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refuge buddhism

From Dharmavidya: We are Pureland Buddhists in that we are part of that family of schools of Buddhism that have...

The luminous

It is not out of the ballpark of Buddhism to say that the basis of the conditioned world that appears before us, including our psychophysical body of birth, is avidya (i.e., non-knowledge). On the other hand, to realize pure Mind...

A Walk in a Garden

It has been quite a while since we took a stroll through the Chinese garden... the garden I refer to is actually a book, “Epigrams from the Ming Dynasty ‘Discourses on Vegetable Roots’” by Tzu-Ch’eng (1572-1620). It was translated by Chao Tze-chiang and published in 1959 as A Chinese Garden of Serenity, [...]

In birthday speech, Dalai Lama asks for end to anti-Muslim violence

Yesterday in Northern India the Dalai Lama turned 79 — and used the occasion to call for an end to violence against Muslims in Burma and Sri Lanka. “I urge the Buddhists in these countries to imagine an image of Buddha before they commit such a crime,” he said. “Buddha preaches love and compassion. If […]

Shocking: How far we’ll go to miss out on meditation

How deep is our modern craving for distraction? A couple of years ago, folks into meditation were sharing and tittering over a piece entitled, “Sweating, shaking man never going to spend a little time with his thoughts again.” Why would that be funny? Simple: it comes to us by way of The Onion. But it’s not only funny […]

Dogen's heterodox meditation

Is Dogen’s understanding of meditation (zazen, shikantaza) the same as that of the Sixth Patriarch Hui-neng’s? The answer is, no. Here is what Hui-neng had to say about meditation: “Now that we know that this is so, what is it...

The Buddha's idea of duhkha

Buddhism, like most all Indian philosophies, starts with the belief in liberation (mukti) which, by implication, means liberation from duhkha. Duhkha, in one respect, is closer to the idea of disharmony which is at the core of all conditioned existence....

Putting A Price On The Dhamma

The Buddha gave the Dhamma freely to all. He often underwent difficulties and inconveniences and on occasions even risked his life, in order to teach the Dhamma to others (Ud.78). The monk Punna was prepared to teach the Dhamma in aShow More Summary

NY Times: “Panhandlers Dressed as Monks Confound New Yorkers”

Today via the New York Times comes a report on male panhandlers dressed as Buddhist monks, and female panhandlers dressed as Taoist nuns, who’ve become “ubiquitous” in Times Square: “No one seems to know who they really are or where they come from. The police have taken no official stance, stepping in only when the […]

Remembering spiritual pioneer Reb Zalman (1924-2014)

Rabbi Zalman Schachter-Shalomi, better known as “Reb Zalman,” one of the founders of the Jewish Renewal Movement, died on July 2, at the age of 89. “Schachter-Shalomi believed in adopting and sharing spiritual traditions in order to create a world where distinct religions remain but are integrated with one another,” writes Shaul Magid in an […]

Facing suffering, finding joy: Women combat veterans at Tassajara

Every year since 2011, more and more women combat veterans have been making their way to Northern California’s remote Tassajara Zen Mountain Center for specially focused retreats called “Honoring the Path of the Warrior.” This year, the New York Times sat in as twenty women vets processed “the impact of combat, of taking life and […]

There’s a party going on right here: “The World Festival”

“This past Fourth of July,” writes Howard Axelrod in the July ’14 Shambhala Sun, “having not thought about it for years, I was reminded of the World Festival.” Wait, you’ve never heard of the World Festival? Axelrod explains: “Through third and fourth grade, I had a recurring fantasy, though I thought of it as a […]

Dharma Connect: Are breathing booths a chance to relearn to relax?

Its happened.While being busy was the new black in 2013--2014&( hopfully'15 ?) is all about flourishing towards a peace of mind& DOWNTIME. read more

Watch CBS’ “Modern Masters of Religion,” featurning the 16th Karmapa, Thomas Merton, and Karen Armstong

This CBS News video presents the stories of three major spiritual figures of the modern era. Chögyam Trungpa Rinpoche, who introduced His Holiness the 16th Karmapa to the States (and who founded the Shambhala Sun), is seen, as is Lama Surya Das (and his self-described “Jew-fro”), in what amounts to not only a telling of the […]

The Dalai Lama’s 79th birthday celebration: live webcast, digital prayer flags, local celebrations

The Dalai Lama will be sharing his 79th birthday this Sunday, July 6, with about 150,000 devotees in Ladakh, where he’s conducting the elaborate Kalachakra ceremonies. If you’ve been unable to make the trek to the remote Himalayan kingdom, however, you can tune in to a live webcast of birthday celebrations from Ladakh at 8AM […]

A different beginner's mind

Chinese Zen master Guo Jun said that the beginner’s mind is like a vessel that is dirty. No matter what we pour into this dirty vessel; no matter how nutritious it is, it becomes contaminated. Zen Buddhism, and with that,...

“Bless this cyber-space with comfort, bliss, and enlightenment” — Dzongsar Jamyang Khyentse’s “Prayer for Internet Practice”

This weekend, dharma teacher Dzongsar Jamyang Khyentse Rinpoche released a “”Prayer for Internet Practice,” — on its own Facebook page, naturally. “This prayer,” the page explains, “was requested of Dzongsar Khyentse Rinpoche to help dharma students surf the waves of attraction and distraction on the Internet and turn them to practice.” (And it’s not the […]

Finding the real Buddha

All beings, it is true, have the Buddha-nature or the same, âtman (the âtman and Buddha-nature are synonymous in the Mahaparinirvana Sutra). Bodhidharma says that one’s mind is already Buddha. Sounds simple. Oh, but wait a minute. It is not...

Manifesting Buddha-nature

To the right is a poster I made based on a famous quote from a work attributed to Hui Neng (638-713) known as The Platform Sutra of the Sixth Patriarch. The idea that all beings could realize awakening, or become enlightened, originated with Indian Buddhism, but “Buddha-nature” seems to have its origins in China with [...]

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