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Al Jazeera Tackles Whether Religion is to Blame for Violence, but It’s Frustrating to Watch

Mehdi Hasan, the host of Al Jazeera's UpFront, hosted a conversation the other day about whether religion is to blame for violence. Fascinating topic. Too bad the conversations were just full of facepalms.

Pakistani Internet Star Strangled to Death by Brother in “Honor Killing”

26-year-old Qandeel Baloch, known as "Pakistan's Kim Kardashian" for her provocative social media posts and online appearances, was strangled to death by her brother last night in what's being calling an "honor killing":

Study: Most Evangelicals Think Transgender People Are Immoral

Transgender people are one of the most marginalized communities in the United States. They face disproportionate rates of suicide, violence, unemployment, poverty, and discrimination. Oh, and the majority of evangelicals still think their mere existence is "immoral."

Texas High School Busted for Showing Pro-Christian and Anti-Evolution Films in Class

Why would any teachers in their right minds show the stereotype-heavy God's Not Dead or the anti-evolution Expelled: Intelligence Not Allowed in their public school classrooms? (Answer: Texas.)

GOP Platform Says Pastors Can Endorse Candidates from the Pulpit Without Losing Tax Exemptions

During Donald Trump's official introduction of his running mate Mike Pence today, he bragged about how the Republican platform now calls for a repeal of the Johnson Amendment. If that happens, it would be one of the biggest disasters in a campaign full of horrific ideas.

Why Are Evangelicals Not Bothered by Donald Trump’s Obvious Hesitation Over Mike Pence?

Donald Trump's selection of Mike Pence as his running mate is proof that evangelicals aren't being persecuted. But should Trump's reported hesitation on the selected give conservatives pause?

Arkansas Will Allow Therapists to Discriminate for Religious Reasons

This week, Arkansas lawmakers approved a bill that will allow therapists to reject clients if treating them would violate their religious beliefs.

Christian Revival “Miracles” Include Woman Regrowing Breast and Gold Crowns Appearing in Mouths

You atheists have no idea what you're missing. While you're sitting around complaining about how prayer accomplishes nothing, there are miracles taking place at religious revival conferences all over the country! So many of them! Luckily,...Show More Summary

A New Orchid Species Contains Satan’s Face

A new species of orchid appears to have the face of the devil at the center.

University of Westminster Hires Paid “Secular Adviser” to Help Counsel Non-Religious Students

This is incredible: The University of Westminster just appointed Isabel Millar to the position of Secular Adviser. Similar to a Humanist Chaplain, she is now the nation's "first ever paid pastoral adviser for non-religious people."

Creationist Ken Ham Caught Misleading People About Ark Encounter’s Attendance on Opening Day

Ken Ham's tweet from earlier today suggests that there was a huge crowd on opening day of Ark Encounter. But an eagle-eyed Twitter user noticed something interesting about that picture...

Canadian Priest Charged with Fraud After Gambling Away Half a Million Dollars Meant For Refugees

A few months ago, we posted about a Catholic priest from Ontario who stole half a million Canadian dollars from a church fund ostensibly set up to help Iraqi refugees resettling in Canada... and then lost it all to gambling. That priest has finally been charged with fraud.

Illinois Village Takes Down “Bless the U.S.A.” Sign After Christians Complain It’s Not Godly Enough

Earlier this month, outside the Oswego (Illinois) Village Hall, there was a display that read "Bless the U.S.A." Absurd, right?! In fact, it caused a lot of controversy in the community... but not because the city was promoting a religious message. Rather, some people argued that it wasn't religious enough:

Three More Candidates for Statewide Office Announce Their Non-Theism Before the Primaries

Three more politicians running for their state legislatures have come out as non-theistic ahead of their primary elections (while another who doesn't have any religious affiliation has voiced her support for church/state separation). The Freethought Equality Fund has endorsed all of them.

Cleveland Billboards Call Out GOP’s Homophobia and Religious Discrimination

A new billboard outside the Cleveland site of the Republican National Convention, put up by the pro-LGBT organization Planting Peace (best known for their Equality House across the street from Westboro Baptist Church), shows an illustration of Donald Trump and Ted Cruz about to kiss. The cheeky caption reads "Love Trumps Hate. End Homophobia."

Vice Presidential Nominee Mike Pence Doesn’t Accept Evolution or Climate Change

Among the many problems with Indiana Gov. Mike Pence as a Vice President -- and there are many -- readers of this site might be interested in a response he gave MSNBC's Chris Matthews in 2009 when asked about evolution. It was a softball question for the then-House Representative and he whiffed.

Transgender Woman Charged For Photographing Woman In Target Dressing Room

Collective sigh and facepalm: A transgender woman in Idaho has been charged with voyeurism after taking photos of another woman in a dressing room at Target.

On Seasteading and Liberlands

Building your own utopia turns out to be just a bit harder than anticipated.

Song-and-Dance Satanic Prayer in Pensacola (FL) Temporarily Disrupted by Angry Christians

Last night, at a meeting of the Pensacola City Council in Florida, members of the United Methodist Church of Pace tried everything they could to stop The Satanic Temple's David Suhor from speaking. They interrupted him by singing the Lord's Prayer multiple times in an effort to drown him out... Show More Summary

How Religious is Mississippi?

This post is based on one I wrote for Mississippi Atheists in March. It has been revised and expanded.I doubt that this is going to surprise anybody, but I could not resist running the state of Mississippi through the Pew Research Center's "How religious is your state?" index based on data collected during their Religious Landscape Study. Show More Summary

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