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I Knew Ark Encounter Was Struggling… I Didn’t Know It Was Doing This Badly

Look, I know Ark Encounter is going through a rough patch right now... but this accidental mismatch between article and image is so perfect, isn't it?

The Total Solar Eclipse: Why It’s Happening and Why It’s Exciting

With a total solar eclipse set to take place a month from now, it's worth taking a few minutes to understand what the heck is going on.This video from Vox does a nice job telling you what's happening, how rare it is, and why you should be excited about it.

This Gentle Rebuttal to a Christian Apologist Is Surprisingly Powerful

After seeing a young Christian apologist on YouTube saying that atheists are foolish for always wanting natural explanations for everything, Rachel Oates offered this gentle (but very well-informed) rebuttal.

Enjoy This Rap Video About the Flat Earth, Sheeple

It's what you've all been waiting for: A rap about why the Earth is flat, made by a man who just oozes credibility at all turns. He even has finger guns.

England Will Ban Prescriptions for Homeopathy and Other “Low Value” Treatments

Doctors shouldn’t be able to prescribe patients homeopathy, which is “at best a placebo” and a “waste of money,” according to England’s National Health Service.

Ark Encounter’s Tax Rebate Suspension Could Be Reversed

Ark Encounter just lost its tourism-related tax rebate from the state of Kentucky, but a new story includes several interesting details in light of that decision.None of them make Ark Encounter look good.

KY Taxpayers Owe $224,703 in Legal Fees Because Kim Davis Wouldn’t Do Her Job

It's not the first time this week that Kentucky taxpayers have been screwed out of money by fundamentalist Christians.

SF/F Saturday: Women Can Be Doctors Too

It's about time to introduce some diversity to another classic series.

Is the U.S. a Christian Nation? Not At All, and This Video Explains Why

YouTuber Alex J. O'Connor does a nice job running through the arguments conservatives use when they say the U.S. is a Christian Nation... before swiftly rebutting all of them.

Podcast Ep. 173: Creationists Can’t Do Math, Either

We also discussed the least inspirational Mormon story ever, Richard Dawkins' de-platforming, and how the Boy Scouts may allow girls to join before they ever allow atheists.

Bryan Fischer: When Jesus Returns, He’ll Pick the Bigots To Rule Beside Him

The best way to prepare for the return of the Messiah, Bryan Fischer said on his radio show this week, is to make sure we're all as anti-gay as possible so that Jesus knows we're fit to govern in the New World Order.

King County (WA) Will Make Crisis Pregnancy Centers Post Disclaimer for Patients

"Crisis pregnancy centers" are usually nothing more than faith-based, anti-abortion facilities that are more interested in the fetus than the woman. They aren't always staffed by doctors or other trained professionals, either.The King County Board of Health in Washington will now force them to put up signs saying “This facility is not a health care facility.”

Ole Miss Football Coach Who Never Stopped Talking About God Resigns in Disgrace

Ole Miss football coach Hugh Freeze resigned on Thursday after public records revealed he had called at least one escort service, though there were plenty of other damning accusations as well.Why mention this here? Because Freeze was well-known for talking about his deep Christian faith online and to his players.

Blogging More Efficiently

I had an idea that other day about one way I might approach blogging so that it requires less time than I've been devoting to it. Since I know some of you are bloggers or have been bloggers in the past, I thought I'd run it by you and see if you've ever tried it. Show More Summary

Creationist Ken Ham: The Williamstown “Safety Fee” Is So Unfair To Me

Ken Ham just posted a lengthy rant attempting to explain why Ark Encounter doesn't want to pay the 50-cent-per-ticket safety fee imposed by the city of Williamstown.But instead of making anyone feel bad for him, Ham just confirmed every stereotype you have about his selfishness.

Ricky Gervais Loves Responding to Religious People Debating Him on Twitter

Comedian (and atheist) Ricky Gervais loves responding to religious people on Twitter, and he shared some of his favorite moments with Seth Meyers.

Louisiana Judge Forces First-Time Drug Offenders To Take Christian Rehab Class

According to the Freedom From Religion Foundation, a Louisiana judge is making first-time drug offenders go through an eight-week Christian program called "Life Choices" at a local church.If they don't do it, their probations might be revoked.

Buddhist Widow Claims Her Husband Has Returned… as a Calf

A Cambodian woman insists a calf she found outside her house is a reincarnated version of her late husband.

Richard Dawkins’ Open Letter to the People Who Canceled His Event

Richard Dawkins has something to say to the Berkeley radio station that canceled his upcoming event because they claim he has "offended and hurt" people with his "abusive speech" against Islam.

Here’s Why a Mormon Website Published the Least Inspirational Story Ever

An editor of a Mormon website that published a disturbing story of a young man abandoned by his family after expressing his religious doubts now says the piece was never meant to be published. She was as horrified by it as we were.I believe her apology, and I think the editors should be commended for how they're handling this situation.

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