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Skeptics Go Undercover into the Church of Scientology for Podcast Series

The podcast Oh No, Ross and Carrie! features the hosts, Ross Blocher and Carrie Poppy, going undercover into different places and reporting on their experiences. They've done it with 9/11 "Truther" groups, Mormons, and exorcists.And now, for their latest episode, they've joined the Church of Scientology.

Sen. Ted Cruz Talks Faith and Policy

Presidential candidate Ted Cruz spoke with CitizenLink’s Paul Weber as part of our presidential teleconference series. Weber spoke with Cruz about many topics, including his deeply held faith. “As a Christian, I try to approach each day and each major challenge in prayer, seeking the Lord’s guidance,” Cruz said. “I think that any president who […]

Marco Rubio Talks Social Issues with CitizenLink

CitizenLink caught Marco Rubio on a campaign stop in New Hampshire last week. He was delayed getting to it by the big snow storm, but took a few minutes to chat with CitizenLink President and CEO Paul Weber. Here’s what Rubio had to say about the role his faith would play in his presidency. “I’m […]

Surrender to Life – Audio

I gave a talk on the theme of Surrender to the Leeds Meditation Group 19th December, 2015. We were all sitting in formal meditation and I’d recommend you listen while not doing anything else.  I had it in mind before I started I’d publish it here for you all and hope you are able to … Continue reading Surrender to Life – Audio ?

Meditations on the 'O Antiphons' by Mgr Charles Pope

Deacon Sabatino of the Institute of Catholic Culture has brought to my attention the recent talk about the O antiphons for the last week of Advent. As well as the talk, which is available on audio and video, there is a recording of the Compline which was prayed on the occasion. Show More Summary

Colorado Springs Pastor Killed in Planned Parenthood Shooting

(UPDATED) Attack at abortion clinic leaves three dead and nine wounded. Members of Hope Chapel in Colorado Springs gave thanks on Sunday for the life of Garrett Swasey, a church elder and police officer who was killed on Friday in aShow More Summary

The First Sunday of Advent 2015

Looking from afar, behold I see the power of God coming, and a cloud covering all the land: go ye to meet him and say: Tell us if thou art the one, who art to rule in the people of Israel. V. All you that are earthborn, and you sons of men: both rich and poor together, g o ye out to meet him and say. Show More Summary

Three Remarkable Indian Saints |Podcast

Click here to listen to Three Remarkable Indian Saints if you do not see the player above. The podcast length is 27:15 minutes. Swami Sivananda-Hridayananda The next heart-treasure I want to tell you about is Swami Sivananda-Hridayananda of Sivananda Ashram. Show More Summary

Memories of Sri Maitri Devi | Podcast

Click here to listen to Memories of Sri Maitri Devi if you do not see the player above. The podcast length is 15:03 minutes. My first trip to India I was always in walking distance of at least one saint. And sometimes I was living with them. Show More Summary

The Monk That Challenged Lenin: Yogeshwar Brahmachari | Podcast

Click here to listen to The Monk That Challenged Lenin: Yogeshwar Brahmachari if you do not see the player above. The podcast length is 15:48 minutes. I first saw Sri Yogeshwar Brahmachari at the birthday celebration of Anandamayi Ma in 1971. Show More Summary

Raihana Tyabji, the Moslem Saint Who Worshiped Krishna | Podcast

Click here to listen to Raihana Tyabji, the Moslem Saint Who Worshiped Krishna if you do not see the player above. The podcast length is 25:48 minutes. One afternoon in India in a conversation my friend Rani Bhan told me about Raihana Tyabji, a Moslem saint, an associate of Gandhi, who lived in Delhi. Show More Summary

Interview: The Fallout from Kentucky and Observations on the Presidential Debate | Audio

In a radio interview, Stuart Shepard explains why a federal judge was wrong to send a county clerk to jail, and what state legislatures could be doing to protect Christian elected officials. He also offers some observations on the most recent presidential debate. His conversation with Bob Crittenden was heard on Faith Radio in Alabama […]

(Audio) Uncover the Unstoppable Goodness in Your Soul

In this short talk, Guy Finley talks about how an authentic struggle is necessary in order to realize the flowering of the goodness that is seeded within us. [audio mp3=""][/audio]

Podcast: Didima (Swami Muktananda Giri), Mother of Anandamayi Ma

Click here to listen to Memories of Didima (Swami Muktananda Giri), Mother of Anandamayi Ma if you do not see the player above. The podcast length is 16:55 minutes. Swami Muktananda Giri, the mother of Anandamayi Ma In America before...Show More Summary

Thank You! | Radio

Today is our last CitizenLink Radio program. We’re grateful to the listeners of more than 500 radio stations who have joined us in support of life, marriage and religious freedom. Our radio program is ending, but the work of CitizenLink goes on. We will continue to work with our 38 state groups across the country […]

The Yoga Life Podcast 7: Tips for Successful Meditation

Click here to listen to Tips for Successful Meditation if you do not see the player above. The podcast length is 18:28 minutes. In this the seventh podcast on the Yoga Life, Abbot George gives tips for success in meditation. You will...Show More Summary

Former Clinic Worker Recounts Baby Boy’s Beating Heart

Former StemExpress tech Holly O’Donnell recounts a heartbreaking experience in a new video from the Center for Medical Progress.

Getting to Know the Conservative Candidates | Radio

Kim Trobee asks Bob Vander Plaats about the The Family Leadership Summit in Iowa. It presented conservative presidential candidates with questions that conservatives care about.  

Kentucky County Clerks Take Stand for Religious Freedom

Three Kentucky County Clerks say they will not issue marriage licenses to same-sex couples. All three clerks cite their deeply held religious belief for the decision. Now The Family Foundation of Kentucky, one of CitizenLink’s allied state family policy groups, is planning a rally to support the county clerks. Kent Ostrander of the Family Foundation […]

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