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Exercising Faith – The Bodhisattvas’ Path (Dharma Talk)

Today at Shasta Abbey, Northern California, we celebrated the Festival of Bhaisajya-guru Tathagata, the Healing Buddha. I was honoured to be asked to give the Dharma Talk after the ceremony. The title is:  Exercising Faith – The Bodhisattvas’ Path. Show More Summary

Nembutsu: a Simple Home Practice ~ Satya and Kaspa

If you want to explore Amida Shu Buddhism, why not start by trying our simple practice? The nembutsu is the core practice for Pureland Buddhists across the world. It is...

Radiant Face ~ Dharmavidya

In the morning service at Amida Shu temples and gatherings there is a passage that begins “Your radiant face, like a mountain peak catching the first burst of morning light,...

Surrender to Life – Audio

I gave a talk on the theme of Surrender to the Leeds Meditation Group 19th December, 2015. We were all sitting in formal meditation and I’d recommend you listen while not doing anything else.  I had it in mind before I started I’d publish it here for you all and hope you are able to … Continue reading Surrender to Life – Audio ?

audio talk: a buddhist approach to living in harmony

Here is a link to a Dharma Talk, given by Reverend Kaspalita, Amida Minster from Malvern: :: link Kaspa writes:...

Bang Bang

John Wesley Hardin (1853-1895) was a real hard-guy. An American outlaw who claimed to have killed 42 men. Trigger happy? You bet. He once shot a man to death for snoring. Yesterday in Florida, an ex-cop allegedly shot a man to death for texting. I think we are soon approaching the day when you’ll have [...]

Study says Facebook is a bummer but don’t let it ruin your day.

The LA Times reports that according to new research, “Facebook is a bummer that makes us feel worse about our lives.” A study was conducted by the University of Michigan and Leuven University in Belgium. You can read the research article here. Show More Summary

Buddhism: religion of the internet? Digitizing the word.

The Australian Broadcasting Company (ABC), has a couple podcasts and articles this week on this topic: Buddhism: made for the internet and Buddhism on the Move. The article surrounding the first begins: At the heart of Buddhism is a metaphor for interconnectedness: Indra’s net. The Vedic god’s net, which is supposed to hang over his palace [...]

The Gateway of Seon

I’ve been typing up translations of Dharma songs today, but our office has been kind of noisy, so I used my headphones and some music to keep from getting distracted.  By chance I’d selected the Lord of the Rings soundtrack, and this track started playing as I began typing in the following song. It’s a [...]

The Message of the Stone Statue (Dharma song)

The Message of the Stone Statue(? ?? ?? ??, here’s a practice version Message of the Stone Statue(Korean 20111023). The levels for the piano are a bit off, but you can get a good feel for the song.) There’s a chill in the air, when the frost comes, white flowers will cover the earth. Those who have [...]

Dharma Songs

Koreans love to sing, and so the members of our temple have taken a number of poems and verses by Daehaeng Sunim and turned them into Dharma songs. This Saturday and Sunday we’ll even be having a festival of Dharma songs at the King Sejong Cultural Center in downtown Seoul. If you already have tickets, be [...]

Life, photos, karma, and all the rest

I'm finally back in the UK after a couple very busy, educational, and enjoyable weeks in the US. And now I have a cold - a light one - but a cold nonetheless. Sadly, the first thing to go when I get even mildly sick is my mind. I just...Show More Summary

Deadly Light release new album, “No Gods Within the City”

You may recall mentions of the three-piece metal band Deadly Light both here and over on Shambhala SunSpace. It’s pretty obvious that the Horse is enthusiastic about metal — especially when it’s at turns hard-to-play, sludgy, chuggy, catchy — but of course we’re talking about Buddhism here, at least ostensibly, so let me remind you [...]

Listen to “Buddha in Difficulties,” a guided meditation from Jack Kornfield

Buddhist teacher and author Jack Kornfield — profiled in “Wise Heart,” our November 2010 cover story by Steve Silberman — has a new book called A Lamp in the Darkness: Illuminating the Path Through Difficult Times. The book comes with a CD of meditations led by Jack, and here you can listen to one of [...]

Listen: Karen Clark and the Galax Quartet celebrate Gary Snyder

From contralto singer Karen Clark and the Galax Quartet comes On Cold Mountain: Songs on Poems of Gary Snyder, a musical celebration of the Pultizer-winning poet and voice of progressiveness and dharma. The four-song cycle premiered on June 4, 2008 at Old First Concerts in San Francisco, and now are available in an album. You can [...]

on pacifying, enriching, magnetizing and subjugating…

I recently attended a long weekend retreat on the Five Remembrances held by the New York Zen Center for Contemplative Care.  It was wonderful to have time at the Garrison Institute to reflect upon these five essential points: I am of the nature to experience old age, I cannot escape old age. I am of [...]

Shambhala Sun Audio: Sharon Salzberg on “Real Happiness” — and how you can join her in Maui later this week

From December 17th-19th, meditation teacher and Shambhala Sun regular Sharon Salzberg will be in Hawaii, taking part in a live-streamed “internet workshop,” along with Krishna Das and Ram Dass (who, incidentally, sat down to be the subject for the Q&A in our current issue). Sharon also has a new book-and-CD set called Real Happiness: The [...]

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