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Up in Smoke: A Buddhist pot-smoker on quitting weed

Pot use is having its moment, finding new acceptance across America. So why, after a long love affair with weed, has this Buddhist kicked it to the curb? The post Up in Smoke: A Buddhist pot-smoker on quitting weed appeared first on Lion's Roar.

The Jhanic Arc: Riding the Rainbow of the Mind

Known to him they arose, known to him they remained, known to him they subsided. – The Buddha Joel Groover: You were talking about your experience in meditation interviews with Sayadaw U Pandita at his monastery in Rangoon. Isn’t...Show More Summary

Nearly Back To Normal

It has been exactly one year since our place, the BDMS was damaged by fire. After nearly 11 months waiting for permission to repair the place it was finally given three weeks ago, work started immediately and is due to be finished within another three weeks. Show More Summary

The Simple Model of Enlightenment

The following Question and Answer with Daniel Ingram, was taken from a longer interview that happened last year. This question did not make it into the final episode, due to its length. Because of the technical nature of the conversation, you may want to listen to some of our earlier interviews with Daniel. Show More Summary

BG 171: A Technology of Transcendence

Episode Description: This week we speak with professor and teacher Roger Walsh. Roger shares his journey from being a hardcore neuorscientist and psychiatrist to becoming an avid meditator and mystic. Once Walsh discovered that at the...Show More Summary

The Power of Progress: The Four Paths of Enlightenment

“At every level the flavor of the Teaching is of a single nature, the flavor of freedom. It is only the degree to which this flavor is enjoyed that differs, and the difference in degree is precisely proportional to the extent of one’s...Show More Summary

BG 172: The Core of Wisdom

Episode Description: We’re joined again this week by professor and meditation teacher Roger Walsh. This week we dive into his study of the common practices seen in all of the world’s wisdom traditions. He shares each of these practices,...Show More Summary

Buddhism: strict determinism or indeterminism?

The Buddha neither subscribed to what we might call in the West strict determinism which implies that every event has a previous cause; that all things are unchangeable and invariable (niyata) in their course; nor did he uphold the theory...

Just Stop: When Awareness Surrenders to Itself

“Buddha-nature, the essence of awakened enlightenment itself, is present in everyone. Its essence is forever pure, unalloyed, and flawless. It is beyond increase or decrease. It is neither improved by remaining in nirvana nor degenerated by straying into samsara. Show More Summary

Maha Ati: Natural Liberation Through Primordial Awareness

Photo by: _william INTRODUCTION Maha Ati: Natural Liberation Through Primordial Awareness {{1}} is a general introductory overview of the path popularly known as Tibetan Buddhist Dzogchen. It is based in the Longchen Nyingthik tradition,...Show More Summary

BG 173: Zen, Vipassana, and Psychotherapy

Episode Description: This week we speak to vipassana and Zen teacher, Trudy Goodman. Trudy shares how she got into both Buddhist meditation and psychotherapy, and uses her story to illustrate the powerful ways that these different methods can compliment one another. Show More Summary

BG 174: The Mindful Therapist

Episode Description: This week we speak to vipassana meditation teacher, and psychotherapist Trudy Goodman. Trudy completes the story of her early Zen days, and also describes how she transitioned into becoming a vipassana teacher. She...Show More Summary

Meditation: complete transcendence

Meditation as understood by the Buddha is based upon an ontological foundation that goes much deeper than what classically oriented natural science has been able to provide. To be sure, the depth of the human mind goes beyond the brain....

BG 175: The Buddhist Atheist

Episode Description: Secular Buddhist teacher Stephen Batchelor joins us to explore some of the ideas presented in his newest book, Confession of a Buddhist Atheist. We start off by examining the two Buddhist doctrines of karma and rebirth,...Show More Summary

Buddhist Geeks @ Facebook

We’ve had a Buddhist Geeks Facebook group for several years, but haven’t really done much with it. Realizing that a lot of you stay connected with your favorite people and communities through Facebook, we decided to close down the old group and ask people to migrate over to the new Buddhist Geeks Facebook Page. Show More Summary

BG 176: The Place of the Erotic

Episode Description: We’re joined this week by Insight meditation teacher and engaged activist Christopher Titmuss. Our main topic of exploration is the place of sexuality, eros, and love in the practice of Dharma. Contained within...Show More Summary

On Enlightenment: An Interview with Shinzen Young

Har-Prakash Khalsa: Given that, in your own words, “enlightenment is a multi-faceted jewel”, is there a description of enlightenment that you like? Shinzen Young: In this regard I tend to go towards my Buddhist background. Scholastic Theravada Buddhism says that three things go away at the initial experience of enlightenment. Show More Summary

Relationships: Your Emotional Signature

You would certainly recognize your signature on a piece of paper, but do you know your own emotional signature? We all have one. It’s our predictable way of reacting to situations. Your friends probably recognize your emotional signature better than you do. Show More Summary

BG 177: Working with Sexual Energy

Episode Description: We’re joined again by British meditation teacher, Christopher Titmuss, to continue our exploration into the powerful, and often challenging, realm of human sexuality. Christopher shares a couple of stories of monks...Show More Summary

It IS Enough!

I have been going through the papers I’ve been carrying around while traveling and came across a couple of things I wrote when I first arrived at the house I stayed in on Cortez Island during the last week of February. It would seem I was pondering on ‘enough’ back then. In lighter and darker … Continue reading It IS Enough! ?

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