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How to Beat Donald Trump

The Republican frontrunner has surged in the polls by taking a tough stance on immigration—and if critics want to stop him, that’s what they need to attack.

Tomorrow Is the Question: Minneapolis 2020

(The following letter is addressed to Mayor Betsy Hodges', as well as all white people within the Minneapolis Metro-area) Dear Betsy, In the midst of being attacked by the MPD on Wednesday night at the 4th Precinct, a group of friends and I made the autonomous decision to pay you a visit. Show More Summary

New Kasich Web Video: Donald Trump Is Pretty Much a Nazi, Right?

From the last Morning Jolt of this Thanksgiving Week: New Kasich Web Video: Donald Trump Is Pretty Much a Nazi, Right? Yeesh. John Kasich’s campaign takes its biggest shot at Donald Trump, featuring a former U.S. prisoner of war, Ret. Show More Summary

Darren Wilson got away with murder one year ago

One year ago today, former Ferguson, Missouri, Police Officer Darren Wilson was rewarded with the gift of no prosecution for his murder of 19-year old Michael Brown in August 2014. Yes, that’s right, I said it. Murder: killed without...Show More Summary

The Greatest Danger

In the first Democratic Debate a question which differentiated the candidates was this: What do you view as the greatest danger facing the next presidency? China! the Middle East! Global Warming! No, trumped Hillary: "it's nuclear material getting into the wrong hands!" I get it. Show More Summary

The "Moderate Muslims" We Left Behind

The kneejerk demand by media personalities and politicians for "moderate Muslims" to denounce heinous acts of violence that are perpetuated in the name of Islam ignore the fact that worldwide, those who are most likely to be maimed and killed are by their very existence moderate Muslims. Show More Summary

Are We Really a 'Thanks Giving' Nation?

In 1608, 102 men, women and children tearfully waved goodbye to their friends, families, houses, and land in search of freedom across the great Atlantic. According to an exhibition at the Library of Congress these voyagers were fleeing from the conviction that "... Show More Summary

On His Way Out, Kentucky's Democratic Govvernor Is Restoring Voting Rights For 140,000 People

Outgoing Kentucky Gov. Steve Beshear signed an executive order on Tuesday immediately restoring voting rights to 140,00 ex-felons convicted of non-violent offenses. Until now, Kentucky was one of four states that were not giving ex-felons their voting rights back after their release. Show More Summary

St. Louis Mayor CONFRONTED on City’s Syrian Refugee Program – Chief of Staff Calls Reporter “Terrorist” (VIDEO)

The Syrian refugee crisis has become a major issue in America following the ISIS Paris attacks. ISIS killers slaughtered 132... The post St. Louis Mayor CONFRONTED on City’s Syrian Refugee Program – Chief of Staff Calls Reporter “Terrorist” (VIDEO) appeared first on The Gateway Pundit.

Talking Turkey: National Security – and Growing Our Own Food

Turkey: Thursday is, of course, Thanksgiving. A holiday which celebrates our inconceivable good fortune and tremendous bounty. Most of us celebrate our good fortune - by joining with family and friends to consume massive amounts of bounty. Show More Summary

Daily Kos Radio is LIVE at 9 am ET!

Hey, does anybody really know how to use this DK5 editor yet? It’s been like two weeks, and I still find things randomly centered the next day when I finally publish the post that were flush left when I saved them the night before. OK, so maybe that’s a little meta, considering the big and important stories we could be discussing. Show More Summary

How Refugees Make It In America

One of the first things college English majors learn is how to riff (semi-coherently) on the concept of “The Other.” It’s a tidily obfuscating phrase describing someone who doesn’t quite fit into the accepted social schema of things, and if you’ve been paying any kind of attention to the last week of news, you already […]

Why the Facts of American Muslims and 9/11 Matter

Can you endure more discussion of Donald Trump, Jersey City, and 9/11? From the Tuesday edition of the Morning Jolt: As discussed Sunday night, there is no television footage of “thousands and thousands” “cheering as the World TradeShow More Summary

More Liberal Insanity=> Democrats Release Ad – Declare War on Term “Radical Islam” (Video)

They won’t hesitate to declare war against Republicans. But ask them to define who America is at war with and... The post More Liberal Insanity=> Democrats Release Ad – Declare War on Term “Radical Islam” (Video) appeared first on The Gateway Pundit.

Rubio’s first TV ad: ‘What happened in Paris could happen here’

Republican Marco Rubio released his first television ad over the weekend, striking a noticeably gloomy tone that quickly drew attention on social media.

Donald Trump Is a Conservative Media Creation

Donald Trump has spent most of his campaign indulging and encouraging nativism and anti-immigrant sentiment. When it came to other racial and ethnic groups, however, Trump was silent, even telling crowds that he had a “great relationship...Show More Summary

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