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We'd love to speak with you about Regator. For media requests and interviews, please email us at Mark @ Regator [dot] com.

Regator is a family of products focused on high-quality, topical online content. Founded in November 2007 and launched publicly in August 2008, Regator is headquartered in Atlanta, Georgia. Its products are, the Regator Platform (API), Regator Reading Desk, Regator Lite and Regator Premium for iPhone, and Regator Widgets. Please contact the Regator team directly to learn more.

Press Mentions

June 9, 2011Regator launches its Breaking News app for journalists and bloggers(
June 9, 2011Regator Breaking News Program Launches: Creates Social Media Powered(The Next Web)
January 27, 20112010 Best App Ever Winners: Regator – Honorable Mention, News Category(Best App Ever)
October 28, 2010Regator: Cool Site of the Day(Cool Site of the Day)
October 16, 2010Regator Gives Readers A Better Way To Find Stories, Developers More Control Over Their Content(The Inquisitr)
October 1, 2010Regator hosts Mashlanta(inDecatur)
September 28, 2010Bits and Bobs: 40 Nights of Rock & Roll, HOToberFest, MoogFest, Mashable & Regator(Atlanta Music Guide)
September 28, 2010More Tickets Available for Mashlanta 2.0(Mashable)
September 14, 2010Mashlanta 2.0 Tickets Going Quickly(Mashable)
May 3, 2010Discover, Track, and Share Blog Trends With Regator(SheGeeks)
May 3, 2010Regator Revamp Adds Blog Trends, Monitoring, More(Louis Gray)
May 3, 2010Regator 2.0 enters private beta – Get your invites here(The Next Web)
April 30, 2010Free Invites to New Version: Regator the Worlds Best Blog Aggregator(Crenk)
April 30, 2010Blog search service Regator 2.0 starts private beta - get your invite here!(Download Squad)
April 29, 2010Regator Previews New Version of News Aggregation Tool [INVITES](Mashable)
April 29, 2010inDECATUR readers can privately preview Regator 2.0(inDECATUR)
April 12, 201020 Ways to Kill a Few Minutes Online(Digitizd)
January 26, 20106 Tips for Building a Blog Media List(Bulletproof Blog)
January 26, 2010How To Find The Best Blogs And Blog Posts (Lizun Eyes)
January 21, 2010Top Tools For Tracking Topics on the Web(ReadWriteWeb)
December 17, 2009Reader Poll: Top 10 Web Products of 2009 (Last Chance to Vote!)(ReadWriteWeb)
December 14, 2009My 10 favorite iPhone apps of 2009(iPhone Atlas - CNET Reviews )
December 11, 2009Regator Premium – Web’s Best Blogs in Review – All the same great content, none of the calories(Touch My Apps)
December 11, 200912 Days of iPhone Apps – Day 1: Regator Premium(MyTechOpinion)
December 4, 2009Top 10 RSS & Syndication Technologies of 2009(ReadWriteWeb)
December 1, 20096 Tools We Found at Blog World 2009(Bulletproof Blog)
November 30, 2009Regator Tracks Blogosphere Social Mentions(Crenk)
November 27, 2009Your Favorite Mobile Apps of 2009 (Reader Survey)(ReadWriteWeb)
November 24, 2009Regator Brings the Best Niche Blogs to Your iPhone(ReadWriteWeb)
November 23, 2009Regator Pro iPhone App To Launch “Any Day”(TheNextWeb)
November 15, 2009#233 Wetoku, Regator, Fluid for Banking(Nosillacast)
October 10, 200920 Fantastic Free iPhone Apps for Parents(Mashable)
September 16, 2009Regator – An Excellent Blog Aggregator iPhone App(Top iPhone Resource)
September 16, 20096 Places to Find Something Good to Read(Digitizd)
August 25, 2009Helpful Web Sites: Regator,, and More(PCWorld)
August 25, 2009iPhone app hunts down Web's best blog posts(Webware)
August 25, - The Hottest Blog Posts On The Web(Killer Startups)
August 25, 20095 Creative Uses For The Regator iPhone App(SheGeeks)
August 24, 2009Find the Web's Best Blog Posts at Regator(PCWorld)
August 20, 2009Regator Launches iPhone App - Makes Finding The Best Of The Blogosphere Easier Than Ever(TechNation Australia)
August 19, 2009Don't "Feed" the Regator App - it Finds News for You(Stay N' Alive)
August 19, 2009Regator provides news aggregation for the more blog-minded(The Unofficial Apple Weblog)
August 19, 2009Regator's iPhone app is all sorts of win(The Inquisitr)
August 18, 2009Regator comes to iPhone(Download Squad)
August 18, 2009Regator's iPhone App Puts Blogosphere in Your Pocket!(TechDrawl)
August 18, 2009Regator's New iPhone App Puts The Best of Blogosphere In Your Pocket(Touch Reviews)
August 18, 2009pretty damn snazzy iphone app from regator(MetBlog - Atlanta)
August 18, 2009Regator iPhone App Delivers Quality News & Cool Interface(MyTechOpinion)
August 18, 2009Regator for iPhone: The Web's Trending Topics in Your Pocket(Mashable)
August 18, 2009Regator's New iPhone App Offers News On the Go With Bite(Louis Gray)
