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Novelist and Zen priest Ruth Ozeki wins Canada Japan Literary Award

This week, novelist and Shambhala Sun contributor Ruth Ozeki was awarded a Canada Japan Literary Award for her novel "A Tale for the Time Being." The post Novelist and Zen priest Ruth Ozeki wins Canada Japan Literary Award appeared first on Lion's Roar.

Don’t Lose Sight of Your Light

Buddha-nature is a fundamental dharma and a number of sutras discuss its universality, yet none of them actually use the term, “Buddha-nature.” The Surangama Sutra, for instance, expounds the principle of Buddha-nature in terms of “pure” mind and using the metaphor of light. The Buddha said, Ananda and all of you should know.. [...]

Are Video Games Good For Kids?

As a child who grew up in a one-tv household, without cable, banned from watching MTV at friend’s houses, and now a parent running a family without cable and with minimal screen-time, the introduction of a gaming device into our home...Show More Summary

More than a clothespin

“You could think of it as just a photo of a clothespin, but it is the lush, rounded shapes of the fabric that give this image its appeal." The post More than a clothespin appeared first on Lion's Roar.

Usefulness and truth are different

Generally speaking, the understanding of our everyday world is useful but not necessarily true. Usefulness and truth are different. On an average day, we might guess that nobody is walking around looking for true reality or thinking about it. It...

A letter to an avuso (friend)

It is always necessary to keep in mind that Buddhism, including it various schools, is about awakening to ultimate reality. Next, it is necessary to understand what is blocking our realization of that awakening. It is over-identification with the psychophysical...

Questioning the authenticity of Buddhism

The skeptical newbie argument against the teachings of the Buddha as being authentic is that we have no concrete evidence that the Buddha actually delivered these discourses some of which are fantastic. In fact, the earliest manuscript found, to date,...

Support What You Value

Living far away from IDP I sometimes struggle with the idea of membership or donating to an organization that's so far away, knowing I can't participate in many of the events or programs. There's this common perception that 'charity begins at home'. But what interdependence means is knowing that affecting positive change far away from home can still benefit me. read more

Buddhists respond to #Ferguson and #EricGarner

Over the last two weeks, we have watched two non-indictment verdicts appear in headlines—first in Ferguson, then in New York City. The post Buddhists respond to #Ferguson and #EricGarner appeared first on Lion's Roar.

Return To Ellora

It was 1976 and I was a newly “gone forth” monk making my way through India to Sri Lanka, bare-footed, with almost no money and where feasible, begging for my my food. I arrived in Ellora to see the famous cave temples. Walking along...Show More Summary

December 8: Bodhi Day, Sad Day

Today is Bodhi Day, which in Mahayana Buddhism is set aside for commemorating the day the historical Buddha, Siddhartha Gautauma (Shakyamuni), attained enlightenment. From what I have seen it is predominately the Japanese Buddhist traditions that observe this day, known as Rohatsu, literally “eighth day of the twelfth month.” In the Tendai sect, the celebration [...]

Being pushed to insanity

In terms of mental illness, the U.S. is fast going downhill or so it seems if you look at the usual MSM data. But is this really so or are people being pushed to insanity? There is a lot of...

Why We Can’t Breathe

We can’t breathe! In Buddhist meditation, our breathing is essential. Anapana, meditation on the breath, was the Buddha’s first meditation instruction and the basis for all further meditative endeavors. Breathing is not only life-sustaining and calming; it is a foremost teaching aid. Show More Summary

The privation of self

When the Buddha says that the Five Aggregates are not the self or in Pali anattâ, this means that the aggregates are the privation of the self. It doesn’t mean that there is no self which in Pali is natthattâ....

Abandon Hope and Enjoy the Present

At this time of year, hope takes center stage. Children draw up lists of presents they hope Santa will deliver. Everyone who lives north of a certain point hopes for a picturesque white Christmas -- enough snow to make it pretty but not enough to make travel dangerous or require strenuous digging out. Show More Summary

Thich Nhat Hanh, Slavery, and Phillis Wheatley the Slave-Poet

According to Plum Village, Thich Nhat Hahn’s condition remains stable. As I reported several weeks ago, he experienced a severe brain hemorrhage on November 11 and has been hospitalized ever since. Evidently, the hemorrhage has slightly reduced in size, and while edema is still present, it has not worsened. The latest press release states, “Thay [...]

In India

Last month I attended the conference in Pune, India, organized by the Oxford Centre for Buddhist Studies. Some of the speakers included Dr. Louella Matsunaga (UK), Prof. Rey-Sheng Her (Taiwan), Grace Foster Pollard (UK), Richard Gombrich (UK), and several eminent speakers from India. Show More Summary

A chance to give twice

Norman Fischer writes that, if you think about it, "it seems that giving is the whole of the Buddha way." The Shambhala Sun auction is a chance to give a little more. The post A chance to give twice appeared first on Lion's Roar.

Beyond Privilege: a Q&A with angel Kyodo williams

To make diversity real, says Zen teacher angel Kyodo williams, Buddhists must look deep into their own hearts. The post Beyond Privilege: a Q&A with angel Kyodo williams appeared first on Lion's Roar.

Join Sylvia Boorstein for “Everyday Life as Mindfulness Practice”

Beginning in January, Spirit Rock Meditation Center in Woodacre, California will be offering “Everyday Life as Mindfulness Practice,” an online course in eleven parts led by Insight meditation teacher Sylvia Boorstein — a favorite among...Show More Summary

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