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Conformity and Tradition

I've never been good at conformity. There were plenty of times in my childhood when I desperately wanted to fit in; I just wasn't skilled at doing so. I was too curious, asked too many questions, and resisted doing things I didn't want to do unless the reasons I was given for why I needed to do them made sense to me. Show More Summary

Imagine If God Really Did Punish Us With the Weather

Carrying that idea to its logical conclusion shows you just how absurd it is.

At This Point, Evangelical Christians Are Persecuting Themselves

Evangelicals are doing all they can to make their religion look as ugly as possible.

What We Can Learn From Roy Moore About Tribalism

Ever since the allegations against Roy Moore surfaced, we have been seeing some bizarre rationalizations, justifications, and excuses from political conservatives and/or evangelical Christians. Sure, some of them have claimed that they do not believe any of the accusations. Show More Summary

Trump Deserves Credit for Ending the War on Christmas

Shortly after Donald Trump's inauguration as the 45th President of the United States, I wrote the following:For those of us who are freethinkers seeking to transcend destructive tribalism, confronting this new reality is going to mean...Show More Summary

Christians Bullied Shop Owner to Stay Closed on Sundays, But the Plan Backfired

The Christian bullies who wanted to intimidate Leona Rawlinson have given her more business than ever before.

New Zealand Megachurch Will Lose Tax Exempt Status for Failing to File Returns

The people running this church have been cocky and uncharitable for far too long.It's about time it all finally caught up with them.

Breitbart Guest: Liberals Always Say “Love is Love,” So Lay Off Roy Moore

Dan Gainor doesn't get that the phrase "love is love" refers to two adults who can offer consent.

Coming Soon: Meta

I wrote in September about the forthcoming publication of my book with Andrew Murtagh, Meta: On God, the Big Questions, and the Just City (An Uncommon Exchange). Today, I have a further announcement: I’m pleased to unveil the cover art! If you’d like to read my original posts with Andrew, they’re here – but the […]

Several UK Water Companies Openly Admit to Using Pseudoscientific Tools

The utility companies told a science blogger they use divining rods to detect water and leaks.

What Can We Learn from the Cancellation of the Global Atheist Convention?

On paper, the 2018 Global Atheist Convention in Melbourne, Australia should have been a huge success... but the event was canceled due to low ticket sales.What's going on? And what does it say about other similar events?

Donald Trump Defends Roy Moore: “He Totally Denies It”

Even an accused pedophile will have the support of this president as long as there's an "R" after his name.

Atheists and Jews Forced to Lie About Religious Beliefs at NYU in Abu Dhabi

No one should be forced to lie about their religious beliefs on official government documents.

Christian Activist: Roy Moore Dated Girls Because All the Older Women Were Taken

This is conservative Christianity at its peak: Awful excuses for awful ideas, all in the name of political power.

Florida Church Warns Visitors: “We Are Heavily Armed”

"Jesus said we should turn the other cheek.Oh, and by the way, if a deranged gunman comes after us, we're going to blow his brains out and hope for minimal collateral damage.Amen."

Science Is Still Under Attack in the Public Schools

This video is a great primer if you're trying to understand what the controversy is about.

The Museum of the Bible Should Do More To Show the Book’s Modern Shortcomings

If these glaring omissions exist on Day One, that doesn't bode well for the future.

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