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Ask Richard: Parents Pressure Atheist to Persuade Her Sister to Have a Catholic Wedding

Note: Letter writers’ names are changed to protect their privacy.Hi Richard,I've never actually come out and told my family that I'm an atheist, but it’s something of a poorly kept secret. They certainly know that I'm no longer a Catholic as I was raised, as I've refused to have my daughter baptized. Show More Summary

A Religious Memorial Honoring a Middle School Teacher is Altered After Atheists Point Out Constitutional Problems

In 2004, Ravenswood Middle School (West Virginia) teacher Joann Christy died in an accident. It was obviously devastating to the community and the school built a memorial in her honor.The problem is that the memorial included several Christian crosses and images of angels:

Success of Martin Luther Figurines Surprises Toy Company by Becoming Its Fastest-Selling Item Ever

Protestant Reformer, man who changed the world... and best selling toy? Martin Luther's life unquestionably changed the course of human history. His challenge of the Catholic Church's power spawned a wave of new churches, religious conflicts,...Show More Summary

If You’re Going to Illegally Distribute Bibles to Fifth-Graders, You Probably Shouldn’t Brag About It on Facebook

Here's an idea: Don't distribute Bibles to children in public elementary schools.Here's another idea: Don't brag about how you handed out bibles to children in public elementary schools on Facebook. And then tell people one of the principals personally helped you do it.Jamison Faught, son of Oklahoma State Rep. Show More Summary

Houston Newspaper Publishes Digitally Altered Image of Christian Preacher Speaking to a Huge Crowd

Yesterday, the front page of the Houston Chronicle included this article and photo: Amazing, isn't it, that evangelist Reinhard Bonnke is speaking to a crowd of over a million people... and they're not even looking at him?That's because the photo isn't real.

San Francisco Students Protest Catholic School “Morality” Policy

Students at a San Francisco Catholic high school have had enough of their administration telling them that being gay is a "grave evil" -- and they're standing up for teachers who they fear could lose their jobs. [caption width="505" align="alignnone"](via ABC7 News)[/caption] Earlier in February, Archbishop Salvatore J. Show More Summary

After Atheist Billboard in Alabama Gets Taken Down Early Following Complaints, It Goes Back Up Better Than Before

Last month, the following billboard went up in Mobile, Alabama (along with other billboards in two other cities) to mark the launch of the Gulf Coast Coalition of Reason: While the contract said the billboard would be up for a month beginning around Christmas, the placement of that ad was actually delayed by two weeks.Delays happen. Show More Summary

Pastor Scott Lively Wants You To Know He’s Not Anti-Gay, Only “Anti-Homosexuality”

I once called Scott Lively a "gay-hating pastor," and now he's mad. Not at me in particular, but at every headline writer who publishes that descriptor about him. He's not gay-hating or anti-gay at all, he swears.I'll let him explain,...Show More Summary

Egyptian Student Given One Year Prison Sentence for Promoting Atheism on Facebook

In 2013, 20-year-old Sherif Gaber was arrested for starting a Facebook group about religion. His own post on the subject explained his deconversion:I started to see the contradictions between the Quran and scientific facts, and day by day for 2 years after searching and reading I knew the truth. Show More Summary

A New Mississippi Bill Would Allow Church-Owned Vehicles to be Driven By People Who Don’t Have the Proper License

A few years ago, someone created a Facebook event page for "Jesus, Take the Wheel" Day. It encouraged Christian drivers to remove their hands for a total of five minutes on the highway on a particular day and let Jesus control the car.That...Show More Summary

Islamic Extremism and Freedom of Speech

Photograph of RMIT Muslim students praying outside. (Photo credit: Wikipedia) I'm inclined to agree with this post by Sean McGuire (My Secret Atheist Blog). Freedom of speech does apply to forms of speech we do not like, including that which comes from Imams who oppose democracy, civil rights, and other Western values in the name of Islam. Show More Summary

Tennessee Legislator Wants to Amend State Constitution to Say Our Liberties Come from “God, Our Creator and Savior”

Tennessee State Rep. James Van Huss (below) has proposed a resolution, HJR0071, that has a very simple straightforward premise: Proposes an amendment to the Constitution of Tennessee recognizing that our liberties do not come from governments, but from Almighty God, our Creator and Savior.It's also known, as of this moment, as the "Suck it, atheists!" resolution.

Apparently, Women Love It When You Begin a Date by Saying a Prayer

Guys, want some advice?Begin each of your dates with a prayer. It'll make the ladies swoon.At least that's what I took away from this clip from an old teen dating forum featuring Christian apologist Josh McDowell.

It’s Every Math Teacher’s Dream…

See how that response plays out at Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal :)

Obama-Bashing Victoria Jackson Wasn’t on SNL’s Anniversary Show, but Here She Does Her Own “Comedy” Thing

Gay-hating Tea Partier and rape apologist Victoria Jackson was at Saturday Night Live's 40th-anniversary show this past weekend, but not in it. Jackson denies that her political views had anything to do with being kept off the special episode, and I hope that's true. Show More Summary

In Idaho, Christian Woman Attempts To Beat Jesus’s Love Into Her Jewish Neighbor

What are some bruises and soreness compared to the eternal agony of hell? Getting beaten up for Jesus really was for the victim's own good, don't you see?Marguerite Haragan [pictured], 58, pressed her foot into the throat of a Jewish...Show More Summary

Dutch Court OKs Extradition of Fugitive Rabbi To Israel, Where He Is Wanted for Sex Crimes

Eliezer Berland has done more globetrotting in the last couple of years than many people do in a lifetime. But it hasn't all been walks on the beach. Berland, 77, a Hasidic Israeli rabbi who fled his country in 2012 when he was credibly accused of sexual and physical abuse, has been shuttled from one location to the next.

ISIS Beheads 21 Coptic Egyptians at the Beach, Feeding the Persecution Complex of American Christians

My friend Ben Corey, an Anabaptist blogger here at Patheos, has called out the ridiculous persecution complex of American Christians before.But not like this.Just ask yourselves, he pleads with Evangelicals and other Christian conservatives,... Show More Summary

Friendly Atheist Podcast Episode 42: Peter Boghossian, Author of A Manual for Creating Atheists

Our latest podcast guest is Peter Boghossian, author of the book A Manual for Creating Atheists.

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