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Rise of the Christian Robots

In case you missed the recent episode of The Daily Show With Jon Stewart about the future of Christianity, you'll want to check this out. Evidently, we may have Christian robots to look forward to in the future.Of course robots will be Christian! Why wouldn't they? Subscribe to Atheist Revolution Copyright © 2015 Atheist Revolution.

Tennessee Senate Kills Bible Bill; Majority Leader Claims Satan “Loves This Kind of Mischief”

Just on the heels of the Attorney General saying it would be unconstitutional, the Tennessee Senate has killed a bill that would make the Holy Bible the official state book.For now.

Church Leader Starved Two-Year-Old Boy to Death to Rid Him of “Demon”

I know religion is only one of many factors involved in this story, so it alone can't be blamed for what happened... but it reminds us that faith sure as hell doesn't make you a better, more sensible person.If it did, then two-year-olds wouldn't starve to death for superstitious reasons:

Christian Groups Claim the U.S. Military is a “Hostile Work Environment” for Chaplains Wanting to Proselytize

You know who has it really rough in the military?Christians. Because I guess the ones in power can't impose their beliefs on everyone else.That's seriously the claim being made by Liberty Institute senior counsel Michael Berry, who thinks the non-proselytizing rule is preventing Christians from joining the military:

Jeb Bush Will Deliver Commencement Address at School Founded by Jerry Falwell

I don't know how Liberty University became the go-to place for Republicans on the Presidential campaign trail, but it's a scary thought that the road to the GOP nomination now runs through Lynchburg:

Christian Auto Shop Owner Won’t Serve Openly Gay Clients (and If You Don’t Like It, He’ll Mess With Your Car)

Grandville, Michigan auto repair shop owner Brian Klawiter said on Facebook this week that he would not serve gay customers at Dieseltec.(How he would know they're gay is anyone's guess.)

Doonesbury Creator Garry Trudeau Again Attacks Anti-Islam Cartoons, Instead of Those Who Murder Over Them

When, last Friday, Doonesbury creator Garry Trudeau received the George Polk Career Award, he took the occasion to attack Charlie Hebdo and its Mohammed cartoons.It wasn't new territory for him. After the violence over the 2005 Danish...Show More Summary

KosherSwitch: A Loophole for Orthodox Jews Who Think They Can’t Turn Electricity On/Off on the Sabbath

I've never understood why people who believe their religion demands they obey certain rules work really hard to find loopholes around them (See: Eruvs).Orthodox Jews who observe the Sabbath, for example, are forbidden from turning lights on and off on that day. Show More Summary

Comedian Julia Sweeney Urges You to be “Openly Secular”

Following in the footsteps of Rep. Barney Frank, Penn & Teller, Bill Maher and members of the symphonic metal band Nightwish, comedian Julia Sweeney has recorded a video explaining why she's "openly secular":

Pennsylvania News Station Features Local Humanist on Show About Religion in Society

WFMZ-TV in Allentown, Pennsylvania airs a weekly show called Business Matters and this week they had a panel discussion on the topic "Are we losing religion in today’s society?" To their credit, they included the voice of Darren Smith of the Lehigh Valley Humanists:

Summer Camp for Children of Atheist Parents is Now Led by Ousted Eagle Scouts

Several years ago, Neil Polzin was kicked out of the Boy Scouts of America -- despite being an Eagle Scout -- because he was an atheist.Shawn Jeffers left the BSA in 2002 after coming out as both gay and atheist. He's an Eagle Scout,...Show More Summary

A Teacher Told the Media About the Christian Crosses on Her Classroom Wall… So Now They Have to Come Down

Last week, the Herald Democrat newspaper in Texas published an article about how awesome Christian crosses are. (Because Texas.) It included this passage:A wall of crosses grace the wall of Kristen McCoy’s classroom at Dillingham Intermediate School in Sherman. Show More Summary

Science as the Ultimate Spoiler Alert

Have you ever been obsessed with a TV show but missed an episode? You go crazy trying to avoid spoilers, refusing to visit certain websites or talk to certain people. You'll do anything to block out mentions of the show. You're happy...Show More Summary

Bill O’Reilly: Christians Are Being Killed in America… Verbally

John Stossel appeared on TV with Bill O'Reilly last night to talk about the non-existent War on Christians...In a pleasant twist, though, the lack of persecution is exactly the point Stossel made to a host who doesn't often get challenged on this issue.

Canadian Supreme Court Unanimously Rules Against Prayer at Government Meetings in Quebec Town

For a while now, we've been following the Saguenay prayer case.To summarize, Alain Simoneau, who lives in Saguenay (Quebec), challenged the opening prayers at his city government's meetings. The province's human rights tribunal agreed...Show More Summary

Here’s How to Respond to the Anti-Gay “Day of Dialogue”

Tomorrow marks the annual Focus on the Family-sponsored "Day of Dialogue" in which participants can tell their LGBT classmates why they're going to hell. (It's a Christian response to the Day of Silence which takes place on Friday.)This...Show More Summary

Christian Pastor Condemns Colleague for Not Wanting Gay People Put to Death

Apparently, some guy requested that his website be removed from anti-gay Pastor Steven Anderson's church directory -- I guess he didn't want to be associated with Anderson's brand of hate speech -- and that pissed off Anderson's doppelgänger,...Show More Summary

Thanks to Attorney General Supporting Bible Distributions in Oklahoma Schools, Satanists May Get in on the Action

A couple of weeks ago, in Duncan, Oklahoma, Woodrow Wilson Elementary School teacher Erica Mackey announced she had a surprise for her third-grade students:

Why Are Atheists Protesting Outside a Wells Fargo Bank in Las Vegas Later Today?

Last year, John Whiteside (below) was discriminated against at a Wells Fargo branch due to his atheism. At least that's the way he sees it.

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