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Two Indian Sisters Will Be Raped as Punishment for Their Brother’s Affair

When an Indian man named Ravi had an affair with Krishna, a married woman who belonged to a higher caste, a local council made up of unelected men in the village decided to punish him.They sentenced Ravi's two sisters to be raped and paraded naked through the village with blackened faces.Seriously. That's the punishment.

Defending Allies and Avoiding Hypocrisy

Ayaan Hirsi Ali (Photo credit: Wikipedia) When someone we like and possibly even respect as a worthwhile contributor to secular activism is shunned, boycotted, demonized, and/or publicly shamed, we tend to come to this person's defense (here's an example of something like this from a few years ago). Show More Summary

Utah Wants to Ban Polygamous Cohabitation, but the Sister Wives Family is Fighting Back

In 2013, Kody Brown's family won a court battle that said he and his wives could legally live together in Utah. (The polygamous family stars in the TLC show Sister Wives.) While he has religious reasons for being married to multiple women, the state only allows him to be married to one. Show More Summary

She Regrets Not Praying with Her Dying Mother

What would you do if your dying mother asked you to pray with her?

Neurologist and Author Oliver Sacks Has Died

Oliver Sacks, the 82-year-old neurologist and writer who announced his terminal cancer earlier this year, died this morning. Sacks was an atheist and an honorary board member of the Freedom From Religion Foundation, though fighting religion was never his primary concern:

If the Answers Are in Genesis, the Questions Must Be Awful

Linda xo would like to apologize, on behalf of all Australians, for bringing us Ken Ham.Because there are no answers in Genesis, just ancient stories gullible people still believe.

Rock Paper Scissors: Christian Edition

Turns out Christians have second-rate versions of secular games, too:

Arrested Psychics Confess Their Scams in Order to Get Out of Prison

A number of psychics who have been arrested for defrauding their clients could get an early release from prison if a parole board grants it. First, however, they have to come clean about their actions. You'll be shocked to learn the truth about their business:

Jesus Was a Welcome Sight at This Pride Parade

At the Madison Pride Parade this month, Jesus made a surprise appearance and upstaged the Christians who claim to follow Him:

Arizona Public Charter School May Be Sued for Using Government Textbook That Promotes Christianity

Heritage Academy in Mesa, Arizona requires all seniors to take a government/U.S. Constitution class. So you have to wonder why the textbook they're using promotes Christianity as if it's an integral part of both.According to Americans United for Separation of Church and State, this book and the class go far beyond what's legally allowed:

Judge Says School’s Ten Commandments Monument is Illegal, but It Doesn’t Have to Come Down

This is Connellsville Junior High East in Pennsylvania. As you can see, it has a Ten Commandments monument right in front of it, and that's been there since the Fraternal Order of Eagles donated it in 1957: A couple of years ago, Americans...Show More Summary

Sarah Palin Interviewed Donald Trump. (What’s the Opposite of a Meeting of the Minds?)

What happens when an ex-Governor who doesn't know anything interviews a blowhard who thinks he knows everything?Nothing. Nothing happens. There's no substance. No depth. Just meaningless babble about how much everything sucks and an understanding that it'll all just get magically fixed when their side is in charge.

Highlights of the #TrumpBible

Following Donald Trump's latest Bible-related disaster where he couldn't even name his favorite verse and claimed to love the Old and New Testament equally, the #TrumpBible hashtag began trending on Twitter, with people suggesting what the Good Book would look like with the Trump stamp of approval:

The Dark Side of a Happy Christian Cult

BuzzFeed's Jesse Hyde has an fascinating story about Jaime Prater, a documentary filmmaker who exposed the dark secrets of the community he grew up with, Jesus People USA (JPUSA):

Southern Baptist Convention Will Lay Off Hundreds of People as Part of God’s Sovereign Plan

The Southern Baptist Convention is deeply in the red, coming in $21 million under budget. That means they will have to lay off 600-800 people from its International Mission Board.What's striking is how they're trying to let everyone down gently by saying this is all part of God's Plan:

Transit Employee Would Rather Quit His Job Than Drive a Bus With a Rainbow On It

The city of Calgary has unveiled a rainbow-colored bus in honor of the annual Calgary Pride Festival, and one driver says he'd rather lose his job than drive it.

Six Tribal Santal Catholics Kill Bangladeshi Woman to Release the “Evil Spirit” Inside

"The road to Hell is paved with good intentions" is a quotation that isn’t actually in the Bible, but that would actually be quite fitting in the case of the six severely deluded Bangladeshi men who were arrested for allegedly beating a woman to death in the name of "releasing her from an evil spirit" inside a local Catholic Church.

When Christians Asked People to Describe God in Three Words, the Plan Backfired

The Missouri State University chapter of Cru (Campus Crusade for Christ) recently asked students to tell them "what 3 words they'd use to describe God": One of those students wanted to know what this was all about, so she attended their meeting last night. Show More Summary

A Substitute Teacher in West Virginia Wants to Wear Priestly Garments in the Classroom

Usually, public school teachers can get away with wearing a crucifix necklace or hijab if they want to because it's not considered distracting. It's an expression of their faith, but neither one of those things suggests any sort of proselytizing.Rev. Show More Summary

Enthusiastic Satan Worshipper Gives Hilarious Local News Interview

Last month, during the Satanic Temple's unveiling of a Baphomet statue in Detroit, local news station WDIV interviewed Andrew Bowser, a man who is indisputably Satan's most enthusiastic worshipper.The interviewer must have been holding the microphone at a safe distance while Andrew shifted through the dark and poetic testament of his dedication. Show More Summary

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