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Wow! Obama Tells Supporters Republicans are “Down on America”

Barack Obama sat for twenty years in a pew listening to this hate-filled nut. This weekend Obama trashed Republicans for... The post Wow! Obama Tells Supporters Republicans are “Down on America” appeared first on The Gateway Pundit.

West Wing Week: 10/09/2015 or, "#StartTheConvo"

Welcome to the West Wing Week, your guide to everything that's happening at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue. This week, the White House hosted forward-thinking union and business leaders for a Worker's Voice Summit, and local school kids to harvest vegetables in the White House Garden. Show More Summary

Newly Leaked Trade Agreement Document Raises More Concerns

"The TPP would cost lives." The post Newly Leaked Trade Agreement Document Raises More Concerns appeared first on ThinkProgress.

"And sister, she got married on the island/and her husband takes the train/He's big and he's fat/and he doesn't even have a brain."

Sang Lou Reed in "Kill Your Sons."Backstory:Lou called his sister, who was living on Long Island with her husband, Harold, to warn her about the [new] album. “Bunny, I have to tell you something.”“What did you do now?”“This song’s coming out.” Lou recited the lyrics of “Kill Your Sons”...“Are you serious?” asked Bunny. Show More Summary

If you ever wanted to watch a drill sergeant force Bobby Jindal to do push-ups, here's your chance

Mickey Murphy tells Bobby Jindal to drop down and give him 49 Now this is a great ad. Just drop whatever you're doing and watch this soon-to-be-classic spot from Democratic state Senate candidate Mickey Murphy. Did you watch it yet? No? Why not? OK, I'll summarize. Show More Summary

New video takes on the GOP's 'stuff happens' defeatism on gun violence

Here's a sampling of the big ideas the GOP's floating on how to right one of the deadliest problems in America: Donald Trump: "What are you going to do?" Ben Carson: "I would not just stand there and let him shoot me." Jeb Bush: "Stuff happens... Show More Summary

Jeb! Says His Brother Went Too Far With Voting Rights

The most painful thing of all is that Jeb! makes Shrub look like a statesman: President George W. Bush is not a hero to voting rights advocates. His Justice Department gave the greenlight to voter ID laws, a common tactic by conservative lawmakers which prevents many younger, low-income and minority voters from casting a ballot. Show More Summary

A Quick Reflection on the Current Upheaval in DC Politics: What Are Its Larger Costs?

The House speakership debate is like the implosion of a dysfunction neutrino. It's like a Russian stacking doll with ever deeper levels of dysfunction. It's House Republicans basically showing the world that they can't even figure out exactly how they're going to remain dysfunctional. Show More Summary

CBS Analyst Pushes Paul Ryan For Speaker Without Disclosing Ryan Paid Him Over $100K

CBS News analyst Frank Luntz pushed Rep. Paul Ryan (R-WI) for House Speaker, claiming "he's got a brain for policy, which is what we need in Washington right now," adding, "if Paul Ryan says no, God help us." CBS News and Luntz did not disclose that Ryan has paid Luntz's company over $100,000 in consulting fees in recent years. Show More Summary

Could A California Evidence Law Change The Case Against Bill Cosby? Legal Experts Break It Down

The Cosby case continues. The post Could A California Evidence Law Change The Case Against Bill Cosby? Legal Experts Break It Down appeared first on ThinkProgress.

Shockingly, Russia Will Not, In Fact, Take Care of ISIS

Critics should beat the hell out of the Obama administration for this epic naiveté… Despite warnings from U.S. intelligence agencies that Putin’s military buildup was intended to keep Assad in power, the White House nonetheless decided to explore cooperating with Russia on the ground. Show More Summary

Cartoon: Gun logic

Now that the United States is nearing the point of one mass shooting incident per day and there are more than enough firearms to give every single person in the country a gun, let’s look a little deeper into the gun lobby’s bumper sticker solutions. Show More Summary

The Cause of School Shootings: We're Missing the Mark

Everyone's off-target. Another horrible shooting, another young shooter. Eighteen years of death since West Paducah, Kentucky first warned of an epidemic. Finally, there's invigorated debate about gun control and mental health care.Show More Summary

Marco Rubio Can Be Catholic, Baptist, Or Mormon. Here’s Why That Matters.

A man of many faiths, and all of them conservative. The post Marco Rubio Can Be Catholic, Baptist, Or Mormon. Here’s Why That Matters. appeared first on ThinkProgress.

Blaming Gun Violence on the Mentally Ill Is Easy, but Ignorant

A meme that circulated recently on social media suggested that the days of going to our comedians for levity and our politicians for public policy are over. According to the post, we now get our belly laughs from Donald Trump and discussions...Show More Summary

Jeb Bush Making Sense on Voting Rights

It’s pretty clear in this video — which is making the rounds on the left — that Jeb Bush is talking about efforts to resurrect Section 5 of the Voting Rights Act, and he’s quite right that no new legislation is needed. The Supreme Court...Show More Summary

Fully Automatic: The Trigger-Happy Refusal to Talk about Gun Violence

April 4, 2009: 14 Die in Shooting at Community Center in Binghamton, N.Y. November 5, 2009: Nidal Hasan killed 13 in mass shooting at the Fort Hood, Texas, military base. January 8, 2011: Jared Loughner opened fire while Rep. Gabby Giffords...Show More Summary

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