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America's Got War

Poverty, Drugs, Afghanistan, Iraq, Terror, or How to Make War on Everything Cross-posted with War on drugs. War on poverty. War in Afghanistan. War in Iraq. War on terror. The biggest mistake in American policy, foreign and domestic, is looking at everything as war. Show More Summary

Aren’t We Yet Tired of the Feds Being Totally Wrong – Or Lying to Us?

Gassy assertions by government officials are, of course, a given. Very few groups of people are more wrong, more consistently - yet with more confidence - than the people who lord over us. There are only two possible explanations. They are either really, really ill informed and naive. Show More Summary

Presumed guilty: Duke revisited

(Scott Johnson) Last week FIRE’s Greg Lukianoff posted the video below on InstaPundit with a link to this post introducing it. The video is also posted on YouTube with this introduction: In 2006, the nation was rocked by allegations that three Duke lacrosse players had raped a woman named Crystal Mangum at an off-campus party. Show More Summary

Sex Education and Civil Liberty - some recordings of PH

I offer readers a couple of recordings they may wish to listen to and (in the second case) watch The first is a fairly interview on the subject of sex education with Jonathon Van Maren, a Canadian broadcaster I...

Late Night Music Club With Yes

Rest in Peace, Chris Squire. Also, h/t Jamie, the isolated bass track from Roundabout.

CHRIS SQUIRE, YES BASSIST AND CO-FOUNDER, DEAD AT 67: Chris Squire, the co-founder and longtime bas…

CHRIS SQUIRE, YES BASSIST AND CO-FOUNDER, DEAD AT 67: Chris Squire, the co-founder and longtime bassist of prog rock icons Yes and the only member of the group to feature on every studio album, has passed away just over a month after revealing that he was suffering from a rare form of leukemia. Squire was […]

Marriage Equality and Science

It's worth noting that the decision to make same-sex marriage a nationwide right in America owes a big debt of gratitude to science. Scientific research proved pretty conclusively that being gay is not a choice but a matter of genetics. Show More Summary

Sunday Talk: Not giving up the ghost

Unlike their cheese-eating surrender monkey hero, Confederate General Robert E. Lee, the leaders of the modern-day Republican party are not ready to cry uncle. Despite suffering heavy losses at the Supreme Court this week (among theShow More Summary

Obama's Grace

The president delivers his single most accomplished rhetorical performance, and it’s one you should watch rather than read.

Justice Thomas decided long ago never to walk in anyone's shadows.

I burnt out trying to read (and blog) all 5 of the Obergefell opinions yesterday. I was getting annoyed slogging through the Chief Justice's long cogitation about restraint after getting through Scalia's relatively playful romp through...Show More Summary

The Roundup for June 27th, 2015

Almost the end of the month? Yikes, there went by fast. Almost there to July! International Politics Overall – The Islamic State attacked in France, Tunisia and Kuwait, which led to many deaths. Israel called for Jews in the former to “come home” – A new report found, among United Nations member states, authoritarianism is growing...

POWER LINE’S DRONES GO ROGUE (VIDEO): I think Steve Hayward is just kidding around in this video, …

POWER LINE’S DRONES GO ROGUE (VIDEO): I think Steve Hayward is just kidding around in this video, but in any case, it reminded me that it’s all fun and games playing with a drone until it decides it’s done talking to the remote control. I discovered that the hard way last month a couple of […]

The Dream Team?

Could we actually end up with a Hillary Clinton-Bernie Sanders Democratic presidential ticket in 2016? Last week, MSNBC’s Steve Kornacki suggested that the “Sanders surge” may fade with time as...

That Was Fast

Over a remarkably brief period of time, same-sex civil marriage has gone from being a cause advanced by a small handful of activists to one that’s been embraced by 60 percent of Americans, including a majority of Republicans under the age of 30. Show More Summary

Obama Gets Real

On Friday, as much of the country rejoiced at the Supreme Court’s ruling on same-sex marriage, and Charleston, South Carolina, continued to mourn its dead, President Obama delivered what may go down as his most impassioned, biting, and...Show More Summary

In Charleston, President Obama Honors the Life of Pastor and State Senator Clementa Pinckney

Watch on YouTube "We are here today to remember a man of God who lived by faith. A man who believed in things not seen. A man who believed there were better days ahead, off in the distance. A man of service who persevered, knowing full...Show More Summary

Historic Marriage Decision: What they said

Marriage Equality is now the law of the land and in every state, so affirmed in a 5-4 decision announced this morning by the U.S. Supreme Court in the case of Obergefell v. Hodges. "No longer may this liberty be denied," writes Justice Anthony Kennedy for the majority. Show More Summary

How Will the U.S. Supreme Court's Same-Sex-Marriage Decision Affect Religious Liberty?

On Friday, five justices affirmed LGBT Americans’ Constitutional right to wed. The other four foreshadowed the major conflicts over religious freedom that are about to begin.

'Freedom Means Freedom for Everybody.'

Dick Cheney, when asked about gay marriage, back in the 2000 vice-presidential debate: The fact of the matter is, we live in a free society and freedom means freedom for everybody. We don’t get to choose, and shouldn’t be able to choose,...Show More Summary

The Roundup for June 26th, 2015

It’s Friday folks! International Politics Overall – The U.S. denounced Palestine for charging Israel with war crimes at the International Criminal Court – Despite criticizing Israel’s operations in the Gaza Strip last year, the State Department believes nothing needs to be done on war crimes committed by Israel – A NATO commander accused Russia of more future involvement...

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