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Israeli Student Receives Death Threats Over Art Project Wrongly Believed to be Criticizing Islam

An Israeli student from the University of Haifa is mired in controversy as people debate whether a piece of art she created for class went too far in unintentionally offending Muslim students.

Mississippi Bill Would Force Schools to Pay $1,500 for Not Saying the Pledge Early in the Day

Mississippi State Rep. William Shirley has put forth a bill that will fine schools $1,500 for not saying the Pledge of Allegiance within the first hour of the day. Because that's an educational priority.

How to Resist Temptation

A person who banishes bad desires from their own makeup is surely more moral than someone who hasn't accomplished this.

Rep. Jason Chaffetz (R-UT) Says He’ll Overturn Washington D.C.’s “Death With Dignity” Act

Last month, the Washington, D.C. city council passed a bill allowing terminally ill patients to end life on their own terms. But a Utah congressman wants to overturn the law. Because watching people suffer and making medical decisions on their behalf is the Republican Party's favorite pastime.

Jeff Sessions Goes Blank When Asked if Secular Americans Can Understand the Concept of Truth

Of the many highlights from Sen. Jeff Session's confirmation hearings to become our next Attorney General, perhaps the most relevant to readers of this site was the question Sen. Sheldon Whitehouse (D-RI) asked him, in a roundabout way, about church/state separation.

A Skeptic Reflects on President Obama’s Farewell Speech

Outgoing President Barack Obama reminded Americans Tuesday night that, despite the emerging political scandals and consumption of "fake news," science and reason still matter.

Warren Allen Smith, Author of Who’s Who in Hell, Has Died

Warren Allen Smith, a longtime atheist activist, died Monday evening at the age of 95.

Donald Trump Appoints Anti-Vaxxer Robert F. Kennedy Jr. to Head “Vaccine Safety” Commission

Of all the bad things I thought would happen during a Donald Trump presidency, I have to admit I didn't even think something like this was on the radar.

Competing Narratives in the Alleged Kidnapping in Chicago

A house with broken windows and debris in the front yard during a race riot in Chicago, Illinois. (Photo credit: Wikipedia) I was recently asked to write something on the subject of the left's reaction to the alleged kidnapping (and possible hate crime) in Chicago involving a White victim with special needs and the apparent double-standard involved. Show More Summary

How I’m Raising My Non-Religious Children in a Religious Community

As a secular family living in the South, this is what we do to help our children adjust.

Bryan Fischer: I Never Called Opponents of Christianity Traitors (Spoiler: He Did and It’s On Tape)

Religious Right activist Bryan Fischer is now backtracking on his comments that anyone who opposes or criticizes Christian influence in the U.S. is automatically a traitor. He never said that, he says... even though we have a recording of him saying exactly that.

Donald Trump Will Meet Today With Notorious Vaccine Denier Robert F. Kennedy Jr.

Donald Trump will be meeting today with Robert F. Kennedy Jr., an anti-science advocate who falsely claims there's a link between vaccines and autism. Given Trump's own anti-vaxxer beliefs, it's a troubling sign that Kennedy could have some influence on public policy.

E.W. Jackson: Liberals Are Attacking Anti-Gay Singer Kim Burrell Because They Hate Black Christians

E.W. Jackson, the conservative activist who ran a losing campaign in 2013 to become Virginia's next lieutenant governor, said on his radio show yesterday that the "godless atheist secularists" who went after singer Kim Burrell for saying gay people were perverts who would die from their homosexuality did it because they hate black Christians.

Here’s What Jeff Sessions Must Answer About Church/State Separation During His Confirmation Hearing

When Sen. Jeff Sessions begins his confirmation hearings on Wednesday to become our next Attorney General, there are a number of questions relating to church/state separation that we deserve good answers to. The Freedom From Religion Foundation has compiled a strong list of questions they'd like the Senate Judiciary Committee to ask him.

Why Do Atheists Eat Babies?

I've always liked this particular meme. It manages to be silly while simultaneously poking fun at Christians for some of the absurd things they believe about atheists. And yes, that is my take on the primary meaning of this meme: itShow More Summary

The Richard Dawkins Atheism Scale Explained

The video below, part of The Atheist Voice series, discusses Richard Dawkins' Atheism Scale.

Christian Evangelist: Don’t Let Dating Get in the Way of Your Relationship With God

In this cringe-worthy video featuring Christian evangelist Ron Luce, we learn that "God would blast Adam with His love... and that was the original love affair." The moral of the story is that dating is only getting in the way of our relationship with God.

Creationists Are Holding a World Religions Conference To Teach Christians How to Fix the Others

The thought of a World Religions conference where attendees can learn about various beliefs might sound educational... until you realize the speakers are all Creationists and the goal is to teach Christians how to fix everyone else.

An Atheist with a Kidney Disease Asks People of Faith to Stop Saying It’s Part of God’s Plan

In a recent episode of the Kidneycast, a podcast about a man who has a genetic disease affecting that part of his body, Ari Decherd and his wife Larra Morris (both atheists) talk about how religious people often say his disease is part of God's plan or offer non-scientific solutions to whatever Ari is going through.

These Are Good Reasons to Leave the Mormon Church, Regardless of Theology

Back in November, a pro-Mormon website published a list of reasons you'd want to join their Church even if you didn't believe any of its theology. So it's entertaining as hell to read this response -- written by a believer, I should add -- of all the reasons you might want to leave the Mormon Church even if you believe in its stories.

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