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Chechen President Denies Torturing Gay People: “We Don’t Have Any Gays” Here

In an interview with HBO, the Russian-backed Head of the Chechen Republic, Ramzan Kadyrov, didn't deny the torture of gay men in the region.Instead, he denied that gay men even existed in his nation (before praising God).

Armin Navabi Describes the “Poison Pill of Islam” in These Powerful Videos

Seth Andrews recently spoke with Armin Navabi, the founder of Atheist Republic, about his journey out of Islam and what he thinks about the movement to moderate the faith.These videos are as powerful and honest as anything you'll ever see about the faith.

Atheists Using Bible Verses Out of Context

Many atheists have read at least one of the many versions of the bible some Christians characterize as "holy." Not surprisingly, this is especially true for those of us who are ex-Christians. Some of us have read it many times.Many atheists have attempted to discuss certain portions of this book with Christians. Show More Summary

Podcast Ep. 172: Buying And Burning All The Teen Vogues

We also spoke about the Bible scholar who inched toward marriage equality only to realize he couldn't handle the backlash, how Jesus apparently needs gluten to transubstantiate, and the worst possible explanation for why God allows suffering.

Watch This Anti-Muslim Bigot Cry Big Baby Tears Outside a Courtroom

This man followed a Muslim couple on the road, rammed into their car, screamed obscenities, and made a gesture that resembled a gun.And now he's crying tears of unfathomable sadness because everyone's being so mean to him.

Belle Plaine (MN) Leaders May Shut Down “Free Speech Zone” Because of Satanists

The Belle Plaine (MN) City Council placed a Christian display in a park earlier this year. Atheists threatened to sue, so the Council declared the space a "free speech zone" open to any group's veterans' monument.Then the Satanists applied. So the City Council is now planning to do away with the "free speech zone" entirely.

A Muslim Mom Attended Her Gay Son’s Wedding. Now She’s Being Punished For It

A gay Muslim got married recently in Vancouver.His mother is now being condemned and punished by her supposedly progressive Muslim community.

A Pastor Wanted to Preach During the Day, So a MI Principal Gave Him a Classroom

A principal give a pastor free classroom space to use during the school day.And it went exactly as you'd expect.

Who Hasn’t Ken Ham Blamed for Ark Encounter’s Failures?

Here's a thorough list of everyone and everything Ken Ham has blamed for the economic failures of Ark Encounter.

Christian “Prophet” Cindy Jacobs: God Told Me, “Enough!”… In Spanish

Cindy Jacobs says God was speaking to her in Spanish when He told her "Basta!"... which means "Enough!"Huh. I say the same thing every time I hear her talk.

Why Are Mean Doctors Being So Unfair To Nice Gwyneth Paltrow?

Why are all these so-called "experts" raining on Gwyneth Paltrow's woo parade?!Maybe it's because they know the products she's selling don't actually help people.

The Word of God is Completely Illegible

Winnie Banov, a self-described "Joy Apostle," recently spoke at Glory City Church in Australia and left the congregation with some inspirational words.At least I think these are words.

Why Did Jeff Sessions Delay Releasing His Speech to a Religious Right Group?

Attorney General Jeff Sessions finally released the transcript of a speech he gave to the right-wing Alliance Defending Freedom.And it confirmed how this administration cares more about the feelings of Christians than the civil rights of everyone else.

Appeals Court Halts Christian-Only Prayers at Rowan County (NC) Board Meetings

An Appeals Court struck down the Christian-only prayers delivered by elected officials at Rowan County (NC) board meetings.Hallelujah!

U.S. House Committee Passes Bill Letting Pastors Preach Politics from the Pulpit

The Johnson Amendment prevents pastors from endorsing candidates from the pulpit.But an effort to repeal that rule through a House Appropriations bill made it through committee yesterday despite Democrats' best efforts.

The Fountainhead: Job-Hopper

Serves you right for taking a chance on hiring me.

Atheist’s Car Vandalized With Rock That Reads “God Is Good”

Can someone tell me what biblical message was conveyed through this crime?

This Christian Mother is Furious That Teen Vogue Has an Article About Anal Sex

Elizabeth Johnston, a homeschooling Christian mother of 10 who goes by the name "The Activist Mommy" online, is furious that Teen Vogue has an article in its June issue about how to have anal sex.Because how dare a magazine try to educate her kids?!

There Are Good Reasons for Male Circumcision (Debunked)

Are there any good reasons for boys to be circumcised?You might agree that religious and cultural traditions are bad reasons to keep doing it, but what about all those health benefits? Doesn't circumcision improve male hygiene, prevent UTIs, and decrease the risk of HIV?YouTuber Stephen Woodford addresses all of those concerns in this video.

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