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Marco Rubio Is Not a Robot

Look, I’m under no illusions that last week’s now-infamous exchange with Chris Christie cost Marco Rubio dearly, but a bad three minutes does not a robot make. In my 20-plus years of constitutional litigation and conservative writing,...Show More Summary

Clinton and Sanders Debate How Much to Expand Social Security

Last night on the debate stage, Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton, the two candidates vying for the Democratic nomination for president, argued with each other about how much they would expand Social Security. There is a significant...Show More Summary

Speech Transcripts: The Press Finds A New Hoop That Only Clinton Must Jump Through

As journalists continue to press Hillary Clinton to release the transcripts from all the paid speeches she made as a private citizen, including those made to Wall Street powerhouse Goldman Sachs, it's helpful to keep in mind how unusual the request is. Show More Summary

This anti-Hillary Clinton campaign ad from MSNBC is AWESOME.

MSNBC aired a hilarious anti-Hillary Clinton ad. They SAID it's from Ted Cruz, but they left off the markings, so who knows? The post This anti-Hillary Clinton campaign ad from MSNBC is AWESOME. appeared first on RedState.

Cruz campaign pulls ad attacking Rubio after accidentally casting softcore porn actress

Ted Cruz has had to pull a super clever ad hitting Marco Rubio because—oops—it turns out that one of the actors has done softcore porn and that is just not on the Ted Cruz message.  “The actress responded to an open casting call. She passed her audition and got the job. Show More Summary

Trump Snags Coveted Harry Reid Endorsement: ‘He’s Authentic’

Quite obvious who Democrats want to see in the general election. A guy who donated heavily to Harry Reid. Senate Minority Leader Harry Reid (D-Nev.) on Thursday praised Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump for speaking his mind and being “authentic.” … Continued

Cold as Ice: Grandma’s Aide (Mrs. Weiner) Shoves Away Woman Looking for a Hug

Probably just a bit upset what with being under federal investigation for handling classified emails. Cameras caught top Hillary Clinton aide Huma Abedin apparently shoving away a woman who tried to hug her after Thursday’s Democratic presidential debate. It’s not … Continued

Why Black Voters Are Sticking With Clinton

One of the reasons most political analysts believe that Hillary Clinton will ultimately prevail in the contest for the Democratic presidential nomination, despite the growing, broad-based enthusiasm for Bernie Sanders in a Democratic...Show More Summary

'Damn, It Feels Good to Be a Clinton.'

A political ad that is a parody of the Office Space destroying-the-printer scene? A rap, “Damn, it’s good to be a Clinton”? Senator Cruz, this might be my favorite political ad of all time. First look at new @tedcruz ad in SC targeting...Show More Summary

Pundits dub UGC video a “Bernie campaign ad”

If it walks like an ad, quacks like an ad, but requires no out-of-pocket change to distribute … is it still an ad? And if it features a candidate, does that make it a campaign ad? Pundits sure think so. Together is a slick, emotionally-charged 60-second video that features a Bernie Sanders clip, photos of [...]Show More Summary

The Real Winner of the Democratic Debate: President Obama

Heated exchanges over Obama's legacy reflect how he has become a specter in the Democratic primary contest

Quote of the Day, Debbie Wasserman Schultz Downplays Worries That Her Base Is Revolting edition.

Debbie Wasserman Schultz is a great DNC chair! If you're a Republican. The post Quote of the Day, Debbie Wasserman Schultz Downplays Worries That Her Base Is Revolting edition. appeared first on RedState.

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