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WV School District Temporarily Suspends Bible Indoctrination Classes for Kids

An elective Bible course offered in West Virginia's Mercer County Schools has been suspended for a year while administrators decide whether it's actually legal, the result of a lawsuit from the Freedom From Religion Foundation.

Christian Activist Defends Greg Gianforte: We Need “a More Violent Christianity”

There's nothing Republican Christians can do that'll upset the Religious Right, even though liberal leaders offering even a hint of those actions would result in full-blown conservative outrage.

Maine Senate Approves, Then Rejects, Atheist’s Invocation Request Without Explanation

Why did the Maine Senate say no to this invocation written by an atheist? It's quite possibly the least controversial statement you'll ever read.

I Guess We’ll Have to Call Him “Dr. Ken Ham” Now

What sort of school would bestow this title on someone whose career is devoted to miseducating children?

A Public School Rightly Rejected an 8th Grader’s Graduation Sermon

Once again, Fox News' Todd Starnes is making up stories about Christian persecution because he has no actual ones to write about.

This Is How We Got Here (Assuming You Accept Science)

This is fantastic five-minute history of the universe.Or, as Ken Ham likes to call it, fiction.

Friday Night Music: Diet Cig

This song from the pop-punk duo Diet Cig is a silly little bit of fluff, but damn if the video didn’t make me smile:

A Terrorist’s Belief in Islamic Paradise May Have Justified the Manchester Bombing

Was there a reason, beyond just "terror," that an Islamic bomber picked a target where innocent children were inevitably going to be hurt by the blast?Here's one possibility.

Pastor Rick Joyner: Donald Trump is a “Rookie President” Who Keeps Hitting Home Runs

It's amazing what Donald Trump can accomplish when you ignore the courts striking down his executive orders, the math never adding up on his proposals, and his inability to find competent help.

Watch This Scientist Brilliantly Explain CRISPR to Everyone from a Child to a Ph.D.

It's fascinating to watch this biologist maneuver between them all, explaining CRISPR to people of all ages and levels of understanding.

RI State Rep. Who Called Teen Atheist “Evil Little Thing” Indicted for Embezzlement

Former Rhode Island State Rep. Peter Palumbo was charged with "one count of embezzlement, one count of unlawful appropriation over $1,000, and one count of personal use of campaign funds."

The “Conceptual Penis” Prank Pulled By Skeptics Shouldn’t Be Taken Seriously

Just because a paper passes peer review doesn't mean it's any good, and just because it mocks gender studies doesn't mean the entire subject is worthless.

Gunmen Kill 26 Christians, Including Kids, In Egyptian Bus Attack

While no group has claimed responsibility for the killings, the militants attacked the bus days after ISIS claimed responsibility for the deadly suicide bombing at an Ariana Grande concert in Manchester... and months after Donald Trump promised he would have a plan to completely "destroy" ISIS in 30 days.

Manchester Mayor Claims Mass Murderer Salman Abedi “Was a Terrorist, Not a Muslim”

Mayor Andy Burnham's comment was enough to send honest people -- a group in which he can no longer claim membership -- into spasms of disbelief.

The Fountainhead: Hard Hat Zone

How many people died building those majestic skyscrapers?

What This Liberal Thinks About Islam

I am a liberal. When it comes to the left-right political spectrum, I am far to the left. And when it comes to the libertarian-authoritarian pole, I am far to the libertarian side (you can see a visual representation of where I fall if you are interested). Show More Summary

An Informative, Infuriating Look At How To Effectively Talk About Climate Change

If you want to convince people about the dangers of climate change, what's the best way to do it?As this video shows, you have to play to their hearts, not their minds.

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