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Rape and Incest Exemptions to Abortion Are Just “Political” Concessions, Says Anti-Choice Leader

"Personal responsibility" is language that often gets thrown around in the abortion debate by those who would limit women's reproductive choices. “Abortion is selfish. Abortion is the ultimate rejection of personal responsibility,” is a familiar refrain. Show More Summary

Egyptian Cleric: Atheists Shouldn’t Be Allowed to Talk About God Unless They’re Outside the Country

Egyptian cleric Khaled Al-Gindi said on Al-Hayat TV earlier this month that atheists had the right to their beliefs... as long as they remained silent while in the country. Anything less was a "provocation" (of what, he didn't speci...

They Could Hang This Poster at the Creation Museum

Because the Genesis explanation of how we got here is much better than anything Darwin figured out: (via Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal. Thanks to RED XIV for the link)

No Response to My Prayers

Prayers at the entry of the Jokhang temple (Photo credit: Wikipedia) After several years of regular prayer, I found myself becoming increasingly frustrated with the total lack of response. Other Christians claimed that the god in which we all believed spoke to them or at least that they felt something to convince them it was real. Show More Summary

Christian Writer Says Married Women Can’t Biblically Refuse Sex

In the darker corners of the Internet, there's a place called, run by an anonymous self-described conservative Christian man in his early forties, who apparently just happens to have a hotline to the Almighty on these issues.It's a one-stop shop for your daily dose of Biblically-framed misogyny. Show More Summary

Boy Scouts of America President Says Ban on Gay Leaders “Cannot Be Sustained”

In 2013, the Boy Scouts of America finally said gay scouts would not be kicked out of the organization.But gay scout leaders were still banned. (Not to mention atheists of any age, but that's a separate issue.)Now, the BSA's own President, Robert Gates, says the homophobia has to stop or the organization won't be around much longer:

A Rebuttal to “5 Ways The Atheist Community Is Hurting Itself”

I generally like the website Cracked, but an article posted there by Mark Hill is just irresponsible, poorly-researched, and full of every anti-atheist stereotype you can imagine.Hill is an atheist whose entire exposure to the "movement"...Show More Summary

Conservative Leader: If Atheists Can Officiate Weddings, It Will Lead to Christian Persecution

Last week, we learned that a group called Atheists for Human Rights had basically won the right for one of their members to become an officiant at weddings in Washington County, Minnesota. (It was illegal until then because that member,...Show More Summary

Christian “Praise Prom” Organizer Banned Scottish Boy Wearing Kilt Until He Changed Into Man-Pants

At any other prom, it wouldn't have been a big deal for David Leix to wear his grandfather's kilt in honor of his Scottish heritage.But David attended "Praise Prom," which is for Christian home-schoolers. Organizers thought he was wearing...Show More Summary

Faith-Healer Adam Miller Drops Lawsuit Against YouTuber Calling Him Out on His Claims

A couple of weeks ago, I posted about faith-healer Adam Miller and how he claims to be able to cure cancer, spinal injuries, poisoning, and AIDS. Last December, Stephanie Guttormson decided to call him out on it on her Think Stephtically YouTube channel:

Christian Pastor Uses Bull to Draw in Converts

Have you ever seen a more perfect metaphor...?In order to get media attention, a pastor at Solid Rock Church in Monroe, Ohio (home of Hug Me Jesus) brought in a bull during a church service. (Because what else are you gonna do with all that tax-free money. Help people?)

Freethought and the Opportunity to Learn

Let the child explore and learn (Photo credit: Wikipedia) I have certainly had the experience of reading content that was largely consistent with my point of view and learning something from it. I would never dismiss the value of content with which I agree as a potential vehicle for learning. Show More Summary

I Hear That’s What They Do at Summer Bible Camp

I guess this church in Kouts, Indiana has given up on the whole abstinence thing... You hear them, everyone. Plant those seeds inside each other!

Son of Man: A Christian Atheist Play Will Debut on London Stage Later This Month

Last year, I posted about playwright Alexander Nye's new work, about how the nature of Jesus' birth may have "led him to believe he was the son of a god." It's an atheist telling of the Gospel story. Later this month, that production will have its debut on a London stage:

Beware the Institutes with Few Scientists…

The Discovery Institute.The Institute for Creation Research.Yep, this chart is pretty accurate. Especially the bottom right part of it.

Getting “In God We Trust” Off of the Money: An Update

Last week, Michael Newdow wrote a piece for this site about a new approach he was using to get "In God We Trust" off our money. In short, it used the Religious Freedom Restoration Act (RFRA) against the government, saying they didn't have a good enough reason to burden atheists with the religious phrase. Since then, there have been a few updates to the story.

Governor Bobby Jindal is Smarter Than the Republican Party Will Allow Him to Be

Even though Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal was in the news yesterday for saying he would sign an executive order allowing (some) faith-based discrimination against LGBT people, Zack Kopplin reminds us that Jindal also has it out for science education. Show More Summary

In Praise of Flexible Faith

On Friday, in New Zealand, a five-year-old boy was hit by a car on his way to school. His head was bleeding and he was on the ground. 22-year-old Harman Singh saw this and immediately did the first thing he could think of to help. He took off his turban, unraveled it, and put it under the child's head until help arrived:

Can a Judge Legally Lead Prospective Jurors in Sectarian Prayer?

This is Swampyank's copy of "The Jury" by John Morgan, painted in 1861, and now in the Bucks County Museum in England. (Photo credit: Wikipedia) Many of you have been summoned for jury duty. And if so, you know that you are legally obligated to report when summoned. Show More Summary

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