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Buddhist Widow Claims Her Husband Has Returned… as a Calf

A Cambodian woman insists a calf she found outside her house is a reincarnated version of her late husband.

Richard Dawkins’ Open Letter to the People Who Canceled His Event

Richard Dawkins has something to say to the Berkeley radio station that canceled his upcoming event because they claim he has "offended and hurt" people with his "abusive speech" against Islam.

Here’s Why a Mormon Website Published the Least Inspirational Story Ever

An editor of a Mormon website that published a disturbing story of a young man abandoned by his family after expressing his religious doubts now says the piece was never meant to be published. She was as horrified by it as we were.I believe her apology, and I think the editors should be commended for how they're handling this situation.

Kentucky Officials Have Ended the $18 Million Tax Rebate Deal With Ark Encounter

A controversial deal that would have given Ark Encounter more than $18 million over the next decade from the state of Kentucky is OVER, all because Creationists didn't want to pay a local safety fee.

Is Trumpism Becoming Its Own Religion?

A recent poll found that 45% of Donald Trump voters would still support him if he “shot someone on 5th Avenue,” and that almost 80% think he should stay in office even if it is proven that he colluded with Russia to upset the 2016 election.This looks a lot like religious devotion.

FFRF to KY Leaders: If Ark Encounter’s Now a Non-Profit, Rescind the Tax Rebate

The Creationists behind Ark Encounter recently sold the FOR-profit attraction to a NON-profit ministry they also manage to get out of paying a local tax.The Freedom From Religion Foundation is now calling on Kentucky officials to rescind a tax rebate (worth over $18 million) since it was offered only to the FOR-profit attraction.

Richard Dawkins Event in Berkeley Canceled Due To His “Abusive,” “Hurtful” Words

The hotbed for progressive activism can't seem to handle criticism of Islam and controversial tweets.

A Christian School’s Big Decision: Allow an LGBTQ Group or Receive $3 Million?

Samford University, a private Christian school, was faced with a difficult decision this spring. The Alabama Baptist Convention threatened to stop donating more than $3 million a year if the school allowed the formation of an LGBTQ group.While the school made what I'd call the right decision, it's not entirely a feel-good story.

Tucker Carlson Had No Clue How to Respond to This Satanist

Fox News' Tucker Carlson tried to eviscerate someone he assumed was a troll.Instead, The Satanic Temple's Lucien Greaves made the case for why Satanists are on the side of common sense, reason, and inclusion.

The Fountainhead: Work for Hire

Rand skips over what could've been a genuine and realistic obstacle for her hero to face.

A New Documentary Focuses on the Religious “Nones”

Becoming Truly Human brings together eight people who used to be religious and have since left their faiths.They are the "Nones" we hear so much about, and this film captures their stories.

The Crab Has a Bad Case of Jesus

The crab was thrown back into the water.Which I can only assume is now wine.

Lawyers: The 12-Year-Old Rape Victim Who Will Have an Abortion is a Murderer

There's no compassion from either of these attorneys because they're blinded by their anti-abortion views to even consider the human on the other side of the issue.

Parents Who “Gifted” Underage Daughters to “Prophet of God” Will Go To Prison

Two parents from Pennsylvania have been sentenced to prison for up to seven years for "gifting" their six underage daughters to a man who claimed to be “prophet of God.”

This “Inspirational” Story About a Doubting Mormon is Horrific

Here's some free advice for Mormon parents: If your son says he doesn't want to go on his two year mission trip, don't abandon him in a national park and drive away.

Here’s How Atheist Parents Raise Their Children

Aren't atheist parents just indoctrinating kids into their NON-religion?That's one of the questions these parents answer in this excellent video.

Pastor Told Now-Missing Teacher That Her Meds Were a “Gateway Drug to the Devil”

Jamie Devenport-Tull is a kindergarten teacher from Modesto, California who has been missing since Monday. What makes this story even more complicated is that her pastor told her not to take her bipolar medication because the pills would lead her to Satan.

Man Who Sued to Marry Computer Files Three Lawsuits Defending His “Orientation”

A man who once sued Kentucky Clerk Kim Davis because her office wouldn't allow him to marry his computer is back at it.This time, he's suing Colorado officials for not giving him a marriage license, a Christian bakery for not making him a wedding cake, and four U.S. representatives with rainbow flags outside their offices for not having a "machinist" flag.

Muslim Woman Faces Online Hate After Entering Race to Become AZ Senator

A Muslim-American woman who plans to run for senator from Arizona next year announced her candidacy... and was quickly met with bigoted comments from haters who couldn't separate her religion from her progressive values.

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