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Pastor Found with Nude, Tied Up Man Swears “On a Stack of Bibles” Nothing Happened

Unfortunately for this guy, God and “a stack of Bibles” won’t be testifying on his behalf.

Parents Sue to Stop Trans Son from Having Hormone Therapy for Religious Reasons

The unnamed parents also told their son he should kill himself because he’s “going to hell anyway.” They don't deserve custody.

SC Rep.: If You Take Prayer Out of School, “You Replace It With Metal Detectors”

South Carolina Republicans are trying to pass a bill allowing teachers to proselytize in public schools. Their reasoning is as awful as you'd expect.

Teacher Allegedly Told Kid Protesting the Pledge to “Go Back to Your Country”

The student, who was born in the United States, says she sat during the Pledge of Allegiance to protest racism in the country. According to reports, her teacher couldn't handle that.

Iowa State Senator: Relax, Atheists. Invocations Only Last 0.00625% of the Day

Iowa State Sen. Craig Johnson has a lot of (awful) reasons for why he won't sponsor an atheist to deliver an invocation.

Trump’s Budget Seeks $1 Billion In Taxpayer Funds For Private Religious Schools

This budget request by Donald Trump promotes indoctrination at the expense of education.

Tennessee GOP Unleashes Attack on “Radical Atheist” Running for State Senate

The Tennessee Republican Party is urging voters to reject State Senate candidate Gayle Jordan because she's a "radical atheist." What that means is anyone's guess.

Even Omarosa, a Minister, Thinks Mike Pence is a Crazy Christian

Mike Pence "thinks Jesus tells him to say things," said Omarosa, an ordained minister who thinks God is listening to her prayers.

Dad Who Let His Son Die of Meningitis Loses Speaking Gig at “Wellness” Expo

Sponsors began backing out after learning that David Stephan would speak at a wellness event despite letting his son die of a treatable disease.

These “Prayer Matters” Shirts Aren’t a Rebuke to Atheists Who Understand the Law

These shirts aren't a substitution for loudspeaker prayers. They're an act of surrender.

Dennis Prager: Evangelicals Aren’t Hypocrites for Backing Donald Trump

Liberals criticize evangelicals for their support of Donald Trump only because they're the ones who placed so much importance on character when Democrats were in power.

Why Atheists Think About Gods

Photo by lecreusois from Pexels As an atheist who maintains a blog focused on issues relevant to atheists (Atheist Revolution) and who participates in a number of online forums, there is one question I am asked perhaps more than any other. Show More Summary

Leaked Video Shows Mormon Leader Telling Bishops How to Handle Child Abuse Cases

This is great advice if you're a Mormon Church leader hoping to keep as many cases of abuse as possible under the radar.

Catholic School May Expel Student Over Her Planned Parenthood Laptop Sticker

It's not even about abortion. This Connecticut Catholic school wants to expel a student who believes the government should simply care more about women's health.

These Jehovah’s Witness 2018 “Be Courageous” Propaganda Videos Are Disturbing

This is how the Jehovah's Witnesses plan to manipulate their members during the group's annual conventions later this year.

Parents Shouldn’t Be Mad When Catholic Schools Fire Teachers in Same-Sex Marriages

The problem isn't the Catholic school that fired a beloved first grade teacher. It's the parents who continue propping up an institution that promotes bigotry and then complain when the leaders acts Catholic.

Don’t Blame a Florida Church for This Waitress Losing Her Job

A church may have forgotten to tip this waitress, but she's the one who violated company policy.

#WhiteWednesdays: Iranian Women Fight Theocracy

This seems like a small, symbolic protest, but sometimes that's just what it takes to undermine an authoritarian regime.

Getting Tired and Learning to Rest

I don't believe in omens, signs, or fate. I do not think that the universe tries to send me messages every now and then that are perfectly timed so I receive them when I most need them. Sure, I can acknowledge that it sometimes seems...Show More Summary

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