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The Question of Whether Atheism is a Choice

Back in 2009, I wrote a post titled To What Degree is Atheism Voluntary? In it, I wrestled with the question of whether atheism is a choice people make, and I explained that my own lack of god belief did not seem to be a choice I had made for myself. Show More Summary

Seth Meyers Explores Donald Trump’s Weird (and Disturbing) Embrace of Religion

Seth Meyers spent about ten minutes Tuesday night talking about Donald Trump's faith, his religious illiteracy, his embrace of televangelist Paula White, and his ignorance of church/state separation.

A Michigan Cottage Town Says Only Christians Are Allowed to Own Property There

The Bay View Association of the United Methodist Church (in Michigan) says they have every right to discriminate against non-Christians, but a new lawsuit claims they don't have that right at all.

Pastor Who Prayed to Thwart Attack on Trump Won’t Give Details to Secret Service

Pastor Rodney Howard-Browne recently put his hands on Donald Trump and prayed for the President. He later said the prayer was intended to shield Trump from an imminent attack.But when Secret Service asked him for details about the attack, Howard-Browne refused to talk. I wonder why.

Humanists in Guatemala Are Spreading the Gospel of Reason With These Messages

This Spanish-language "commercial" for Humanism is simple, uplifting, and such a great way to invite people to check out the Humanistas Guatemala.And there's a billboard, too!

A Fundamentalist Mormon Town is Facing a Major Health Crisis Caused by Polygamy

There’s an isolated region in the United States where the children are more than a million times more likely to be born with fumarase deficiency, a metabolic disorder that causes severe mental defects and epileptic seizures, and it’s filled with Mormon fundamentalists who practice polygamy.

White House “Expands” Contact With Faith Leaders By Meeting Even More Christians

In the Trump White House, only one religion matters. And the representatives of that faith want the government to take the Bible more seriously than the Constitution.

TN Mayor Won’t Remove Bible Verse from Courthouse Because Christians Like It

This verse is a permanent ode to the Christian God. There's no legal justification for it.And if the Mayor keeps defending it, the taxpayers could be on the hook for a lot of money.

The White House Bible Study Isn’t a Problem (But the Instructor Is)

The man leading the White House's Bible Study has called homosexuality an "abomination" and Catholicism the "world’s largest false religion."

Donald Trump’s Religious Right Lawyer Lied to Everyone About the Russia Meeting

If new reporting by the Washington Post is accurate, Donald Trump helped draft a false statement about the purpose of his son's meeting with a Russian lawyer about a year ago.That would also mean Jay Sekulow, a longtime Christian Right lawyer, has been caught red-handed lying for Trump.

A Test of the Uninformed Outrage Hypothesis

At the end of June, I wrote a post called Uninformed Outrage: Reacting Without Reading in which I noted that I have seen an increase in the number of people attempting to interact with my content on social media without reading it. I...Show More Summary

A New Project Will Offer “Secular Support to Grieving Nonbelievers”

How do you deal with death when you don't believe in an afterlife or that the loss of a loved one was part of some Master Plan?Rebecca Hensler has been helping people answer that question for years, and she's finally writing a guidebook for others.

Ohio Charter School Accused of Preaching Creationism to Students

The Ohio Distance & Electronic Learning Academy, a “non-sectarian” online charter school that receives taxpayer funding, apparently teaches Creationism to students. The Freedom From Religion Foundation recently sent a letter to the school’s superintendent Dr. Show More Summary

Judge Strikes Down AL Law Requiring Girls to Go Through Trial Before Abortion

Alabama's law delaying and restricting abortion access for underage girls was cruel and unjust.Now it's gone. Good riddance.

Has the Atheist Movement Lost Its Way?

The crude and bigoted behavior of high-profile atheists is real, but it's not the whole story.

Not That You Needed Convincing, But Don’t Buy Products from Alex Jones

This segment from Last Week Tonight gives you even more reasons to despise Alex Jones.Not that you needed them.

Atheists Ask Supreme Court to Rule on Whether School Board Prayers Are Legal

The American Humanist Association is asking the Supreme Court to hear a case that would have massive repercussions for church/state separation at public school board meetings.

Watch This Cringe-Worthy Ark Encounter Ad Featuring a Donald Trump Impersonator

Because the way to sell tickets for an attraction full of lies is with the help of a man who can't stop spouting them.(In the name of Jesus, of course.)

Mississippi District Prepares for New School Year With Illegal Prayer Service

There are a lot of ways to improve morale in a school district.Telling everyone to pray to Jesus isn't one of them.

Church Elders to Blind Woman with Service Dog: Move to the Back of the Pews

In the Bible, Jesus heals a blind man.In this church, they'd rather not deal with a blind woman.

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