August 18, 2009Put The Blogosphere In Your Pocket With Regator(Blogging Tips)
August 18, 2009Regator for iPhone Released — Blog Search on Steroids(jkOnTheRun)
August 17, 2009The Blogosphere in Your Pocket: Regator Comes to the iPhone(ReadWriteWeb)
August 17, 2009Regator Launch Their New iPhone Application(Crenk)
August 7, 2009Congratulations to Indecatur and Regator(Next Stop... Decatur )
May 26, 2009Search the world's best blog posts with Regator(Alt Search Engines)
May 21, 2009Mashable Mixer Atlanta: The Social Media Event That Became #Mashlanta(Mashable)
May 15, 2009Mashable/Regator was a s/mash(inDECATUR)
March 23, 2009Aussie-made social news sites Kwoff, Regator taking off(
March 17, 2009SXSW 2009: Regator crawls the blog trash to find blog treasure(Download Squad)
March 16, 2009SXSW Video: Regator - Curated Blog Aggregator(CenterNetworks)
March 14, 2009Regator: The Blog Aggregator For Everyone(Force of Good)
February 24, 2009Regator: The Blogospheres Best Information Aggregation Portal(Crenk)
February 23, 2009Usability Review: Booth)
February 18, 2009Regator is THE Authority on Blogs(TechDrawl)
January 30, 2009Great review of Regator in yesterday's AJC(inDECATUR)
January 30, 2009Decatur Start-Up "Regator" Gets a Little AJC Love(Decatur Metro)
January 29, 2009Decatur start up aims to find the best blogs(Next Stop... Decatur)
January 29, 2009Decatur start up aims to find the best blogs(Atlanta Journal-Constitution)
December 5, 2008Regator Takes On Digg…And Beats Them!(TechNation Australia)
December 4, 2008Regator, a Decatur startup, in Top 3 in Mashable voting!(inDECATUR)
November 24, 2008Regator 2.0 Takes On Digg!(TechNation Australia)
November 17, 2008Regator Redesign Helps You Find Quality Content(Black Web 2.0)
November 14, 2008RSS reading site Regator revamped(Startup Meme)
November 13, 2008Regator gets a makeover(The Inquisitr)
October 31, 20084 Ways to Find News Relevant to You(Black Web 2.0)
September 10, 2008Regator Launch Party Makes Us Feel Cool For Being Nerdy(The Wren's Nest)
September 9, 2008Glamor Shots(Asian Cajuns)
September 7, 2008Social lives and empty promises(Pecanne Log)
September 5, 2008Regator launch party(inDECATUR)
September 5, 2008Regator Launch Party(Atlanta Music Guide)
September 5, 2008Introducing Regator : A New Site Worth Checking Out(Distilled Rose)
August 17, 2008Now Part of Should Be Simple)
August 15,—a "bite of the blogosphere's best" from one of Atlanta Magazine's very talented editors(Pop-O-Matic)
August 15, 2008Regator's start-up culture, business cards in bathroom lines(The Next Web)
August 15, 2008TechNation Australia Added To Regator(TechNation Australia)
August 13, 2008$1000 iPhone App, Regator, Mloovi, TwitterFone, ididwork(Free Line Report)
August 12, 2008Regator Could Be Your Ticket to the Blogosphere(Max Gladwell)
August 11, 2008Home Biss is on Regator!(Home Biss)
August 9, 2008See you later, Regator(Life Under Electronic Conditions)
August 8, 2008Regator is now Public!(Home Biss)
August 8, 2008Your only as sharp as your reading list(Lucindigo)
August 8, - The Best Of Blogs(Killer Startups)
August 8, 2008Hands on: Regator, the filtered social blog aggregator(Ars Technica)
August 8, 2008Regator takes a bite out of the blogosphere(Download Squad)
August 7, 2008Mainstreaming RSS: Regator is Now in Public Beta(ReadWriteWeb)
August 7, 2008Regator, The Social Blog Aggregator, Launches To The Public(TechCrunch)
August 7, 2008Regator Opens to the Public(Orange Inks)
August 7, 2008Things we missed: Regator, Heekya(The Inquisitr)
August 7, 2008Simplified Media Consumption Service Regator Launches Public Beta(Mashable)
August 7, 2008Regator Launches Today…(Kiss Atlanta)
August 7, 2008Regator: an Easy Peasy Blog Aggregation Website(Neatorama)
August 7, 2008Decatur-based Regator opens in public beta today(InDECATUR)
July 30, 2008Regator now supports OPML, personal feeds + extra invites(The Inquisitr)
July 25, 2008Regator Adds Features [ Invites ](Orange Inks)
July 10, 2008Regator: A Cool Blog Aggregator(Orange Inks)
July 9, 2008Decatur-based blog aggregator is getting international attention(InDECATUR)
July 8, 2008Regator - "Mainstreaming RSS"(Lucindigo)
July 4, 2008100 Regator Invites for Inquisitr Readers(The Inquisitr)
July 3, 2008Regator: smart, well implemented, directory 2.0(The Inquisitr)
July 3, 2008Regator Wants To Be A Blog Reader For The Masses(TechCrunch)
July 3, 2008Run, It's a Giant Rubber Regator!(My Exploding Brain)
July 3, 2008Regator: Mainstreaming RSS Aggregators - 100 Invites(ReadWriteWeb)
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