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People Are So Desperate to Remove Donald Trump From Office That They’re Resorting To Witchcraft

When singer Lana Del Rey tweeted this odd message on Thursday, it looked like a cryptic promotion for a future album.If only.It turns out she was talking about how witchcraft would remove Donald Trump from office.

Citizens Revolt After Senator Comes to Town Hall Late, Then Prays: “They Booed the Name of Jesus”

Here's a suggestion to Republicans: If you're going to be late to your own town hall meeting, especially after your constituents have been waiting for hours to ask you questions, don't waste time when you finally arrive by praying.

Podcast Ep. 150: The Week in Politics and Atheism

In our latest podcast, Jessica and I discussed the past week in politics and atheism.

NC State Senator Brags About How Courthouse’s “In God We Trust” Sign Promotes Christianity

Rule #1 of "In God We Trust" signs? Says it's about patriotism, not about promoting Christianity.No one sent that memo to State Senator Chuck Edwards.

Victoria driver’s license

Marcus Bowring out of Victoria, Australia, was successful in getting his Driver’s license photo taken while wearing Pastafarian religious headgear. “I kept the strainer in a bag until it was time to take the photo because I was bit worried that there were a few bigots around that might not accept it,” he said. “But […]

Michigan County Officials Will Foolishly Waste Money Defending Their Christian-Only Prayers

The Jackson County Board of Commissioners in Michigan don't seem to know that if they lose a legal battle, taxpayers are on the hook for the other side's legal fees...

NFL Star Kordell Stewart Sues “I’m Not Gay No More” Man for Millions Over Affair Allegations

The Christian who once declared to his congregation, "I'm not gay no more!" is being sued by NFL player Kordell Stewart, who says claims that they slept together have hurt his reputation.

Florida State Rep. Kim Daniels Rants Against Witches, Calls for Prayers on Behalf of Donald Trump

Florida State Rep. Kimberly Daniels went on Facebook Live this morning to lament the witches and warlocks casting spells on Donald Trump. Because this is a problem that needs to be solved...

Family Christian Stores Is Closing Because They Sold Too Many “Heretical” Books, Says WND Writer

Why is Family Christian Stores closing all of its locations? It's not economic forces, says one conservative commentator. It's because they sold too many books that made people question a single interpretation of the Bible.

Referring to Economy, Grant County (KY) Official Says Ark Encounter Has “Not Done Us Good At All”

Despite the promises from Ken Ham that his Ark Encounter theme park would be wonderful for the local economy in Grant County, Kentucky, the numbers haven't added up. A local official is now admitting that out loud.

Joshua Feuerstein Thinks His Prayers Will Cancel Out Witches’ Spells On Donald Trump

Christian Hate-Pastor Joshua Feuerstein heard about how witches are going to cast a spell on Donald Trump, so he wants everyone to pray to counter the hex.Because, as everyone knows, if two forms of nonsense are mixed, their powers cancel out.

I Am Come

Most of the Christian churches I pass whenever I leave my home have electronic reader boards out front near their signs. I suppose this makes it far easier for them to change the text they want to display to passersby. Some of the more...Show More Summary

White Evangelicals Are the Only Group Whose Support of a Muslim Ban Has Gone Up Since Last May

White evangelical Christians are sticking their fingers in their ears as people explain why the Muslim ban makes for awful policy and clinging to their belief that America needs to be closed off to people who don't believe as they d...

Christian Hate-Pastor: “The Biggest Problem With India Today is Hinduism”

Hate-Pastor Steven Anderson thinks Hinduism is the biggest problem with India today (followed closely by Islam). But his sermon got really weird when he offered a solution to the nation's poverty problem.

In Video, Conservative Christian Slams Transgender Students: “They Don’t Need Tolerance”

With Donald Trump rescinding protections for transgender students, forcing them to pee in the wrong bathrooms in states where conservatives have power, it was only a matter of time before Christians came to his defense with even more bigotry.

Ken Ham: Atheists Are Insecure, and That’s Why They’re Scared of Creationism in Public Schools

In a bizarre Facebook post yesterday, Creationist Ken Ham argued that atheists were indoctrinating children in the public schools by teaching them proper science.

Bracing for the Christian Proselytizing While Shopping

I need to do some shopping today, and so I will soon be heading out to the local warehouse store to stock up on several bulk food items I've been using a lot of lately. I've discovered that as long as I know I am going to use everything I buy, I can save at least a little money by shopping this way vs. Show More Summary

Students Deserve a Space That’s Free of Religious Indoctrination

With Secretary of Education Betsy DeVos already intent on using taxpayer money to fund religious education, the question has to be asked: Why do conservative Christians have to promote their faith in every realm of life?

Christian Writer Describes the Moment When the “Sneaky Squid Spirit Starts Stalking You”

Here's one of the (many) problems with religious thinking: Even when there's a perfectly rational explanation for something, you have to find a way to attribute it to the supernatural.

A Ten Commandments Monument Outside the Nueces County Courthouse in Texas Needs to Come Down

The Supreme Court has already ruled that stand-alone Ten Commandments monuments on government property, like this one in Texas, are illegal. Why doesn't anyone at the Nueces County Courthouse understand this?

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