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Trump: ‘Obama Got Tremendous Numbers of People Out of the Country.’

From the Tuesday Morning Jolt: Trump: ‘Obama Got Tremendous Numbers of People Out of the Country.’ Meet Donald Trump’s new immigration stance, which is to… praise how tough President Obama has been on deportations. Huh? What? “We’re going to obey the existing laws. Show More Summary

Candidate Who Refuses to Hold Press Conference Yuks It Up About Latest Secret Email Disclosure

She hasn’t had a press conference in nearly 300 days and faces yet further investigations into her illegal emails, but Grandma’s got the time to sit down on a late-night comedy show to crack jokes. Just keep laughing. Hillary Clinton took on … Continued

Open Thread - Stuff In Reverse

Youtube's Mark Hacks does a lovely job with reverse video. h/t Tastefully Offensive. PS if it's your thing to watch Stephen Colbert shave his face for ten minutes, that video is here. Open thread below...

Rudy Giuliani peddles crazy Trump conspiracy theory about Hillary Clinton's health

The Trump campaign's “deranged conspiracy theories” about Hillary Clinton's health have a new, deranged proponent: Rudy Giuliani. It's all there on the internet, he says. When Fox News Sunday host Shannon Bream asked Giuliani about Trump's...Show More Summary

Let's take a deep dive into this Trump family portrait

I know this photo has been floating around for several weeks, but I can’t let it go. It haunts my dreams. It haunts my waking moments. It mesmerizes me. I can’t turn away, coming back to it again and again. Let us count the ways theShow More Summary

Trump's Schizophrenic Base Strategy

The Republican base still has not united behind Donald Trump. This explains why he’s polling at or below 40 percent in the majority of surveys taken, both nationally and in battleground states, over the past three weeks. That’s a sharp...Show More Summary

Clinton Is Spending A Lot More Money Than Trump

Donald Trump released his first TV advertisement of the general election last week. Meanwhile, Hillary Clinton and the main super PAC supporting her, combined, have already spent $65.8 million on TV ads in nine battleground states. So, the podcast crew talks about how much TV ads matter and how the campaigns are spending their money […]

Trump’s Outreach to Black Voters Isn’t About Black Voters

The tail end of August finds Donald Trump making yet another pivot. He’s fired one campaign manager and hired another; he’s gestured toward contrition for his behavior and muddied his language on immigration, pledging a “fair” process for mass deportation. Show More Summary

Pokemon And Propaganda: The Way To Help Syrian Kids Is To De-Escalate The War

Images of the child victims of war in Syria may be heart-breaking, but they actually feed the violence rather than end it, writes Michael Brull. Every now and then, the horrors of the Syrian war once again infiltrate public consciousness in the West. The mantra is familiar. “What is happening is evil. Surely, we in the West [...]Show More Summary

AP: Paid Trump Staffers' Social Media Accounts Loaded With Racist Comments, Images

Reach back with me to 2007, when Amanda Marcotte and Melissa McEwan had to resign from John Edwards' campaign after Republicans combed her blog and decided they had written terrible things about Catholics. It was a scandal. In venues...Show More Summary

Sean Hannity, Then and Now

“I’m a journalist.” — Sean Hannity, on Fox News in 2008. “I never claimed to be a journalist.” — Hannity, quoted by the New York Times on how he’s been advising Donald Trump.

Hillary Clinton Campaign Reserves Another $80 Million in TV Ads

Hillary Clinton’s campaign has reserved nearly $80 million in television advertising this fall, according to a senior aide, widening her lead over Donald Trump on the airwaves. The campaign will spend nearly $77 million in September and October, in addition to more than $3 million for the rest of August, the aide said, part of…

You First Need Government’s Permission to Repair Your Flood Ravaged Home

And many, many other ways government is stupid, imperious, and an impediment to progress and the marketplace. Here’s hoping the poor flood victims of Louisiana - aren’t subjected to the governmental inanity being inflicted upon the poor flood victims of South Bend, Indiana: “Today, the City of South Bend is reminding residents of South Bend and St. Show More Summary

Daily Kos Radio is LIVE at 9 AM ET!

We’re back on the air live! But we’re at that awkward point where the last live show, which we usually feature below, is still that same one from before our week off, and which you’ve been seeing each morning with our post announcing the rerun each day. Ah, traditions! So tomorrow, the “last live show” section of the post finally changes. Show More Summary

What Does It Mean When War Hawks Say, 'Never Trump'?

The Enemies of My Enemy May Be War Criminals Cross-posted with It’s not every day that Republicans publish an open letter announcing that their presidential candidate is unfit for office. But lately this sort of thing has been happening more and more frequently. Show More Summary

Donald Trump, the Kardashians, and the Politics of Branding

Much has been said and written in the past few days about Donald Trump's noxious appeals to African American voters. Exemplifying those appeals is his August 19th speech in Dimondale, Michigan, where he addressed those voters directly...Show More Summary

Financial-Economic Crash Update

Below is an email I just sent to a few family and friends. There's a tiny bit of editing... nothing important............................................. Maloney is correct (see link below): this is undeniable evidence that we're in a Recession; there is no "recovery". Show More Summary

Break On Through (To the Other Side): Part II

Are the Republicans who are declaring that they’re “with her” quietly admitting an inconvenient truth about the man who was declared victorious over Al Gore sixteen years ago? Notice the common thread that runs through the words of pro-Clinton...Show More Summary

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