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This Creationist Thinks He Just Disproved Major Evidence for Evolution

"Try again, Richard Dawkins!" says the man who thinks the first pages of the Bible are the only science textbook we ever need.

Roy Moore’s Brother: Roy’s Being Persecuted Just “Like Jesus Christ Was”

Jesus was persecuted for his beliefs. Roy Moore is being criticized for his (supposed) actions.There's a difference.

Skip the Boy Scouts Christmas Tree

Over at Laughing in Disbelief, Andrew Hall had a great idea. During the "war on Christmas" season, he's ending every post with the following reminder:Hey, thanks for reading! From now until Christmas I’m ending every one of my posts on Laughing in Disbelief with a reminder not to buy your holiday/Christmas/Yule tree from the Boys Scouts of America. Show More Summary

Podcast Ep. 190: Roy Moore Needed an 11th Commandment

We also talked about the Texas shooting, the non-religious Congressman, and the controversial tactics of ex-Jehovah's Witnesses.

Trump Pick For Top Environmental Advisor Rejects Basic Climate Science

Kathleen Hartnett White is not an expert on the environment, or even a scientist, yet she has been nominated for a position that requires one or both to be effective.

Listen to This Story of a Bone Marrow Transplant with Theological Implications

An atheist saved a Christian's life via a bone marrow transplant.But then she had to decide whether she wanted to help him tell his story and bring people to Jesus.

Christian School Teacher Faces 140 Criminal Charges in Child Sex Abuse Scandal

These kids trusted their teacher, and he used God and religion to manipulate and abuse them.

Creationist Ken Ham: Women Are Too Dumb To Understand How Abortions Work

If Ken Ham is against abortion, fine.But to pretend that every woman who gets an abortion is somehow ignorant is an insult to their autonomy.

Jerry Falwell, Jr. Defends Roy Moore in Child Molestation Scandal

Jerry Falwell, Jr. supported Donald Trump when the future president was accused of inappropriately touching women.Now Falwell says he supports the potential senator accused of molesting little girls.

Thoughts and Prayers Won’t Prevent Future Mass Shootings

Prayers will, at most, comfort the people saying them. That's it.For politicians who say it, it's the lazy way out.

Why Didn’t a Congressman’s Humanism Declaration Make a Bigger Splash?

Perhaps it's a sign of progress that Rep. Jared Huffman's announcement yesterday that he was a "non-religious Humanist" didn't result in any real backlash.

This Moderate Muslim Wasn’t a Fan of Ex-Muslims… Until He Finally Spoke to Them

This video producer used to equate criticism of Islam with bigotry against Muslims.That changed after he met Sarah and Muhammad.

Roy Moore and the Court of Public Opinion

I've mentioned Roy Moore more than a few times here at Atheist Revolution. I'm familiar with his work and to say that I'm not a fan would be a massive understatement. Not only is he the sort of far-right conservative with whom I canShow More Summary

A Church/State Separation Lawyer Explains His Most Pressing Concerns in the U.S.

This interview will scare you in all the right ways. Because we all need to be vigilant.

Matt Barber: The TX Church Shooter Liked the “Anti-Christian” Friendly Atheist

I didn't know I hated Christians.I guess I should thank Matt Barber for finally setting me straight on my own beliefs.

Right-Wing Radio Host: Those Who Voted for Democrats Will Have to Answer to God

Conservative Christians should just accept that Tuesday's Democratic rout was part of God's plan.

Christian Pastor: People Are Atheists Because “Something Traumatic Happened”

This is just more proof that a man who spends a lot of time talking about atheists hasn't done a damn bit of research.

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