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Intelligent Design Advocates Are Angry They’re Not “Partners” in the March For Science

Groups that work to dismantle science education are the problem, not the solution. The Discovery Institute, much like Answers in Genesis, shouldn't be welcomed as "partners" for tomorrow's March.

After Southern Maryland Libraries Caved To Public Pressure, a Teen-Focused Sex Ed Class Is Back On

It's appalling that some parents would rather keep their kids in the dark about such an important subject, but for those who want their kids to understand the complexities of sex -- and how to be safe -- for whenever that time comes, this is a fantastic way to educate them.

The Fountainhead: A Randian Guide to Retirement

What should happen to a heroic creator when he's too old or ill to keep working?

A Christian Ministry Visited TX Public Schools and People Are Shocked They Promoted Christianity

FFRF says that Go Tell Ministries was invited to Glenda Dawson High School in Pearland -- and several other schools -- to deliver a secular message. The ministry used the opportunity to promote a separate religious event.

Being Honest About Religious Beliefs Shouldn’t Be Offensive

Here's an entertaining compilation of atheists on television (or giving lectures) and being as blunt as ever.

Good Luck With These Rotation-Related Riddles

If you have kids, you may want to bring them over to watch this video posing four rotation-related riddles and see if they can guess the answers.They're harder than they look.

I Didn’t Realize This Conversation Had Become a Sermon

Comedian Ricarlo Flanagan is very frustrated with religious people who treat every conversation as an opportunity to preach.

Neil deGrasse Tyson Shouldn’t Have Had to Make This Video, But This is America in 2017, So He Did

In a new video, Neil deGrasse Tyson talks about science in America, specifically the need for scientific literacy. Because the more time we waste debating the established evidence, the less time we have to make important political decisions stemming from that knowledge.

AZ State Rep. Athena Salman Responds After Being Rebuked by the GOP for Her Godless Invocation

Earlier today, Arizona State Rep. Athena Salman held a news conference outside the State Capitol, where she and others remarked on the absurd response to her godless invocation on Tuesday.

God Spoke to Her Through a Pineapple

There are times when pointing out why religion is silly takes some work. Maybe it's comforting people in times of grief, or it's offering hope when they have nowhere else to turn.This is not one of those times.

Alabama Supreme Court Upholds Suspension for Radical Christian Judge Roy Moore

Alabama Chief Justice Roy Moore can't catch a break. (Hallelujah.) Yesterday, a "Special Court" composed of retired judges said that a ban from the bench could remain in place. All because Moore doesn't give a damn about the law he's supposed to uphold.

Oprah Winfrey Celebrates Anti-LGBT Pastor John Gray in New Eight-Episode Series

Pastor John Gray has charisma and a constant smile on his face, so why would Oprah care if the beliefs he advocates have hurt millions of people who want nothing more than equal rights?

Lawrence Krauss on Finding Purpose: “Life Is More Precious Because It’s Temporary and Accidental”

It's a question atheists get all the time: How do you find meaning in life if you don't believe in God?Physicist Lawrence Krauss takes a crack at that question in a video for Big Think.

Respecting Those With Whom We Disagree

I respect many people with whom I rarely agree on matters of religion, politics, or practically anything else. I can recognize their intelligence, kindness, and other positive attributes even though I disagree with them on many issues. Show More Summary

Donald Trump’s Easter Address (Annotated)

After reading Donald Trump's weekly address, just before Easter Sunday, Freedom From Religion Foundation attorney Andrew Seidel decided to annotate it. Because there were a lot of mistakes worth addressing.

An AZ State Rep. Gave a Godless Invocation, So Her Colleague Said a Christian Prayer to Correct Her

This is the second time a Christian legislator has said a prayer in the House to "undo" perceived damage by an atheist colleague who gave a wonderful invocation.

Brio, a Conservative Christian Magazine for Teen Girls, Is Back (And As Harmful As Ever)

Despite my Jewish upbringing, I remember reading Brio as a child. I wanted to enjoy it, but the content always made me cringe. It was clear from the articles that I was going to Hell and that my "purity" was my greatest asset.

After Oral Arguments, the Supreme Court Seems Poised to Strike a Blow to Church/State Separation

Earlier today, the Supreme Court heard the case of Trinity Lutheran Church v. Comer, and as many activists feared, it looks like the Court will create a giant hole in the wall of separation between church and state.

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