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White House: No endorsement for Attorney General Jeff Sessions

Things appear to be tense between President Trump and one of his longtime supporters, Attorney General Jeff Sessions.        

James Comey testimony: Eight senators to watch at Thursday's hearing

These members of the Senate Intelligence Committee could ask some of the most interesting questions.        

Trump’s tweets ripping London's Mayor Khan veer from idiotic to odious

What if Thomas Jefferson had written brief, daily letters to the public attacking his political enemies for every tiny slight, either real or imagined? What if Abraham Lincoln had sent off a constant stream of telegrams to newspaper editors complaining that reporters picked on him and printed fake...

Joe Biden to speak at retreat hosted by Mitt Romney

Just goes to show that running against someone in an election doesn't preclude you from being cordial down the line.        

Who has said what about James Comey?

Former FBI director James Comey has proved to be a controversial figure, among Democrats and Republicans alike.        

Trump promises to keep tweeting, accuses media of trying to convince him otherwise

President indicates he will continue weighing in on legal issues, foreign policy        

President Trump's hotel received $270,000 from Saudi Arabia

The payments could spark fresh debate about foreign money flowing to Trump firms.        

OnPolitics Today: Just tweet it

Happy Monday, OnPolitics peeps! We have the Michael Jackson song "Beat It" stuck in our heads today. With the change of words, it's amazing...        

Trump challenged to a debate on gun violence

Brady Campaign seeks debate after the pro-gun president notes that guns weren't used in London.        

D.C. bar Shaw's Tavern to host a covfefe for the Comey hearing

A bar in the District of Columbia is about to do the most D.C. thing imaginable and host a covfefe in honor of James Comey's testimony befor...        

Rep. Steve King's challenger drops out of race, says she received death threats

Democrat Kim Weaver is ending her campaign against GOP Rep. Steve King in Iowa's 4th Congressional District.         

President Trump attacks Obama administration over air-traffic control

President Trump blasted the Obama administration Monday for failing to modernize air-traffic control faster — but the Federal Aviation Admin...        

VA taps Cerner for new veterans medical record system

The company also is building the Pentagon's medical record system.        

New bot turns President Trump's tweets into 'White House statements'

Every time President Trump tweets, he shows where he stands on any given issue.        

Vice President Pence has reasons for wanting safer flights

Vice President Pence had personal reason for applauding Monday President Trump’s push to privatize the nation's air traffic control system.        

Louisiana congressman on radicalized Islam: 'Kill them all'

Rep. Clay Higgins' fiery Facebook post on America's "war with Islamic horror" has attracted widespread attention and some criticism.        

President Trump calls London mayor's words 'pathetic excuse'

President Trump maintained his feud Monday with London Mayor Sadiq Khan, two days after a terrorist attack in the British capital.        

Haley: Trump 'believes the climate is changing'

The statement follows two days of evading questions by the White House on Trump's beliefs on global warming, which in the past he has referr...        

Bill Maher drops racial slur during 'Real Time' interview with senator

The HBO 'Real Time' host dropped the word during a sitdown with Sen. Ben Sasse.        

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