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Atheist Rapper Ensomniak’s Latest Song: “Ain’t The Way”

Atheist rapper Ensomniak is back with his latest song. It's called "Ain't The Way" and riffs on Stevie Wonder's song "Superstitious."

Ask Richard: Are There Non-Religious Therapy Options for an Atheist Divorcé in the Bible Belt?

A recently divorced atheist living in the Bible Belt wants to know how to overcome depression when the only options he can find are Christian in nature. Richard Wade offers him advice without bringing God into it.

Trumpcare: Liberal Redneck Edition

Trae Crowder, the Liberal Redneck, offers his analysis of Trumpcare, the replacement for Obamacare that would screw over millions of poor people but make rich people even richer.

Humanists to FL County Officials: Rescinding an Atheist’s Invocation Invite Was Unconstitutional

The Escambia County Commissioners in Florida recently told an atheist -- moments before a recent meeting -- that he couldn't deliver the invocation.A Humanist group is calling their actions "discriminatory and unconstitutional."

Popular (Bunk) Theory about Atheist Birth Rates and the Rise of Religion Resurfaces

A new study argues that "secularism is likely to undergo a decline throughout the remainder of the twenty-first century" in large part due to our relatively low birth rates (compared to religious groups). But the researchers ignore a lot of important facts to the contrary.

The Atheist Parent Challenge: Is It Indoctrination If You Steer Your Kids Toward Godlessness?

If I, as an atheist, raise a kid who becomes religious, have I failed as a parent or succeeded as one who raised a young woman capable of independent thought?

#800deadbabies: The Grim Conclusion

Whatever the apologists may say, this isn't about protecting life and it never has been.

Why Did Officials in Mission Viejo (CA) Let a Church Rent Public Space Worth $51,765 for Only $25?

According to atheists in Mission Viejo, California, the City Council allowed a local church to rent out a community center, school field, and spotlight generator for their National Day of Prayer event for less than 0.01% of its actual cost.

Kellyanne Conway Thinks Obama Spied on Trump with… Microwaves?

The fact-phobic administration just added another unverified lie to its résumé.

NYC Mayor Failed to Stop Rabbis from Sucking on Newborns’ Penises and Giving Them Herpes

New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio didn't do enough years ago to stop the ultra-Orthodox Jewish practice of rabbis sucking the penises of newborns after their circumcisions -- even when the practice led to the newborns contracting herpes -- and now it's happening again.

Donald Trump, King of Vulgarities, Bemoans Lack of Press Civility

President Donald Trump thinks the press is being "rude" for literally just doing their job.

Texas Democrat Trolls Anti-Abortion Colleagues with Bill Fining Men $100 Each Time They Masturbate

Since men in Texas have no problem proposing and passing legislation that restricts how much control women have over their bodies, one female legislator is turning the tables on them with a clever bill of her own.

But Insults Aren't Funny When They Are Aimed At Me

When someone makes a career out of insulting others, whether he or she is a comedian, an actor, an author, a blogger, or whatever else, there is always a risk that he or she will eventually get around to insulting you or one of the groups with which you identify (for countless examples, see South Park). Show More Summary

The Big Bang Is Just a Belief (Debunked)

Creationist Ken Ham recently tweeted that the Big Bang was merely a belief, as if any explanation for the origins of the universe is plausible because we didn't see the Big Bang happen.YouTuber Rationality Rules explains why Ham's argument makes no sense in under three minutes.

Podcast Ep. 152: Louis Theroux, Star of My Scientology Movie

Our latest podcast guest is Louis Theroux, the filmmaker behind My Scientology Movie.

Christian “Ex-Witch” Offers Handy Dandy Tips To Protect Yourself From Witchcraft

A Christian who used to be a witch wants to tell us all how to expel witchcraft curses from our lives... and simultaneously speed up our internet connections.

Knowing We Don’t Have “Liberty and Justice For All,” These Seventh Graders Wrote a New Pledge

Last month, a classroom full of seventh graders at El Camino Real Academy in New Mexico staged a mass protest against the Pledge of Allegiance. It led their teacher to help them write a new one -- one that reflected the America they hope to live in again someday.

A Message to Religious Parents: Don’t Just Teach Your Kids the “Good” Parts of Your Faith

YouTuber Alex J. O'Connor (a.k.a. CosmicSkeptic) has a response for religious parents who say they only teach their kids the "good bits" of their faith, setting aside the nonsense.

Gordon Klingenschmitt: Exposure to the Ten Commandments Would Free Atheists from Demonic Influence

According to Christian talk show host Gordon Klingenschmitt, the atheists who successfully got a Pennsylvania high school to remove a Ten Commandments monument that had been outside the building for decades filed the lawsuit only because demonic spirits controlled them.

Atheists Win Case Against Missouri School District That Took Students to a Christian Ministry

The American Humanist Association has won its case against a Missouri school district that rewarded students with a field trip to a sports complex that doubled as a Christian ministry.

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