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Our favorite details from the written Comey testimony

Former FBI Director James Comey prides himself on being a meticulous notetaker.        

President Trump is not tweeting about the Comey hearing. But Donald Jr. is.

President Trump has yet to tweet on Thursday, as ex-FBI director James Comey testified before the Senate Intelligence Committee.        

'House of Cards' tweets Frank Underwood GIF during Comey hearing

Just a reminder that the ex-FBI director James Comey hearing is must-see TV Thursday morning.        

Fired U.S. attorney Preet Bharara attends the Comey hearing

Preet Bharara, the former U.S. attorney who was fired by President Trump, has a reserved seat to Thursday's congressional hearing with ex-FB...        

Mont. Republican Greg Gianforte apologizes for assaulting Guardian reporter

The House member-elect pledged to donate $50,000 to the Committee to Protect Journalists.        

OnPolitics Today: James Comey says the 'fake news' on Trump is true

"It's true. All of it." — Han Solo (and James Comey, basically).        

Democrats pounce on Comey testimony, Republicans shrug

Sen. Ron Wyden said there was “almost a Watergate-level effort" to block an investigation        

Second lady Karen Pence creates some buzz by installing hive at residence

The Second Family is always buzzing with activity, but rarely in this way.        

Republican National Committee on Comey statement: Nothing to see here

The party headquarters says there is no news in the fired FBI director's statement        

Eric Trump claps back at accusation he steals 'from children with cancer'

"I have raised $16.3 million dollars for terminally ill children," Eric Trump tweeted. "What have you done today?!"        

Full text of James Comey's statement to Senate

Here are the opening remarks former FBI director James Comey plans to deliver at the Senate Intelligence hearing Thursday.        

Harris, Rosenstein tussle over Mueller's independence before Harris gets cut off

As their verbal tussle continued, committee chairman Richard Burr called on Harris to suspend her questioning.        

RNC scrambles to build ‘war room’ for James Comey testimony

RNC says it’s crafting a rapid response plan ahead of Comey’s congressional testimony Thursday.        

'The Sanders Institute': Jane Sanders launches new progressive think tank

The nonprofit, educational organization will offer progressive policies to help “revitalize democracy.”        

Trump’s climate policy dooms penguins, polar bears and Mar-a-Lago

If only Donald Trump would put the North and South poles on the itinerary of his next international trip, maybe our grandchildren’s future would not look so bleak. The president could spend time with the penguins and polar bears and witness firsthand the existential predicament they face as more...

Air Force 2 becomes a flying birthday party for Vice President Pence

Vice President Pence, who turns 58 today, did his best to look surprised when greeted as he boarded Air Force 2 this morning.        

Eric Trump on Democrats: 'They're not even people'

Eric Trump, son of President Trump and co-head of the Trump Organ, attacked Democrats on Tuesday night for obstructing his father's agenda,...        

Gabby Giffords to get ship named for her — joining Martha Washington

She’ll be joined by Hillary Clinton and former Second Lady Jill Biden at the celebration        

Ex-FBI director James Comey's political drama: A timeline

James Comey, the FBI director abruptly fired by Trump in May, is testifying before the Senate Intelligence Committee onThe final months of J...        

Four things to know about Christopher Wray, President Trump's FBI director pick

President Trump on Wednesday announced that he would nominate Chris Wray to be the next FBI director.        

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