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Pakistan Wants Twitter and Facebook to Identify Blasphemers So They Can Be Punished

We already know blasphemy is a victimless crime. But Pakistani officials want Facebook and Twitter to help them identify critics of Islam directly so the culprits can be punished.

When Their Son Went Missing, These Parents Delayed Calling the Police Because God Said He Was Fine

A couple from Arizona faces prison time for child neglect after they waited nearly 12 hours to contact police after their son went missing. Why the delay? Because God assured the mother he was okay.He was eventually found, and now there's a backlash against the police for trying to punish the couple.

Indian Atheist Hacked to Death After Posting Criticisms of Religion on Social Media

A 31-year-old Indian man named H. Farook was hacked to death on Thursday night by four men who were pissed off that he posted atheistic messages on a WhatsApp group and Facebook page.

Uniting Atheists in Support of Secular Activism

Secular activist, Lee Moore, recently posted "a letter to the atheist community" on Facebook. I'm friends with him on Facebook, so I was able to see the letter. I have since been told that no one who is not friends with him is able to see it because of the way he posted it. Show More Summary

Watch This Scientist Delightfully Correct a Science Communicator on His Video About Evolution

We always appreciate YouTubers who explain science, but evolutionary biologist Sally Le Page noticed a few problems in one fairly popular video, so she responded in a wonderfully effective way.

Jesus Was a Selfish Asshole, Says Noted Bible Scholar Erick Erickson

Conservative pundit Erick Erickson defended Donald Trump's budget cuts to programs like Meals on Wheels by saying Jesus only wanted to feed poor Christians. Even though He was, you know, Jewish.

Atheists Call on Longwood (FL) Officials to Remove Christian Veterans Memorial from City Building

For some reason, the Longwood City Hall building in Florida honors veterans by reminding people that only Christians fight for this country. At least that's the impression you'd get when you see the large cross with the words "We Will Never Forget Their Sacrifices" that they're using as a memorial.

Royal Commission Reveals Massive Scale of Child Sexual Abuse Complaints in Anglican Church

Australia's Royal Commission has been looking into "Institutional Responses to Child Sexual Abuse," and the latest batch of damning information concerns the Anglican church.

The Satanic Temple’s “Never Be Hit In School Again” Billboard Has Been Vandalized

A day after going up, The Satanic Temple's anti-corporal punishment billboard in Springtown, Texas has already been vandalized.

The Fountainhead: Roaring Twenties

The evocative, glamorous setting of the 1920s... is completely ignored by this novel.

Happy (End) St. Patrick's Day

I used to think I was reasonably good at not falling victim to Poe's law in that I could usually tell the difference between genuine content from a sincere author with extreme views (e.g., a Christian extremist) and content designed to mock extreme views (e.g., an atheist creating an account to mimic Christian extremists). Show More Summary

The Mormon Church’s Attempt to Censor MormonLeaks Backfired, So More People Get To See This Slide

In another case of religious leaders not understanding the Streisand effect, the Mormon Church tried to stop MormonLeaks from publishing an internal PowerPoint presentation, so that means everyone now gets to see this slide of things Church leaders believe are leading people away from the Gospel.

An Atheist Gave This Creationist Video Subtitles and It’s Glorious

What do you do when a "concerned evangelical relative" gives you a video series from the Institute for Creation Research called Unlocking the Mysteries of Genesis?You watch one of the videos and remake it with your own (more accurate) subtitles.

Fill Out Your Bracket for the Most Anti-Church/State Separation Bills in America

The Secular Coalition for America is once again taking 16 state bills that promote religion through the government and pitting them against each other in a March Madness-like tournament to determine the "Worst State Bill" in the country.

Social Media Ultimatums

I realize it is mid-March (the constant stream of college basketball games on my TV is a good clue), but I've been giving the matter of New Year's resolutions some thought lately. I think I'd like to make some changes in my use of social media. Show More Summary

The Satanic Temple Tackles Corporal Punishment With TX Billboard: “Never Be Hit In School Again”

The billboard went up in Springtown, Texas. That's where, a few years ago, a male vice principal literally paddled a teenage girl to the point where she had welts on her body.

Kevin Sorbo’s Film About the “World’s Greatest Atheist” Converting to Christianity Looks Awful

Because you can't be a famous atheist author unless the title of your book drives conservative Christians mad.

Hypocrisy Alert: Oklahoma “Family Values” GOP Legislator Caught in Hotel Room With Underage Boy

A Republican "family values" legislator from Oklahoma was caught in a motel room with an underage boy. The same legislator also voted for a bathroom bill to "protect" everyone from transgender people.

This Video of a Rabbi, a Priest, and an Atheist Smoking Weed and Discussing Faith is Delightful

The gathering became a love fest in the best possible way as the men discovered their shared values while having a damn good time together.

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