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Cruz Easily Won the New Hampshire GOP Debate

Sen. Ted Cruz won the New Hampshire GOP debate. Cruz managed to stay above the hand to hand combat between the desperate governors and Sen Marco Rubio and Donald Trump. He gave great answers to the ABC News moderators, some of whom spent the night fishing for sound bites that could be used to help the Democrats’ eventual nominee. Show More Summary

INSOMNIA THEATER (INTERNATIONAL CENSORSHIP EDITION): This week’s video features my interview of In…

INSOMNIA THEATER (INTERNATIONAL CENSORSHIP EDITION): This week’s video features my interview of Index on Censorship CEO Jodie Ginsberg, which I conducted while I was visiting London in 2015. In addition to giving an insightful overview of the state of free expression and censorship efforts across the globe, Jodie covers a variety of other topics, including […]

Roundup: The ABC Republican Presidential Debate: Marco Rubio’s Big Political Bellyflop?

Will last night ABC’s Republican Presidential debate prove to be Florida Sen. Marco Rubio’s downfall? Rubio came out of the Iowa caucuses in a strong third place, with analysts proclaming him as the likely candidate around which “the establishment” and anti-Trump GOPers would coalesce. But at the debate he had a target on his back [...]Show More Summary

We Thought Marco Rubio Lost The Debate, But New Hampshire Might Think Differently

We here at FiveThirtyEight endorse the conventional wisdom, for a change. Like most other people covering the event, we thought that Marco Rubio had a really bad night in Saturday’s Republican debate, that the three Republican governors (Chris Christie, Jeb Bush and John Kasich) had a pretty good night, and that Donald Trump and Ted […]

Rubio's Stepford malfunction: the GOP New Hampshire debate

There's a famous scene in the 1975 movie The Stepford Wives in which human robot Paula Prentiss suffers a massive circuitry meltdown. Over and over she dumps coffee grounds on the kitchen counter, smashes breakfast mugs on the floor, and utters her pre-programmed catch-phrases in an endless loop. Show More Summary

Sunday Talk: Corn is for closers

In the final days leading up to the Iowa caucuses, things were looking good for Donald Trump. So good, in fact, that he was openly musing about maybe trading in some of his "New York values" for a nice farm in "Corn Country." But a funny...Show More Summary


TONIGHT’S GOP DEBATE IS ON ABC — THE ANYBODY BUT CARLY NETWORK: Why does the House of Stephanopoulos hate women not named Hillary Clinton so much?

Track of the Day: 'Wall Street Shuffle'

A reader writes: Now that the presidential race is in full swing, I think it’s only fitting that each candidate gets a theme song that’s truly representative. This 1974 gem from 10cc is the perfect fit for Bernie. Delightfully bouncy...Show More Summary

Ted Cruz Embraces Ron Paul Liberty Voters in New Hampshire

The Iowa Republican winner appeals by trumpeting the gold standard, privacy rights and limits on eminent domain

The Waterboy

May I suggest the ideal Republican vice-presidential candidate for whichever wingnut secures the GOP nomination this year: Michigan Governor Rick Snyder. Is there any doubt that America’s worst governor would...

Why Bernie Sanders Needs to Talk About Voting Rights

No debate can get to every topic that matters to every voter. But now that we have had five Democratic primary debates—which are now being held on weeknights, imagine that—it’s worth noting that we have yet to hear Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders seriously discuss two core liberal issues on the same stage. Show More Summary

Will Marco Rubio Finally Be Tested?

Before the Iowa caucuses, the questions facing Republican Party elites were straightforward but existential: Could the divided field of establishment-backed candidates consolidate in time to stop Donald Trump and Ted Cruz? And, if so,...Show More Summary

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