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Mike's Blog Round Up

Happy Independence Day! No More Mister Nice Blog: If you won't obey federal law, do your own disaster relief. Vox: Questions about slavery on a plantation tour. Brad DeLong: Live-blogging the American Revolution. Poor Impulse Control: My armor is destroyed. This installment by Batocchio. E-mail tips to mbru AT crooksandliars DOT com.

Can Religion and Science Coexist?

A new book by the evolutionary biologist Jerry Coyne tackles arguments that the two institutions are compatible.

Stuck on the wrong side

A NEW advertising campaign, “Not Alone”, is making the rounds on social media. It flashes through a conspicuously diverse array of Americans brought together by a shared feeling of alienation. “I’m a little bit nervous about people hearing I’m this way, and then thinking, uh well, she’s not welcome here,” a woman begins. Show More Summary

Mainstream Pols Get Trumped and Berned.

[caption id="attachment_225823" align="alignleft" width="286"] When You've Had It With Politics As Usual[/caption] The American People have gazed long into the swirling abyss. They stared long and hard and discovered that Hillary Rodham Clinton, Martin O’ Malley, Chris Christie, [mc_name name='Sen. Show More Summary

The Roundup for July 3rd, 2015

Hooray, it’s Friday! Greece and The Giant Bailout, Day 4 – The International Monetary Fund admitted Greece needed 60 billion euros, in the next three years, and major debt relief to survive – German Vice-Chancellor Sigmar Gabriel: Alexis Tsipras is a threat to the “European order” – Remember that time Greece forgave Germany’s debt? –...

Independence Day links

Want some inspiration? Read Lincoln’s 1858 speech on the meaning of Independence Day: “Let us stick to it then. Let us stand firmly by it then.” More excellent speeches from Coolidge (1926) and Reagan (1986). Video of the Reagan speech...Show More Summary

The Dignity of Dissent

After the oral arguments in the Supreme Court Marriage cases, Dahlia Lithwick wrote "[n]obody puts Dignity Kennedy in the corner." That has been one of the reasons that, as a civil rights lawyer, I love Justice Kennedy's opinions. There...Show More Summary

Bigots Come Out Of The Closet

Catholic Vote turns the tide on the gay marriage issue by creating a video featuring six bigots coming out the closet. Or something.

Independence Day 2.0: More Democracy Every Day!

Co-authored by David Campt We celebrate our freedom to voice our opinions this July 4, more than 200 years after Americans told the English we were tired of not being heard. Pursuing democratic freedoms to voice our opinions is a form of patriotism. Show More Summary

Sandy Hook, Charleston and How About Some Gun Control?

As the nine victims of the Emanuel African Methodist Episcopal Church shooting in Charleston, South Carolina are laid to rest, I've been reflecting on a trip I made to Newtown, Connecticut two years ago. I was there with a friend who was doing some academic work around grief. Show More Summary

It Ain't Over Until It's Over

Sometimes life is stranger than fiction. Tim Bradley (32-1-1, 12 KO's) was facing Jessie Vargas (26-1, 9 KO's) for the interim WBO Welterweight title on Saturday night. The fight was plainly going in Bradley's direction. Vargas's performance seemed lackluster as Bradley stalked him around the ring. Show More Summary

The Roundup for July 2nd, 2015

Rest in peace Nicolas Winton Greece And The Giant Grexit, Day 3 – Greece is still in default and it must go to step two: a Grexit – Germany is very angry with Greece and say the Greek government is using scapegoats for its own problems – Greek Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras: We are being...

Chris Christie for President (short version)

Chris Christie's first ad about his Irish father and his Sicilian mother was a little long. So, this guy made a shorter version that smellss a lot more like the man than that official, glowing 2-minute piece of agitprop about the source of Christie's imagined moral compass. Shorter Christie:

Benghazi Committee carrying out a 'political charade,' says Clinton campaign

House Benghazi Czar Trey Gowdy (R-SC) A new Clinton campaign video accurately labels the House Benghazi Committee a "political charade." As it begins, onscreen text points out that: After 7 prior congressional investigations... 32 hearings... 2780...Show More Summary

REASON TV ON THE SECRET SCAM OF STREETCARS: How to Sell a 100-Year-Old Technology as the Future of T…

REASON TV ON THE SECRET SCAM OF STREETCARS: How to Sell a 100-Year-Old Technology as the Future of Transportation: “Meet the Thighmaster of urban public policy: streetcars,” proffers Reason TV’s Rob Montz, who, other than borrowing one of Frank Gorshin’s Riddler suits from the old Batman TV series, delivers a spot-on indictment of the graft […]

Re-Establishing Diplomatic Relations with Cuba: A Choice Between the Future and the Past

President Obama announced the United States has agreed to formally re-establish diplomatic relations with the Republic of Cuba, and re-open embassies in our respective countries -- a historic step forward in our efforts to normalize relations with the Cuban government and people, and begin a new chapter with our neighbors in the Americas.

Racially-Charged Texas Radio Host Michael Berry Renews Friendship With Ted Cruz

Texas-based radio host Michael Berry, whose racially-charged comments regularly draw widespread criticism, hosted presidential candidate Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) on his show to discuss their long friendship and Cruz's new book, but steered...Show More Summary

“The haters are still here”

(Scott Johnson) The Clarion Project has just posted “The world stayed silent” (video below, here on YouTube). Clarion asks that we share the link and help the video go viral. I don’t necessarily like argument by juxtaposition, but I think this film briefly makes a compelling case — a better case than Vera Brittain’s in the big-budget filmed version of Testament of Youth.

The New Divisions in the U.S. Supreme Court

The justices this year seemed to be less likely to vote along traditional partisan lines, but bitter battles over philosophical ideals in recent decisions could be a sign of bigger wars to come next fall.

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