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Two Christian Mothers Call a Drag Queen a “Pervert”: “The Law Should Afford Him No Protection”

It's not weird that Christians would protest in defense of Alabama Supreme Court Chief Justice Roy Moore. He faces an ethics trial for telling lower court judges they didn't have to issue marriage licenses to same-sex couples, and conservative Christians think that's unjust.What is appalling, though, is just how openly bigoted some of them are.

Legal Contract Website Offers Template for Those Who Want to Sell Their Soul to the Devil

In case any of you are interested in selling your soul to the highest bidder, I got you covered. The website is exactly what you'd expect. It helps you create contracts of all kinds. And just in case you want to test it out, they have a document that should help settle things between you and Satan.

NJ Motor Vehicle Commission Owes $75,000 in Settlement After Rejecting “8THEIST” License Plate

Nearly three years after New Jersey resident Shannon Morgan had her vanity plate "8THEIST" rejected by the state's Motor Vehicle Commission for being "objectionable," her lawsuit has resulted in a settlement that overwhelmingly favors church/state separation -- including the MVC paying $75,000 in legal fees.

Firefighter, Told That Atheists Like Him “Deserve to Burn,” Sues City of Bowling Green (KY)

A lawsuit filed this week by an atheist firefighter against the city of Bowling Green (Kentucky) has some damning claims about what he witnessed in the department.

Christian Speaker Opposes “In God We Trust” Resolution, Saying “It Is a Waste of Time”

Local officials are usually quick to promote "In God We Trust" resolutions, but in Kane County, Illinois, one speaker at a recent meeting told the board members that she opposed the resolution because it was a waste of everyone's time. (She was a Christian, too!)

The Secular Student Alliance’s Executive Director Will Be Stepping Down After an Incredible Run

August Brunsman, one of the founders of the Secular Student Alliance, announced that he will be stepping down from his role as Executive Director to pursue new interests.I can say with certainty I wouldn't be doing any of the atheism-related things I do now if he hadn't encouraged me from the very beginning. Show More Summary

Donald Trump, Whose Favorite Book is the Bible, Has No Clue How To Get Into Heaven

At a meeting with evangelical pastors in Orlando yesterday, Donald Trump told the crowd that he needed everyone to pray for him. Because if they could get him elected, he can do great things, and that will allow him to get into Heaven. But that's not what evangelicals believe.

Christian Website Seriously Asks: “Is Hillary Clinton the Antichrist or an Illuminati Witch?”

It's easy to laugh at all the idiotic things Donald Trump and his allies say on the campaign trail... until you realize some people actually believe the nonsense. Just look at this headline from Charisma News:

Why We Shouldn’t Want Manufacturing Jobs Back

The jobs haven't disappeared, they've just been taken by robots.

Satanist Delivers Invocation in Alaska’s Kenai Peninsula Borough: “It Is Done. Hail Satan”

The Kenai Peninsula Borough Assembly was considering eliminating invocations from meetings altogether... but they ultimately decided to allow anyone who wanted to give one to do so. And you know what that means: Say hello to the Satanists!Earlier this week, Iris Fontana of The Satanic Temple led an invocation that had people reeling...

The Connection Between Circumcision and the Anti-Masturbation Movement

In the video below, Laci Green dives into the disturbing connection between circumcision and the growing anti-masturbation movement of the 1800s:

New Jersey Mayor Approves Library Display Honoring (Only) Christian Soldiers

A couple of weeks ago, the city of Roselle Park (New Jersey) put up a display just outside the public library featuring a soldier kneeling in front of a Christian cross. The American Humanist Association’s Appignani Humanist Legal Center says that's an illegal promotion of religion and they're asking the Mayor to reconsider the display before it becomes the focus of a lawsuit.

I Don't Want to Be An Atheist Anymore

It seems that quite a few people disagree quite strongly with my suggestion that atheism is not a conscious choice one makes. Perhaps I'm wrong about that. In any event, it occurs to me that I do not particularly want to be an atheist. Show More Summary

Volunteer Doctors in Syria Tell President Obama: We Don’t Need Prayers; We Need Real Help

In an open letter to President Obama, 15 doctors who are volunteering in Aleppo (Syria) are asking for serious support from the U.S. government. They specifically reject calls for more prayer, urging Obama to assist with action inst...

TN County Owes Atheists $41,000 After Sheriff Promoted Christianity on Department’s Facebook Page

The Bradley County Sheriff's Office in Cleveland, Tennessee promoted Christianity on the Department's Facebook page. They deleted comments critical of that decision. And the Sheriff even said he didn't think atheists could ever be police...Show More Summary

Right-Wing Media Wrongly Says a Marine Was Punished for the Bible Verses on Her Desk

Several conservative websites are running a story about how Marine Lance Corporal Monifa Sterling was punished for exercising her Christian faith. However, a closer look at the story shows that her disobedience, not her religion, was the reason she was given a bad-conduct discharge.

Christian Liar David Barton: You’ll Have to Answer to God One Day, So Vote for Donald Trump

Christian pseudo-historian David Barton, who tells lies for a living, told callers during a teleforum hosted by My Faith Votes (a get-out-the-vote ministry) that they will have to answer to God if they don't vote for Donald Trump.

Disturbing Lesson from Christian Workbook Discusses Why God Allowed a Little Boy to “Be Molested”

The folks at Homeschoolers Anonymous recently got their hands on some old workbook pages used at the Institute of Basic Life Principles. That would be the Christian ministry founded by Bill Gothard, a man who resigned as President there...Show More Summary

The Incredible Potential Power of Genetic Engineering

This excellent animated video shows you the power of genetic engineering (and CRISPR):

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