trump 'believes the climate is changing'

The statement follows two days of evading questions by the White House on Trump's beliefs on global warming, which in the past he has referr...        

Bill Maher drops racial slur during 'Real Time' interview with senator

The HBO 'Real Time' host dropped the word during a sitdown with Sen. Ben Sasse.        

This week in OnPolitics: The Day After Covfefe

Happy Friday, OnPolitics friends! We're sorry we missed you yesterday — technical difficulties kept us away. But we're back today, and we've...        

Rep. Cummings reacts to Justice Department opinion: 'We cannot do our jobs'

A Justice Department opinion stating that the executive branch can ignore information requests from individual members of Congress has drawn...        

GOP Sen. Richard Burr: I don't see health care plan this year

North Carolina GOP Sen. Richard Burr is skeptical about the chances of it getting done at all.        

Ex-CBO director: Budget director Mick Mulvaney ruins his 'own credibility'

White House budget director Mick Mulvaney has attacked on the Congressional Budget Office, and it's not being well-received by the people wh...        

Bernie Sanders blasts Trump's 'absurd' climate change views in Europe book tour

The Vermont independent called Trump’s decision to withdraw from the Paris agreement “shortsighted” and “extremely dangerous.”        

Florida Gov. Rick Scott, Sen. Bill Nelson reverse roles on Zika crisis

A year ago, the GOP governor slammed Washington for not doing enough on Zika. Now, it's Nelson's turn.        

Lindsey Graham: There's 'reason to believe' conversation was 'unmasked'

WASHINGTON — Sen. Lindsey Graham said that he has “reason to believe” that somebody in the government requested that a conversation he had w...        

American Bridge tracks mass layoffs since President Trump took office

Since the start of his administration, President Trump has taken the credit for all the jobs added to the economy.        

Ivanka wishes everyone a 'joyful' pride month, while the president stays silent

Ivanka Trump kicked off Friday by wishing everyone a happy pride month.        

What blew up the liberal and conservative media bubbles this week

The trending news and opinion from the left and the right.        

President Trump hasn't declared June as Pride Month — at least, not yet

The White House did not return a request for comment on whether the president would follow in the footsteps of former presidents Clinton and...        

The Weather Channel hates Trump's decision to withdraw from Paris agreement

It's probably fair to say the Weather Channel thinks the United States withdrawing from the Paris climate agreement is a bad idea.        

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