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Trump’s Coward

In his address to the Republican convention on Tuesday night, House Speaker Paul Ryan accused Democrats of inciting ethnic resentment. “Let the other party go on and on with its constant dividing up of people, always playing one group against the other, as if group identity were everything,” Ryan charged. Show More Summary

Republican convention, night 2: The roast of Hillary Clinton

Why the speakers on the Republican convention's second evening assailed Clinton—and whether it worked The post Republican convention, night 2: The roast of Hillary Clinton appeared first on

Mitch McConnell Admits He's Saving SCOTUS Nomination For Trump

So now it's official. Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell has admitted that he is holding the Supreme Court nomination for President Trump. Transcript via PoliticusUSA: We put Obamacare repeal on the President’s desk. He vetoed it. Show More Summary

Why Melania's Speech is a Big Deal

I used to teach college writing courses. If you were my student and you plagiarized a paper, you received an F for the paper, and in some cases, you failed the course. When I would confront a student with the irrefutable evidence that he had stolen the work of another writer, he would back down pretty quickly and admit wrongdoing. Show More Summary

Hypocrisies Galore: Trump Slammed Biden for Plagiarism, But How Much Has Trump Plagiarized?

Trump is the uncontested king of the dunghill of unabashed plagiarism, and hypocrisy. The post Hypocrisies Galore: Trump Slammed Biden for Plagiarism, But How Much Has Trump Plagiarized? appeared first on RedState.

Hillary Clinton has a message for Donald Trump on the night of his nomination

Republicans officially nominated Donald Trump for president Tuesday night at their party's convention in Cleveland, leading to a flood of responses on social media. Trump's Democratic rival Hillary Clinton was quick to claim some ofShow More Summary

Donald Trump's Great Gay Rock-Star Spectacle

What it means that the Republican nominee brought Queen’s “We Are the Champions” into the political arena

If Americans Perceive A World In Chaos, Will They Turn To Trump?

We’ll be reporting from Cleveland all week and live-blogging each night. Check out all our dispatches from the GOP convention here. CLEVELAND — The mood here in Cleveland is a little bleak. The city still has its share of vibrant neighborhoods, but it can feel awfully empty. The city accommodated a population of more than […]

No Room For Hate In America

There will come a moment for reconciliation, but this is a moment for harsh clarity. Harsh clarity, and action. Pastor Mark Burns gave the benediction at the #RNC Monday. There was no room for a Jew in his America, no room for a Muslim in his America, no room for an Atheist in his America. Show More Summary

The Beauty of Melania Trump

For the Republican presumptive presidential nominee and his wife, attractiveness is the measure of a woman's worth.

Women’s Group EMILY’s List Publishes Anti-Donald Trump Website

The pro-Hillary Clinton group EMILY’s List is widening its campaign against Donald Trump on Tuesday with a new website that targets the Republican presumptive nominee for his comments about women. The website, called Women Can Stop Trump and to be published Tuesday, features videos from some of Trump’s more combustible moments and snippets from some…

Margaret Sanger, Still Vile, and Beloved, After All These Years

Editor’s Note : The following post is sponsored by our partner, Hillary’s America. One of the particular strengths of Hillary’s America regards its subtitle, “The Secret History of the Democratic Party,” and the exposing some of its larger hush-hushes. Show More Summary

WaterCooler Tuesday, 7/19/2016 – Open Thread – Laughter, Nothing to See, Strange Fellows and the Constitution

Laughter: The Best Medicine Stephen Colbert (VIDEO) Dressed as a character from "Hunger Games," Colbert entertains from the Republican Convention stage. "A man who appears to be security then confronts Colbert, who says 'I know I'm not...Show More Summary

The Most Damning Speech of the GOP Convention

The 2016 Republican National Convention is a marvel of cognitive dissonance. It seems to have been constructed as though Republicans were nominating a normal presidential candidate. But they aren’t. We keep hearing that the nominee stands for this or has said that—but he doesn’t, and he hasn’t. Show More Summary

Daily Kos Radio is LIVE at 9 AM ET!

Hey, how about that Republican convention, eh? Don’t ask me. I was out with my kids playing Pokemon Go. I do the show for the same reason you listen to it: to figure out what happened last night. Listen LIVE right here at 9:00 AM ET! Who...Show More Summary

WELL, GIVEN THE HISTORY, WHO WOULDN’T WANT TO REWRITE IT? Rachel Maddow Tries to Rewrite History of…

WELL, GIVEN THE HISTORY, WHO WOULDN’T WANT TO REWRITE IT? Rachel Maddow Tries to Rewrite History of Obama ‘Ending the War’ in Iraq. Flashback: No Doubt About It — We’re Back in a Ground War in Iraq. Without much fanfare, Obama has dramatically reversed his Iraq policy — sending thousands of troops back in the […]

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