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Trump in 1998: 'Paula Jones is a Loser'

Donald Trump is trying to make Bill Clinton's treatment of women a campaign issue with blistering attacks, but in the past he attacked Clinton's accusers. Trump declared in 1998 that "Paula Jones is a loser" and said a year later that Clinton's mistake was that Monica Lewinsky wasn't better looking. Show More Summary

Morning Digest: Republicans try to lock Democrats out of the general in blue Santa Barbara seat

Leading Off: ? CA-24: Not long ago, both the DCCC and House Majority PAC began airing ads in support of Santa Barbara County Supervisor Salud Carbajal, even though a fellow Democrat, Santa Barbara Mayor Helene Schneider, is also in the race. Show More Summary

Bottom Line: Donald Trump Blatantly Lied About His Veterans' Fundraiser

OK, we all know politicians lie like badly crocheted rugs. But has there ever been a candidate for president of the United States who has been such a blatant, continual, unrepentant liar as Donald Trump? Four months after fundraiser,...Show More Summary

Santa Barbara Democrats, beware the GOP's bogus 'attacks'

Not long ago, both the DCCC and House Majority PAC began airing ads in support of Santa Barbara County Supervisor Salud Carbajal, even though a fellow Democrat, Santa Barbara Mayor Helene Schneider, is also in the race. But Team Blue doesn’t seem to be worried that Schneider will beat Carbajal in California’s 24th Congressional District. Show More Summary

MUST-SEE VIDEO: Univision Anchor BOOED for Trashing Trump, Speaking Spanish at College Graduation Ceremony

Univision anchor Maria Elena Salinas was booed by several graduating students and their families when she criticized presumptive Republican presidential... The post MUST-SEE VIDEO: Univision Anchor BOOED for Trashing Trump, Speaking Spanish at College Graduation Ceremony appeared first on The Gateway Pundit.

Disney vs Big Government: Sanders Takes a Swing At Mickey

Disney is efficient. Sanders is a liar. The post Disney vs Big Government: Sanders Takes a Swing At Mickey appeared first on RedState.

What The Rev. Wright Controversy Tells Us About The Media And Voters

In this week’s politics chat, we revisit a seminal moment from the 2008 Democratic primary. The transcript below has been lightly edited. micah (Micah Cohen, politics editor): Welcome, everyone! Today, we’re going to use the short documentary we published about the 2008 Obama campaign and the controversy over his former pastor, the Rev. Jeremiah Wright, […]

Layers of Islamophobia: Rep. Ellison Says He's Unaware of Clinton Having Returned "Muslim Money"

At a news conference Tuesday, I asked Reps. Keith Ellison (D-Minn.) and André Carson (D-Ind.) about Hillary Clinton's having returned money from Muslims and refusing to meet with Arab and Muslim groups in her 2000 Senate run. Rep. Ellison indicated he didn't know about the controversy and -- while stressing his backing for Sen. Show More Summary

Why Won’t Obama Call the Men He Keeps Killing Radical Islamic Terrorists?

President Obama has failed America again. He has killed another radical Islamic terrorist while refusing to call him a radical Islamic terrorist. Obama doesn’t understand the war we’re in. As Sen. Ted Cruz, one of our nation’s bravest...Show More Summary

Pay Attention To Libertarian Gary Johnson; He’s Pulling 10 Percent vs. Trump And Clinton

Gary Johnson might be on the verge of becoming a household name. At the moment, he’s probably most often confused with that plumber who fixed your running toilet last month or your spouse’s weird friend from work who keeps calling the landline, but he’s neither — he’s the former governor of New Mexico, likely Libertarian […]

"But the Legislation Doesn't Go Far Enough": It's Time to Check Our Unincarcerated Privilege in the Conversation About Sentencing Reform

Tyrie Bell was sentenced to 30 years in federal prison. His crime: He sold 82 grams of crack to an informant. Tyrie has been locked away for 17 years. It is not simply the shockingly harsh sentence that makes Tyrie a compelling argument for sentencing reform. Show More Summary

Clinton Crime Family Bagman Seeks to Distance Himself From Clinton Crime Family

Ha ha ha, good luck with that, you sleazy conman. CNN reported Monday that both the FBI and the Justice Department’s public integrity unit’s investigation focuses on about $120,000 in campaign donations to his 2013 gubernatorial campaign from Chinese businessman … Continued

Not dark yet

(Scott Johnson) Today is the birthday of Minnesota native son Bob Dylan; he turns the ripe old age of 75. He is a remarkable artist, self-invented, deep in the American grain. A few years back I visited Dylan’s old home at 2425 7th Avenue East in Hibbing. Show More Summary

In Venezuela, Net Neutrality Does In Fact Mean Internet Censorship

Venezuela is an official Socialist Utopia disaster area. (It would be nice if Team Bernie Sanders and his Democrat cohorts were paying attention – but who are we kidding.) The United States State Department issued a travel warning back on September 18 (which still appears to be in place). Show More Summary

Clinton Will Likely Clinch The Democratic Nomination In New Jersey

We’ve known for some time that Hillary Clinton will almost certainly be the Democratic nominee. But when will she clinch the nomination? If you look at the few remaining contests on the Democratic primary calendar, the major news outlets — barring something devastating happening to the Clinton campaign in the next few weeks — are […]

Trump’s New Political Ad: “He Starts To Bite On My Top Lip And I Try To Pull Away From Him”

[guest post by Dana] Is Hillary really protecting women? A video posted by Donald J. Trump (@realdonaldtrump) on May 23, 2016 at 8:27am PDT Also, during an interview last week, Trump fired a shot at the Clintons when he used the word “rape” with regard to Bill Clinton. The Clinton camp pushed back: “Trump […]

What Is Fair Game? Donald Trump Panders to the NRA Citing Sons' Weapons Arsenals

Last Friday, in accepting the endorsement of the National Rifle Association ("NRA") at the NRA-ILA Leadership Forum in Louisville, Kentucky, Trump touted his sons' gun rights credentials. He said "My sons have been members of the NRA for many, many years and they are incredible. Show More Summary

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