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Sarah Palin In A Trump Administration? Apparently So.

Just typing the words "Trump Administration" is enough to make me want to turn off the computer and hide under the bed until December, 2016. We would be the laughingstock of the world, and that's before President Trump chose his cabinet...Show More Summary

Representative Vigilante Strikes Back: The Ballad of Hawaii State Representative Tom Brower

Homelessness. Politicians, community, & spiritual leaders across the nation have been challenged by the issue. Hawaii State Representative Tom Brower made headlines across the US in 2013 when he grew tired of the political process and took it upon himself to "pound" home his point of addressing homelessness in Hawaii. Show More Summary

The Roundup for July 29th, 2015

Been a while since punk was on the Roundup. International Politics Overall – Secretary of State John Kerry said, if Congress stopped the agreement with Iran, Iran would seek nuclear weapons; FOR THE LAST TIME THEY DO NOT HAVE ANY INTENTIONS – Of course, Kerry said it would be “the easiest decision in the world”...

Hipster Celebs, Valerie Plame and Queen Noor Appear in Profanity-Laced Pro-Iran Nuclear Deal Video

Jordan’s Queen Noor, celebrity spy Valerie Plame, former Ambassador Thomas Pickering, actors Morgan Freeman, Jack Black, Natasha Lyonne, and Farshad... The post Hipster Celebs, Valerie Plame and Queen Noor Appear in Profanity-Laced Pro-Iran Nuclear Deal Video appeared first on The Gateway Pundit.

7 Things Media Should Know About The Third Undercover Attempt To Smear Planned Parenthood

A third video deceptively attacking Planned Parenthood has been released, and, like the previous two, the highly-edited video shows no evidence that Planned Parenthood clinics have broken any laws by allowing women to voluntarily and safely donate fetal tissue from abortions. Show More Summary

The Donald Trump Rule: ‘Flip-Flopping’ to the Right Position Can Be a Very Good Thing

We hear the charge leveled all the time: “Flip-flopper.” When someone fundamentally changes their position on an issue. We are naturally left to wonder if the move is genuine. Are they are saying what they think - or what they thinkShow More Summary

Hillary’s renewable energy plan

As you’ll see it’s as unachievable and utopian as all the other “clean energy” plans we’ve heard.  In fact, IBD calls it a “farce”.  And rightfully so. Why?  Well here are the basics: Clinton says she has two big goals that she’ll start working on “day one” to combat climate change. First is to expand […]

Zarif's Comments on Iran's Deal at the Iraqi MoFA Press Conference

The following is the English translation of statements made by the Iranian Foreign Minister Muhammad Jawad Zarif at the Iraqi Ministry of Foreign Affairs press conference with his Iraqi counterpart Foreign Minister Ibrahim al-Jaafari, in Baghdad on 27th July 2015. Show More Summary

PHOTOS, VIDEO: French Women Hold BIKINI PROTEST After Muslim Mob Beats Sunbather in Park

A woman in France was attacked and left badly bruised by a gang of Muslim women for sunbathing while wearing... The post PHOTOS, VIDEO: French Women Hold BIKINI PROTEST After Muslim Mob Beats Sunbather in Park appeared first on The Gateway Pundit.

The Roundup for July 28th, 2015

Almost the end of the month. Keep those suggestions coming, folks. International Politics Overall – Israel hopes to use the Syrian Civil War to bolster its energy independence – Russian President Vladimir Putin: I think Sepp Blatter should get the Nobel Peace Prize; Spits out drink – The United Nations suspended its health programs in Iraq...

3rd Planned Parenthood Sting Video Reveals Profit Strategy, Insider’s Gruesome Account

Today, the Center for Medical Progress unveiled their third video detailing the sale of baby parts from aborted fetuses on behalf of Planned Parenthood. This video details an on camera interview from whistleblower Holly O’Donnell, a phlebotomist and “procurement technician” … Continued

My ADA Story: A Deafblind Lawyer Dismantling Digital Barriers

Haben Girma, a deafblind lawyer, introduced the President at a White House reception last week to mark the 25th anniversary of the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA). This afternoon, she sent the following message to the White House...Show More Summary

'Amy' Winehouse Documentary Is Riveting

I must admit that when Amy Winehouse broke out onto the music scene in 2007, I was going through my own shtstorm so to speak, healthwise. I was blogging up a storm, but my nerve damage/abdomen tear never seemed to give me a minute of peace. Show More Summary

"You Seem Irritated": Sandra Bland Spoke, Then She Died

The tragic fate of Sandra Bland is important to us all. If you don't know by now -- and you should -- Sandra Bland is the name of the 28-year-old black woman who died in police custody after being pulled over on July 10, 2015 for an improper lane change in Waller County, Texas. Show More Summary

Wow! Democratic Strategist Roginsky: Don’t Put ‘In God We Trust’ on “My Money” (VIDEO)

From the party that boos God and Israel… Democratic strategist Julie Roginsky told the Outnumbered panel today she doesn’t want... The post Wow! Democratic Strategist Roginsky: Don’t Put ‘In God We Trust’ on “My Money” (VIDEO) appeared first on The Gateway Pundit.

Chris Farley Government: Remember When It Was Congress That Made Law? That Was Awesome

Remember that recurring Saturday Night Live skit where the late Chris Farley was the ultimate fanboy - interviewing those for whom he was the ultimate fanboy? Sniveling and sweaty, he would bring up some of his favorite memories of his...Show More Summary

The Roundup for July 26-27th, 2015

Folks, any criticisms of the Roundup or suggestions to improve it? It’s been a while since I asked that so I’m open to hearing your input. International Politics Overall – President Barack Obama told leaders of African countries to treat gay people and women as equals – Turkey called for a special meeting with NATO...

Morning Digest: GOP group busted for running photoshopped ad of Obama greeting Iranian president

Barack Obama with then-Indian Prime Minister Manmohan Singh, pre-photoshop Leading Off: • WI-Sen: Yeah, whoops. A new Republican super PAC called Restoration PAC just started airing a minute-long TV ad that tries to push some incredibly hardcore fear-mongering about Iran while taking a moment to praise GOP Sen. Show More Summary

Cheers and Jeers: Monday

From the GREAT STATE OF MAINE… Monday Morning Shot of Rhetorical Red Bull The 2004 Democratic National Convention was held in Boston eleven(!!!) years ago this week. Howard Dean, who ignited the lefty blogosphere (he's the reason I stumbled on to Daily Kos), wasn't our nominee. Show More Summary

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