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Donald Trump Says a Weak Ground Game Hurt Him in Iowa

“We didn’t have much of a ground game because I didn’t think I was going to be winning,” Donald J. Trump said of his campaign's voter targeting operation for the Iowa caucuses. "That’s why I’m so honored to have come in second."

For the Record: When is winning actually winning?

Iowa's surprising results have all sorts of implications for New Hampshire.        

Poll Watch: After Iowa, Terrain Looks More Challenging for Ted Cruz

Ted Cruz’s success in the Iowa caucuses on Monday was a victory for the Republican base, if not for the party establishment. But New Hampshire is typically a state where broadly palatable, general-election-friendly candidates can stake their hopes.

Obama to Visit U.S. Mosque for First Time in Office

President Obama will meet with Muslim leaders near Baltimore and speak out against hostility and discrimination against Islam.

Trump: New Hampshire 'probably suits me better'

Finishing second? It's not so bad, Donald Trump told a cheering rally in New Hampshire less than 24 hours after Texas Sen. Ted Cruz defeated...        

Bernie Sanders not conceding Iowa

Hours after Hillary Clinton was declared the winner, he's not ready to give up.        

Anti-Trump super PAC plans New Hampshire attacks

Our Principles PAC spent $2.5 million in 10 days to slow Donald Trump's rise in Iowa.        

Assessing the Iowa caucuses in five words or less

Short takeaways from the Iowa Caucuses for each of the presidential hopefuls        

Cruz, GOP foes grab for Reagan legacy in New Hampshire

GOP presidential race moves to New Hampshire with three candidates in front.        

Clinton on Iowa: 'It's a lot better to win'

NASHUA, N.H. — At her first event Monday morning in New Hampshire, Hillary Clinton finally was able to claim the prize that had been just ou...        

Chris Christie, 10th in Iowa, Tells New Hampshire Fans He Performed ‘as Expected’

“I’m in a peppy mood this morning,” said Gov. Chris Christie of New Jersey, who has spent much of the last two months in New Hampshire and is counting on a big finish there in next week's primary.

John Sununu Previews Attacks Donald Trump Will Face in New Hampshire

John H. Sununu, the former governor of New Hampshire who has been voicing increasing concern about what a Donald J. Trump victory in his state would mean for his party, twisted the knife after the billionaire's second-place finish in the Iowa caucuses.

Cruz, Republican foes look to New Hampshire

Ted Cruz Donald Trump Marco Rubio New Hampshire primary Iowa caucuses        

Iowa caucuses leave Hillary Clinton as the lone option for centrists

On the morning of the Iowa caucuses, I received the following text message from a friend in South Dakota: “Oh holy heck! Please tell me by some miracle a new candidate will just somehow appear and save the day in Iowa. Just not feeling good about this whole thing. We are talking future leader of...

For the Record: GOP in Cruz control, Dems in neutral

We tried to save all 14 candidates — really, we did. But we only had room for 12 in the lifeboats when the Cruz started Berning, and we may...        

In Iowa Caucuses, Victory Extends Beyond First Place

On the Republican side, Ted Cruz, the winner, and Marco Rubio, in a strong third, seemed to be the happiest with their performances, while the Democratic picture is less clear, with Hillary Clinton in a virtual tie with Bernie Sande...

Sanders Campaign Criticizes State Party for Failing to Collect Votes

Campaign aides for Senator Bernie Sanders of Vermont said Monday night that the Democratic Party did not collect the results of 90 Iowa precincts because the party had failed to properly staff the precincts.

5 takeaways from Cruz victory in Iowa Republican caucuses

Donald Trump finally found a poll he couldn't claim to be winning.        

Iowa caucuses: What happened?

Voters turned out in big numbers for the Iowa caucuses, in the first contest of the 2016 race.        

Five takeaways from the Iowa Democratic caucuses

The battle between Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders was as close as advertised.        

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