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An Ohio Mayor Is Resigning After Getting Threats For His Decision to Stop Prayers at Meetings

It's a sad day when the people trying to defend the Constitution are forced out of power by those claiming to be patriots.

Brazilian Soccer Star: God Forgave Me for Torturing My Girlfriend and Feeding Her Body to Dogs

This is the problem with the Christian notion of forgiveness. Everyone can have it if they just believe, regardless of the severity of their crimes.

The Key Health Care Question: Is It a Right or a Privilege?

Not everyone appreciated my recent bit of snark around how to do universal health care on the cheap. Perhaps health care is one of those issues that is just too important for weak attempts at humor. Even though that post was more about...Show More Summary

Does Knowing More Science Lead to a Better Understanding of Climate Change? Not For Republicans

Does having more scientific knowledge mean you're more likely to accept climate change? Even though the answer should be yes, that doesn't seem to apply to one political party.

An Atheist Group’s Adopt-a-Highway Signs, Just Outside the Creation Museum, Have Been Vandalized

An atheist group's Adopt-a-Highway sign was vandalized recently. Is it just a coincidence that the road they've volunteered to clean includes the entrance to the Creation Museum?

ACLU and FFRF File Appeal to Stop Indiana School’s “Still-Life” Nativity Scene in Holiday Concert

As it stands, an Indiana school district is allowed to include a mannequin-laden Nativity scene during the holiday concert. Church/state separation groups are trying to put a stop to that.

28 States Have An Entirely Christian Congressional Delegation (And Other Depressing Facts)

We already know there's no openly atheist representation in Congress. The Secular Caucus on Capitol Hill has a single member -- Rep. Kyrsten Sinema (D-AZ) -- and she adamantly disavows the "atheist" label.But were you aware of just how skewed the religious representation was when you looked state-by-state?

Indiana Bureau of Motor Vehicles Approves “ATHE1ST” License Plate After ACLU Threatens Litigation

An Indiana man finally received his "ATHE1ST" license plate from the Bureau of Motor Vehicles after getting a baseless rejection letter a few weeks ago. It just took a threat from the ACLU and plenty of media attention.

Dr. Gwyneth Paltrow Now Hocking Magic Vitamins For a Condition That Doesn’t Exist

The vitamins were developed with the help of Dr. Alejandro Junger, the kind of guy who appears on Dr. Oz all the time and thinks cleanses cure pretty much everything.

Another Reason Christians Are Boycotting Beauty and the Beast: The Beast Looks Like Satan

It's a good thing Makeup Jesus gave the Beast those horns or else Christians would've seen this film and only taken away the message that we should love people for what's on the inside! Can't have that now, can we?

The One Percent Embraces Doomsday

The world's super-rich have caught the apocalyptic mood.

Donald Trump Will Deliver the Commencement Address at Liberty University, Because Of Course He Is

I can't wait for Trump to tell students how fantastic his poll numbers are at a time when he's supposed to be offering them advice.

A New Blog Focusing on Scientific Literacy

Are you sad because many of your favorite atheist-oriented blogs have closed up shop and you aren't sure what else to do with your free time? Do you find some of the science-related blogs written by career scientists a little too dense...Show More Summary

Pastor Lance Wallnau: I Know a Gay Man Who Turned Straight Because He Ate “Anointed Cake”

Pastor Lance Wallnau, who never met a conspiracy theory he couldn't embrace, now says a man was "cured" of his homosexuality because he ate a special piece of cake.

This is Incredible Time Lapse Footage of Cell Division in a Tadpole Egg

Every now and then, you see a science video that reaffirms just how amazing the subject is.

Atheists Sue Texas Judge Over His Coercive Christian Prayers at Hearings

A Texas judge who has been praying at hearings for years -- making the people in his courtroom feel excluded, awkward, and weary of getting real justice if they don't participate -- is finally getting sued by a group of atheists.

Iowa Bill Would Allow Unlicensed Educators at Residential School to Teach Creationism

If House Study Bill 186 becomes law in Iowa, a "private residential program for troubled youths in Fort Dodge" could have unlicensed educators teaching an unaccredited curriculum to students in its care.

E.W. Jackson: If After School Satan Clubs Exist, Public Schools Must Promote Christianity

Because After School Satan clubs are allowed to exist at public schools, conservative Pastor E. W. Jackson thinks that public schools ought to be preaching Christianity during the day. That means mandatory prayers and Bible readings...

Judges Rule in Favor of Student-Delivered Christian Invocations at TX District’s Board Meetings

My fear is that this practice will now spread, and school board meetings will become yet another extension of local churches.

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