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Turning the tables on the critics and doubters

It is a truism to say that men do not welcome doubt. It is much easier to criticize and doubt what you don't care about—having no skin in the game, so to speak. Materialists and secularists can doubt religions including...

4 Lojong Slogans That Save My Life

1 hour agoReligion / Buddhism : IDP Blog

On a sunny Sunday morning last April, I woke up late, took a sip from the half-empty bottle of beer on my end table, and felt my pancreas explode. read more

Sylvia Boorstein on “keeping the peace” in your mind

These days, if an aversive reaction starts to form in my mind, I think to myself, “Wait! Don’t disturb the peace!” The post Sylvia Boorstein on “keeping the peace” in your mind appeared first on Lion's Roar.

Be part of “An Evening with Pema Chödrön and k.d. lang”

Lion's Roar is proud to co-sponsor "An Evening with Pema Chödrön and k.d. lang," — in which you can join these two extraordinary women. The post Be part of “An Evening with Pema Chödrön and k.d. lang” appeared first on Lion's Roar.

If a Buddha were running a Dharma center

If the Buddha were here today running a Dharma center, there would be nothing physically extraordinary about him. We wouldn't see any thirty-two marks (which are immaterial, e.g., the ninth mark which is having the torso like a lion's, actually...

No, Really, It's OK

"May all beings be happy May they be joyous and live in safety.... Standing or walking, sitting, or lying down During all one's waking hours Let one practice The Way with gratitude "Not holding to fixed views Endowed with insight Freed...Show More Summary

CNN Quotes Me and One of My Essays in a New Article About the Amtrak 188 Crash

Daniel Burke is one of our greatest religion journalists, and an absolutely wonderful guy as well. I got to know him when I was working as an academic and minister, and spoke to him for articles like this one and this one. We’ve stayed in touch via social media, and I’ve remained an enormous admirer of his work. […]

living with m.e.

Dawn Marie writes: As a nurse, I was always very proactive, never still, ambitious and full of energy. But after a while, night shifts and long day shifts began to...

paradoxes along the way ~ dharmavidya

Dharmavidya writes: Paradoxes along the Way - people who devote many decades with planning and reflection to the propagation of a creed of living in the moment. - people who...

The Koan Arrives Naturally.

I took off the calendar nailed to the wall to choose a quote. I chose the one on the cover. All good ones however keeping moving is a good reminder. It is all too easy to stay in comfort over long. Even uncomfortable comfort! In other words it is natural enough to remain in the … Continue reading The Koan Arrives Naturally. ?

“Charlotte” models mindful breathing for kids

Above, click through a slideshow of the lovely artwork from Parallax Press’s forthcoming children’s book, Charlotte and the Quiet Place, which comes out on August 11. As its publishers write, the book “shows how a child learns and practices...Show More Summary

Tibetan father of four dies after self-immolation

A man in the Tawu county of Tibet has died after setting himself on fire on Wednesday, May 20. The post Tibetan father of four dies after self-immolation appeared first on Lion's Roar.

asleep in the fast lane ~ dharmavidya

We are all aware that the pace of life gets faster and faster. Once upon a time, if one worked in an office, producing half a dozen letters might be...

Suffering Opens The Real Path

Norman Fischer explains why it’s suffering that gives us the incentive, vision, and strength to transform our lives. The post Suffering Opens The Real Path appeared first on Lion's Roar.

EBMC brings diversity to dharma

In the late 90s, a group of Buddhist teachers and practitioners began talking about the need for a new meditation center in Oakland, California. The post EBMC brings diversity to dharma appeared first on Lion's Roar.

What is Buddhism?

The general question of, "What is Buddhism?" can be answered in a variety of ways from a simple dictionary definition, to a complicated historical one depending upon one's tastes. There is, of course, a spiritual answer to the aforementioned question,...

New Article at Religion Dispatches: “Who Would the Buddha Bomb?”

My latest article for Religion Dispatches looks at a few disparate conversations about the Dharma, war, and peace that are currently taking place in American Buddhist circles — including one that has come out of last week’s historic gathering of Buddhist leaders at the White House. Here’s a snippet: In his book An Introduction to […]

Shinnyo-en to host largest Memorial Day observance

On Monday, 50,000 people will gather on Ala Moana Beach, in Hawaii, to "create a moment of collective remembrance, harmony, and international friendship." The post Shinnyo-en to host largest Memorial Day observance appeared first on Lion's Roar.

BG 361: Discussing the Near Future of Contemplative Technology

Episode Description: The Buddhist Geeks Conference has been a meeting place for contemplative thinkers, scientists, and technology experts since 2011.  During this Q&A for the Contemplative Technology panel from the 2014 conference,Show More Summary

Mischievous Blonde

The Dalai Lama is in trouble again. This time, in an interview from his home in India, commenting on the controversy over whether he will reincarnate or not, he sparked another controversy by saying if he does come back it might be as a “mischievous blonde woman.” But, he added, “then her face must be [...]

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