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The radical approach

For those who are led by their curiosity; who enjoy reading Zen literature in their spare time where they can safely attempt to decipher the recorded sayings of the Zen masters, there is no necessity for them to go into...

Real Happiness Challenge - Week 4: Already In Progress

10 hours agoReligion / Buddhism : IDP Blog

“Spiritual realization is not a matter of constructing something new.” - Judith Blackstone read more

Like a huge wall

All the teachings of the Buddha may seem different at times but in truth they are in the long run intended to point to Mind. If we think of the teachings as sections of a great map, with faith and...

There is no audience involved, no 'me' and 'them.'

"The point is not to want to benefit anyone or make them happy. There is no audience involved, no 'me' and 'them.' It is a matter of an open gift,...

How to Rest: a Workshop for Activists and Concerned New Yorkers

3 days agoReligion / Buddhism : IDP Blog

The other night, I tried to turn off my computer but the white circle in the center of my screen kept spinning for several minutes. Was it stuck, “loading”? Or, like me, had it been reading The New York Times too much and not exercising? If you’ve been lying awake in bed at night, hostage to your own spinning, I can relate. Show More Summary

“Without an enemy you cannot practice tolerance”

A few weeks after 9/11, The Onion (“America’s Finest New Source”) ran this headline:  “A Shattered Nation Longs to Care about Stupid Bullshit Again.”  It wasn’t fake news but satire, humor, and there was probably some truth to it.  The Onion could use that headline again now and it would be at least partly true. …

Smiling Broadly Above Edinburgh

Arthur’s Seat is the main mountain in Edinburgh, Scotland which form most of Holyrood Park, described by Robert Louis Stevenson as “a hill for magnitude, a mountain in virtue of its bold design”.[1] It is situated just to the east of the city centre, about 1 mile (1.6 km) to the east of Edinburgh Castle. … Continue reading Smiling Broadly Above Edinburgh ?

His Holiness the Dalai Lama Speaks to Delegates from the First Tibetan Women’s Empowerment Conference

Thekchen Chöling, Dharamsala, HP, India, 23 February 2017 - This morning at his residence, His Holiness the Dalai Lama addressed more than 300 delegates participating in the first Tibetan Women’s Empowerment Conference. The conference, organised by the CTA, has been taking place in Gangchen Kyishong and has involved representatives of the Tibetan settlements right across India.

How mind comes to know itself

Mind is first, hence, the Sanskrit word eka-citta which can mean first or one mind. To be first, means that we cannot get behind mind. There is nothing higher in other words. Mind cannot, therefore, be known at this stage....

Whispers From The Bamboo Grove, Amida News #44 February 22 2017: Amida Shu Home Groups

Introducing Amida Shu Home Groups We have a new offering for people who would like to practice and study Amida Shu Buddhism in their local area - Amida Shu Home...

The great fig tree

Several months ago while I was on my walk I passed a fig tree loaded with ripening figs. Suddenly, I thought of this samsaric body of mine as being like a little purple fig hanging on the branch. Then imagining...

Amida Shu, Jodo Shinshu ~ Dharmavidya

Question: I was wondering if there were any major diferences in approaches or practices between Amida shu and Jodo shinshu? Dharmavidya: In terms of faith in Amida and the nembutsu,...

Real Happiness Challenge - Week 3: The Journey Is the Destination

My journey with mindfulness meditation has been long, winding, and sporadic. read more

Overcoming samsara

Sa?s?ra is certainly an important and interesting Buddhist term. Generally, it refers to the worldly or secular life. As it relates to the afterlife of worldly beings it is metempsychosis, an endless succession of births and deaths from which there...

No creator god but not anti-religious

It is true that the Buddha did not teach a doctrine of a creator god (issara-nimmana-vada) who is responsible for the origin of the universe. Nor did the Buddha teach that pleasure and pain is due to a creator god....

Watching Paint Dry – Watching Beached Seals

Wait a moment! That light house is for sale. Nope, that was back in 2013. Sorry. I’d imagine living in a light house is as close as one can get to living on a boat – at sea. Ah. On Wednesday a brisk walk out to South Walney Island where there is a Nature Reserve … Continue reading Watching Paint Dry – Watching Beached Seals ?

2 – When Faith Seems Thin

Read and be inspired. Here is a remarkable and brave, not to mention cool-headed, woman. Mary Dohey an Air Canada flight attendant who in 1971, in the face of overwhelming danger appeased the hijacker (talked to him) and as a consequence saved the lives of passengers and crew. She was the first living person to … Continue reading 2 – When Faith Seems Thin ?

The worthy adept

The worthy adept should regard the words of Zen masters, including even the words of the Buddha and patriarchs to be pointing to what is beyond the ken of human ideation and perception. If the adept seeks anything from their...

Getting to the highest practice

Putting on our clothes or robes early in the morning, drinking coffee or tea afterwards, then sitting in zazen is really not the highest Zen practice. It’s a start. Zen master Chinul once said: Ordinary men are deluded: when donning...

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