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White House Letter: Mario Batali (Yes, in His Orange Crocs) to Prepare Obamas’ Last State Dinner

While President Obama was at the United Nations, Michelle Obama was sampling Mr. Batali’s food at Babbo to prepare for a dinner honoring Prime Minister Matteo Renzi of Italy.

A Signature Dish by Mario Batali

Mr. Batali shared his recipe of sweet corn crema with cornmeal zeppole and blackberries before he hosts the Obamas’ last state dinner.

As U.S. Watches Mexico, Traffickers Slip In From Canada

Officials worry that the United States’ northern border, much of it remote, is vulnerable to exploitation by criminal enterprises and possible terrorists.

Donald Trump attracts some big-money supporters

Meet some of the super-wealthy folks backing the GOP nominee in the election's homestretch        

Glenn Beck praises Michelle Obama's speech slamming Trump

The conservative talk show host called it "the most effective political speech I have heard since Ronald Reagan."        

Donald Trump Intensifies His Claim That Campaign Is ‘Rigged’

Mr. Trump sowed doubts about the integrity of the democratic process on Sunday even as his own running mate assured voters the election would be legitimate.

Haiti and Africa Projects Shed Light on Clinton’s Public-Private Web

Interlocking public and private relationships have long characterized the inner circle of Hillary Clinton, continuing during her State Department tenure.

Sports of The Times: Martina Navratilova Is a Trailblazer in the Art of Speaking Out

Navratilova, who has won more Wimbledon titles than anyone else, admires what Colin Kaepernick and others are doing and has a long history of standing up for her own beliefs.

In Somalia, U.S. Escalates a Shadow War

With lessons from the “Black Hawk Down” battle of 1993, the Obama administration has intensified America’s military role in the past year.

Donald Trump Says He’s a ‘Big Fan’ of Hindus

He also praised India’s prime minister, Narendra Modi, at an Indian-American charity event.

Email About Qatari Offer Shows Thorny Ethical Issues Clinton Foundation Faced

The email, released by WikiLeaks, indicated that Qatari representatives hoped to meet with Bill Clinton to present him with $1 million for his foundation.

Report: Another woman accuses Trump of an unwelcome advance

Another day, another allegation of an unwelcome advance by Donald Trump.        

Team Trump raises $100 million

Trump donated $2 million to campaign last month, despite promises of a larger investment        

Two more women accuse Trump of sexual misconduct

More accusations surfaced Friday against the GOP nominee.        

Ad of the Week: Urging Blacks to Vote for Clinton for Obama’s Sake, and Their Own

A new ad for Hillary Clinton argues that a vote for her is a vote to preserve President Obama’s legacy.

Where the Trump Name Is Emblazoned Now: The Front Yard

A 3,000-mile trek across the northern United States provides evidence that, at least in sheer number of campaign signs, Trump supporters rule the roadways.

As a Black Republican Senator, Tim Scott Faces a Unique Donald Trump Issue

Instead of defending Mr. Trump, Mr. Scott argues that Hillary Clinton and her fellow Democrats are just as bad on race matters.

Trump as Champion of Working Class? ‘Come On,’ Obama Says

President Obama implored voters to “reject a dark and pessimistic vision” offered by Donald J. Trump, who he said faked his concern for the working class.

For the Record's week in review: Trump's list of accusers grows

Multiple women came forward this week with accusations against Trump.        

Ruth Bader Ginsburg Regrets Speaking Out on Colin Kaepernick

The justice, who had criticized the 49er quarterback’s on-field protests against racial injustice, said her comments were “inappropriately dismissive and harsh.”

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