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Lindsey Graham Says Lucifer May Be “the Only Person Trump Could Beat in a General Election”

Days after former Speaker of the House John Boehner called Ted Cruz "Lucifer in the flesh," Lindsey Graham used the devil to denounce Donald Trump.On CBS' Face the Nation this morning, Graham said that Lucifer was "the only person Trump could beat in a general election" and that "Trump polls like Lucifer" when it comes to women and Hispanics.

Kentucky Has a Science Problem

With the opening of the Noah's Ark theme park just over two months away, buttressed by up to $18 million in tax breaks from taxpayers, people are starting to reflect on what it means for the state of science in Kentucky. The editorial...Show More Summary

Another Evangelical Group Invades Target in Protest of Trans Bathroom Decision

Just hours after first posting about a couple of God-fearing goons who marched into a Target store to startle and harass shoppers over their Bible-masked bigotry, another video has surfaced.This one's from a Portland, Oregon based group...Show More Summary

Late Nazi Sect Leader, a Pedophile Minister, Is Back Under Scrutiny After Release of Secret Files

The German government is declassifying files on a Chilean commune that was founded by low-ranking Nazi officer Paul Schäfer, who was also a Christian minister.During its 1960s and '70s heyday, the secretive colony was a hotbed of pedophilia...Show More Summary

Christians Shout at Target Customers to Protest Trans-Inclusive Bathrooms

Well, we knew this was coming. Boycotting Target over the company's decision to have trans-inclusive restrooms wasn't enough to ease all of those in moral disagreement. So while some Christians are purposely heading to the bathroom of the opposite gender to prove some warped point, others are preaching the Word in person, slinging some harsh judgment upon everyone in the store.

It’s a Deeply-Held Religious Belief; Why Shouldn’t Naked Jain Monks Defecate in the Open?

The Indian government has embarked on a nationwide toilet construction initiative intended to eradicate open defecation by 2019. You’d think that everyone can agree that people who (ahem) bake brownies out in the open when bathroomsShow More Summary

How Yelp is Affecting Self-Proclaimed Psychics and Tarot Card Readers

For a long time, skeptics have been trying to debunk claims of psychic powers by explaining how cold readings work and demystifying the whole game.But maybe James Randi just needed Yelp.An article in the New York Times by Michael Wilson -- in his appropriately named "Crime Scene" column -- says that reviews on the site may be affecting people in the clairvoyance business.

Atheist Penn Jillette Explains Why He’s a Libertarian

I have my differences with Penn Jillette. Our brands of atheism are just far enough apart that I've jokingly pictured him and me as the two characters in the famous Emo Philips gag.But I find little to disagree with him on in the column he...Show More Summary

There Won’t Be Any New Earth

One of the Bible’s repeated assertions is that, after the apocalypse and the destruction of the world, God will create a new, perfect earth where believers will live in harmony forever: “And I saw a new heaven and a new earth: for the first heaven and the first earth were passed away… And God shall [Read More...]

Christian Hate-Pastor: Prince is Burning in Hell Because He Was a Jehovah’s Witness

Christian Hate-Pastor Steven Anderson explained in a recent sermon that Prince is burning in Hell because he chose to be a Jehovah's Witness.

Here’s What the Bible Actually Teaches You

If you were on Twitter yesterday, you may have seen the trending hashtag #TheBibleHasTaughtMe. If that was intended as a starting point for people to talk about how God has impacted their lives, it backfired.Here's what some clever people tweeted about what the Bible actually taught them:

Podcast Ep. 105: Dr. Dawn Eden, Catholic Convert and Author

Our latest podcast guest is Dr. Dawn Eden, a Catholic convert and author most recently of Remembering God's Mercy: Redeem the Past and Free Yourself from Painful Memories. Dr. Eden was born into a Jewish family, became an Agnostic during her teenage years, and then found God and became a Catholic in her 30s. Show More Summary

Army Sexual Harassment Speaker Tells Crowd They Can Only “Overcome the Horrors of Rape” with Jesus

During a Sexual Harassment/Assault Response and Prevention (SHARP) program held at Alabama's Redstone Arsenal army base this past week, Tajuan McCarty was slated to talk about her experience as a sex-trafficking victim.Instead, she gave them some questionable advice:

Kirk Cameron: Wives Should Always “Honor and Respect and Follow Their Husband’s Lead”

Actor and Christian evangelist Kirk Cameron did an interview with the Christian Post last month in which he talked about how women ought to be subservient to their husbands in the relationship. It's a message he preaches during his "Love Worth Fighting For" tour and one that's all too common within Christian fundamentalism.

Ken Ham Promotes Journal with “Cutting Edge Creationist Research”

Creationist Ken Ham made a laughable pitch to get you to read his pseudo-scientific magazine: Much like Ham's Creation "Museum" that isn't really a museum, this "research" journal doesn't offer anything in the way of research.

Remembering Atheist Blog Carnivals

Queen of the Carnival of Santa Cruz de Tenerife. This carnival is one of the largest in the world. (Photo credit: Wikipedia) Not so long ago, between and 2005 and 2010 for instance, the atheist blogosphere was a very different place than it is today. Show More Summary

Dave Silverman and Paul Provenza Discuss Atheism on The Rubin Report

American Atheists' David Silverman and comedian Paul Provenza recently sat down for an hour-long conversation on The Rubin Report. The full episode is now online, in which they discussed religious extremism, politics, and the idea of "spiritual but not religious."

Humanist Bart Campolo Talks About Making the Most of the Only Life We Have

My friend Bart Campolo, one of the most inspiring atheists you'll ever hear, gave a talk recently for Atheists United (in California) in which he attempted to answer a simple but important question: If this life is all we have, how do we make the most of it?

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