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Popping the Question

If you’re a Republican running for president, prepare yourself. The next reporter who corners you at a diner might pop the question. No, she doesn’t want to marry you. But she might ask whether you’d attend a gay wedding. In the last week, that question has been posed to at least five candidates: Sens. Show More Summary

No Justice for Rekia Boyd as Chicago Police Officer Who Killed Her is Found ‘Not Guilty’ by Judge

The family of twenty-two year-old Rekia Boyd, who was shot and killed by a Chicago police officer, was awarded $4.5 million in a wrongful death settlement in 2013. Yet, just over two years later, the officer who fired the shot that hit Boyd in her head has been found “not guilty” by a judge of [...]

Green Cronyism Hasn’t Gone Anywhere

Back in the good old days of the Obama stimulus, green energy companies were looking for a boost direct from the federal government, in the form of straight-up financial subsidies to promote "green-collar jobs." Fast forward to 2015, and the terrain has changed some. Show More Summary

Profiles in Courage: Sometimes It's the Last Place You Think

One of the most important factors in working on a doctoral dissertation is to have plenty of distractions. The trick is to find distractions that help with your dissertation rather than help to avoid it. Over the last year I have had...Show More Summary

Clinton Cash Author Peter Schweizer's Long History Of Errors, Retractions, And Questionable Sourcing

Media should be cautious with Republican activist and strategist Peter Schweizer's new book Clinton Cash. Schweizer has a disreputable history of reporting marked by errors and retractions, with numerous reporters excoriating him for...Show More Summary

Young Palestinians push for a gender-equal Constitution

Cross-posted from UN Women Laila Ghanam, Governor of the Ramallah & Albireh Governorate, skims through the “Draft Constitution” of the Constitutional Shadow Committee during a visit to discuss. Photo: Palestinian Centre for Peace and...Show More Summary

The NRA Has a New Reason for Gun Owners to Buy More Guns

Now that the NRA annual big deal has come and gone, there will be the usual post-mortem as to whether the show was the biggest, which Republican candidate gave the best speech and, of course, whether the Donald is still looking for that birth certificate. Show More Summary

The Supreme Court’s Unconscionable Slow-Walk Towards Gay Rights

Gay Americans faced police harassment, official censorship, and laws criminalizing their romantic relationships. Yet the Supreme Court did nothing for decades. The post The Supreme Court’s Unconscionable Slow-Walk Towards Gay Rights appeared first on ThinkProgress.

CSI Is a Lie

America's shameful system of forensic investigation is overdue for sweeping reform.

Smarter Than A Climate Scientist? Marco Rubio Knows With 'Certainty' He's Wiser About Global Warming

Republican presidential candidate Marco Rubio (R-FL) asserted on Sunday that he was skeptical of human-induced global warming because there "never has been a moment" when the climate was not changing. During an interview on Face theShow More Summary

Distinguished Gentlemen

I mentioned yesterday that Katharine Hayhoe, the climate scientist and evangelical Christian, is one of my "sheroes" because of her courage in standing up to the forces of religiously driven...

It's Not So Much About the Taxes as About Keeping the Wage Slaves Down

There's a been a minor maelstrom over the Tea Party leader and conservative video blogger who speculated that he might vote for Hillary Clinton because the Affordable Care Act allows...

Sunday Talk: Small fish in a big pond

This week, Marco Rubio—the thirsty little senator from Poland Spring (by way of Cuba)—dove head-first into the kiddie pool of Republican candidates for president. It was a risky move, given the pool's depth (read: lack thereof). Obviously,...Show More Summary

VIDEO: Gorilla races toward girl, cracks zoo exhibit glass, almost fulfills our nightmares. That…

VIDEO: Gorilla races toward girl, cracks zoo exhibit glass, almost fulfills our nightmares. That’s worse than this. What’s amazing is how many of those lion-tries-to-eat-baby videos there are.

Missouri Republican State Senators Sure Don’t Like Sunshine

Progress Missouri has been a thorn in the side of the Republicans who run the Missouri state legislature for quite some time, and last January they thoroughly embarrassed the Missouri House into abandoning their time-honored tradition...Show More Summary

The Rand Corporation

Hey, wait a minute--didn’t Rachel Maddow already disqualify Rand Paul as a serious presidential candidate five years ago? It appears the Beltway has long since forgotten about Paul’s disgusting May...

Washed Up

Didn't Jeb Bush ever hear the saying, "Better to keep your mouth shut and be thought of as a fool, then to open your mouth and remove all doubt?" Former...

Free Authoritative Journalism Must Be Upheld In Iraq

Luay Al Khateeb, Foreign Policy Nonresident Fellow, Brookings Doha Centre (Twitter: @AL_Khatteeb) Abbas Kadhim, Senior Foreign Policy Fellow, FPI-SAIS, Johns Hopkins University (Twitter: @DrAbbasKadhim) Iraq has been one of the most dangerous places for journalists since its liberation in 2003. Show More Summary

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