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Don’t Celebrate the Birth of Christ Without This Amusing Baby Jesus Sweater

No Christmas party is complete this year without a Sweet Baby Jesus sweater. Because someone had to carry Him before he could walk on that beach and carry you.

Evolution in Action: Because of Poachers, African Elephants Are Increasingly Born Without Tusks

Here's something that's both fascinating and terrifying: Because poachers have killed so many African elephants for their tusks, the gene pool has been altered so significantly that babies are now being born without tusks altogether...

The IRS Denied Tax Exemption to a “Church” That Was Really Just a Coffee Shop

A church that was essentially disguised as a coffee shop was denied tax exempt status by the IRS because -- wait for it -- it too closely resembled an actual money-making coffee shop.

What is Donald Trump Going to Learn From the Outraged Left?

According to the FBI, anti-Muslim hate crimes increased sharply between 2014 and 2015. The Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) claims that incidents directed at Muslims have increased following the election of Donald Trump earlier this month. Show More Summary

10 Memorable Clips Featuring Steven Pinker

Here's a video of Steven Pinker in some of his finer moments:

Jerry Falwell, Jr.: Donald Trump Offered Me the Secretary of Education Job, But I Turned It Down

According to the Associated Press, Liberty University President Jerry Falwell, Jr., who recently met with Trump in New York City, says Trump offered him the Secretary of Education role, but he turned it down:

The Gods Did It

The Gods were really the first scapegoats, weren't They...?

Israeli Rabbi Broadly Condemned After Saying Homosexuality is a Crime “Punishable by Death”

A high-ranking Israeli rabbi is under fire after saying that the Jewish punishment for homosexuality must be death because the Torah commands it.

Powerful Film About Ex-Muslims is a Form of “Atheist Islamophobia,” Says Anonymous Critic

Last month, filmmaker Deeyah Khan released her latest documentary Exposure: Islam’s Non-Believers -- all about Muslim apostates and the challenges they face.You'd think screening the film in Portland (OR) would be safe enough, but some critics couldn't handle it, defacing posters and leaving notes near the fliers.

The Biggest Religious Scandals of All Time

The YouTube channel WatchMojo compiled a list of the "Top 10 Most Shocking Religious Scandals," and there are some worthwhile entries in the bunch -- from financial ripoffs to physically harming people in your care.

Time To Get Your Flu Shot

Entrance to the headquarters of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (Photo credit: Wikipedia) An earlier version of this post appeared on the Mississippi Atheists blog in 2015. It has been edited for re-posting here.According...Show More Summary

Would You Change Your Mind if There Was Strong Evidence Suggesting You Were Wrong?

"Street Epistemologist" Anthony Magnabosco's latest video isn't about religion, per se, but it shows just how difficult it can be to get through to some people when they're convinced of their beliefs.The man he speaks to is opposed to...Show More Summary

Telling Your Kids Santa Claus is Real Could Damage Your Relationship With Them

Should you teach your kids to believe in Santa Claus?A new article published in the journal Lancet Psychiatry says lying to your children, even about Santa, could harm your relationship with them in the future.

Open Thread: Love & Kindness

The next few years are going to be a dark time. I like to think that I’m a generally optimistic person, but I’ve found precious little to be cheerful about in these past two weeks, and giving up on activism entirely is a thought that’s crossed my mind. In the months to come, I feel [Read More...]

The Kenyan Government Blocked an Atheist Group from Donating Items to a Children’s Home

The group Atheists in Kenya (AiK) has had a difficult time getting any respect in the country. Even getting official status as a registered group (akin to becoming a legal non-profit in the United States) was blocked by the government earlier this year and remains in limbo today.The government is now using that ambiguity to prevent the atheists from helping needy children.

Mitosis and Meiosis: A Rap Battle

I don't know why I was so amused by this "rap battle" between mitosis and meiosis, but I couldn't look away.

Franklin Township School Board in Indiana Sued for Beginning Meetings with Christian Prayers

The Franklin Township School Board in Indiana just got sued for opening up meetings with a Christian prayer, something that is undoubtedly illegal.

Alaskan Borough Officials Change Invocation Rules (Again) to Comply with the Law

Months after a Satanist delivered an invocation at a meeting of the Kenai Peninsula Borough Assembly (in Alaska) -- one that included the words "Hail Satan" -- the elected officials have changed the rules yet again. At least this time, they're on the right track.

Evangelical Meteorologist Wants Fellow Christians to Accept the Realities of Climate Change

The good news is that Paul Douglas, an evangelical Christian and meteorologist, accepts the realities of climate change and he's doing everything in his power to make sure other Christians know it.The bad news is that it takes someone like him to reach out to fellow evangelicals because they've learned to ignore all the other reasonable people on this issue.

Gordon Klingenschmitt: Letting Muslim Rep. Keith Ellison Run the DNC Would Offend Evangelicals

Soon-to-leave Colorado State Rep. and Christian talk show host Gordon Klingenschmitt says that letting Rep. Keith Ellison, a devout Muslim, run the Democratic National Committee would be deeply offensive to evangelical Christians. Because that's all that really matters.

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