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Of Course, This Is How Zombies Would Celebrate Easter…

I don't think this is what the Lamb of God is supposed to be doing to the Lamb of God.

Creationist Ken Ham Spent 20 Minutes Whining About An Atheist Attorney’s Trip to Ark Encounter

After an attorney from the Freedom From Religion Foundation took video of his trip to Ark Encounter, Ken Ham told the Answers in Genesis staff about "how misinformation and outright lies are being spread by this atheist group, one that aggressively opposes Christianity."

A Utah Judge Can’t Decide If an LDS Bishop Convicted of Rape Is a Good Guy or a Great Guy

What do you say about a man convicted of raping two of his relatives? A judge in Utah, knowing the rapist was a former LDS bishop, called him "an extraordinarily good man" who just did a bad thing.

About That So-Called “Sacrifice”…

If I donated a kidney, but got it back three days later, that wouldn't be a sacrifice either, would it?

The Worst Part of Ross Douthat’s Easter Column Urging Liberals to Go Back to Church (Annotated)

New York Times columnist Ross Douthat says that liberals ought to return to church, as if there's value in supporting groups that routinely ignore reality.He also makes a special plea to atheists that makes no sense at all.

An Atheist Revolution Easter Collection

When it comes to Christian holidays, Christmas receives all the attention. I suppose it isn't fair to blame Christians for this given that much of the popularity of Christmas is likely secular. Still, it seems like Easter should be far...Show More Summary

God’s “Predictions” Should Never Be Taken Seriously

This is just one problem with being raised in religion: You assume the things God "says" to you -- really, just the voices in your head -- are going to come true in the future, and you base your life around it.

Coralville (Iowa) City Council Approves Day of Reason Proclamation

The atheist activists are killing it in Iowa. The city of Coralville joined Iowa City, Cedar Rapids, and Waterloo in issuing a Day of Reason proclamation, marking May 4 as a day to honor human intellect and evidence-based thinking.

What Does It Mean to Have a “Biblical Worldview” and How Can Christians Reconcile It With Reality?

It's no wonder the phrase "fake news" resonates so deeply with evangelicals. Facts that don't mesh with their beliefs have to be wrong because the alternative would be too devastating to consider.

Chicago is Home Once Again to an Atheist Display Countering a Catholic Group’s Giant Jesus Sign

For the fourth straight year, downtown Chicago's Daley Plaza is home to a couple of 8-foot-tall banners promoting separation of church and state:

The Pastor Whose Easter Sermon Series Is Called “Nailed It” Doesn’t Get Why You Find It Funny

The pastor who church sign went viral doesn't get the joke, and he's furious that other Christians are criticizing him for being tone deaf.

This is the Easter Story You’ll Never Hear in Church

Even wonder what Easter eggs and a bunny have to do with Jesus rising from the dead?Don't worry! This video will explain everything. You just have to watch the whole thing... which isn't hard to do since it keeps getting more entertaining.

God Set Judas Up For Failure (No Matter What a Popular Meme Says)

There's a popular meme going around about how the biblical Judas had "the best Pastor" and "teacher" and "leader" at his disposal in Jesus -- but betrayed him anyway. The point is that the church you attend, and the leadership within...Show More Summary

Kenyan Tavern Owner Tells Atheist Group He Will Not Play Host To a “Godless Easter Party”

The group Atheists in Kenya reserved space at Jiweke Tavern, a local haunt, for their Godless Easter Party. But after word spread that they were atheists -- I don't know what gave it away -- the restaurant owner rescinded the reservation and told them they weren't welcome there.

Did Missouri’s Governor Make a Big Mistake By Reversing a Policy That Honored the First Amendment?

Missouri Governor Eric Greitens, a Republican, is creating a problem where there wasn't one before, handing a gift to churches at the expense of taxpayers. It's irresponsible, unconstitutional, and everything we've come to expect from a GOP that caters to the Religious Right.

Christian Pastor Kevin Swanson: Beauty and the Beast Promotes “Inter-Species Breeding”

Oh, sure, Pastor Kevin Swanson is irrationally freaked out by the gay character in the live-action Beauty and the Beast film. But you know what's really awful? The way the movie promotes inter-species fornication. (Seriously.)

Republicans May Sneak a Repeal of the Johnson Amendment Into Their Tax Reform Legislation

If Republicans successfully repeal the Johnson Amendment, pastors would have the ability to tell their congregations who to vote for -- blatantly playing politics -- without losing their churches' tax exemptions.Now, instead of voting on a stand-alone bill, it looks like the GOP will sneak the repeal into a larger piece of legislation in order to avoid unwanted attention.

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