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Anti-LGBT Bigotry and Discomfort with Same-Sex Attraction

Religious protesters of gay pride event, 2006. North Carolina (Photo credit: Wikipedia) For nearly as long as I've been alive, there has been a popular theory floating around that says that anti-LGBT bigots are overcompensating for their own same-sex attractions (or are at least confused about their sexuality). Show More Summary

Baptist Preacher: God Gave Kids Extra Padding On Their Butts So You Could Spank Them

Better parents would reason with their kids instead of forcing them to do something out of fear of punishment.

Donald Trump and Betsy DeVos Set to Announce Taxpayer Funding for Religious Schools

When she's not getting booed by college students, Betsy DeVos' day job is to make public education worse all over the country, and she's incredibly close to achieving that goal. An early look at Donald Trump's education budget shows hundreds of millions of dollars earmarked for religious schools.

Dirty Cop Says He Became a Thief and a Drug Dealer Because of Satan

Satan didn't steal marijuana that was seized in a police raid, then sell it to a confidential informant for a cut of the sales.

NH Atheist State Rep. Robert Fisher, Who Created Reddit’s “Red Pill” Forum, Resigns

After Robert Fisher's Republican colleagues recommended no action be taken against him for creating a misogynistic Reddit forum, Fisher opted to resign rather than deal with the backlash and eventual House vote on his fate.

We Should All Be Concerned About the Alabama Church Police

If a mosque made this request, the Alabama legislature would never have considered it.

Ex-Muslim: The Discrepancies Between Science and the Qur’an Helped Me Leave the Faith

Ibaad felt that if one aspect of the "self-proclaimed 'perfect' religion" was flawed, then there was reason to doubt the other passages in the Qur'an.

This Viral Post-Accident Photo Doesn’t Really Show God Taking the Victims to Heaven

This picture may bring comfort to the families of the victims of a fatal car accident, but that doesn't mean responsible journalists should ignore rational explanations of what we're looking at.

Juror Dismissed from Corruption Trial After Saying God Told Him Suspect Is “Not Guilty”

This wasn't religious discrimination.This was all about whether the Juror had the ability to weigh only the evidence presented to him. The Judge decided he couldn't do that.

Russian Orthodox Leader Sprays Holy Water on Government Computers to Stop WannaCry Attack

They can hack our political campaigns, but they think spraying water on computers is a smart move...

Bangladeshi Blogger Arnab Goswami Has Relocated to Germany, But He’s Not Safe Just Yet

What's incredible is how Goswami and his wife are willing to talk about their situation so openly. By exposing themselves, they're letting readers fully understand the perils of being a critic of religion in a country like Banglades...

Media Misses That Man Who Killed Montana Deputy Was a Christian Fundamentalist

When is a killer’s religion important?For many in the media, it’s when the suspect isn’t a Christian.

Televangelist Jim Bakker: Donald Trump’s Critics Have Initiated the Apocalypse

When the Apocalypse occurs, you liberals better feel really, really bad about yourselves, because your hatred of Donald Trump made it happen. At least that's what televangelist Jim Bakker says.

God Won’t Repay Your IOUs

An intangible assurance of trustworthiness can't substitute for a tangible one.

This Stand-Up Comedian Gets Just About Everything Wrong When It Comes to Atheists

I have no problem with Neville Shah mocking atheists. But when the premises of his jokes are wrong, the set becomes more frustrating than funny.

Kids Can Now Earn a “Merit Badge” for Rebutting the Boy Scouts’ Anti-Atheist Bias

We know the Boy Scouts of America doesn't allow openly atheist members or leaders -- their own policies say "no member can grow into the best kind of citizen without recognizing an obligation to God" -- but that doesn't mean you can't get a merit badge that proudly displays your godlessness.

Chuck Norris Says He’d Accept Position As Donald Trump’s FBI Director

Chuck Norris has no real qualifications to serve as the head of the FBI... which, in Trump's mind, also makes him one of the most qualified candidates.

Conservative Christians Are Flipping Out Over “Human Embryo Jewelry”

The complaints are coming from people who often wear a symbol of torture around their necks to honor their God.

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