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In Clintons’ Town, a Call to Move a Prom Over Donald Trump’s Politics

In the heart of Clinton-land, another one of Donald J. Trump's business interests is under pressure after his remarks about Mexican immigrants: his Westchester County golf club in New York that hosts high school proms.

Hillary Clinton Asks to Have Donors Pay for Food and Drinks at Her Fund-Raisers

Hillary Rodham Clinton’s campaign wants to have donors foot the bill for those appetizers and gin-and-tonics -– not to mention valet parking — at some fund-raisers, and also follow Federal Election Commission finance rules.

In Jerusalem, Mike Huckabee Calls West Bank Part of Israel

Staking out the most extreme position on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict in the crowded field of Republican candidates, former Gov. Mike Huckabee of Arkansas said Wednesday the entire occupied West Bank was part of Israel, leaving no room for a Palestinian state there.

Today in Politics: Republicans Look to Turn Conversation to Education

President Obama remains on vacation, hoping things stay as unexciting as possible. while several Republican presidential candidates are heading to New Hampshire to talk education.

Scott Walker to Increase Attacks on Washington

Facing popular candidates who have never held office, Gov. Scott Walker looks to distinguish himself from the other politicians running by attacking Washington.

For Hillary Clinton, Another Grilling About Emails

In a testy exchange with Ed Henry of Fox News, Hillary Rodham Clinton defended her handling of the server that hosted the personal email account she exclusively used as secretary of state.

Amazon's brutal workplace is an indicator of an inhumane economy

Is Amazon just a grueling 21st century sweatshop or the model for tomorrow's high-powered workplace? And is there any difference between the two?

White House Hires First Openly Transgender Staff Member

The White House has hired its first openly transgender staff member, officials said Tuesday, adding a longtime advocate for transgender rights to the office of presidential personnel.

First Draft Focus: Straightening Out Old Glory

Russell Kuch steamed wrinkles out of an American flag on Tuesday before a campaign event by Hillary Rodham Clinton in North Las Vegas, Nev.

Scott Walker’s Health Care Plan Relies on Tax Credits to Buy Coverage

Gov. Scott Walker's health care plan makes a full repeal of Obamacare his top priority, then proposes a system of tax credits that would allow Americans who do not get health insurance through their employers to buy individual plans...

Carly Fiorina Runs on Her Corporate Record, Despite Its Flaws

Carly Fiorina is rising in the polls as she campaigns for president on the strength of her track record as a businesswoman. The trouble is, it’s not a good record, writes Andrew Ross Sorkin, The Times's DealBook columnist.

Latest CNN Republican Poll Has Donald Trump at 24%

Nearly a quarter of likely Republican voters would support Donald J. Trump's nomination for president. Jeb Bush is in second place, with Ben Carson third, in a new CNN survey taken since the first debate.

Today in Politics: Donald Trump’s Immigration Plan Casts Rivals as the Rope in a Tug of War

Republicans were hoping to leave their immigration woes behind, but six months before the Iowa caucuses, Mr. Trump has made that impossible.

As Scott Walker Struggles in Iowa, His Campaign Reaches Out to a Strategist

A consultant to Scott Walker’s presidential campaign telephoned a Georgia-based Republican strategist last week to sound him out about working for Mr. Walker, a sign Mr. Walker is considering staff changes as his campaign is being eclipsed by Donald J. Trump.

Ted Cruz Megadonor Identified as Cellphone Executive

Ben Nash, the chief executive of PCS Wireless, donated $250,000 to a "super PAC" supporting Senator Ted Cruz's presidential campaign.

Scott Walker Is Heckled in Iowa State Fair Appearance

Speaking on the Soapbox at the Iowa State Fair, a perch that has drawn candidates of both parties since the fair opened last week, Gov. Scott Walker of Wisconsin was the first to face a significant chorus of opposition.

Chris Christie Assails Donald Trump’s Immigration Plan

Gov. Chris Christie of New Jersey said that walling off the entire southern border with Mexico "doesn't make any sense," adding that more patrol agents with better training are needed to improve security.

Democrats would be fools to divorce themselves from Thomas Jefferson

My sister has despised Andrew Jackson ever since she was 9 years old and witnessed a reenactment of the Trail of Tears somewhere along the route of a cross-country family excursion. I was not quite 3 then and do not remember much about the journey, except for the sunburn and blisters I got in Florida,...

Alabama Governor’s Endorsement Could Bolster John Kasich

For John Kasich, who is seen as a moderate in the Republicans' rambunctious field of candidates, the support of Gov. Robert J. Bentley of Alabama — one of the country's most conservative states — could be a big help.

Donald Trump’s Claims on Immigration: A Reality Check

Donald J. Trump went further than his Republican rivals to offer a hard-line plan to crack down on illegal immigration and to reduce immigration in general.

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