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This Christian Workbook Teaches Kids to Respect Others Using One of the Most Disturbing Stories in the Bible

The story of Elisha and the bears is one of the more disturbing ones in the Bible. It's the one where kids make fun of Elisha, a bald-headed man... and then two bears come down and maul to death all 42 children.Lovely, isn't it?Jonny...Show More Summary

After Her Son Survived a Car Accident, She Gave Credit Where It Was Due

Writer Lynn Beisner's son got in a nasty car accident a few days ago. He's thankfully okay -- "not a scratch on him" -- but Lynn did something unusual after her initial fears dissipated.She wrote a thank you letter. To Honda.

Torture is Okay, Because God Sanctioned Brutality in the Bible, Says Bryan Fischer

Bryan Fischer of the American Family Association wants to make sure his listeners and readers know just how much God would approve of torture. His defense is worth noting, if only for the admissions it makes about the Bible -- and how he makes them.

Detroit Priest Scammed Six-Figure Sum From Charity for the Poor

A quasi-godly thief bites the dust:A Metro Detroit Catholic priest was sentenced Monday to 12 months in jail -- to be served over five years -- for stealing money from a charity for the poor.The Rev. Timothy Kane was convicted in October...Show More Summary

Egyptian Officials Crack Down on “Satanic Café” Where Atheists Supposedly Gathered

On Sunday, Egyptian officials stormed the Passiles café in Cairo to crack down on what they perceived was a hub for atheists. Or Satanists. One of them (even though atheists don't worship Satan). It didn't seem to matter, actually.....

11 Incredible Atheist Billboards Just Went Up in Chicago

The Freedom From Religion Foundation and its Chicago chapter just put up 11 billboards throughout the city urging other atheists to come out of the closet (and I'm on one of them):

Taliban Kill At Least 132 Children in Pakistan School Siege, Reportedly Burn Female Teacher Alive

In an act of terror reminiscent of the 2004 Beslan massacre and the handiwork of Nigeria's Boko Haram, Taliban fighters attacked a school in Peshawar, Pakistan today, killing at least 132 pupils and nine teachers, including a femaleShow More Summary

Once Again, Florida’s Capitol Building Will Be Home to a Festivus Pole

Once again, Florida's Capitol Building (already home to a Nativity scene, an FFRF banner, and a display from The Satanic Temple) will be home to a Festivus Pole, courtesy of atheist activist Chaz Stevens:

Some Christians Love To Stuff Used Books With Godly Propaganda

Redditor Ilyushin bought a copy of Christopher Hitchens' God Is Not Great and found the following Bible-based bookmark inside, apparently placed there by the seller:

Why Progressives Must Oppose Anti-Intellectualism

A couple of years ago, David Niose, a past President of both the American Humanist Association and the Secular Coalition for America, wrote a wonderful book called Nonbeliever Nation. It was all about the growing demographic of "Nones"...Show More Summary

Michigan Officials Wanted to Keep a Satanist Display Out of the Capitol, but Their Rules Backfired on Christians

Looks like we'll have to make a visit to the Michigan State Capitol building this year since officials there just gave the green light to a display from the Satanic Temple: It comes just a couple of weeks after they received an okayShow More Summary

Atheist Revolution's Top 10 Metal Albums of 2014

I suppose this will seem like another off-topic post, but I'm not so sure. Atheism seems pretty damn metal to me. Loud, fast, aggressive, and evil sounding music has certainly accompanied my atheism for some time. And besides, I can't...Show More Summary

Gay-Friendly Kansas Minister Hears How One Christian Opponent Wants To Cut Her Head Off and Put It On a Stick

Could it be that some Christians are a greater threat to churches than the staunchest anti-theists? For Jackie Carter of Wichita, Kansas, the answer may well be yes.Rev. Jackie Carter, a Wichita minister at First Metropolitan Community...Show More Summary

50 Years of Humanism in Star Trek

Brandon Fibbs honors Star Trek, which he calls "one of the most robust presentations and defenses of humanism ever conceived," with this compilation of Humanism-themed clips:

If This is the Best God Can Do, We Should All Question the Holy Ghost’s Powers

If I had as much power as this Christian pastor, I'd like to say I'd use it for something a little more important than pushing people over from a distance:

Montgomery, Louisiana Reminds Us That They Are “PROUD to Keep CHRIST in Our Christmas Celebrations”

Earlier this month, the city of Piedmont, Alabama changed the theme of its annual Christmas parade from "Let’s Keep Christ in Christmas" to the more generic "Piedmont Christmas Parade" after a warning letter from the Freedom From Religion Foundation.Looks like Montgomery, Louisiana never received that message. Show More Summary

Friendly Atheist Podcast Episode 33: Fred Clark, Progressive Christian Blogger

Our latest podcast guest is Fred Clark, the progressive Christian blogger who writes at Slacktivist, here on the Patheos network. Fred is one of those Christians who defies all the stereotypes atheists tend to have of Christians. He’s...Show More Summary

No, Dutch Bankers Don’t Have to Swear an Oath to God

If you read this New York Times article about banking in the Netherlands, you might be forgiven for thinking government officials want bankers to swear an oath to God:

Lamar Advertising Rejected a Harmless Atheist Billboard, but They Allowed This Christian One?

In 2009, the Freedom From Religion Foundation wanted to put up this billboard in Alabama: At the time, Lamar Advertising rejected the ad, with the local general manager saying this:

Principal, After Being Told Students Can Sit During the Pledge, Tells Employee to “Say It Loud, Make Them Mad”

We know some students have it rough when it comes to sitting down during the Pledge of Allegiance, but rarely have I seen a principal become as unhinged as Gerard LeBlanc of Thomas Jefferson High School in Gretna, Louisiana did.

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