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Little Girl to Republican Rep. Jason Chaffetz: “Do You Believe in Science? Because I Do!”

A little girl has a chance to ask a question to Rep. Jason Chaffetz (R-UT) and she made it count.

Bill Maher: All Religions Are “Stupid and Dangerous,” But Islam Is the Most Violent These Days

In an interview with CNN's Van Jones last night, comedian Bill Maher answered a question about "radical Islamic terrorism" by saying he thinks all religions are "stupid and dangerous," but Islam is uniquely problematic at this time in our history.

The Fountainhead: No Man Is an Island

Caring about other people's opinions isn't a strange or abnormal trait.

Can Married Christians Go to Heaven?

A little-known Bible verse implies that a huge number of Christians are in serious afterlife trouble.

Science Is Partisan, Like It Or Not

The culture war is already happening, and scientists didn't start it.

Who Needs God at a Wedding?

An article in the Columbus Dispatch discusses secular weddings and how many atheists these days get away without using a priest. The secret? Humanist celebrants perform all the functions of a religious leader without any of the nonsense.

Judge Recommends Dismissal of Lawsuit Involving Loudspeaker Prayer at High School Football Game

A Christian high school filed a lawsuit against the Florida High School Athletic Association after they were forbidden from using the loudspeaker to pray before the 2015 state championship game. A judge has recommended their lawsuit be thrown out since no one was persecuting them.

A New Elementary School in TX Broke Ground With Pastors and Administrators Promoting Christianity

Earlier this month, a groundbreaking ceremony took place in Port Arthur, Texas for what will eventually become the new home for Sam Houston Elementary School. But no one would blame ceremony attendees for asking if this was going to be a private Christian school given that the entire event resembled a church service.

Since Lawmakers Rejected a Sex Ed Bill, xHamster is Directing Utah Viewers to a PG-13 Sex Ed Series

Utah legislators are so scared of comprehensive sex education that they recently voted down a bill that would have allowed parents to have the option of letting their children take a sex education class that included lessons on consent and contraception.Lucky for the people of Utah, though, porn site xHamster has them covered.

Oklahoma Republicans Advance Bill To Put Ten Commandments Displays in Public Schools

What is it with Oklahoma legislators and their obsession with the Ten Commandments?

Actress and Author Annabelle Gurwitch Talks About Why She’s Openly Secular

Author and actress Annabelle Gurwitch is the latest celebrity to make a video for the Openly Secular campaign. She used to be religious, but began questioning faith after her son was born with congenital birth defects. Was that really part of God's Plan?

This Brief Video Explains Common Misconceptions About Evolution

In an excellent new video for SciShow, Hank Green goes over some common falsehoods about evolution. I know you're not fooled by any of them, but you may want to pass this video along to all your relatives on Facebook who are.

Pastor Lance Wallnau: Donald Trump Removed the “Spirit of Witchcraft” from the White House

It was so inconsiderate of President Obama to leave his witchcraft around for someone else to clean up... but Trump came and tweeted it away, I guess.

A Conservative Christian Writer Just Released an Album of “Music” and It’s As Bad As You’d Think

A Christian writer known for her absurd conspiracy theories just released an album of her screaming gibberish into the void.

Hundreds Form “Human Wall” to Defend Catholic Church from Loud, Hateful Preachers

In response to Westboro-like preachers protesting outside a Catholic Church in Portland, Oregon, hundreds of people gathered over the weekend to fight back with a message of love and tolerance.

Appeals Court Won’t Rehear Case Involving Ten Commandments Monument Outside NM Municipal Building

Can a Ten Commandments monument outside a New Mexico government building stay there? Last year, a three-judge panel of the Tenth Circuit Court of Appeals said no. This week, the entire roster of judges said the same thing.

Discussing Ideas vs. Discussing People

Of all the quotes I see floating around on the Internet these days, the one pictured here would have to be one of my favorites. Although it has often been attributed to Eleanor Roosevelt, it was attributed to others before then 1987....Show More Summary

Italian Priest May Get Defrocked For Defrocking Himself… At Orgies

Italian Priest Father Andrea Contin may soon get defrocked by the Bishop of Padua for having repeatedly removed said frock at various orgies, nudist retreats, and even sex parties at his own church.

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