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Why Doesn’t Anyone Believe in an “Evil” God?

Philosopher Stephen Law poses some interesting theological questions in his new video: Why do people believe in a good God rather than an evil one? Is the latter really all that unreasonable?

Gay Texan Celebrates Anniversary of His Former Megachurch Kicking Him Out

More than a year ago, Jason Thomas was told he could no longer be a member of Watermark Community Church in Dallas, Texas, because he was gay and (wait for it) didn't feel ashamed about it. In fact, he was dating another guy as if his sexual orientation was something perfectly normal, and the church couldn't handle it. So they kicked him out via a letter.

Locker Room Banter Does Not Involve Bragging About Groping Women

Social media has been in full outrage mode ever since the Access Hollywood tape showing comments Donald Trump made in 2005 was released. The comments were outrageous, so this is an understandable reaction. Some insist that Trump's comments...Show More Summary

Mormon Church Urges Members to Vote Against Assisted Suicide and Marijuana Legalization Measures

Eight years ago, the Mormon Church arguably tipped the scales in favor of California's Prop 8 ballot measure, taking away the rights of same-sex couples to be married.The Church is now trying to have that same effect on four separate ballot measures currently up in the air, involving assisted suicide and marijuana legalization.

This Student’s Response is Pretty Compelling Evidence for the Big Bang

What sort of scientific evidence is there for the Big Bang?That's the question one reader's daughter had on her homework assignment. Turns out she just wanted to get something down on paper without going through all the exhaustive details...

Neil deGrasse Tyson Sets Up the Joke and J.K. Rowling Spikes It

This was an appropriate question for Neil deGrasse Tyson to ask. I just didn't expect the author of the Harry Potter series to deliver the perfect response.

A Mississippi High School Football Coach is the Latest to Baptize a Player While on the Clock

What is it with public high school football coaches who think performing baptisms is part of the job description?The latest example comes from Newton High School in Mississippi, where football coach Ryan Smith "organized and performed a baptism" on a player.

Oklahoma Christian Charity That Rejected Atheist’s Money Receives Windfall After Controversy

The Oklahoma Christian charity that rejected more than $25,000 raised by Matt Wilbourn and other atheists -- because it would "go against everything they believe in" -- ended up receiving a windfall in donations after the controvers...

Atheist Conference in India Cancelled After Attempted Violence By Local Religious Leaders

Swami Balendu, once a Hindu preacher and now a godless activist, was going to run a two-day atheist conference in India beginning today. That plan had to be scrapped, however, after complaints and attempted violence from local religious leaders.

Alaskan Borough Officials Change Rules in Order to Block Satanists from Delivering Invocations

Months after a Satanist delivered an invocation at a meeting of the Kenai Peninsula Borough Assembly (Alaska) -- one that included the words "Hail Satan" -- the elected officials have changed the rules so that it never happens again. And they may soon be on the receiving end of a lawsuit as a result.

Not a Single Psychic in the World Came Close To Guessing a Dead Man’s Secret Message

Editors of a Norwegian TV show asked a man dying of cancer to write a secret message on a piece of paper, seal it in an envelope, and put it in a safe. They wanted to know if any psychic who claims to have a connection to the "other side" could tell us what his note said.

Cape Town Student Says Science Must “Restart” Since It Doesn’t Incorporate African Black Magic

In this absurd video, supposedly taken this week from a science faculty meeting at the University of Cape Town (South Africa), one student pleads with the professors to ditch science entirely because it's a product of Western culture and doesn't incorporate the supernatural ideas that many Africans believe.

New Hampshire House Candidate on Marriage Equality: “Do We Allow Humans To Marry Their Pet Goats?”

Republican Don Leeman, a candidate for the New Hampshire State House, was caught saying horrible things about gay marriage earlier this week.

Texas Boy Recites Christianized Version of the Alphabet in Viral Video

Tanner Hemness is an adorable four-year-old from East Texas who knows his ABCs... but that's not why the video of him reciting them went viral.The boy has become popular online because, in his alphabet, every letter stands for a different Bible verse.

Women Deserve Equal Rights, Not Chivalry

Women matter because they're people, not because they're "wives and daughters".

October 2016 Horror Watching

I did not anticipate that I was going to have much time to enjoy horror movies this October. The more I thought about that, the more it pissed me off. You know what they say about all work and no play...And so I'm happy to report that I decided to make time to work in a few when I found myself too tired after long days at work to do anything else. Show More Summary

How Ex-Muslims Living in Islamic Countries Should Plan Their Exits

What should you do if you're a young ex-Muslim woman living in an Islamic country, and you'd like to get the hell out of there?Imtiaz Shams offers some excellent and detailed advice in this video:

Mourning the Loss of Bob Carroll, Creator of The Skeptic’s Dictionary

Susan Gerbic penned a lovely eulogy for Robert Carroll, the creator of The Skeptic's Dictionary, who died this past August from pancreatic neuroendocrine cancer.His website categorized and explained alternative medicines, hoaxes, paranormal phenomena, and New Age nonsense -- all with a critical eye -- long before anyone else was doing it.

Iowa Man Wants to Turn Former Church Into Space for an Escape Room Game

I know a lot of atheists want to escape from church, but I never thought someone would take it this literally:

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