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Hillary: Americans Should Be Put in Camps to Fix 'Fun Deficit'

With what was perhaps unfortunate phrasing, Hillary Clinton told an Atlantic City, N.J. audience on Thursday that “we really need camps for adults” — claiming that doing so would fix America’s “fun deficit.” During what many are billing...Show More Summary

Hannibal Buress On Life After That One Bill Cosby Joke

Casual death threats from randos on the internet! The post Hannibal Buress On Life After That One Bill Cosby Joke appeared first on ThinkProgress.

Every Conservative Should Root for Kentucky Basketball

While I will freely disclose that I grew up in Kentucky — only 20 miles from Rupp Arena, the Center of the Basketball Universe – my bias should in no way distract from the sheer, blinding logic of my argument. As the NCAA tournamentShow More Summary

Iraq, Libya... Iran? U.S. Activists Mark War Anniversaries With Spring Rising

March 19 marks two gloomy anniversaries: the 12th anniversary of the U.S. invasion of Iraq and the 5th anniversary of the NATO intervention in Libya. Both overthrew Arab dictators; both left the local people in such horrific straitsShow More Summary

NRA Affiliate Is So Scared Of This Gun Safety Video That It Wants A Criminal Investigation

A new viral video that highlights ways guns have been involved in tragedies is drawing heavy criticism from conservative media and from a National Rifle Association affiliate group that wants a criminal investigation into the it's creation,...Show More Summary

The Fashion Capital Of The World May Ban Dangerously Skinny Models

"I think that by the end of 2015, we will no longer have anorexic models on the catwalk." The post The Fashion Capital Of The World May Ban Dangerously Skinny Models appeared first on ThinkProgress.

The Republican Delusion: American Exceptionalism

Last week I wrote about how the GOP continues to embarrass America. The main focus of the piece was about a letter to Iran written by 47 U.S. Senators and how the rest of the world, including Iran, mocked them, and by association us, for the contents of that letter. Show More Summary

Don't Throw Social Security Under the Bus!

This is a big week for Republicans in Congress. They've been telling us for months what they're against--anything that helps women and working families, and anything proposed by Barack Obama--now, it's their turn to say what they're for as they unveil their new budget plan. Most of the media coverage is focused on a fight over defense spending. Show More Summary

Cheers and Jeers: Thursday

From the GREAT STATE OF MAINE… Yeah. Okay. Let's Put Another Bush in Office. Sure. Today is the anniversary of one of the most idiotic days in American history---the day Republicans shot our country in the face and expected a parade of sweets and flowers for it. Show More Summary

Mark Fuhrman Tells Ashley Judd To STFU Or Put Up With Online Threats

Ashley Judd is fed up with online threats, particularly on Twitter. I can relate. After Judd tweeted support for the University of Kentucky basketball team, she was inundated with obscene, disgusting threatening tweets. Unlike most of...Show More Summary

REPORT Exposes Missouri Crony Capitalism – Carnaham Windfarm Cost Missouri

A new report released by Fred Sauer exposes the controversial multi-million dollar Carnaham wind farm deal in Missouri. Missouri Democratic Family Goes Green– Tom Carnahan, brother of Secretary of State Robin Carnahan and former Rep. Russ Carnahan, was gifted with … Continue reading ?

Torture and the Moral Bankruptcy of Barack Obama (And the Rest of Us)

President Obama deserves credit for his candor. He admits that we tortured people after 9/11, and that our actions violate our highest ideals as a nation. But apologies are hollow if they are not followed by attempts to make amends. "Sorry" is a lie if it is only a word. Show More Summary

Celebrating Collaboration During Global Partnerships Week 2015

At the U.S. Department of State, we are always looking for ways to engage the private sector and non-governmental organizations. We believe that 1+1=3, and that by leveraging the relative strengths of each sector, we can increase our impact and achieve more together than we could alone.

Hoosier Reputation: Taking a Beating

A few days ago, Indianapolis Mayor Greg Ballard vetoed a Homeless Bill of Rights (HBR) passed by the City-County Council with a vote of 16 to 13. Indianapolis made headlines around the globe as the first U.S. city to protect the rights -- and consequently, the property -- of people experiencing homelessness in the world's wealthiest nation. Show More Summary

Barack Obama spins gold into straw in Israel elections. Again.

The New York Sun is pretty blunt about this: “It may be too soon to say who won the election in Israel but it’s not too soon to say who lost — President Obama.” …and, let’s be honest, here.  It was a remarkably silly thing for the President to try to get involved in. Show More Summary

NYC Gun Store 'Sells' Weapons Used In Mass Killings And Accidental Shootings

This hard-hitting ad will surely enrage the gun fetishists everywhere, probably even more so than their previous efforts, including "Ed". As they put it, "Every gun has a history. Let's not repeat it. Learn more at More Summary

Governor Christie is trying to move the goalposts again. Don't let him.

We've begun to hear the latest round of spin from the Governor attempting to change the mostly critical conversation of Christie's leadership and management over the past six months. In yesterday's town hall, Christie said the following, "And...Show More Summary

Jeb Bush Almost Proposed Abolishing the Minimum Wage

In South Carolina on Tuesday, former Florida Governor Jeb Bush revealed the inherent contradiction in the Republican position on the minimum wage. “We need to leave it to the private sector. I think state minimum wages are fine,” Bush WATCH NOWJeb on Raising Minimum Wage: A ‘Soundbite,’ ‘Leave it to the Private Sector’

When the Left Is Losing Its 'Sexual Diversity Studies' Students, Perhaps It's Getting Too Shrill

Thanks to Rod Dreher, I ran across this this remarkable post by a self-described “queer activist” and former “sexual diversity studies” student at McGill. She describes her early days of activism, her eager participation in protests (“so many protests,” she says), and her burning rage against capitalism. Show More Summary

Inside The Wild, Foul, Hilarious World Of Mexican Wrestling

Máscaras, exóticos, and what to expect at your first lucha libre match. The post Inside The Wild, Foul, Hilarious World Of Mexican Wrestling appeared first on ThinkProgress.

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