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After Supreme Court Punts, Anti-LGBTQ Mississippi Law Remains in Place

Once again, "religious freedom" remains synonymous with Christian bigotry.

Sometimes, Atheist Activists Pick the Wrong Battles

There are real church/state separation battles we must fight.These examples don't make the cut.

Who Will the Democrats Run in 2020?

Last September, The Washington Post ranked those they considered to be the "top 15 possible Democratic nominees" for 2020 (see The top 15 possible 2020 Democratic nominees, ranked). They updated their rankings in December with what I assume was the intent of showing who's gaining ground and who's losing it. Show More Summary

The Robot Revolution Is Coming

As robots begin taking over white-collar jobs, we need to think about what the future economy will look like while there's time to shape it.

This Debunking of the Viral “Portal to Sedona” Video is Incredible

Magic is so much cooler when a trick is complicated and you have a professional explaining to you how it's done.

James Dobson Wants You to Pray and Fast to Protect Trump from Impeachment

It's easy to mock Christians who believe any of this could work... so let's do it.

Whose Fault Is It That Churches in Poor Communities Are Struggling?

Are wealthier Christians more interested in planting churches or maintaining the gardens they've created?

“It’s Not Us”: Will Evangelicals Ever Accept Responsibility for Their Mistakes?

Evangelicals never want to claim responsibility for the members of their tribe whose actions make them look bad.

A WV County Is Giving an Illegal Sweetheart Deal to a Private Christian School

The Christian school rents out a government building for $1.00 a year (not a typo) and taxpayers take care of the utility bills.

Catholic Priests May Have Fathered (and Abandoned) Thousands of Children

How does it benefit the Church to have these (literal and figurative) fathers abandoning their children?

After Victim Speaks Out, TN Pastor Admits He Sexually Assaulted Her Decades Ago

Pastor Andy Savage referred to his assault on the then-underage girl as a "sexual incident" and said he was praying to God for forgiveness.I guess that's supposed to make everything better.

Intercessory Prayer and the Nature of Belief

Mary Magdalene, in a dramatic 19th-century popular image of penitence painted by Ary Scheffer. (Photo credit: Wikipedia) Intercessory prayer, not to be confused with imprecatory prayer, refers to Christians praying on behalf of others. Show More Summary

If Prayer Worked...

When someone claims that prayer works, the first thing we should ask is what the speaker means by "works" in this context. If I say that prayer works because engaging in prayer makes me feel better, I may be right to claim that it works.Of course, this is not usually what the religious claim. Show More Summary

Podcast Ep. 198: The Mormons Are Getting a New Leader

We also spoke about Mississippi's proposed official state book (can you guess?), the Ten Commandments monument inside a Texas mall, and how churches are now eligible for taxpayer funds to rebuild after a disaster.

Christian Congressman: God Forgave Me For Sleeping With Patients, Paying For Abortions

Rep. Scott DesJarlais says God has forgiven him, but God can’t vote.Those who can should replace this man with someone who isn’t a massive hypocrite.

Raw Water: The Trendy Drink For Those Unaware That “Dr. Strangelove” Was Satire

$36.99 for a 2.5 gallon jug of raw water is a stupid amount of money for any kind of liquid that isn't going to at least get you drunk.

North Park U. Suspends Pastor Who Officiated Same-Sex Wedding of Former Student

Pastor Judy Peterson knew there could be consequences for officiating the wedding, but she hoped her church would be lenient given the circumstances.And then they suspended her.

Trump Is “The Most Brilliant Person I’ve Ever Met,” Says Pastor With No Friends

Rick Joyner says Donald Trump "may be the most brilliant person I’ve ever met."Knowing Joyner, that's probably true.

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