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A Florida Man is Furious That Schools Allow Students To Opt Out of Saying the Pledge of Allegiance

A Florida man is furious after seeing a page in his niece's student handbook allowing her to remain seated during the Pledge of Allegiance with a parent's signature. He doesn't understand that Florida law requires school districts to remind students of their Pledge rights.

Ultra-Orthodox Rabbis Ban Women from Going To College and Getting a “Dangerous” Secular Education

According to a document obtained by The Independent (UK), Ultra-Orthodox Jewish rabbis who are part of the Satmar sect are banning women from obtaining university degrees because "It is dangerous."

Exploring the Gap Between When the Gospels Were Written and the Oldest Copies We Have

How much time passed between when each chapter of the New Testament was supposedly written to the oldest known copy we have in our possession?In an ideal world, we'd have the original copies available to us and the gap would be 0 years. Show More Summary

Stop the Christians From Knocking on Your Door

I've made no secret of my distaste for evangelical fundamentalist Christian door-to-door proselytizing. I've written about it here several times, mostly because I was not sufficiently prepared for how much worse it was going to be when I moved to Mississippi as compared with anywhere else I'd ever lived. Show More Summary

If Donald Trump Hired a Personal Songwriter, It’d Be This Guy

William Tapley, the Christian singer who has written unofficial campaign songs for Mitt Romney and Donald Trump and Mike Pence is back with a song for Hillary Clinton. Let's just say he's not a fan...

Christian Activist Flip Benham Screams About Gay Sex Outside Charlotte Pride Parade

Conservative anti-gay Christian activist Flip Benham was last seen screaming at the Charlotte City Council because the members wanted to treat LGBT people as human beings and he wasn't having it. He spend this past weekend ranting near...Show More Summary

Malaysian Singer Arrested for “Insulting Islam” in Video Intended to Promote Religious Harmony

Last month, Malaysian singer Namewee (real name: Wee Meng Chee) released a new song called "Oh My God." The music video featured him in front of several different churches and temples... but the version you see below isn't the original video because it doesn't include a part in which he dances in front of a mosque. Show More Summary

Even Thought Target Is Installing Private Bathrooms, Conservative Christians Are Still Complaining

The American Family Association is still whining about Target's trans-inclusive bathroom policy even though the company has agreed to their demands. It just goes to show that the AFA, like most conservative Christians, have to feel perpetually persecuted even when there's nothing for them to whine about.

Christian Right Leader: The U.S. Is “Doing the Same Thing” As ISIS By Permitting Abortions

ISIS beheads people. ISIS throws gay people off of buildings. ISIS stones women to death if they are accused of adultery. And according to Mat Staver, the Liberty Counsel attorney who represented Kim Davis, those atrocities are no different than allowing women to have abortions.

Norway’s Largest Church Now Allows People to Opt Out Online, and Thousands Have Already Done It

After Norway's evangelical Lutheran Church launched a website to make it easier to track members -- a site that also allowed them to opt out of the Church altogether -- more than 15,000 people chose to leave for good. (And that's just in the first week.)

UK Christian Group Says “Turning Gay” Didn’t Help Struggling Olympic Diver

Tom Daley is the British diver who failed to qualify for the finals in the Olympics' Men's 10m platform diving competition despite scoring highest in the preliminary round. It was just a rough day for him. The dives didn't go his way. Show More Summary

Ben-Hur, the Faith-Based Epic That Cost $100 Million to (Re)Make, Flopped at the Box Office

Ben-Hur, the remake of the classic 1959 film about a merchant living in the time of Jesus, flopped over the weekend, raking in just $11 million (and an addition $10 million worldwide), a mere dent in its $100 million budget.

Joy Reid to Guest Lying About Birtherism: “Even a Pastor Cannot Just Make Things Up On This Show”

Over the weekend, AM Joy host Joy Reid wouldn't let Pastor Darrell Scott get away with the lie that Hillary Clinton, not Donald Trump, began the birther conspiracy theory against President Obama. She held his feet to the fire and it made for great television.

The Collapse of the Christian Vote

What the rise of the atheist voting bloc looks like from the other side.

Atheists (and Jesus) Participated in a Wisconsin Gay Pride Parade

It is always nice to see an atheist presence at LGBT events and they were in full force at the OutReach Pride Parade in Madison, Wisconsin yesterday. Both the Freedom From Religion Foundation and the Atheists, Humanists, & Agnostics at UW-Madison had representation there. Chris Line (an FFRF legal intern) took some incredible pictures of the event:

The 10 Most Extreme Religious Groups of All Time

When it comes to the most extreme religious groups of all time, what's on your list? There are some obvious entries -- hello, Westboro Baptist Church! -- but even I hadn't heard of the group with the slogan "Save the Planet, Kill Yourself."

Christian Privilege in Mississippi

This post originally appeared on the Mississippi Atheists blog in July of 2012. It has been revised and expanded.While running errands recently, I parked my car and was in the process of heading into the store. As I did so, I noticed that I had parked next to a car that had both a Jesus fish and one of the symbols you see here on its trunk. Show More Summary

Podcast Ep. 123: Rob McWilliams, Founder of South East Texas Atheists Helping the Homeless

Our latest podcast guest is Rob McWilliams, the founder of South East Texas Atheists Helping the Homeless. We spoke with him about how his group is different from churches, how listeners can help his cause by buying products on Amazon, and the most amazing love story ever.

Pennsylvania County Commissioner Under Fire After Several Anti-Islam Facebook Posts

Mifflin County (Pennsylvania) is run by three commissioners, one of whom, Lisa Nancollas, is under fire after making multiple Facebook posts calling for an outright ban on Islam:

A Gulf Coast Planned Parenthood May Soon Have a New Neighbor: A Clinic Offering “Reverse Abortions”

It's bad enough that an anti-abortion clinic may soon open up next to a Planned Parenthood center in New Orleans. We've seen that before; in some cases, the "crisis pregnancy centers" literally pretend to be the abortion clinics in order to trick women who were trying to end their pregnancies. Show More Summary

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