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Attack Ad Against Atheist School Board Candidate: She’s “Not Right” for Kids

Amy Gillespie, now running for the Bentonville (AR) School Board, once shared an article promoting church/state separation.That's now being used against her in a new attack ad.

Pope Francis: Climate Deniers “Need To Go To Scientists and Ask Them”

The Catholic Church is wrong about a lot of things, but climate change isn't one of them.

Natural Disasters Everywhere

Forrest fires, flooding, hurricanes, and earthquakes. It seems like natural disasters have been in the news way too much lately. Are they becoming more frequent or getting worse? If so, are at least some of these disasters the result...Show More Summary

Atheists Are Raising Money to Help Victims of Hurricane Irma

Foundation Beyond Belief raised $65,000 (and counting) for Hurricane Harvey relief by targeting atheist donors.Now they're trying to do the same for victims of Hurricane Irma.

43 Questions About Heaven

Do I have to spend an eternity around other Christians who can't stop talking about God? Because I try to avoid that now.

Preacher Who Prayed to Stop Irma Thinks He Diverted Its Path: “Prayer Moved It”

If the devastation caused by Hurricane Irma is the result of prayer working, Lance Wallnau should rethink the goodness of his God.

Pastor Behind Church “Fight Club” Charged With “Forcible Touching” of Two Women

Similar allegations were leveled at this pastor in 2014, but no arrests were made.This time, however, the violence-loving pastor will be going to court.

Christians Pull Son from UK Religious School Since Trans Kids Can Also Attend

What are they worried about? That their six-year-old will befriend a trans student and realize his parents are bigots?

Want to Make a Prophecy? Then Follow These Rules

Prophecies are a trope in all sorts of stories, but so many of them are ridiculous.If you want to claim (or write about) prophetic powers, at least follow these simple guidelines.

Senate Candidate Roy Moore, in 2015, Dodged Question About Executing Gay People

When asked in 2015 whether sodomy should be punished by the death penalty, Roy Moore refused to say no.In a few months, he may have the chance to write laws affecting millions of LGBTQ Americans.

The CIA Is Becoming More White, Male, and Christian, and That’s Bad for America

You can't hire and maintain the best people when you're alienating those who aren't exactly like you.

Love is Gravity

Written for my son’s first birthday Over the past year, I’ve spent a lot of time reflecting on why I chose to have a child. I realize this sounds backwards. To make the decision first and then subsequently come up with reasons for it smacks of after-the-fact rationalization. However, in my case, I’m convinced it’s […]

Vidor (TX) Police Dept. Says Burglary Suspects Will Face “Eternal Damnation”

A Texas police department has a habit of promoting religion on its Facebook page.On Friday, it got even more explicit.

Two Girls Are Sending Bibles to Hurricane Victims Because That’s What They Need

I suppose a book about genocide will make hurricane victims feel better about their lives.

Ken Ham Thinks He Can Defeat Same-Sex Marriage With a Hyphen

You would think a person named "Ham" would know better than to make a big deal out of a three letter word...

The Celebrities Who Legitimized Trump

The Celebrity Apprentice was a well-funded and slickly produced infomercial for Donald Trump. I suspect it was instrumental in shaping public perceptions of him in such a way that it helped him win the presidency. I do not think it is too much of an exaggeration to say that he used the show to present himself as a king and his family as royalty. Show More Summary

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