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Bad Advice From the Start - Hillary Clinton's Over-Packaged Video Is Lifestyle Branding at its Most Inauthentic

Is it a commercial for a big, ugly bank trying to win over small businesses with entrepreneur porn? Is it a cola transparently trying to capture a sense of new possibilities? Is it a Big Pharma company reaching into the limbic system...Show More Summary

Mr. Runner-Up

On Monday, in Miami, Sen. Marco Rubio announced his campaign for the Republican presidential nomination. The Florida senator finds himself in an unusual position. Unlike Sens. Ted Cruz or Rand Paul—two factional candidates with roots...Show More Summary

Like Cruz and Paul, Marco Rubio starts his race in a tough spot

That was then. It ain't now. A legitimate question for Marco Rubio: All right, you're running for president. Who's your base? [T]he senator’s attempts to win over both the conservative base and more left-leaning minorities have mainly...Show More Summary

In Koch We Trust: Shadow Politics and the New Democracy

In 2010, two court cases dramatically changed the course of American politics. In the now-infamous Citizens United case, the Supreme Court ruled that the First Amendment prohibited the federal government from regulating or placing "caps" on corporate donations to independent-expenditure political organizations. In the second case, vs. Show More Summary

Fight for the Texas Dream Act Continues

The battle of the Texas Dream Act continues. A bill known as SB1819, sponsored by Texas Republican Senators Donna Campbell, Tom Creighton, and Lois Kolkhorst, is headed for the Senate floor to be heard and voted upon. A priority of Lieutenant...Show More Summary

Corporation Tells Truth About Tax Subsidy

How refreshing it is to hear a corporation be honest and admit that a tax subsidy is a giveaway, not an incentive. While too often corporations go around the state capitol with hat in hand asking for “tax incentives,” claiming that they...Show More Summary

Unions’ Pelosi-Like Pitch To Workers: You Have To Pass The Union To Find Out What’s In It…

In 2010, during the debate over the so-called Affordable Care Act (aka ObamaCare), then-House Speaker [D-CA] made the statement “you have to pass the bill so you can find out what is in it.” Within two weeks, employees at Boeing’s plant...Show More Summary

No Time Like Now -- The Best Election in History for Women

It's on! Hillary Clinton is now officially running for president, thus launching what is certain to be 18 months of relentless punditry, commentary and discussion of every conceivable issue relative to women, women's leadership, women's wardrobes, etc! Just the thought of it is enough to make you want to keep the TV off for the next two years. Show More Summary

Why Garry Trudeau Is Wrong About Charlie Hebdo

The cartoonist urged satirists to "punch up" against authority, but the world does not divide so neatly between the privileged and their victims.

Republicans stay focused on their caricature of Hillary Clinton, not the campaign she's running

Conventional political wisdom going into Hillary Clinton's presidential campaign announcement was that she needed to provide a reason she was running for president, a rationale beyond "it's my turn." It's not a big ask, but it's one many candidates have failed on. Show More Summary

Why Hillary Clinton's Candidacy Is Important for Young Girls

When my six-year-old daughter saw Hillary Clinton's recent announcement for the presidency, her first response was to say, very innocently and matter-of-factly, "Oh! I didn't know that women were allowed to be president." While I don't...Show More Summary

Democrat Divinity Schools

The idea that left-liberalism now functions as a secular religion is not new. (I’ve taken it up, here, here, and here.) But where do this new religion’s adherents receive their dogma? Movies, music, and television are important, but the real answer is college. Show More Summary

Hillary's Everyday People theme continues: Her van is named "Scooby."

The Guardian offers a tidbit about the road trip (which we are already discussing in the previous post):The campaign also leaked other snippets intended to humanise the trip, including that the former first lady had nicknamed the van...Show More Summary

Hollywood, The Police and Ourselves: A Shared Responsibility for a Better Future

One time permission granted. Photo by Chuck Jines - All rights reserved - In the hustle and bustle of our daily lives we catch our news when we can. We come home from work and want to relax in front of our favorite television show or news program. Show More Summary

The United States Should Remember Raphael Lemkin's Words and Formally Recognize the Armenian Genocide

A bipartisan resolution calling for the United States to formally recognize the Armenian genocide was introduced in Congress on March 18, 2015. The following Congressional press release highlights the urgent call for America to finally...Show More Summary

Rand Paul’s Big Con On Race And Poverty

There is a clear intellectual line from Rand Paul's anti-government philosophy to thinkers who literally argued that the impoverished and the unfortunate should be left to die in order to purify the human race. The post Rand Paul’s Big Con On Race And Poverty appeared first on ThinkProgress.

How Marco Rubio Went From Backing Immigration Reform To Berating DREAMers

Rubio's latest stance: “I think I’m realistic on immigration.” The post How Marco Rubio Went From Backing Immigration Reform To Berating DREAMers appeared first on ThinkProgress.

An Unabashedly Liberal Hillary Clinton

After decades of centrist triangulation, the newly declared presidential candidate unexpectedly embraces a more liberal focus on domestic policy.

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