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Women in Lebanon Are No Longer Forced To Marry Their Rapists

The Lebanese Republic has, in 2017, finally repealed a law that allowed alleged rapists to escape punishment by marrying their accusers.

Thousands of Religious Leaders Want Congress To Protect the Johnson Amendment

Repealing the Johnson Amendment would be a disaster for religion, turning many churches into political battlefields.Thousands of religious leaders have now signed a letter urging Congress not to take that step.

Malaysian Police Official: Atheists Have To Stop Causing Anxiety Among Muslims

Malaysia's Inspector-General of Police issued the warning after a picture of atheists simply having drinks and smiling went viral.

Catholics Priests Have Fathered Countless Children, Only To Abandon Them

The stories are heartbreaking, in part because some of the priests have children only to walk out of their lives, back into the Church.

Every Single State Constitution Includes At Least One Reference to God

How many states make references to God (or variations of that word) in their constitutions?I figured it'd be a handful. I had no idea the correct answer was every single one of them.

The Atlanta Falcons’ New Stadium Has a Chick-fil-A… That’s Closed on Sundays

The headlines are entertaining, but the restaurant's inclusion in the stadium still makes financial sense.

Atheists Sponsor Charity Food Drive During St. Paul Saints Baseball Game

It's heartwarming to see a minor league baseball team accommodate local atheists like this.

CEOs Are Abandoning Donald Trump, But His Evangelical Advisors Are Staying Put

When corporations and CEOs represent the moral high ground over evangelical Christians, you know there's a problem with the religion.

Michele Bachmann Is Now “Pastor to the United Nations” for a CA Megachurch

The former congresswoman, who despises the United Nations, will now preach to people there on behalf of a Christian Right ministry.

Secretary of State Says Atheists, Too, Are Victims of Religious Persecution

There are plenty of reasons to criticize Rex Tillerson, but for a brief moment, he (or whoever writes his speeches) rightly acknowledged the persecution faced by critics of religion.

Pakistan May Amend Its Blasphemy Law… Without Correcting the Actual Problem

As long as blasphemy remains a crime, Pakistan will continue to see blood shed in the name of religion.

Baptist Pastor: Women Shouldn’t Vote and Female Politicians Belong in a Kitchen

The New Zealand pastor added that Labour Party leader Jacinda Ardern should go home and "bake a cake for her boyfriend."

Alt-Right Expert Claims Movement Includes a “Lot of Agnostics and Atheists”

The author of a new book on the alt-right says the movement is made up of a lot of atheists, Agnostics, and people "indifferent to religion."But there's a world of difference between those groups.

Richard Dawkins: Donald Trump’s Anti-Muslim Policies Are “Inhumane”

Richard Dawkins may criticize Islam, but it doesn't mean he agrees with Donald Trump's "draconian, illiberal, horrible policies towards Muslims."

My New Favorite Thing on Twitter

Helen Pluckrose (@HPluckrose) is one of the many fantastic people I follow on Twitter. She's a secular humanist in London. She also happens to be one of the very few people I follow on Twitter who regularly interacts with people with whom she disagrees without being disagreeable and resorting to name-calling. Show More Summary

Christian Theocrat Roy Moore is a Step Closer to Winning a Senate Seat

Roy Moore is the Christian Right's dream candidate, and he could be in the U.S. Senate this December.

Lawsuit May Challenge Ontario’s Religious Exemptions for Doctor-Assisted Death

As it stands, taxpayer funded Catholic hospitals in Ontario don't have to help patients who want to end life on their own terms.A lawsuit would challenge their religious exemption.

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