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Atheist on BBC1 Panel: “Religious People Do Not Have the Monopoly on Morality”

The most irrational person on the panel couldn't make much headway thanks to the constant pushback from atheist writer Ariane Sherine.

Many Conservative Mass Shooting Excuses Don’t Work When Victims Are Churchgoers

When a school shooting occurs, some conservatives blame it on God being systematically removed from public schools.It's hard to make that excuse when the tragedy occurs inside a church.

At Least 27 Dead in Texas Church Mass Shooting

Our hearts go out to all those in the church and their families.We must call on legislators to take real action to prevent mass shootings instead of letting them get away with useless requests for divine intervention.

VA Republican: Trans People Violate the Laws of Nature at a “Fundamental Level”

Bob Marshall is a Virginia Delegate (Republican) running for reelection against a transgender opponent.Rather than critique her policies, he's going after her identity.

A Brief Review of Ghostbusters (2016)

This will strike some as an odd statement, but I think I am the sort of person most likely to be receptive to the much-maligned Ghostbusters (2016) remake. First, I have been a fan of the original Ghostbusters (1984) film since seeing it in the theater upon release. Show More Summary

Podcast Ep. 189: Canada Appreciates Science

We also talked about Pat Robertson's awful advice, why the GOP's tax plan is a disaster for church/state separation, and why the atheist "movement" isn't a thing.

A Catholic Hospital Pushed Women to Bury Their Fetuses No Matter the Situation

The people who supposedly respect human life shouldn't elevate the rights of dead fetuses over those of their living mothers.

Mila Kunis Trolls Mike Pence With Monthly Planned Parenthood Donations

Now this is how you protest the Trump administration's anti-choice policies.

Evangelical Pastor Banned From Liberty University for Criticizing Trump, Falwell

There were a lot of ways Liberty could've handled this situation properly.They chose the worst possible option.

Atheist Sues Government for Having “So Help Me God” in Citizenship Oath

Sure, there's an alternative (secular) oath people can take. But why is a reference to God part of the basic package when it comes to obtaining citizenship?

Christian Preacher: When Donald Trump Swears, He’s Just Acting Like Jesus

I guess when Trump bragged about grabbing women, he was really saying a prayer.

Donald Trump’s Christian Faith Isn’t Deepening and His Ethics Aren’t Evolving

Donald Trump isn’t someone who takes “What Would Jesus Do?” into consideration before doing anything.

Christian Mom Celebrates Destroying Teen Vogue Even Though It’s Thriving Online

A Christian mom is taking credit for shutting down Teen Vogue's print edition.She had nothing to do with it.

A Florida Church Didn’t See the Sexual Innuendo in Their Sign

See? I told you abstinence-only sex education would lead to problems.

Mom Who Murdered Son on Halloween “Prayed About It” First

This mother obviously wasn’t praying for her son's health and happiness.

15 Years Ago, An Atheist Lobbying Group on Capitol Hill Was Born

The Secular Coalition for America's founder Herb Silverman looks back on what the group has accomplished 15 years after it was formed.

A Canadian Official Mocked Astrology and Creationism, Infuriating Some Critics

It's incredible that anyone would ask an accomplished woman to dumb herself down in the name of objectivity.

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