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Mission Possible -- and Necessary, and Long Overdue

If we listened to corporate lobbyists and conservative politicians, we'd spend our time dodging imaginary chunks of falling sky. Make sure all workers can earn paid sick days? Higher wages and equal pay? Protections for pregnant workers...Show More Summary

Stupid Is as Stupid Does, Mr. Speaker

At his weekly press conference, the GOP's "Crybaby in Chief" lashed out at a reporter for daring to question the role his party's cut-happy orthodoxy played in Tuesday's Amtrak accident. He called the accusation "stupid", claimed that...Show More Summary

Friday Cat Blogging - May 15 2015

With Kevin continuing to concentrate on his (ever improving!) health, over the past week we've hosted guest blog posts from all-stars like Ruy Teixeira, Aaron Carroll, and Ana Marie Cox. But now that it's Friday, it's time for the humans...Show More Summary

Who Can You Trust on Fast Track and TPP?

As the debate on the Fast Track bill to facilitate the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) continues in Congress, it’s understandable if you’re feeling confused. President Obama and Elizabeth Warren, typically allies, are at each other’s throats. Show More Summary

Stephanopoulos Will Not Moderate GOP Debate After Clinton Donations Revealed

George Stephanopoulos acknowledges giving money to Clinton Foundation — NYT Politics (@nytpolitics) May 14, 2015 ABC News anchor George Stephanopoulos has agreed to not moderate an ABC News-sponsored Republican primary debate after it was revealed that he had given $75,000 to the Clinton Foundation. Show More Summary

Golden State Gouging Greatest Ever

At a time of historic low crude oil costs, Southern Californians are currently paying $4.00 per gallon for regular gas. That's $1.30 more than the national average -- the widest gap ever recorded. Prices at the pump have skyrocketed 69 cents in one month due to shortages and refinery outages. Show More Summary

The Roundup for May 14th, 2015

Fitting song as I finish my last day of class for this semester. Now I enter into the following week with five finals. I think I can do it. International Politics Overall – Gallup: Fifty-nine percent of Africans approve of American leadership, while 39 percent of Asians say the same; These are based on averages...

I'm playing "Canyons Of Your Mind" by the Bonzo Dog Doo Dah Band.

And Meade says: "What's that, Elvis?"Me: "That's the Bonzo Dog Doo Dah Band. I'm researching the origin of the phrase 'canyons of your mind.' What do you think is the first appearance of that phrase?"Meade: "I don't know. Glenn Campbell?"Me:...Show More Summary

Scalding Hot Take From Chris Matthews: Republicans View Hispanics Like They View Amtrak Trains or Something

In the race to the bottom in the aftermath of the Amtrak derailment Tuesday  night, leave it to the deranged Chris Matthews to come up with his usual incoherent idiocy. Really is hard to figure why MSNBC’s ratings keep plummeting. … Continued

Russ Feingold Wants a Rematch

The Democratic party has caught up to the populist former senator since he lost to Ron Johnson in 2010.

B.B. King is Dead, Long Live the King: The Thrill Ain’t Gone, No No No

FOR BB BB they called him. His guitar was named Lucille. Not LuCILLE. LUcille. He was a big man filled the chair type 2 diabetes sang sitting down had an eye for the ladies I dont know and dont I know had hands as big as brown boxes and big and pretty light colored fingernails [...]Show More Summary

Hillary Clinton: First Impressions

On May 6th, Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton held her first two fundraising events in San Francisco. I attended an afternoon event, featuring a confident, positive Clinton. While Hillary didn't address all of the questions...Show More Summary

Even the Westboro Baptist Church Agrees National Gay Marriage Is Coming

I've been covering the fight for gay rights for years from the perspective of a straight ally, and my guests on the subject have run the gamut from experts in the field of gay adoption to the most virulent anti-gay bigots. Near the top...Show More Summary

Jeb Bush clarifies yet again: We should 're-engage' in Iraq, 'do it in a more forceful way'

It's been what, an hour or so, but Jeb Bush is once again feeling the need to clarify his stance on the Iraq War. By God he's going to keep doing this until he finds a way to make everybody happy. Reporter: "What’s the way forward in...Show More Summary

Dear White People: You’re Going To LOVE Disney’s New White ‘African’ Princess

MOVE OVER, Elsa The Frozen Bitch Princess From Hell, there’s a new Disney lady princess in town, and she seems great. She’s based on the true story of Jeremiah Heaton, a Virginia father whose daughter Emily just wanted to be a princess, like all little girls and some little boys do. Show More Summary

Evangelicals Are Worried That Scott Walker, Who Backs A 20-Week Abortion Ban, Isn’t Pro-Life Enough

The likely presidential contender will meet with religious leaders in Washington next week to convince them he is socially conservative enough to win the Republican nomination. The post Evangelicals Are Worried That Scott Walker, Who Backs A 20-Week Abortion Ban, Isn’t Pro-Life Enough appeared first on ThinkProgress.

Color-Blind Policy, Color-Conscious Morality

Addressing the moral failings of black people while ignoring the centuries-old failings of their governments amounts to a bait and switch.

The American Military Uncontained

Chaos Spread, Casualties Inflicted, Missions Unaccomplished Cross-posted with It’s 1990. I’m a young captain in the U.S. Air Force. I’ve just witnessed the fall of the Berlin Wall, something I never thought I’d see, short of a third world war. Show More Summary

Megyn Kelly Attacks Those Who Are 'Politicizing' Amtrak Crash

Look at Megyn Kelly's barely-constrained and exasperated "tsk" at the very thought that politicians would, you know, bring up the main factors that lead to the deaths and injuries of a bunch of people. They are "despicable," she spits with simmering contempt. Since this is Fox, inconvenient facts get in the way. Show More Summary

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