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It’s Been a Year Since the Supreme Court’s Marriage Equality Decision and We’re Still Not Equal

A year after marriage equality was legalized nationwide, we ought to celebrate the victory that so many people worked to achieve, but we can't forget how much more work we have to do.

Open Thread: Brexit

Well, who saw that coming? In a shock 52-48 vote, the United Kingdom has declared its intent to quit the European Union. The value of the pound is plummeting, world stock markets are cratering, and Prime Minister David Cameron, who allowed the referendum as a concession to right-wingers in his party, is quitting in humiliation. [Read More...]

Podcast Ep. 115: Dr. Jerry Coyne, Author of Faith vs. Fact

At the recent American Humanist Association conference in Chicago, we spoke with Dr. Jerry Coyne, author, most recently, of Faith Versus Fact: Why Science and Religion Are Incompatible. Dr. Coyne is a now-retired Professor in the Department of Ecology and Evolution at the University of Chicago. Show More Summary

Christopher Hitchens is “Dead and Gone,” Sings Band in Song Honoring His Legacy

A band called The Iron Boot Scrapers sang a tribute to the late Christopher Hitchens at the recent Brighton (UK) Fringe festival. Because it's never too late to honor those you respect.

Pope Francis Says Gay People Deserve an Apology, but His Actions Show Otherwise

On a day when pride parades are taking place across the country, Pope Francis, who famously said of anti-LGBT prejudice, "Who am I to judge?," now states that the Catholic Church owes an apology to gay people.But while the media may be making a big deal about it, this is hardly a generous move.

Ultra-Orthodox Jew Who Stabbed Six at 2015 Jerusalem Gay Pride Parade Sentenced to Life in Prison

An ultra-Orthodox Jew who stabbed six people at last summer's gay pride parade in Jerusalem finally got the punishment he deserved.

Wisconsin Public School District Puts Developmentally Delayed 3-Year-Olds in a Christian Program

For three-year-olds with developmental delays, the Beaver Dam Unified School District in Wisconsin has a program in which those kids are sent to a private preschool. It's a way to give those kids the attention and help they need.But when one mother was told about the program, she was directed to St. Show More Summary

Ken Ham: Evolution is a “Religion of Death”

Ken Ham, in his quest to turn everyone into Creationists, reminds us that evolution is all about death, death, death.

I Wasn’t Expecting to See That in a Book About Evolution…

When Renee Winget went to a local bookstore to pick up a copy of Neil Shubin's (excellent) book about evolution Your Inner Fish, she found a Christian tract inside...

The Story of Human Progress… in 10 Minutes

In a fascinating video that walks through human history before Creationists believe the universe even came into existence, we learn how much progress we've really made and how lucky we are to be living today:

The Never-Ending Religious Liberty Case Involving Steel Tires, Damaged Roads, and Mennonites

If your religious beliefs cause damage to public roads, should you be punished for it? Iowa Mennonites say no, and the courts have consistently agreed with them.

Mat Staver: Marriage Equality Is a “Lie From the Pit of Hell”

Kim Davis' attorney made the anti-gay comments days before the first anniversary of the Supreme Court ruling that legalized marriage equality nationwide.And, as usual, he's completely wrong.

James Dobson Says of Donald Trump: “I Know the Person Who Led Him to Christ”

Earlier this week, Donald Trump met with a large group of Christian leaders for what was widely seen as a way to pander to an evangelical base that isn't yet enamored with him.James Dobson, the founder of Focus on the Family, was one of the attendees. Show More Summary

TX Supreme Court Sides With Homeschooling Parents Who Didn’t Teach Their Kids Due to the Rapture

Should homeschooling Christian parents be allowed to withhold education from their children because they believe the Rapture is imminent? The Texas Supreme Court -- in true Texas fashion -- just ruled in favor of the parents. But they didn't exactly settle the issue.

After Losing Battle Against Noah’s Ark Theme Park, Kentucky Officials Pay $190,000 Legal Bill

Earlier this year, a Kentucky judge ruled that the Ark Encounter theme park was indeed eligible for an $18 million tax incentive from the state, despite being a religious ministry. And now the state has paid the bill for challenging that idea in court.

Orthodox Jewish Group Posts Disturbing Image on Facebook Saying “Silence Equals Consent”

Yesterday, the Facebook page for ultra-orthodox Jewish website posted this really disturbing image... see if you can figure out why so many readers were upset with it.

What Lessons Should the U.S. Take Away From Brexit?

I am not going to do you the disservice of pretending that I understand all - or even most - of the relevant factors leading up to Britain's recent decision to leave the European Union (EU). My understanding of British politics and how the EU operates is quite limited. Show More Summary

The Australian Sex Party Has the Greatest Campaign Video Ever

I don't know much about Australian politics, but I feel very confident in saying you should totally vote for the Australian Sex Party in next week's elections. Because if this (perfectly SFW) campaign video gives you any indication as to how they would govern, we'd all be better off with them in charge.

Lawrence Krauss and Ray Comfort Discuss Bananas (and More) in This Short Film

In one of the more interesting conversations to come out of the Reason Rally, physicist Lawrence Krauss and evangelist Ray Comfort agreed to meet in a hotel room for a discussion in front of filmmaker Scott Burdick. Their chat is now online.And yes, they talk about bananas.

What’s Stopping Donald Trump from Becoming a Self-Proclaimed Christian Leader At This Point?

Randall Stephens mocked up a book cover for Donald Trump's inevitable "Very Classy Book of Christianly Devotions":

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