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Intended Audience of Church Reader Boards

John Salmon / St Mary, Ellingham, Norfolk Most of the churches I drive by every day (and there are a lot of them here in Mississippi) have electronic reader boards. A few use them to list the chapter and verse of various bible verses, presumably so some curious passerby might look them up to see what they say. Show More Summary

Here’s Everything You Need to Know About Jehovah’s Witnesses (in Five Minutes)

Jehovah's Witnesses believe in ideas that are harmful and illogical. But if you consider leaving, they'll make it as difficult as possible.

Lawrence Krauss Has Finally Responded to the Allegations of Sexual Misconduct

After nearly two weeks of silence, cosmologist and atheist Lawrence Krauss has finally responded to the BuzzFeed article detailing allegations of sexual misconduct against him.

GOP Candidate for NC House Wrongly Claims Prayer Is Banned in Schools

No one has ever banned prayer in school. The fact that Claiborne Holtzman doesn't understand something this simple is why he's unqualified for elected office.

Woman Claiming To Be God Restrained After Trying To Open Cabin Door

What's the difference between this woman and the so-called prophets in any holy book?

Abstinence Advocate Gets Veto Power Over $286 Million in Family Planning Funding

This is a public health disaster waiting to happen, which is exactly what we've come to expect whenever Republicans are in power.

Two Openly Non-Religious Candidates Lost Their Congressional Primaries in TX

I'm thrilled that there were non-religious options on the ballot even if the Democrats who won have uphill battles this November.

Arizona State U. Puts Lawrence Krauss on Paid Leave After Harassment Allegations

Lawrence Krauss continues to deny allegations of sexual misconduct, but several groups are distancing themselves from the famed cosmologist and atheist.

TX District Attorney Who Said “Vaccines Can and Do Cause Autism” Loses Primary

Nico LaHood was best known outside Texas for spreading a harmful, unsubstantiated conspiracy theory about vaccines. Tonight, the voters kicked him out of office.

I Finally Understand Why So Many People Reject Science

The Creation Museum makes complete sense in light of this revelation.

Thanks to Atheists, a NC County Won’t Give a Church $72,500 for Jesus-Themed Art

There was never a secular purpose for a fresco of Jesus saying "Blessed are the poor."

Was It Right for a Gay Escort to Expose Dozens of Catholic Priests Who Saw Him?

I have a hard time finding sympathy for the Catholic priests who routinely speak out against same-sex relationships while privately engaging in those very acts.

Parents Suing LA District Request Anonymity After Death Threats from Christians

Many people are threatening plaintiffs in a church/state separation lawsuit against a Louisiana school district because that's What Jesus Would Do.

Maryland Church Gives Away Free Cars Because Something Something Jesus

For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son, that whoever believes in him shall not perish but maybe drive home in a new Ford Escape.

It’s The Wizard of Oz… As Shown In Sunday School

Christians found a way to turn a classic movie into a religious parable. It's as bad as you'd imagine.

Christian Pastor: Gay People Are Satanists and “They Have Money!”

Here's another pastor talking out of his ass, condemning people he knows nothing about.

Richard Dawkins Asks If You’d Eat “Human Meat” Grown in a Lab (Don’t Freak Out.)

This isn’t the only time Richard Dawkins has mused publicly about cannibalism. But people always seem to get upset over it for no good reason.

Kansas Republicans Pass Anti-Transgender Resolution “Motivated By Love”

The resolution condemns any and all efforts to validate transgender identities. Because that, Republicans say, is what the Christian God wants.

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