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About the App

We built Regator's Reading Desk app for people who want to discover, share, and read stories that interest them without a lot of hassle. And in doing that, we've turned the way most people find news on its head: We don't care about what your friends are reading; we just care about what you want to read.

Phone and tablet apps are everywhere (we've made them ourselves), but there are still plenty of us who spend our days tapping away at our desktop computers or sitting in front of our laptops. That's why we created a fun, useful app for your desktop that has all the ease and functionality that you're used to seeing on your mobile apps. We're bringing the news to where you are.

The Reading Desk app is built using the Regator Semantic API, which allows us to do fancy predictions based on what you are interested in to help you find more of what you're looking for. It also provides trends like the ones you see in this app as well as data that can help categorize and tag text. If you are interested in what the API can do for you or your business, contact us or check out the Semantic API website.

About Regator

Regator is a family of products focused on high-quality, topical online content and semantic technology. Founded in November 2007 and launched publicly in August 2008, Regator is headquartered in Atlanta, Georgia. Its products are:

Regator.com: Curated by human editors, this popular blog directory features well-written blogs on over 500 topics as well as trends, monitoring, and more.

Regator Lite and Regator Premium for iPhone: These apps provide tools for reading, finding, and sharing quality blog content on the go.

Regator Widgets: These free widgets allow bloggers to display Regator trends, searches, or posts on their websites.

Regator Semantic API: This API gives developers access to Regator's semantic algorithms, trends data, and automated data-enrichment services. Regator Desktop News is built with the Regator Semantic API.

Learn more on our About Us page or visit our Press Page for logos, photos, articles, and more.

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