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Welcome To Dukeville: The Town Named After The Company Accused Of Poisoning It

"Since I've lived here, we have seen so many people diagnosed, watched so many people die," Sherry Gobble said. "Something has to be done." The post Welcome To Dukeville: The Town Named After The Company Accused Of Poisoning It appeared first on ThinkProgress.

Violence in Post-Verdict Ferguson: What We Should Really Be Worried About

Many reports out this week warn that if the grand jury sitting in the Darren Wilson case decides not to indict, there will likely be violence in Ferguson, Missouri. This, the media explains, is why Governor Jay Nixon has already declared a state of emergency. Show More Summary

Republicans Plotting Extreme Measures To Sabotage Obama’s Immigration Action

Expect threats of shutdown, impeachment, and all-out obstruction. The post Republicans Plotting Extreme Measures To Sabotage Obama’s Immigration Action appeared first on ThinkProgress.

Whistle a happy tune

Just a fun video, one of my favorites that’s been missing from the internet for years. Paul Simon, Connie Hawkins – Me And Julio Down By The Schoolyard – SNL 1975 from Simon and Garfunkel News on Vimeo. What are your favorite pick-me-up videos? Mine are this, some random woman singing Macy Gray in her [Read more...] This space reserved for your ad.

Transgender Day of Remembrance: A Call to Action for Trans People and Our Allies Alike

The following is a transcript of my keynote address at Transgender Day of Remembrance Louisville. Before I talk about building a movement that is more inclusive of transgender people and our issues, including violence against us, I'd...Show More Summary

The Greek Language's Foundational Role for Israel and America

Until very recently, virtually no one understood the crucial role the Greek language played in Israel and America becoming two of the world's most prominent nations. The founders of both of these countries learned to read the Greek language...Show More Summary

That song about going to Mexico to commit suicide.

You remember, that Ariel Pink song we were talking about yesterday — "Picture Me Gone" — the one where the father was singing about "going down to Mexico to die." and I connected it to that Reddit tale about a guy who supposedly went...Show More Summary

The Lost Franchise: Why Digimon Deserves a Glorious Renaissance

Japanese culture enjoyed unique purchase on the imaginations of children and teens in the 1990s, creating beloved franchises such as Dragon Ball and Yu-Gi-Oh! In addition to significant financial success, these brands left oversized cultural footprints, thanks to the spread of obsessive fandom behaviours sometimes collectively called otaku. Show More Summary

Ted Cruz votes to hamper U.S. anti-terrorism intelligence gathering

(Paul Mirengoff) The Senate has failed to pass the “USA Freedom Act,” which would have hobbled our government’s efforts to conduct electronic surveillance of terrorists. Good. As Mitch McConnell argued, with ISIS and other blood thirsty...Show More Summary

Long Read: “Benedict & the Cumberbitches… “

Special for the Crackerdaughter, plus the man’s other fans here. Jada Yuan, at NYMag, on “What fame looks like from inside a meme“: The ones nearest the front have been camped out for hours, bodies wedged against barricades—a scrum of people ten rows deep, jockeying for position, climbing lampposts for better views, and rendering blocks [Read more...]

Guess Who Doesn't Want Social Security's Offices Closed -- and Who Does

Some surprising new polling results underscore the unpopularity - and long-term destructiveness - of Congress' ongoing attacks on the Social Security system. The new Republican Congress is expected to force additional office closures...Show More Summary

When the marmoset is happy, we're all happy.

("Ninita, our orphaned baby pygmy marmoset, gets a much loved toothbrush massage from her keeper. Ninita was born deaf, and abandoned by her parents. [Rare Species Conservatory Foundation] staff hand-reared her, and she is now doing well in an enclosure of her own with a handsome boyfriend.")

Laura Ingraham Advises GOP To Dismantle 14th Amendment's "Birthright Citizenship Nonsense"

Fox News and ABC News contributor Laura Ingraham has repeatedly urged the Republican party to prioritize the elimination of birthright citizenship, a constitutionally-protected right that cannot be abridged without repealing parts of the 14th Amendment. Show More Summary

What Americans Have Forgotten About The Era Before Roe v. Wade

The doctors who were alive back then want to remind us how legal abortion transformed public health in the U.S. The post What Americans Have Forgotten About The Era Before Roe v. Wade appeared first on ThinkProgress.

Republicans Appoint Obama's Next Pain in the Butt

Jason Chaffetz of Utah will succeed the combative Darrell Issa as the chief GOP inquisitor of the Obama administration. He's promising a better approach, but can he deliver?

"It’s probably one of those defense things where my identity is so entrenched in appearances, how I’ve never really felt like a man."

"So maybe that’s part of the gender-bending thing. Maybe I inch closer to the estrogen side, and it gets mistaken for style. I am just a guy, a heterosexual guy, but at the same time I’ve got this very queer sensibility that I’ve just been endowed with. Show More Summary

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