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Jacksonville Holds “Community Conversation” On LGBT Rights; Angry Christians Call It A Sham

Last week in Jacksonville, Florida, anti-LGBT activists threw a fit at a public forum because LGBT people dared to say they had experienced discrimination. The occasion was the first of three “community conversations” held by Jacksonville’s...Show More Summary

Southwest Airlines Delays Flight After Paranoid Passengers Hear Other Travelers Speaking Arabic

I don't have a lot of good things to say about President George W. Bush. However, if there's one thing he got right, it was in a speech following 9/11 when he said:The face of terror is not the true faith of Islam. That's not what Islam is all about. Show More Summary

Dr. Ben Carson, Breaking the Irony Meter, Says He Doesn’t Want Ideologues in Public Office

In a recent interview with the New York Times, Dr. Ben Carson explained his views on everything from vaccine efficacy to Creationism. It'll make your head explode if you let it. The Republican Presidential candidate says he's a Creationist, though not necessarily a Young Earth Creationist, as if that's really any better. Show More Summary

Cayman Islands Legislator: “We Do Not Need An Atheist Chairing Our… Human Rights Commission”

In a move that sounds like something you'd expect to hear from Republicans in Congress, a Cayman Islands Legislative Assembly member is calling for the chairman of the territory's Human Rights Commission to step down because he's anShow More Summary

Tomorrow’s Google Doodle Honors the Discovery of “Lucy,” Our Ancient Ancestor

The front page of Google tomorrow will feature this Doodle, bound to give Creationists a collective aneurysm:

At Religious Right Event in Iowa, Carly Fiorina Claims “People of Faith Make Better Leaders”

At the "Presidential Family Forum" in Iowa Friday night, Carly Fiorina pandered to the Republican base by throwing non-religious Americans under the bus, claiming that faith was a necessary quality in a President:

Chemotherapy Shrank a Baby’s Brain Tumor, but Pope Francis is Getting All the Credit

Just weeks after Gianna Masciantonio was born, doctors discovered she had an inoperable brain tumor. It must have been devastating for her parents, Joe and Kristen, but they did what any parents would have done: They put her in the Children's Hospital of Philadelphia and let doctors do anything in their power to save her. And there's finally some good news!

At Florida High School, Football Coach’s Main Goal is to Convert Students to Christianity

Jeremy Brown became the head football coach at Mosley High School (in Florida) nearly three years ago. And how has the team done since then? If you ask Brown, very well. That has nothing to do with their record -- which, this season, was an unimpressive 4-6 -- but that's not the point.Here's Brown explaining to WJHG News how he knows his team has been successful:

In Defense of Radical Individualism

Conservative Christians are still grappling with the Supreme Court’s ruling legalizing same-sex marriage this summer. It’s sinking in that Obergefell was just the starkest example of how they no longer enjoy the absolute cultural power they once held, and that, as younger generations become more secular, their influence will keep dwindling. Some are reaching for [Read More...]

Here’s What Happened When a Christian Parent Pulled Her Kids From a Gay Teacher’s Theater Class

“I find that theatre without gays is like cooking without spices.”That’s only one brilliant line from a text that Michael Neri, a theater teacher from Birmingham, England, sent back to a homophobic parent who told him that she would be pulling her kids from his class because he's gay. Show More Summary

This is Conservative Christian Logic in a Nutshell

When Minnesota Andy McClure shared a post on Facebook about how conservative Christians react to various hot-button issues, it quickly went viral... before it was removed from the site for "not meeting community standards." (Which is probably a euphemism for "a bunch of Christians complained so the algorithm removed it.")So he drew it up XKCD-style instead.

The Christian Joy of Pain and Suffering

Reader Everett snapped this image of a church sign on Marine Corps Base Hawaii:

Class Action Lawsuit Says New York Yeshivas Failed to Give Students a Proper Secular Education

For years now, ultra-Orthodox Jews have been in charge of a public school district in East Ramapo, New York in addition to the private Jewish schools in the community. It's led to plenty of debate over, among other things, whether the...Show More Summary

Friendly Atheist Podcast Episode 82: Sarah Haider, Ex-Muslim

Our latest podcast guest is Sarah Haider, Sarah was born in Pakistan as a practicing Shia Muslim. She moved to Texas and, in her late teens, began reading the Qur’an critically. It wasn’t long before she became an atheist. In 2013, she...Show More Summary

Conservative Wants to “Bomb Mecca Off the Face of the Earth” to Show Christian Love

Conservatives seem to be taking ISIS' fundamentalism as a direct challenge to their own these days. Whether it's a leading Republican presidential candidate calling for implementation of actual Nazi anti-Semitic policies against Muslims,...Show More Summary

In Satire, Jailed Missionary Tells Iraqi Christian Why He Won’t Really Be Persecuted in the U.S.

In the excellent scripted video below, a jailed American Christian missionary meets an Iraqi Christian in the cell next door. They talk about all the persecution the Iraqi man and his family currently have to face.So the American tells him to come back to the U.S. Show More Summary

The Church of England is Mad That Theaters Won’t Run a Pro-Prayer Ad Before the New Star Wars Film

Digital Cinema Media, a company that handles advertisements for many of the largest movie chains in the UK, has a simple policy against running religious and political ads before films. Why offend some paying customers just before they settle in for a couple of hours?That's why they rejected this minute-long ad from the Church of England promoting prayer:

Why I Write

Writing (Photo credit: Wikipedia) I started writing Atheist Revolution in 2005 for one reason: I was mad. I was not a secular activist hoping to change the world. I did not have anything particularly profound to say or any great ideas I thought would influence others. Show More Summary

Students Surround Homophobic Campus Preacher, Then Dance to “Hotline Bling”

When do you do when a campus preacher is yelling at women wearing yoga pants, calling them whores, while wearing a "God Destroyed Sodom & Gomorrah" shirt?You form a circle of joy around him and dance the way your daddy taught you.

How Nebraska May Overturn Its Death Penalty Ban

The video below, part of The Atheist Voice series, discusses how Nebraska may overturn its death penalty ban:

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