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Paranoid Christians Are Utterly Wrong About Syrian Refugees; Here’s What’s Really Going On

If I hear one more person ranting about discrimination against Christian refugees in Syria and the resulting threat of terrorism, my blood pressure is going to reach unhealthy levels. I know I'm not alone. Unfortunately, encountering such xenophobic ignorance is probably inevitable. Show More Summary

Weekend Coffee: CRISPR

For decades, we’ve understood the structure and function of DNA. But this immensely powerful knowledge has led to surprisingly few practical breakthroughs. Our ability to alter the genomes of living things has been painfully limited, progress frustratingly slow and elusive. However, that all may be about to change, thanks to a new technology taken from [Read More...]

Bakery Owner Puts Up Sign Telling Customers to Leave if They Don’t Want to Hear “Merry Christmas”

At Schuler's Bakery in Springfield, Ohio, owner Trent A. Schuler wants you to know that he's sick and tired of this politically correct nonsense:

Catholic Bishops Release Anti-Pornography Report (As If You Were Expecting Anything Else)

The Catholic Church is a wee bit obsessed with sex in that they believe it's only acceptable on their terms. No birth control because reproduction is important. No abortion because reproduction is important. No sodomy because reproduction is important. Show More Summary

Activist Wants You to Install Rainbow-Colored Festivus Poles in Your State Capitol Building

For the past two years, Florida activist Chaz Stevens has countered the Nativity scenes in the State Capitol building with a display of his own: An 8-foot-tall Festivus pole made out of Pabst Blue Ribbon cans. It's an attention-getting...Show More Summary

Bill Maher Points Out the Dangerous End Times Theology of Dr. Ben Carson

On last night's Real Time, Bill Maher delivered a stirring speech about how Ben Carson and other candidates have religious beliefs that are appalling -- and present a danger to society -- and yet the media never asks about them. Because...Show More Summary

Secular Invocation Delivered in Longwood, Florida

On Monday in Longwood, Florida, Martha Kirby delivered a secular invocation during a Commission meeting.

A New Book Explores How the Religious “Nones” Are Raising Their Children

As the demographics of the U.S. shift away from organized religion, it brings up a lot of questions about how much religion you should have in your life when you're not all that religious yourself. If you're a "None" who doesn't believe...Show More Summary

How Atheists Should (and Shouldn’t) Respond to the Attacks in Paris

The video below, part of The Atheist Voice series, discusses how atheists should (and shouldn't) respond to the terrorist attacks in Paris:

How Rick Santorum Would Reach Out to Conservative Atheists

Reader Justin Scott, who previously had a brief exchange with Sen. Bernie Sanders about religion, heard that Sen. Rick Santorum was coming to his area. So of course he had to attend.And he used the opportunity to ask Santorum, a notoriously conservative Catholic, about atheism.

Casselberry (FL) City Commissioners Debate Invocation Policy That Specifically Excludes Atheists

The City Commission in Casselberry, Florida has no idea what to do with prayer at meetings. For a while now, they've been giving the prayers -- which is clearly illegal -- and they have to come up with an alternative.The right answer is: Don't have them at all and get to work. Show More Summary

NYT Writer David Brooks, Without Explanation, Links Secularism to “Nationalism, Racism”

In one of his most slippery columns to date, New York Times columnist David Brooks opines on the peace that, for many, can be found within holy texts. Mining wisdom and contentment from a religious book is, of course, fine as far as it goes. Show More Summary

Florida City Commission Accidentally Said the Pledge of Allegiance Without “Under God”

A week before Veteran's Day, the Mayor of Kissimmee, Florida had every intention of saying the Pledge of Allegiance at the beginning of the City Commission meeting. But just to make things interesting, he decided to play a video of entertainer Red Skelton's famous bit defining every word in the Pledge. Show More Summary

Disease Promoter Jenny McCarthy is Mad That Charlie Sheen Didn’t Tell Her He Was HIV Positive

Jenny McCarthy, who played Charlie Sheen's love interest on several episodes of Two and a Half Men, is furious that the actor didn't tell her he was HIV-positive when they worked together. Because, you know, she might have caught it in some way.She made the remarks on her SiriusXM radio show:

Palestinian Poet Sentenced to Death in Saudi Arabia for Allegedly Blaspheming Against Allah

Saudi Arabia has sentenced a Palestinian poet to death because he supposedly blasphemed.Ashraf Fayadh wasn't given a fair hearing or a chance to defend himself, but none of that matters in a country where human rights violations are just a way of life.

Stockton (CA) Mayor Gives God Key to the City During Prayer Rally

On Sunday, a six-year-old girl was shot in Stockton, California. It's a tragedy and people in the community wanted to do something in response, so they held a prayer rally on Monday. No, prayer won't fix the problem, but that's fine....Show More Summary

People Who Left Islam Are Explaining Why Using the #ExMuslimBecause Hashtag

The Council of Ex-Muslims Britain has started a hashtag campaign called #ExMuslimBecause and they're asking anyone who's left the religion to share the reason(s) why:

Atlas Shrugged: Job Creators

Atlas Shrugged, part III, chapter V Hank Rearden has moved to Philadelphia, seemingly to live on the grounds of his steel mill, and hasn’t seen or spoken to his family in months. But he’s still paying their bills, which makes no sense given his attitude at this point. He decided two chapters ago that he [Read More...]

Ted Cruz, Who’s Trailing Three Other Christians in the GOP Primaries, Forms “National Prayer Team”

Sen. Ted Cruz, who announced his Presidential campaign at Liberty University, will now have a "national prayer team" at his disposal.You have to admit: That's a great euphemism for a collection of future Christian donors.

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