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Chicago is Home Once Again to an Atheist Display Countering a Catholic Group’s Giant Jesus Sign

For the fourth straight year, downtown Chicago's Daley Plaza is home to a couple of 8-foot-tall banners promoting separation of church and state:

The Pastor Whose Easter Sermon Series Is Called “Nailed It” Doesn’t Get Why You Find It Funny

The pastor who church sign went viral doesn't get the joke, and he's furious that other Christians are criticizing him for being tone deaf.

This is the Easter Story You’ll Never Hear in Church

Even wonder what Easter eggs and a bunny have to do with Jesus rising from the dead?Don't worry! This video will explain everything. You just have to watch the whole thing... which isn't hard to do since it keeps getting more entertaining.

God Set Judas Up For Failure (No Matter What a Popular Meme Says)

There's a popular meme going around about how the biblical Judas had "the best Pastor" and "teacher" and "leader" at his disposal in Jesus -- but betrayed him anyway. The point is that the church you attend, and the leadership within...Show More Summary

Kenyan Tavern Owner Tells Atheist Group He Will Not Play Host To a “Godless Easter Party”

The group Atheists in Kenya reserved space at Jiweke Tavern, a local haunt, for their Godless Easter Party. But after word spread that they were atheists -- I don't know what gave it away -- the restaurant owner rescinded the reservation and told them they weren't welcome there.

Did Missouri’s Governor Make a Big Mistake By Reversing a Policy That Honored the First Amendment?

Missouri Governor Eric Greitens, a Republican, is creating a problem where there wasn't one before, handing a gift to churches at the expense of taxpayers. It's irresponsible, unconstitutional, and everything we've come to expect from a GOP that caters to the Religious Right.

Christian Pastor Kevin Swanson: Beauty and the Beast Promotes “Inter-Species Breeding”

Oh, sure, Pastor Kevin Swanson is irrationally freaked out by the gay character in the live-action Beauty and the Beast film. But you know what's really awful? The way the movie promotes inter-species fornication. (Seriously.)

Republicans May Sneak a Repeal of the Johnson Amendment Into Their Tax Reform Legislation

If Republicans successfully repeal the Johnson Amendment, pastors would have the ability to tell their congregations who to vote for -- blatantly playing politics -- without losing their churches' tax exemptions.Now, instead of voting on a stand-alone bill, it looks like the GOP will sneak the repeal into a larger piece of legislation in order to avoid unwanted attention.

Researchers Say a Quarter of Americans May Be Atheists, Higher Than Any Survey Has Ever Suggested

Researchers used an ingenious method to find people who might not otherwise admit they're atheists. And their work suggests the real number of atheists in America is much, much higher than we ever suspected.

Michigan Doctor Charged With Mutilating Girls’ Genitalia At the Request of Their Parents

A emergency room doctor from Detroit, 44-year-old Jumana Nagarwala, has been charged with mutilating the genitals of two 7-year-old girls, apparently at the request of their parents. It's believed to be the first case of its kind in the U.S.It also needs to be the last.

Religion Is Never an Excuse for Violence (Even in the NFL)

Dan Rooney, the chairman of the Pittsburgh Steelers, died yesterday. A lot of the obituaries you'll see speak of him very highly, and that's not just because he's gone now. At the same time, it'd be unfair to gloss over one of the more disturbing things he ever said.

Good Friday Posts

For those Christians who believe at least some of what they claim to believe, Good Friday is the celebration of the torturous death of the Jesus character described in their bible. It strikes me as a fairly odd thing to celebrate too. Show More Summary

Egyptian Atheist Summarizes the History of Religion to Show Why We Should Discard It Altogether

The history of religion is full of people trying to explain what they don't understand -- and then clinging to those faulty beliefs despite having access to more knowledge.

Mr. Deity Reviews The Case For Christ (Spoiler: He’s Not a Fan)

If the Harvard-trained lawyer and former Chicago Tribune journalist Lee Strobel were still a reporter, this story would've been nixed before any halfway-decent editor allowed it to be published.

Reza Aslan Makes a Lot of Sense (Debunked)

We've all heard Reza Aslan make excuses for Islam as if some of the problems stemming from the religion have nothing whatsoever to do with the religion.In the video below, YouTuber Rationality Rules explains some of the biggest fallacies Aslan makes in his interviews.

Iowa City Issues “Day of Reason” Proclamation After Joint Request from Students and Local Activists

The Eastern Iowa Atheists and the Secular Students at Iowa worked together to get Iowa City to issue the proclamation this month. It'll designate May 4 as the Day of Reason in the city, and it's a joy to hear Mayor Jim Throgmorton read the statement out loud:

Kevin Swanson to Christian Pastors: If Your Kid Says He’s Gay, “You Need To Resign”

Kevin Swanson, a Christian pastor whose approval was sought after by multiple Republican presidential candidates last year, said yet another horrible thing about gay people on his radio show.

“Humanist” Student Mashal Khan Beaten to Death in Pakistan After Accusations of Blasphemy

According to very disturbing reports out of Pakistan, Mashal Khan, an activist who called himself "The Humanist" on Facebook and a student at Abdul Wali Khan University in the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa province, was shot and beaten to death by fellow students today after being accused of blasphemy.

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