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Conservative Catholic Rick Santorum Sometimes Finds It “Very Difficult to Listen to the Pope”

During an interview earlier this week, Pope Francis reiterated the Church's opposition to contraception, but noted that people should not feel that they have to reproduce “like rabbits.”Former Senator Rick Santorum, it turns out, was not at all pleased to hear that comment.

I Love How This Hospital Thanked a Group of Atheists for Donating Gifts to Patients

Last month, as part of their "War on Christmas" campaign, the Minnesota Atheists donated two carloads worth of toys and gifts to patients at the Children’s Hospital of Minnesota.Group President Eric Jayne just got a thank you note from the hospital. It reads like a typical form letter until you get to the second paragraph...

Why the French Embrace “Freedom From Religion” and Distrust “Community” — And Why That’s a Problem

In France, laicité, or secularism, is a big deal.Public Radio International's Daniel Estrin, an American who has relatives in France and likes to spend time there, observes... that we [come] from starkly different societies. If the U.S. Show More Summary

Christian Pastor Says Aborted Fetuses Go to Hell and Wives Should Acquiesce to Sex Even if They Don’t Want To

I first heard about when I started seeing an article from the site, detailing what kind of women Christian men should avoid, making its rounds on social media. (Atheist, divorced, career, feminist, and travel-loving women...Show More Summary

Christian Blogger Swears Off Leggings in Order to Honor God

Christian mom and blogger Veronica Partridge posted an entry to her blog earlier this month, detailing her decision to stop wearing leggings. What's notable about the post are the reasons she gives for this choice -- reasons that weShow More Summary

Bible Stories Featuring Characters from Pop Culture

Artist Ben Riddlebarger has a series of drawings in which he sticks pop culture icons in various Bible stories... and the results are just awesome.Like Daniel in the Lions' Den featuring some lovable lions: And Sodom and Gomorrah featuring Bert and Ernie:

Oklahoma Rep. Proposes Dodging Marriage Equality By Outlawing Secular Marriage Licenses

Oklahoma State Rep. Todd Russ (below) has a solution to the pesky problem of gays trying to get married: outlawing secular marriage altogether. Russ says he wants to "protect" court clerks from doing their jobs and providing marriage licenses to same-sex couples, which they've been legally able to do since October. Show More Summary

This Is Not Saudi Arabia: In One New York Town, Women Aren’t Allowed to Drive

Have you heard of Kiryas Joel? The overwhelmingly Haredi town of 22,000 people, located about halfway between New York City and Poughkeepsie,... has by far the youngest median age population of any municipality in the United States,Show More Summary

Oklahoma State Rep. Sally Kern Files Three of Most Bigoted Anti-Gay Bills You’ll Ever See

Several years ago, Oklahoma State Rep. Sally Kern (below) made headlines when she said that homosexuality was a bigger threat to our nation than terrorism. And wouldn't you know it: She's just filed three separate bills to make life harder for LGBT individuals... Show More Summary

Atlas Shrugged: Work-Life Balance

Atlas Shrugged, part II, chapter IX Dagny returns home from her first day back after the destruction of the Taggart Tunnel: The silence of her apartment and the motionless perfection of objects that had remained just as she had left them a month before, struck her with a sense of relief and desolation together, when [Read More...]

Pagan, Despite Not Being Asked to Give Invocation, Recites Prayer to Satan During School Board Meeting

Last September, David Suhor (who calls himself an Agnostic Pagan Pantheist) delivered an invocation for the Escambia County Board of County Commissioners (in Florida) and it was Satan-tastic.His main goal, though, has always been to deliver an invocation to the Escambia County School Board in Florida. Show More Summary

Senate Votes 98-1 That Climate Change is Real, but Can’t Agree That It’s Influenced by Human Activity

The U.S. Senate on Wednesday voted, 98-1, that climate change was real and not a hoax. The vote came after Senator Sheldon Whitehouse (D-RI) added the amendment to a bill seeking to approve the Keystone XL pipeline. [caption width="500" align="alignnone"]Sen. James Inhofe[/caption] Emily Atkin, writing for Think Progress, explains that the amendment...

The Flogging of Saudi Blogger Raif Badawi May Be Over

Saudi blogger Raif Badawi (below) is only 50 lashes into his 1,000-lashes punishment for the "crime" of "insulting Islam." But there's reason to believe he won't receive any more and that his prison sentence will be drastically reduced. According to German news sources, Saudi Arabia's Ambassador to Germany Ossama bin Abdul Majed Shobokshi says that the punishment may be over.

Sheriff’s Office Rug Reading “In Dog We Trust” Earns Nearly Five Figures in Charity Auction

Last week, I posted about the new rugs in the Pinellas County Sheriff's Office (in Florida), which cost $500 and contained a rather notable misprint:

Christian Files Religious Discrimination Complaint After Baker Refuses to Write “God Hates Gays” on Cake

Last year, Marjorie Silva, owner of Denver, Colorado's Azucar Bakery, was asked by a customer to make a cake featuring homophobic language and imagery. Silva agreed to make the cake and offered to furnish decorating instruments if wanted but said that the bakery would not inscribe the cake with the offensive language. Show More Summary

Seahawks’ Russell Wilson: God Made Me Throw 4 Interceptions to Make My Team’s Victory More Dramatic

After the Seattle Seahawks got away with an unlikely victory over the Green Bay Packers last weekend to send them to the Super Bowl, quarterback Russell Wilson had a perfectly rational explanation for his four interceptions and mostly-awful...Show More Summary

Rep. Keith Ellison Invites Tony Perkins to Visit Minneapolis and See That It’s Not Under Sharia Law

While Fox News has already apologized for wrongly saying Paris has "no-go zones" for non-Muslims, Christian Right leader Tony Perkins was still spreading the misinformation yesterday.He said there were "700 no-go zones" in France, adding that Dearborn (Michigan) and Minneapolis were American cities that had been taken over by Sharia law.That led Rep. Show More Summary

Leader of German Anti-Islam Group Poses As Hitler, Is Forced To (Goose)step Aside

This is not a good look for anyone -- and it hasn't been since, oh, the 1930s. That's a selfie taken by German activist Lutz Bachmann, at the hairdresser's, where he was temporarily rocking an Adolf Hitler haircut as well as the Führer's trademark mustache.

Mike Huckabee Wants to Protect Us from Our Secular Theocracy (Which Has Zero Openly-Atheist Elected Officials)

You know what the problem with our government is? Too few Christians. It's a secular theocracy, really. I mean, with all those atheists in public office, it's a wonder Christians still have any rights.That's just a sampling of what Mike Huckabee said to host James Robison on today's episode of Life Today, as he explained why he was thinking about running for President:

Debunking the “Russian Ghost Car” Video

Captain Disillusion -- who makes some of the best videos about skepticism you'll ever see -- debunks the popular video of a car that seems to appear out of nowhere to cause a minor accident:

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