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How Irresponsible Journalists Took Down a Scientist Without Gathering the Facts

If you're not familiar with Nobel Prize-winning scientist Timothy Hunt, the fact that he won a Nobel Prize should tell you about his contributions to the field. Beyond that, though, he's been a supporter of women in science, helpingShow More Summary

Maybe We Should Be Helping Out the Psychics

Stephan Pastis' Pearls Before Swine comic strip today pretty much illustrates why skeptics should avoid psychics. It's not likely to go well.And you don't even need supernatural powers to predict that.

In the U.S., 49% of Former Catholics Have Left Organized Religion for Good

Last week, the Public Religion Research Institute in partnership with Religion News Service released a comprehensive survey of American Catholics, and we're still getting reports on what they found.The latest analysis focuses on where...Show More Summary

Joshua Feuerstein: Putting Kim Davis in Jail Means the “Christian Holocaust Has Officially Begun”

Vertical-video-addict Joshua Feuerstein, last seen showing his children how to fire guns in the backyard, now says the jailing of Kim Davis amounts to a "Christian holocaust":

The “Atheist” Neo-Nazi Just Convicted of Triple Murder Was No Atheist

In April of 2014, white supremacist Frazier Glenn Miller, Jr., also known as Frazier Glenn Cross, shot and killed a boy, the boy's grandfather, and a woman near a Kansas Jewish community center while shouting “Heil Hitler!” In a dark twist of fate, all three victims were white Christians. This week, Miller was convicted of capital murder. Show More Summary

New “Crusader” Assault Rifle with Bible Verse On It Is Supposed to Repel Muslim Terrorists

If you want to prevent more mass shootings in the United States, what do you do?Pass gun control legislation? Hire more cops? Have stricter background checks?According to Spike's Tactical, a gun manufacturer in Apopka, Florida, you don't need to bother with any of those things. Show More Summary

U.S. District Judge Sends Kim Davis to Jail

Alternate headline: "The Religious Right will be sending out their latest fundraising emails in 5... 4... 3..." The latest:

Kim Davis Has Made Working at the Rowan County Courthouse a Nightmare

As we wait to learn the fate of Rowan County clerk Kim Davis, the government worker who refuses to do the work of the government because she worships a homophobic God, the Kentucky Trial Court Review's Shannon Ragland has posted some fascinating excerpts from an exclusive interview with County Attorney Cecil Watkins. Show More Summary

The Oklahoma Bureau of Narcotics Is Taking a Stand on the Issue of Biblical Cannabis

The Oklahoma Bureau of Narcotics decided to go above and beyond (and arguably away from) the call of duty the other day after sharing an article on Facebook about how marijuana may alter brain structure in certain people: Maybe we could have a discussion about what that article does and does not say... but instead, the conversations in the comment thread just got weird.

This Must Be What Neil deGrasse Tyson is Like When the Cameras Are Off

If you missed last night's Key & Peele, you missed a trifecta of short sketches in which Neil deGrasse Tyson (played by Jordan Peele) was accused by his wife of not walking the dog, being late for a funeral, and having lipstick on his shirt... forcing him to make excuses invoking science and special effects.

Here’s What You Get if You Donate to John Oliver’s Church

If you gave any money to Megareverend John Oliver's Our Lady of Perpetual Exemption Church, you may be aware that he's received it. He showed off his "seeds" on the most recent episode.You may not be aware, though, that he's also writing back to all church members.And, in true church leader fashion, he's asking for even more money.Redditor tuffbot324 shared this image online:

The Ridicule and Mockery of Religious Belief

One of the longest running controversies among atheists concerns the use of ridicule and mockery as a way of responding to public expressions of religious belief. Some argue that mockery and ridicule should have no place because they...Show More Summary

The Future of the James Randi Educational Foundation

Earlier this year, James Randi announced that he would be retiring from the James Randi Educational Foundation. That came a few months after the organization closed its Los Angeles office and let go of its Executive Director.(Randi,Show More Summary

Neil deGrasse Tyson Chats with Charlie Rose

In case you missed it the other night, Neil deGrasse Tyson was one of the guests on Charlie Rose.(Sorry if the Hulu settings don't work in your country!)

The Upside-Down Glass of Water Illusion… Debunked

Captain Disillusion explains the secret behind a popular illusion.If you flip a glass of water upside down and remove it just right, does the water really remain in place?

Nashville Mayoral Candidate Airs Radio Ad Trashing Opponent’s Support of Church/State Separation

Last week, I posted about a controversy brewing in the Nashville (Tennessee) mayoral race between Megan Barry and David Fox. Rumor had it that Fox's campaign was calling up voters and suggesting that Barry didn't believe in God -- because that's supposed to be a bad thing. Show More Summary

Kim Davis’ Lawyer Says KY County Residents Can Drive 30 Minutes to Get a Marriage License Elsewhere

Mat Staver, the Liberty Counsel lawyer who's defending Christian bigot Kim Davis in her quest to be a government employee who doesn't have to do her job, is bending over backwards trying to rationalize bigotry.His latest argument, which...Show More Summary

Church Warns Against “Spiritually Transmitted Disease”

I know churches are always trying to get your attention with flashy postcards and fliers... but Blue Mountain Community Church (in Walla Walla, Washington) may want to rethink this one:

Bill Nye Busts a Move With His New Dance “The Click”

There's a new dance called "The Click" and all the cool science nerds are doing it.Well, at least the coolest science nerd is.Bill Nye, known to cut a rug or two, debuted his new "50s rockabilly style" jig this week on The CW's Whose Line is it Anyway alongside Wayne Brady and his lyrical improv.

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