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These People Think Their Prayers Had an Impact on Hurricane Irma

Some people want to give God credit because Irma isn't as destructive as it could have been.

Is a Good and Powerful God Compatible With a World Full of Suffering?

Explaining the "problem of evil" is Christian Apologetics 101, but this YouTuber does a nice job pushing back.

This Columnist Can’t Handle Belfast’s Atheist Mayor Skipping Grace at Dinner

Columnist Alf McCreary is appalled that Belfast's Lord Mayor Nuala McAllister didn't include a Christian prayer at her installation dinner last week.His complaints are ridiculous.

Muslim Website Blames Jews for Misinformation on Female Genital Mutilation

A Canadian group purporting to represent more than 75,000 Muslims promoted a version of female genital mutilation on its website, while blaming Jews for their anti-FGM attitudes.

Christian “Prophetess” Who Didn’t Stop Irma Now Says Rain is Part of God’s Plan

Kat Kerr said she would take authority over Hurricane Irma and completely stop it.Now she says the rain is part of God's plan... but the hurricane won't destroy anything.

Podcast Ep. 180: Atheists Are Helping After Hurricane Harvey

We also discussed the worst sex education lecture ever, the pastor forced to resign from his church after speaking out against racism, and whether atheist organizations should speak out on political issues not directly tied to relig...

Televangelist Jim Bakker Sounds Even Stranger Than Usual in This Edited Video

Maybe the most disturbing part of this video is the child used as a prop for proselytizing.

This Christian “Prophet” Claims to Have Divine Revelations from Princess Diana

Princess Diana came back to Earth and only had time to speak to this one Christian author, apparently.

Illegal Mike Huckabee-Narrated Robocalls Will Cost Film Marketers $32.4 Million

The team marketing a Christian film broke the law because the movie was so bad that word of mouth wasn't going to do it any favors.

TX City Was Spared from Harvey Due to Religious Stickers on Cars, Says Citizen

To those in the path of Hurricane Irma: Don't worry about getting gas. Just get an "In God We Trust" sticker for your car, and you'll be safe!At least that's the logic of one TX native.

Time to Pray Away the Hurricane

By NOAA - Public Domain, Link Admittedly, I've made some fun of the Christians who have been claiming that their preferred god sends hurricanes to punish us for assorted "sins" like voting for someone they didn't like, maintaining reproductive...Show More Summary

Some Miami Jews Are Staying Home During Hurricane Irma Since It’s the Sabbath

These people think obeying God's rules is more important than protecting their families.

An Atheist Billboard Was Deemed Offensive, But These Signs Are Apparently Fine

This atheist billboard was taken down in Lincoln (Nebraska) last year after some people complained.But those same people seem silent about the current occupants of the same advertising space.

A New Netflix Documentary Will Follow Hasidic Jews Leaving Their World Behind

Imagine how brave these subjects must be to leave the world of ultra-Orthodox Judaism for the unknown.

Christian “Prophetess” Will Stop Hurricane Irma By Hitting It With a Scepter

She should've at least used a lightsaber.It would've accomplished the same thing and been more colorful.

Mormon Cult Must Pay $16 Million for Forcing 14-Year-Old to Marry Her Cousin

Nothing -- not even $16 million -- can make up for the sexual abuse of these girls.

TX Pre-K Teacher Asks Parents for Permission to Preach the Bible to Their Kids

This teacher seems to think a stack of permission slips would give her a green light to break the law.

Malaysia Blocks Access to Gaming Website Steam Over “Fight of Gods”

The Malaysian government thinks a fighting game involving Jesus and Zeus is too offensive for citizens' sensibilities.

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