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‘I Need a Shower After Reading This’: Readers on Trump’s Conduct With Women

An article on Donald J. Trump’s behavior toward women had readers debating workplace ethics, claims of sexism and when, exactly, a man crosses a line with a woman.

For the Record: Fox News trolls Hillary

Clinton trails Trump in Fox News' latest poll — oh, and they want her to debate Sanders again. Week: ruined.        

Donald Trump Brings Up 1999 Rape Allegation Against Bill Clinton

Mr. Trump has repeatedly mentioned past allegations against Mr. Clinton, particularly in response to criticism of his own treatment of women.

De Blasio’s Elections Strategy, Under Scrutiny, Recalls Predecessor’s

Mayor Bill de Blasio’s efforts to channel donations to Democrats in 2014 State Senate races is similar to events that played out in a 2007 race, when Michael R. Bloomberg played a crucial role.

Benghazi Panel, Plodding Along, May Conclude Near Conventions or Election

Even some Republicans now say the committee’s pace risks feeding its reputation as an exercise meant to harm Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign.

Trump pulls ahead of Clinton in new national poll

The presumptive GOP nominee would edge Clinton 45-42%, according to a Fox News poll.        

Details on Donald Trump’s Finances Are Released, but Net Worth Is Unclear

A form from Mr. Trump offered a clearer view of his financial picture, but was too limited to verify his claim that he is worth more than $10 billion.

Hillary Clinton Tested as Donald Trump Floats North Korea Talks

Foreign policy experts said Donald Trump’s expressed openness to a presidential meeting with Kim Jong-un, the North’s dictator, was problematic.

Ex-Aide to Hillary Clinton Testifies About Email Server

The testimony by Lewis A. Lukens was part of a lawsuit brought against the State Department by a conservative legal advocacy group.

Actions by Congress on Opioids Haven’t Included Limiting Them

The House and the Senate have whipsawed between ensuring access to narcotic painkillers and addressing the addiction epidemic linked to those drugs

Trump invests in the same companies he bashes

Maybe Donald Trump never learned the phrase “put your money where your mouth is.        

Donald Trump’s Docket: A Look at His Supreme Court Wish List

The 11 jurists listed by Mr. Trump include six federal appellate judges and five members of their states’ highest courts.

Sanders calls on Clinton to join him in Fox debate

“Both campaigns have been invited by Fox News to a debate.        

WATCH: Trump flags keep flying; charges dropped

OCEAN TOWNSHIP - Joseph Hornick will be able to fly his Donald Trump political flags at his home without retribution, after the borough muni...        

Trump releases 11 possible SCOTUS picks

Who would Donald Trump nominate to the Supreme Court? There are now 11 options, all of them conservative.        

Eric Trump on Clinton: Everything is fair game

Eric Trump wishes everyone would just “take the high road” but he expects a general election between his father and Hillary Clinton to get n...        

Long Lines at Airport Security? Here’s What Passengers Should Know

Because of a rise in the number of airline passengers and a drop in the number of screeners, the flying public is waiting much longer in security lines.

Bernie Sanders’s Campaign Accuses Head of D.N.C. of Favoritism

The senator’s campaign manager said of Debbie Wasserman Schultz, chairwoman of the D.N.C, that “almost from the get-go that she has been working against Bernie Sanders.”

U.S. intelligence: Hackers tried to spy on 2016 candidates

Another presidential cycle, more foreign hackers spying on U.S. presidential candidates.        

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