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House Democrats Introduce the “Do No Harm” Act, Hoping to Correct the Overreach of RFRA

When the Religious Freedom Restoration Act was passed in 1993, there were good intentions all around. Legislation to protect (real) religious freedom in the face of government intervention? Who would oppose that? As Barry Lynn of Americans...Show More Summary

Why Your Beliefs Don’t Always Matter: Liberal Redneck Edition

Trae Crowder, the Liberal Redneck, explains why the Christians like the screampreachers at Target need to stop acting on their beliefs, because they're "crazier than Michele Bachmann on bath salts."

Head of Christian Charity Embezzled $475,000 to Finance His “Sex Addiction”

There's an episode of Louie that contains a great observation about so-called sex addiction:“Tiger Woods claims to be addicted to sex. Bullshit! These are hot women he was having sex with. If he was having sex with a dead chicken, I’d...Show More Summary

A Christian Thought Experiment: A Response to Pastor Kevin DeYoung

The door to your office opens and Sarah walks in with tears in her eyes.This has been happening a lot lately, to the point where it's started to interrupt your daily cross polishing, but as a high school guidance counselor, you’re responsible for the well-being of these students. Show More Summary

Rep. Tulsi Gabbard, Democrat from Hawaii, Will Speak at the Reason Rally

Rep. Tulsi Gabbard (D-HI), who made news earlier this year for quitting her high-level position with the Democratic National Committee because she couldn't remain neutral and wanted to publicly endorse Sen. Bernie Sanders, will be speaking at the Reason Rally next month.

Christian High School Says It Has the Right to Expel You if You Have a Gay Sibling at Home

Someone with a connection to Trinity Academy -- a private Christian high school in Wichita, Kansas -- sent me a document yesterday with the school's Statement of Understanding. It's not available on the website, but it's the form students and their parents have to sign before they can be admitted.Most of it's standard stuff. Show More Summary

Memphis “Prophetess” Steals a Small Fortune From a Food Program for Kids — Again

I wanted to call this a new low, but considering the Christians who beat kids, kill kids, and rape kids, merely taking food out of kids' mouths is no big deal, right?The operator of a Memphis faith-based agency that contracted with the...Show More Summary

Bangladeshi Blogger Shammi Haque, Threatened for Her Secular Views, Granted Asylum in Germany

Shammi Haque is one of several Bangladeshi atheist bloggers whose life is currently in danger. Some of her colleagues have already been murdered. She could very well have been next -- she received death threats and saw her name on a "hit list" going around online. Show More Summary

The U.S. House Has Passed a Bill Protecting Atheists, Animal Slaughter, and Male Circumcision

A new bill designed to amend the International Religious Freedom Act of 1998 passed the U.S. House unanimously this week, and it will lead to some wonderful and horrendous changes. H.R. 1150 will offer extended protections to atheists,...Show More Summary

In New York State Orthodox-Jewish Enclave, Child Abuse Is Suspected, and the FBI Is on the Case

A child-rape investigation is underway in Kiryas Joel, an Orthodox-Jewish shtetl of about 23,000 people, located halfway between New York City and Poughkeepsie. The FBI-led probe centers on the alleged misconduct of Rabbi Moshe Hersh...Show More Summary

That Explains Why the Birds Are Near…

Science: Taking all the romance out of love songs since 1543.

Who Deserves the Blame for Handing the Election to Trump?

Making predictions about the future is a tricky endeavor. Just ask the "ghost" of Harold Camping about his many predictions and how they turned out! With that in mind, I'd still like to try my hand at a quick prediction about the U.S. Show More Summary

Seth Meyers Takes a Closer Look at Bathrooms as Battlegrounds

On his show the other night, Seth Meyers gave a brief history of bathroom segregation and why current trans-inclusive bathrooms are nothing to worry about (no matter what Ted Cruz tries to tell you):

Podcast Ep. 108: David Smalley, Founder of Secular Media Group

We have a bonus mid-week episode!David Smalley, host of the show Dogma Debate, was in my area a few days ago and took some time to chat with me about his new series of children’s books, the most effective ways to talk with people who disagree with us, and all things politics (Bernie Sanders, Hillary Clinton, and atheist candidates for office). Show More Summary

Tarot Card Reader Wanted at a Phoenix Mall (Psychic Powers Not Necessary)

If you live in Phoenix, this Tarot Card reader position at a mall may be just the job you're looking for.

Jesus is Returning Soon, Right?

It's been long enough. How come Jesus hasn't come back yet?DarkMatters2525 gives us ten reasons why Jesus may not want to return...

Did Bill Nye Really Say Ken Ham’s “Followers Believe That He’s the Messiah”? Not Exactly

An Australian Channel 7 news reporter, Steve Pennells, recently came to the U.S. to cover a story on Ken Ham's tax subsidy-milking Biblical amusement park, Ark Encounter, fetching interviews with both Ham and Bill Nye. But if the segment's...Show More Summary

Baptist Pastor Does His Best Impression of Mother Teresa Burning in Hell

If there were a hell, I think Mother Teresa would be a perfectly fine candidate.But not because she simply chose the wrong religion.Fundamentalist Baptist pastor Steven Anderson thinks it makes perfect sense that only his kind of Christians...Show More Summary

Pastor Mark Driscoll to Young Woman: Your Anorexia Was Caused By the Devil

Pastor Mark Driscoll is back to his old tricks, saying indefensible things that any decent person ought to reject.The former pastor of Mars Hill Church in Seattle, now starting up Trinity Church in Phoenix, was asked by a viewer whether anorexia was a sin. Driscoll never suggested seeking professional help. Instead, he said anorexia was the work of the Devil.

After Eight Years As a Fugitive, Former Youth Pastor Faces the Music For Child Rape

Last September, Luke Adrian Cooke was extradited from Albania after having eluded U.S. law enforcement since 2007. Cooke, a former youth pastor, was wanted for sexual assaults on an 8-year-old boy and a 16-year-old boy between 2003 and 2006. His stealth tour of the world took him to China, Spain, Morocco, and, finally, Albania, where his luck ran out.

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