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Religious Right Leaders Are Furious at Right Wing Watch for Quoting Them Verbatim

Somehow, sharing clips of things conservatives say (without any modification) is equivalent to spreading fake news...

Evangelist Franklin Graham Quotes MLK in Post About the Struggles American Christians Face

Notoriously out of touch with reality, evangelist Franklin Graham didn't disappoint on Martin Luther King Day by quoting the civil rights leader in a Facebook post all about how hard Christians in America have it.

This Former Evangelical Became an Atheist After Seeing Fellow Christians Fight Against Obamacare

In 2010, Bruce Horst was a self-employed Texan with a history of heart disease who couldn't get health insurance. He was also an evangelical Christian who believed you had to help the suffering, the poor, the "least of these." The Affordable...Show More Summary

Pakistani Mother Given Death Penalty After Burning Daughter Alive in “Honor Killing”

A Pakistani mother has been given the death penalty after burning her daughter alive for daring to elope with her boyfriend instead of going through with an arranged marriage.

Letter-Writing Wednesday: Andrew Cuomo’s Bad Faith

Dear Governor Cuomo: As a New York State resident and a Democrat, I was dismayed to read that you vetoed a bipartisan bill passed by the legislature to reform the state’s woefully inadequate public-defender system. What’s even more disgraceful is that you let the legislature pass the bill back in June of last year and [Read More...]

Catholic League: Acknowledging the Marriage of Two Gay Men is “Fake News”

The Catholic League's Bill Donohue is angry about a lawsuit filed by a gay substitute teacher who was fired from his job at a Catholic high school after he announced his wedding plans. But rather than saying the man doesn't have a case, Donohue insulted the very idea that the man was married.

A High School Choir Will No Longer Sing at Italian Basilica for Easter Mass After Lawsuit Threat

It doesn't matter how great your public high school music program is, the choir shouldn't be performing at a religious service. And yet people are acting like some travesty has occurred now that a Massachusetts choir will not get to perform during Easter Sunday Mass at St. Anthony's Basilica when they take a spring break trip to Italy and Croatia.

FL Atheist Offers Invocation to City Commission, Urging Them to Use “Hard Data” in Decision-Making

An atheist recently delivered the invocation at a meeting of the Winter Garden (Florida) City Commission. It doesn't happen very often since the Commission overwhelmingly prefers Christian speakers, but his speech was positive and non-controversial.

Captain Disillusion Shows (Again) How People Are Being Misled By the Makers of the Cicret Bracelet

The creators of the Cicret bracelet promised to display a working smartphone on your skin and raised more than $600,000 to do it. Captain Disillusion ordered one last year, while making a video showing us why the product was likely a hoax, and we finally have an update. Is the product as useless as we suspected?

The Atheist Lobby’s Leader in Washington Reflects on His First Year in the Position

It was just over a year ago that Larry T. Decker, a self-described "unaffiliated Christian" at the time, became the new Executive Director for the Secular Coalition for America, a lobbying group representing atheists on Capitol Hill. I spoke with him about the organization, what he's learned, and what lies ahead for atheists interested in having a seat at the table in politics.

Italian Archbishop Blames Stupidity, Atheism, and a Weak Church for the Rise of Islam

Of all the things you'd expect to find in a more secular society, the universal embrace of Islam is probably not very high on the list. But Monsignor Carlo Liberati, bishop emeritus of Pompeii, said that atheism and overall stupidity will lead to a stronger Islam. Somehow.

South Dakota Republicans Propose Legislation to Weaken the Teaching of Evolution in Schools

South Dakota Republicans have already proposed legislation designed to weaken the teaching of science in schools across the state.

Demons Licking My Face and Other Missed Emails

I just discovered that a number of legitimate emails received through the contact form I use here at Atheist Revolution have been routed to my junk folder. This is a problem because I check the junk folder even less often than I check my inbox, and I am bad enough about remembering to check my inbox. Show More Summary

WWE Superstar Seth Rollins: I’m “100% Atheist” and a “Disbeliever All the Way”

I know nothing about professional wrestling, but I'm told that this is big news: WWE superstar Seth Rollins says he's an atheist:

Jesus Doesn’t Always Save the Day…

I don't know why people are so excited for His return.

Bob Jones U., a School That Banned Interracial Dating Until 2000, Is Finally Observing MLK Day

For the first time in the school's history, Bob Jones University observed Martin Luther King Jr. Day today. That's a pretty big deal for a fundamentalist Christian school that didn't even accept black students until the 1970s and banned interracial dating until as recently as 2000 because "it breaks down the barriers God has established."

Likely Education Secretary Betsy DeVos Has Long Mixed Faith and Politics; So Has Her Family

Betsy DeVos, who may become the next Secretary of Education, has been a longtime supporter of using taxpayer money to fund religious schools. Now, in a lengthy profile of her just before the start of her confirmation hearings, POLITICO's Zack Stanton highlights how her Christian faith would likely guide her policy decisions.

Judge: Taxpayer Money Can Be Used to Fund Church Renovations in Morris County, New Jersey

Should taxpayer dollars be used to help repair or maintain churches? In New Jersey, the answer is now "Yes." A judge said last week that more than $5.5 million in "historic preservation grants" given to churches over the past five years by officials in Morris County were legal because they didn't directly promote faith.

After Comedian Refers to Communion As “Haunted Bread,” Priest Files Complaint with Irish Government

A comedian mocked the Catholic concept of communion -- in which worshipers believe they are eating the actual body of Christ -- on a recent episode of the Late Late Show on Ireland's RTÉ television. In a nation where blasphemy laws still exist, priests aren't handling the humor very well.

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