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Check Out the Pilot Episode of Campus Preacher Brother Jed Smock’s New Reality Show

Two years ago, I posted about how nomadic fire-and-brimstone campus preacher Brother Jed Smock would soon be starring with his family in a reality TV show. Like any show, there was only promise of a pilot episode (which is no guarantee of a series or that the pilot would even air on television). Show More Summary

Atheist Group’s Adopt a Highway Sign Vandalized (Again) in California

The Atheists United chapter in San Luis Obispo, California has an "adopt a highway" sign marking a stretch of land that they regularly clean up.But that sign was vandalized by someone a few weeks ago: There's not much you can do with...Show More Summary

A Florida Satanist is Forcing City Councils to Make a Decision About Invocation Prayers

The last time we saw Chaz Stevens, the atheist-turned-Satanist was told he couldn't deliver an invocation at a meeting of the Coral Springs (FL) City Commission because officials had no desire to see a prayer that involved -- I'm not kidding here -- twerking and/or a mariachi band.

Catholic Priest Suspended After Saying Pedophilia is Caused by “Children Who Seek Affection”

There must be something in the Catholic Church's baptismal water that makes priests blame the victims in any given situation.There was Father Piero Corsi who said women who were raped or sexually abused "should search their consciences...Show More Summary

A Response to “Why Didn’t God Stop the Shooting?”

After seeing this Christian meme after any school shooting, it's nice to see any sort of rebuttal. This one comes courtesy of Wilson Nguy?n?:

Criticizing Islam vs. Anti-Muslim Bigotry

There is nothing inherent in atheism that prevents an atheist from engaging in bigotry. Not believing in gods provides little in the way of protection against bigotry. We are certainly capable of bigotry. We are capable of bigotry not...Show More Summary

A Closer Look at God & Governing in Texas

The Texas Tribune spoke with 23 elected officials in the state to understand their views on the intersection of God and Governing. It's extremely depressing, to say the least. Someone should make a Bingo card with all the right-wing religious tropes.

“Atheist in Foxholes” Monument in Madison Honors Non-Religious Veterans

Now outside the Freedom From Religion Foundation's headquarters is this 4,743-pound granite monument:

Seventh Grader Told by Ignorant Principal That He Must Stand Up for the Pledge of Allegiance

It's never good when a 12-year-old knows more about the law than his principal.Eros Leon, a seventh-grader at the Cobalt Institute of Math and Science in California, decided to stop saying the Pledge of Allegiance recently because, among other things, "he does not think we are indivisible and fair" as a country.

Why I’m a Fan of the Chicago Cubs

The video below, part of The Atheist Voice series, discusses why I'm a Cubs fan. Which I promise is relevant to this site.

Pastor Who Once Prayed for Congressman’s Death is Now Running for President

In 2010, Rep. John Murtha (D-PA) died. Murtha had been a staunch opponent of the War in Iraq and frequently butted heads with the Religious Right. In response to his death, one of the more disturbing responses came from Pastor WileyShow More Summary

Transgender Woman Attacked and Killed As Baptists Advocate Curing “Transgenderism” with Prayer

In the early hours of the morning in Philadelphia today, Keisha Jenkins, a black transgender woman and activist, was brutally attacked by a group of five men before being shot twice execution-style. She is the 19th confirmed trans person death this year.

Kansas School Angers Christians After Swapping Chapel Pews with Chairs to Create Space for Muslims

More than 50 years ago, when a family donated money to create the Harvey D. Grace Memorial chapel at Wichita State University in Kansas, they said they wanted the space open to people of all faiths. That's why, earlier this year, the school decided to remove the pews from the building. Show More Summary

Tennessee Gun Store Offers Discount to Christians

In celebration of God, Guns, and Country, one opportunistic Tennessee gun store owner, looking to cash in on the surge in gun sales that inevitably follows mass shootings in the U.S., is offering a discount to lure in customers. But not just any customers. This discount applies only to Christians:

“In God We Trust” is Now Displayed on Ambulances in Texas

It was bad enough when the police departments and sheriffs' offices did it. Now, in Lamesa, Texas, medical professionals are inadvertently throwing up their hands in surrender and telling patients to put their faith in God's hands.

Another Ten Commandments Monument Erected Outside Oklahoma Courthouse

Just a day after the Ten Commandments monument outside the Oklahoma State Capitol building was taken down because it's illegal government promotion of religion, the Johnston County Commissioners (in the same state) have put up a similar monument outside the local courthouse:

eBible Fellowship Warns the World Will End… Today

Hold onto your butts, folks. According to some particularly fervent Christians, this could very well be our last day on Earth:

An Arkansas High School is Allowing Students to Pray Over the Loudspeakers at Football Games

Ashdown High School in Arkansas has a problem with prayer.It's not that a lot of kids want to say them. That's not an issue. That's never been an issue. The problem is that everyone in the community seems to have no clue where to draw the line. Show More Summary

New on the Guardian: Atheists Fighting for Choice

You may detect a theme this week. My latest column on the Guardian is up: “Abortion opposition is a religious stance. Atheists must help fight for choice“. Under an onslaught of anti-choice legislation, abortion rights in the U.S. are threatened as never before. But an ally is beckoning from an unexpected quarter: in spite of [Read More...]

Texas City Council Only Lets Atheists Deliver Invocations if a Christian Gets To Pray Afterwards

The Keller City Council in Texas has invocation prayers at meetings. It's legal, so we have to live with it, but it doesn't mean we can't participate.That's why, last year, my friend Zach Moore of the Keller Humanists requested to deliver one of those invocations. Show More Summary

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