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BG 006: You Can Do It!

Episode Description: We’re joined this week by Daniel Ingram, MD, an authorized teacher in the Theravada tradition and an avid fan of out-right honesty with regards to the spiritual path. In this episode Daniel (aka “Dharma Dan???)...Show More Summary

Zazen to samadhi

Zazen or sitting meditation is not witho...

Himalayan Earthquake - What to Do

17 hours agoReligion / Buddhism : IDP Blog

A devastating earthquake hit the Himalayan region of the world today, affecting Tibet and India, and causing the greatest damage in Nepal. Initial reports indicate at least 1000 people were killed, countless injured, and thousands of homes and buildings destroyed. read more

Like The Sun

Ten whole days of silence here on Jademountains which has not been matched by ten days of quietude! Defined as a state of peace and quiet. However now and then there are moments, deliberately extended to five or ten minutes, when I pause for reflection. Then a sense of quietude overtakes the imperative to keep moving … Continue reading Like The Sun ?

Nepal: Death, catastrophic damage after 7.9 earthquake

Photo by Dr Sheelendra Shakya via BBCAn earthquake of 7.9 magnitude has struck Nepal, causing extensive catastrophic damage. According to the country’s Ministry of Home Affairs, more than 150 people have died, and many injured. The quake took place at 11:41 local time, with aftershocks continuing. Show More Summary

BG 001: Meet the Geeks

Episode Description: In our 1st episode, “Meet the Geeks” you’ll hear the three founding members of Buddhist Geeks discussing the vision behind this project. By weaving together snippets of a larger conversation this podcast should give you a sense of what this project is about and how you can contribute to it. Show More Summary

BG 002: Alan Wallace on Achieving Shamatha

Episode Description: In our first interview featuring scholar-practitioner B. Alan Wallace, we asked Dr. Wallace to give us the low-down on his spiritual journey, as well as describe the stages of deepening relaxation and vividness of attention leading to the culmination of an attainment he calls shamatha. Show More Summary

BG 003: Phil Stanley on the Development of Western Buddhism

Episode Description: In our first episode with scholar-practitioner Phil Stanley, professor at Naropa University, he chats with us about how he became a practitioner and his passion for Buddhist study. Phil shares his thoughts on the...Show More Summary

BG 004: Get a PhD in Contemplative Science

Episode Description: In our second episode with Alan Wallace, he presents a new model for “professional” contemplatives. Instead of trying to transplant the monastic model to the West, Dr. Wallace suggests that contemplation become an actual profession. Show More Summary

BG 358: Befriending the Human Experience

Episode Description: Dr. Reggie Ray is an author, teacher, and the Spiritual Director for the Dharma Ocean Community. In the conclusion to a recent conversation with host Vincent Horn, Reggie shares his thoughts on technology and human development, transhumanism, and the danger of not being human enough. Show More Summary

BG 005: We’re Not the Cheerleaders of Buddhism

Episode Description: In our second episode with professor Phil Stanley, Phil discusses Buddhist lifestyles in the West and how our approach to practice differs from traditional Eastern practitioners. He addresses our relationship to retreats and monasticism, as well as the difficulties Westerners face in finding a livelihood that supports practice. Show More Summary

Good Posture Means Connecting, Not Correcting

2 days agoReligion / Buddhism : IDP Blog

I’m not against correcting our posture or body on principle. I wish all it took to rid ourselves of chronic pain and tension was figuring the right angle or position, and tapping our body into place. It’s such a seductive offer; that...Show More Summary

BG 007: The Shamatha Project

Episode Description: In 2007 Dr. Wallace will be leading a joint scientific project named The Shamatha Project. A battery of studies will be conducted in two 3-month meditation retreats (one retreat is a control group), and the results will be submitted to the most prestigious academic journals. Show More Summary

BG 008: Where are all the Western Rinpoches?

Episode Description: In this episode, Phil Stanley discusses lineage in Western Buddhism, the lack of western teachers, what it will take to develop more qualified individuals. Phil notes that we are in an awkward phase in Western Buddhism, where we have several intermediary teachers and few fully empowered and authorized lineage holders. Show More Summary

No Anger

In response to last week’s post Cancer Again (Naturally), a reader wrote in a comment, “Usually the prognosis is pretty grim once it [cancer] has metastasized.” I saw my oncologist the next day and it turns out that’s true. I am going to start radiation treatments the first week in May, but while we might [...]

BG 009: Enlightened Teachers

Episode Description: In this episode, with Theravada teacher Daniel Ingram, he breaches the taboo of enlightenment by discussing the enlightenment of other teachers. Not only that but he argues for a more transparent approach to enlightenment within certain teaching circles, in hopes that enlightenment can become more attainable. Show More Summary

Buddhist zombism?

Misunderstood, the Buddhist tenet of no ?tman or in Pali anatt? might be wrongly taken to be a kind of philosophical zombism in which human beings, although seen to act and behave in a world of their making, do so...

BG 010: Where the Rubber Meets the Road: Fleet Maull on Plunge Experiences

Episode Description: In this episode, Gwen Bell interviews Buddhist teacher Sensei Fleet Maull. Fleet recently spent a month on retreat with Roshi Bernie Glassman and the Zen Peacemakers in Massuchusetts, where he became a fully empowered Zen teacher. Show More Summary

BG 011: Models of Enlightenment

Episode Description: In our final conversation with Daniel Ingram he goes on to explore various “models of enlightenment” and weighs the relative value of these different models, which we carry around with us unconsciously. Daniel...Show More Summary

BG 012: Take Your Seat: The Importance of Boundaries in Practice

Episode Description: Fleet Maull talks about how we work with the boundaries of the self and of the heart in the maitri, bodhichitta and tonglen practices. This is part 2 of a two-part series. Listen to Part 1, Where the Rubber Meets the Road: Fleet Maull on Plunge Experiences. Show More Summary

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