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In 1986, a Psychologist Warned Parents of these “Satanic Ritual Abuse” Symptoms

This is a perfect example of how much damage can occur when critical thinking goes out the window and religious fundamentalism takes over.

Charisma Publisher: Trump’s Christian Critics Are Like Pharisees Attacking Jesus

Since the GOP's moral compass is broken, Trump's supporters are trash-talking otherwise like-minded critics while comparing him to Jesus.

It’s Chaos, Be Kind: A Humanist Sermon

In a chaotic universe, kindness is the only lighthouse we have.

Megachurch Leader Scolds Bloggers Who Wrote About Pastor’s Assault of Teen Girl

Pastor Andy Savage took a leave of absence from Memphis' Highpoint Church after details about a sexual assault he committed came to light.This weekend, his colleague criticized bloggers for being "so hateful" towards them.

A New Netflix Movie Tells the Story of a Priest Who Stopped Believing in Hell

Christians cherry pick their beliefs all the time, but when preacher Carlton Pearson began doubting the existence of Hell, he paid the price.

Conservative Religions Blame Women for Men's Inappropriate Behavior

While writing a post about conservative Muslims in Bangladesh becoming so outraged at the sight of young girls surfing that they threatened them, I found myself thinking about efforts by conservative Christians to control women. It seems...Show More Summary

SD Bill Could Imprison People Who Replicate State Seal Without Religious Phrase

If HB 1102 passes in South Dakota, it would be a crime -- punishable by jail time -- to replicate the state seal without including the phrase "Under God The People Rule."

Franklin Graham Dismisses Trump’s Alleged Affair: He’s Not “President Perfect”

Evangelical leader Franklin Graham doesn't care that Donald Trump allegedly had an affair shortly after his third wife gave birth to his fifth child.

Podcast Ep. 200: We’ve Done How Many Episodes?

We also talked about televangelist Kenneth Copeland's private plane, Pope Francis' bad PR week, and Hawaii's lack of conversions during the false alarm missile alert.

Anne Graham Lotz: God May Send a Nuclear Strike to Punish Us for Immorality

Gay people not getting married won't prevent earthquakes just as banning abortion won't stop a missile attack.

Judge: God Told Me to Sway Jury to Acquit Defendant in Sex Trafficking Trial

Texas judge Jack Robison had a message for the jury: God told him the defendant was innocent.Good think they cared more about the evidence.

Weekend Coffee: January 20

• Obligatory self-promotion: My new book Meta: On God, the Big Questions, and the Just City, an atheist/Christian dialogue written together with Andrew Murtagh, is now available on Amazon Kindle. Check it out! We’re also planning a book tour with speaking events to be announced soon, so stay tuned. • If you’re an atheist who […]

Concrete Christianspeak

Parking at work is sometimes a challenge. It is not uncommon for me to have to walk a bit between where I park and the building in which I work. While walking from my car into the building where I work, I had to cross a street. As IShow More Summary

Study Says the Internet Makes People Less Religious and Less Dogmatic

Access to information has helped many people go down the path toward full-fledged atheism.

Alabama Republican Proposes Bill to Teach Biblical Creationism in Science Class

The bill would allow teachers to bring Creationism into the classroom while using the Bible as a textbook.

A Darwin Day Resolution Has Been Filed in Both the House and Senate

Rep. Jim Himes (D-CT) and Sen. Richard Blumenthal (D-CT) have introduced resolutions in the House and Senate honoring the birth of Charles Darwin.

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