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Midday open thread: Partisan gap widens on death penalty, O'Malley goes to Clinton's left

Today's comic by is Mark Fiore Candidate Kit: Coming up on Sunday Kos... Banned books, authors of color and characters of diversity, by Susan Grigsby If the 2016 GOP presidential field is so deep, why is Donald Trump beating so many of their 'stars'? by Steve Singiser The Twenty Percent Solution, by Jon Perr 90 for 90. Show More Summary

On Jobs and 'Jobs'

Uber, you will be shocked to learn, does not apply rigorous econometric standards to its public-relations material. That is the complaint from Robert Reich and Alison Griswold, who protest that the firm boasts about the jobs it has created when in fact its drivers are not classified as employees but independent contractors. Show More Summary

Washington Examiner 's Paul Bedard Tells Carly Fiorina: "I Never Met A Presidential Candidate With Pink Nail Polish On"

Washington Examiner columnist Paul Bedard told former Hewlett-Packard CEO and possible Republican presidential candidate Carly Fiorina that he "never met a presidential candidate with pink nail polish on" during a breakfast hosted by...Show More Summary


SOMETIMES I SHOW MY CONSTITUTIONAL LAW CLASS THE FILM SEPARATE BUT EQUAL, ABOUT THE BROWN CASE. It’s really, really good, and it’s available on YouTube now. Here’s part one, and here’s part two. The film’s pretty closely based on Richard Kluger’s Simple Justice, an oral history of the Brown case. I heard some of these […]

Why Trade Policy Matters

On today's edition of Coffee and Markets, Brad Jackson is joined by Scott Lincicome to discuss the new Star Wars trailer, Trade Promotion Authority and why bad trade policy makes your staple goods more expensive. The post Why Trade Policy Matters appeared first on RedState.

Scooby Van Parked In Handicapped Spot During Clinton Visit

Guest post by DMartyr She’s just an everyday American parking in a handicapped spot. Let’s hope no disabled persons missed her appearance because they couldn’t find a place to park! Maybe she is handicapped. Maybe she’s psychotic.

Why We Need to Change How We Talk About Climate Change

The scientific community has reached a resounding consensus on climate change -- 97 percent of scientists worldwide agree that the climate is warming, and that these warming trends have been caused by human activities. Yet, despite this...Show More Summary

Garry Trudeau Sides With Power Against Real Dissenters

Here's one piece of self-deception that must stop: If you believe that people should not mock or make fun of religion -- even Islam -- you are not on the side of the "powerless." If you believe in hate speech or blasphemy laws that would...Show More Summary

Ready For Hillary?

To no one's surprise, on April 12 former first lady, senator, and Secretary of State Hillary Clinton announced her entry into the race for the Democratic presidential nomination. The obvious questions are: Why announce now? What is her...Show More Summary

Hillary Clinton evolves, wants the Supreme Court to rule same-sex marriage a constitutional right

Hillary Clinton has now set the gold standard for supporting marriage equality in the 2016 field. Not that any Republicans were a threat, but here's a statement her campaign provided to Chris Geidner at BuzzFeed: “Hillary Clinton supports...Show More Summary

GOP Candidates Confounded by Questions from Press

Typically, at least in the last decade or so, Republicans have avoided the press. They've remained aloof and distant from what they commonly refer to as the "Liberal Media" or what Sarah Palin and her ilk likes to call, "The Lame Stream Media" in that signature catty mean girl way of hers. Show More Summary

Wetumpka, Alabama Tea Party Celebrates Six Year Anniversary

Becky Gerritson from the Wetumpka Tea Party delivered an emotional testimony at the House Ways and Means committee hearing on IRS abuse back in June 2013. I was in the room that day and was struck by her honesty and … Continue readi...

A Man to Stand With

In my column yesterday, I spoke of President Obama and his meeting with Raúl Castro in Panama City. I also spoke of a group of Cuban dissidents who were present in the city — and who were attacked, physically, by agents of the Cuban embassy. Now they are back home in Cuba, those dissidents. Show More Summary

Melissa Harris-Perry: Abortion is “basic core skill”

Melissa Harris-Perry, MSNBC contributor and a professor at Wake Forest, is known to us as that woman who wore the tampon earrings that time. Today, though, she really upped her game by telling MSNBC viewers that med school students should be forced to learn how to perform abortions. Show More Summary

Netanyahu: Iranian Nuclear Deal Shows World Has Not Learned from the Holocaust

Israeli Prime Minister spoke today at the Yad Vashem Museum today on National Holocaust Remembra ce Day. His entire speech is here. Netanyahu today told his Israeli audience the naive nuclear deal with the Iranian regime show the world has … Continue reading ?

MARK RIPPETOE explains about weightlifting shoes. I replaced the Nike Free shoes that I was using, …

MARK RIPPETOE explains about weightlifting shoes. I replaced the Nike Free shoes that I was using, which weren’t bad, with the Rogue strapped shoes that he shows a while back. Walking in the Rogues is like walking with pieces of plywood on your feet — because, basically, that’s what you’re doing — but they’re much […]

If an Ice Cap Melts in the Arctic and the GOP Doesn't See It, Did It Really Melt?

On Monday, Senator Marco Rubio (R--FL) officially entered the 2016 presidential race joining a number of other climate change deniers campaigning to run our country with their heads stuck in the tar sand. Recently Rubio stated, "I do...Show More Summary

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