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Mike Pence to Speak at Event Run By Pastor Who Wants Atheists To Leave the U.S.

Mike Pence is used to supporting people who say despicable things, so this is nothing new.

More Than Half of Canadians Say Religion is Harmful

According to a new poll, more than half of Canadians believe religion does more harm than good.In other news, more than half of Canada finally gets it.

Atheism is Not Synonymous With Liberalism

When faced with inaccurate criticism or bizarre accusations from strangers online, it can be difficult to know how (or if) one should respond. It can sometimes be hard to tell whether what one is hearing is sincere and warrants a thoughtful response or is little more than trolling (hint: it is often trolling). Show More Summary

Anti-Gay Activist Calls for “Special Investigations” Into LGBT Rights Advocates

Anti-gay Christian activist Linda Harvey says there ought to be a "special counsel" investigating pro-LGBT rights groups because they're discriminating against Christians and corrupting kids.

Missouri Legislator Slaughters Chicken on Video to Prove a Point About Abortion

In a video that's cruel and unusual, State Rep. Mike Moon of Missouri slaughtered a chicken, then pulled out its heart for viewers, in order to show that innocent life must always be protected.(Yeah, I don't get it either.)

Alabama High School Warned After Promoting Religion at Graduation Ceremonies

How can one school screw up two graduation ceremonies, including one they weren't even supposed to be involved with?

The Main Benefactor for Miami’s New Science Museum is a Climate Change Denier

Caving in to the benefactor's possible demands would mean misinforming the public about what climate change experts know about the subject.

Texas Woman Who Left 2 Toddlers in Car to Die Regularly Praised God Online

Amanda Hawkins frequently quoted the Bible and talked about protecting her kids online, but ultimately, it was all talk. She wasn't able to keep them safe from herself.

Ken Ham is Now Blaming Atheists for the Economic Failures of Ark Encounter

What happens when your $100 million Ark doesn't provide a major boost to the local economy? Simple. Blame the atheists who always said it was a bad investment.

A Crucial Thing Was Missing In Some Media Commemorations of the Pulse Massacre

While many media outlets honored the victims of the Pulse nightclub massacre one year ago, some of them failed to mention the motive of the radical Islamic terrorist who committed the horrible act.

Thoughts on the Anti-Sharia Demonstrations

By Matt57 - Own work, Public Domain, Link I was asked what I thought of the recent anti-Sharia demonstrations. And since the person posing the question clearly wanted something more than a flippant "not much" sort of response, I figured I'd provide one. Show More Summary

Psychic Injured in Freak Accident “Didn’t Foresee It Happening” (But His Tour Will Go On)

A self-proclaimed psychic who was involved in a freak accident a couple of weeks ago is close to a full recovery.But it raises an interesting question: If he missed something that obvious, why should anyone take his predictions seriously?

Pakistan Sentences Man to Death for Alleged Blasphemy on Facebook

How many people have to die before these radical Muslims accept that their actions are far worse than the criticisms of their faith?

Imam Says Female Genital Mutilation Prevents Girls from Being “Hypersexually Active”

Shaker Elsayed, the head imam of Dar al-Hijrah Islamic Center in Virginia, said removing a young girl’s labia and clitoris is “the honorable thing to do” if it is “needed.” (Which it never is.)

FGM: An American Problem

It's happening right here in America, in communities of successful and highly educated people.

Jesus Better Ask For Permission First

Note to this church in Cedar Rapids, Iowa: There's a reason people are giggling outside the building.

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