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Salman Rushdie, in Speech, Assails “New Age of Religious Mayhem”

Novelist Salman Rushdie picked up another major literary award (the PEN Pinter Prize) the other day and minced no words about the Islamist ideology that has literally threatened his life for the last quarter-century.It's pretty brave, if you ask me. Show More Summary

If Catholic School Employees Had to Live By The Bible, They’d All Get Fired

Marriage equality may have swept the nation last week, but LGBT people are far from equal. Even in places where LGBT individuals and same-sex couples are granted some array of legal rights, religious institutions routinely fire LGBTShow More Summary

There’s an Alabama Supreme Court Justice Laser-Focused on Overturning Roe v. Wade (and It’s Not Roy Moore)

There's a fundamentalist Christian judge on the Alabama Supreme Court who has every intention of being a judicial activist. He believes the Bible matters more than the Constitution when it comes to law.And he's not Chief Justice Roy Moore.Nope. Show More Summary

The Dishonesty of Some of Sam Harris’ Foes (Who Clearly Know Better But Smear Him Anyway)

Yesterday morning, this is what Sam Harris woke up to:Some person who goes by the name of @dan_verg_ on Twitter took the most easily misunderstood sentence in The End of Faith out of (its absolutely essential) context, attached it to a scary picture of me, and declared me a “genocidal fascist maniac.” Then Reza Aslan retweeted it. Show More Summary

Marriage Equality Isn’t Just for Same-Sex Couples

Last week, marriage equality made another giant stride in the United States. Three federal circuit courts covering different parts of the country had ruled against same-sex marriage bans; the supporters of those bans had appealed to the Supreme Court, but the Court turned those appeals down. By doing so, it made those decisions final. This [Read More...]

Church Sign of the Day

Seen in rural Oklahoma.Is that your considered legal opinion, pastor? (via Reddit)

The "Real Christian" Phenomenon

Christian IV's Brewhouse at Christians Brygge in Copenhagen, Denmark (Photo credit: Wikipedia) I have written about the "real Christian" phenomenon here more times than I can count (here's a particularly sarcastic example). I think that...Show More Summary

So Far This Year in London, There Have Been 27 Cases of “Witchcraft”-Related Child Abuse

Fourteen years ago, London's Metropolitan Police recorded its first case of abuse stemming from accusations of witchcraft against a child. This year so far, it has recorded 27.The majority of these cases spring from a fundamentalist interpretation of Christianity, blended with other supernatural concepts. Show More Summary

One of the Best College Football Players in the Country is an Atheist… Maybe

The blogger at Reason Reaction recently began chatting with a college football player who happens to be a starter at a major school (in that they're constantly mentioned in discussions about the best teams in the country).It turns out this player is an atheist. Because of that, he didn't reveal his identity or school, but he agreed to do an interview:

Mike Huckabee: If the GOP Gives Up Fighting Marriage Equality and Abortion Rights, I’ll Leave the Party

Mike Huckabee has terrible news for Republicans: If they accept the legal reality of marriage equality, the former Arkansas governor and 2008 Republican presidential hopeful will be done with them. Not just a little done, but completely...Show More Summary

Egged On By Her Ex-Pastor Husband, Mom Attempts to Poison and Stab Three Daughters to Bring Them to Jesus

Christ is a great pal, now and forever. Wouldn't you like to meet him?Police say that was the basic motivation behind the crime committed the other day by Pamela Christensen, an Illinois mother with end-times delusions who confessedShow More Summary

Brighter Than Today: The 2014 Secular Solstice

In the depths of winter’s darkness, human beings have a seemingly inherent need to celebrate and be festive, especially with holidays that involve the kindling of light, as if in defiance of chilly weather and early nightfall. And the winter solstice, the shortest and darkest time of the year, is a natural date to choose, [Read More...]

China Sentences Two Cult Members to Death After They Fatally Beat a “Possessed” Would-Be Convert

Back in May, five members of a strange Chinese cult called Eastern Lightning -- a.k.a. the Church of the Almighty God -- walked into a McDonald's restaurant in Zhaoyuan and harassed one of the customers, trying to recruit her into the cult. Show More Summary

If This Iranian-Born Atheist Doesn’t Get Asylum in Scotland, He Could Be Killed Back Home

Ramin Forghani wears a lot of important hats. He's the Vice Chair of the Scottish Secular Society, founder of the Iranian Atheists Association, and chairman of Ex-Muslims Scotland.However, the 25-year-old Forghani (below) is only in Scotland temporarily, studying at the University of Strathclyde... Show More Summary

Brittany Maynard Will End Her Life in a Few Weeks and, Despite What Some Christians Say, It’s a Very Brave Decision

On New Year's Day, 29-year-old Brittany Maynard (below), a newlywed planning to start her family, got some awful news: she had brain cancer. After months of treatment and doctor's visits, she received even worse news: her tumor had not only come back, but grown larger. She wrote in an essay for CNN:

Reza Aslan Scoffs That You Can Only Be a Credible Public Atheist If You’re a Religious Scholar With a Degree

Salon interviewed Reza Aslan (below) about the contentious exchange on Islam that he, Ben Affleck, and Sam Harris had on Bill Maher's HBO show last week.Whatever else you may think of Aslan's positions, here's one that deserves a little...Show More Summary

Pastor Jim Garlow Endorses Political Candidate at Church, Then Tells IRS, “Sue Me”

Last week, I posted about "Pulpit Freedom Sunday," an event where church pastors defy the law by endorsing political candidates from the pulpits of their tax-exempt churches. (The law basically says that non-profit groups, includingShow More Summary

This is the Conversation Noah Should Have Had with God

Simon Whitaker, like most of us, knows that the story of Noah's Ark makes no sense at all.That's why he decided to tell the story a little more realistically in The Almost Flood:

Pastor Crows Victory After Agnostic Groom Finally Comes Crawling Back to Church

The Onion does funny fiction almost as well as religion does funny fiction:

The Evidence for Evolution

The team at Stated Clearly have an excellent new video explaining the evidence for evolution by looking at Cetaceans (like dolphins and whales):

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