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Gordon Klingenschmitt: Hillary Clinton’s “Demonic Spirit of Hatred” Makes Her Anti-Christian

Fresh off of his primary loss in Colorado, current State Rep. Gordon Klingenschmitt appeared on his Pray In Jesus Name show to say that Hillary Clinton hates Christians and is possessed by the devil.All because she said Donald Trump's "racist, sexist, homophobic, xenophobic, Islamophobic" supporters were part of a "basket of deplorables."

Donald Trump Rejected Scientific Consensus on Climate Change at Last Night’s Debate

He said it. He denied it. And Donald Trump's science denial should concern all of us.

Bridgeport (CT) Police Chief Blames Atheism for Crime in His Community: “People Have Abandoned God”

Bridgeport, Connecticut Police Chief Armando Perez knows why crime is a problem in his city.It's not guns.It's not poverty.It's atheism.

FL Christians Push 2018 Ballot Measure to Potentially Execute Women and Their Abortion Doctors

Donald Trump was excoriated earlier this year when he said women who obtained abortions should be punished. That was the wrong answer to traditional pro-lifers, who typically want to see punishment only for the doctors who conduct the...Show More Summary

You Just Gotta Believe

The Belief Wall (Photo credit: Wikipedia) When I was about 14 and struggling to come to terms with what I was just beginning to recognize as a lack of god belief, I sought help from several Christians. You see, I had no desire to stop believing in gods. Show More Summary

Everything Doesn’t Happen for a Reason

They say the depressing, confusing, most awful moments in your life are all part of God's Master Plan.They say we can't understand why bad things happen to good people, that's it all beyond our comprehension.They're wrong.

Kids Are Natural Scientists and Not Just Because They’re Curious

Sure, we like to think kids are natural scientists... but the parallels go far beyond their desire to explore and take things apart.

A Jehovah’s Witness Leader Proudly Speaks of a Man Who Refused a Life-Saving Blood Transfusion

In his latest video picking apart the messages coming out of this summer's Jehovah's Witnesses regional conferences, Lloyd Evans explains and analyzes the threats of bad associations by preemptively shunning them. That also means obeying JW rules no matter what, even if your life is on the line.

Why Do Climate Change Deniers Reject Sound Science? A New Paper Has Some Theories

Why do so many people deny climate change? That's the question at the heart of a new paper, published in the journal Synthese. The authors attempt to understand what's going on in the minds of deniers and why they reject sound scien...

Deepak Chopra Slams Donald Trump for Not Having a “Fact-Based View of Reality.” Seriously.

In an essay for the San Francisco Chronicle, Deepak Chopra, best known for making himself wealthy by selling a steady diet of pseudoscience and large words, basically accuses Donald Trump of being a giant phony.Someone get me a pot and a kettle so I can make a point.

Pat Robertson: On Halloween, Your Kids Should Be “Praising the Lord,” Not “Worshiping Satan”

Halloween: The day when kids dress up, get candy, and worship Satan.Or at least that's what Pat Robertson thinks they do.

Detroit Protesters Interrupted a Church Service After the Pastor Asked for Obscene Amounts of Money

When your church is in a high-poverty area, why would a pastor flaunt his wealth? And why would his congregation let him get away with it?That's what a group called New Era Detroit wanted people to ask themselves during a protest at Great Faith Ministries International last week.

Some Latinos, Fearing a Donald Trump Presidency, Are Turning to Psychics for Comfort

People often visit psychics, tarot card readers, and other pseudoscience peddlers when they're depressed or in need of answers. For Latinos right now, that means consulting with fortune tellers about a potential Donald Trump victory...

Guam Law Ending Statute of Limitations on Sex Abuse Cases Could Force Church Into Bankruptcy

On Friday, the Governor of Guam, Eddie Calvo, signed a bill removing the statute of limitations on child sex abuse charges for civil cases (but not criminal ones). That means many people who were molested by their priests decades ago can now sue the Church even if it was "too late" before.Church leaders are freaking out because -- wait for it -- this could lead to bankruptcy.

Pope Francis Voices Supports for Mexican Marchers in Anti-Gay Marriage Rally

Pope Francis -- Mr. Who-Am-I-To-Judge -- made clear where he stands on marriage equality over the weekend. Turns out the Pope is still Catholic.

Anti-Scientology Film Won’t Be Seen in Ireland Because Distributors Fear the Nation’s Blasphemy Law

Filmmaker Louis Theroux premiered his latest documentary, My Scientology Movie, nearly a year ago to overwhelmingly positive reviews. Failing to get cooperation from the Church itself, the film is all about how Theroux tries to hireShow More Summary

Tell You The Truth? Not Our Job!

The media that will neither report when a candidate is telling the truth, nor call obvious lies what they are.

The Book of Exodus… As Explained By An Atheist

YouTuber Alex J. O'Connor (a.k.a. CosmicSkeptic) gives us a brief rundown of the Book of Exodus. Because Bible studies are much more interesting when atheists run them.

John Oliver Digs Into Hillary Clinton’s Supposed Scandals

If you call yourself a critical thinker, than you'll love John Oliver's latest segment from Last Week Tonight. He compared Hillary Clinton's scandals to those of Donald Trump. And by every meaningful metric, there's absolutely no comparison.This wasn't just a knee-jerk partisan response. Show More Summary

The Two-Party System is Broken

Donald Trump by Rob13; Hillary Clinton by Gage Skidmore I wrote this post a couple weeks ago. I suppose it might be more than a coincidence that I'm finally getting around to posting it on the day of the first televised debate between...Show More Summary

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