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Here’s Another Disturbing Remix of Televangelists and Preachers Speaking for God

You know you've been blogging for way too long when you can name just about everyone in the video...

Your Beliefs Are Not Sacred to Me

Many Christians seem to think that their religious beliefs deserve respect, even from those of us who do not share these beliefs. "You don't have to believe what I do," they say, "but you should at least respect my beliefs." Why? I happen...Show More Summary

Actor Jim Carrey Slams “So-Called Christian” Sarah Huckabee Sanders in Painting

Sarah Huckabee Sanders' lies are a lifestyle choice. And she deserves to be constantly called out on that hypocrisy.

Indian Government Rejects Atheist’s Plea to Change His Name To “RV155677820”

Rajveer Upadhyay says his name gives away his birth religion and caste, which shouldn't happen because he's now an atheist. But the government has blocked his attempt at a name change.

Trump White House Avoids Calling Austin Bomber, a Devout Christian, a Terrorist

If his skin were a little browner, or his faith a little less Christian, how quick would this administration be to use the word "terrorist" to describe him?

After Intense GOP Pushback, U.S. Navy Rejects Humanist Chaplain’s Application

GOP members of Congress have successfully thwarted the appointment of a Humanist chaplain. It's a horrible decision on the Navy's part.

Trial Begins for Couple Who Killed Toddler By Treating Her Pneumonia With Prayer

Oils and prayer are not a treatment for pneumonia, and these parents should have known better.

Lawrence Krauss: The Wall of Silence Falls

The next time an atheist celebrity is accused of sexually predatory behavior, we'll have a precedent ready to hand.

How to Reduce the Political Outrage in Your Twitter Timeline

If you are a Twitter user like me who has tired of the constant Trump-related outrage filling your timeline every day, I've got some good news for you. It is far easier to tame it than I ever imagined. Doing so makes it easier to focus on why you are using Twitter in the first place. Show More Summary

Memphis Pastor Andy Savage, Who Assaulted Teen Girl, Finally Resigns from Church

Andy Savage received a standing ovation from his congregation for saying he "sinned" in the past, never telling them the details of how he sexually assaulted a teen girl. He's finally resigning.

Her Dogs Died in a House Fire, But At Least Her Leather-Bound Bible Is Okay!

If my house ever burns down, the bibles can go, but I'd like to keep everything else.

This Video Makes a Convincing Case for Why You Should Be an Atheist

Instead of waiting for an afterlife that likely doesn't exist, make the most of the life you're lucky to have.

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