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For the Record: Where Trump, Clinton stand on education

Here's where the candidates - including third-party alternatives - stand on education.        

Nobody expects the Spanish Inquisition -- or President Trump

“Nobody expects the Spanish Inquisition!” With that phrase, used in several comedic sketches during a TV show in September 1970, the brilliant knuckleheads who were the writers and cast of Monty Python’s Flying Circus created a meme that has periodically popped up in popular culture ever since....

Senate Is Set to Vote on Zika and Government Funding

Sticking points remain, but the chamber is expected to vote to advance a bill to finance the overall government and to pay for efforts to combat the virus.

Trump Campaign Vows to Fund Florida Push, Official Says, but Cash Is in Limbo

A promised $1.9 million would be used for an “intensive door knocking and phone call program for the last 40 days,” said Susan Wiles, the Florida state director.

Political Memo: Donald Trump Stands by Chris Christie Despite Revelations in Bridge Closing Trial

In a typical election, having prosecutors declare that a top adviser to a candidate was aware of a plot like the 2013 George Washington Bridge closing would have enormous ramifications.

Elder Bush Plans to Vote for Hillary Clinton, a Kennedy Says

Robert F. Kennedy’s eldest daughter, Kathleen Kennedy Townsend, said the 41st president plans to vote Democratic in the presidential election.

Obama, at the U.N., Cites Iraq Gains and Urges Steady Nerves at Home

The president visited the United Nations General Assembly against the backdrop of a stabbing attack in Minnesota and a weekend bombing in New York.

Mapping Site Shows Shift in Mayor de Blasio’s Fund-Raising

Mayor Bill de Blasio’s fund-raising this year has seen shift toward smaller contributions from many parts of New York City — a sharp contrast to the way he raised money last year.

Donald Trump Charity Failed to Heed States’ Rules With Veterans Event

Some 40 states require registration by charities raising money within their borders. But Mr. Trump’s foundation does not show up in most of those registries.

Another Slip for the Libertarian Nominee, Gary Johnson: ‘Nobody Got Hurt’

Mr. Johnson quickly corrected himself on Twitter after misspeaking about terrorist attacks in New York and Minneapolis.

After Bombings, Hillary Clinton Says Donald Trump’s Words Enable Terrorists

Mrs. Clinton stressed her national security credentials and measured her words, and Mr. Trump sounded a note of furious alarm about Saturday’s attacks in New York and New Jersey.

Ivanka Trump now has Secret Service protection

Ivanka Trump has begun to receive secret service protection as of Monday morning.        

Senate Moves to Clear Agenda Before Elections

Lawmakers, aware that the control of the chamber could turn on a handful of races, hope to resolve lingering disputes to return to their states to campaign.

Letter From Former Officials Urges Trump to Detail Foreign Dealings

The government, national security and military figures warned Mr. Trump’s overseas business relationships could cause major conflicts of interest if he becomes president.

Sidebar: Supreme Court to Hear Case on Juror Racial Bias

In previous rulings, the court has said that even egregious misconduct by jurors cannot be used to challenge a conviction. But a case involving a juror’s racial bias might be an exception.

Hillary Clinton to Court Elusive Group With Speech Focused on Millennials

She is seeking to expand her support with young voters, a group that helped elevate President Obama but that has often proved resistant to her overtures.

For the Record: 50 days of 'meh'

We're 50 days out from Election Day, kids -- and yes, we still have the same options for president.        

The 2016 Race: Why a President Trump Could Start a Trade War With Surprising Ease

The asymmetry of trade politics: New agreements require congressional approval, but undoing existing commitments does not.

White House Letter: Election Noise and ‘Frivolous’ Issues Hinder Obama’s Last Objectives

President Obama has limited opportunities in his last months in office to shift focus from the raucous presidential campaign to his signature issues.

Obama to Push Refugee Aid at U.N., but Critics Say Effort Is Overdue

Even those who praise Mr. Obama’s planned meeting on the refugee crisis wonder why the United States waited so long to mount a global response and why it has taken in so few Syrians.

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