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Nothing Fixed Anywhere

I’m still thinking about how we (our connective tissue) becomes more fluid the more we move and in so doing ‘makes more variations of movement and action possible’. Nothing fixed anywhere. (Well, that’s according to a ‘new model’ of how our physicality functions referred to below. Enjoy the whole video. The Infinite Now – The … Continue reading Nothing Fixed Anywhere ?

My brief Buddhist understanding of the world according to Hoffman

10 months agoReligion / Buddhism : The Zennist

The world we see out there is real as an experience for each of us but it doesn’t exist apart from our experience in the way that we imagine it does. Brains have not evolved to see true reality. In...

Bringing A Death To Life

The passing of the Buddha as described in the Mah?parinibb?na Sutta is one of the most interesting, not to say moving, text in the Tipitaka. Despite its composite nature and somewhat artificial language it transmits the very real drama and pathos of this momentous event. Show More Summary

The Past Supports Action Into The Future – Video

Embodied Mind – Moving From Support from Mugo on Vimeo. Remembering Rev. Master Jiyu-Kennett who died 20 years ago with great gratitude. You need no further teachings than the above in order to show gratitude, and you must show it truly, in the only real way, in your daily life; our daily life should be … Continue reading The Past Supports Action Into The Future – Video ?

Maintaining a Sense of Proportion

#lovethelakes #cumbria #lakedistrict #picturecumbria Hold a true friend with both your hands. Nigerian Proverb Amen to that! And my new friend? Blencathera, mountain of all mountains. Last Monday I walked up one (of a number) of the ‘edges’ that lead to the top. Show More Summary

Keeping on Walking

Return from Coniston Old Man from Mugo on Vimeo. Walking along a narrow pavement this afternoon, in walking shoes and wearing a small day pack (to carry shopping in), a woman stopped me. Have you got far to go? she inquired. Errrm, about 3 mins to get home I replied, wondering at the question. She … Continue reading Keeping on Walking ?

Four Noble Truths – a Way to Practice – Video

An overview of the Four Noble Truths from the point of view of a Soto Zen Buddhist practitioner, Saido Kennaway, at Telford Buddhist Priory. Buddhist teachings show you a way of practice, to become liberated from greed hate and delusion and in this very moment realise, Bright Buddha Nature. Show More Summary

Watch Where You’re Putting Your Feet – Video

A Life Reminder for Troubled Times from Mugo on Vimeo. Advice for hill walkers: Watch where you’re putting your feet. Alfred Wainwright. And good advice for everybody else who might be feeling a bit unsteady given the interesting times we are going through in Britain and Europe, and the rest of the world actually. Show More Summary

The Unreliable Quilter

2 years agoReligion / Buddhism : IDP Blog

I can only speak for myself, and I am pretty good at doing that. Like many of us, I am quite accomplished at weaving my own narrative. The internet has broken down many - if not most - of our collaborative cultural tapestry-narratives by giving each of us the ability to craft and share our own, which gives us agency to pull at the loose threads of the big one. read more

And Its All About Poo!

Most people are ordinary, a few are extraordinarily bad and a few are extraordinarily good. Bindeshwar Pathak is one of the latter.

Buddhism In Gilgit

There were Buddhist cultures that flourished for centuries and not only disappeared but left almost nothing beh i nd and are scarcely known today, if at all. One of them was in Gilgit, and if you don’t know where Gilgit is look it up on Wikipedia. Show More Summary

Is Zen nonsense?

Can Zen koans and dialogues be put under the category of nonsense? Thanks to a recent lecture I listened to on YouTube by Dr. Raymond Moody about nonsense (he plans on publishing a book on the subject), it is my...


Not long ago, I saw this great video of Dick Van Dyke dancing up a storm at the age of 89.  I was impressed and when I noticed the other night that he was going to be on the Tavis Smiley show, I tuned in. He’s currently promoting a new book, Keep Moving: And Other …

This is Water

Back in the 80s, I was interested in fiction in large part because I was interested in writing fiction. An author that snagged my attention at that time was T. Coraghessan Boyle. I liked that he was crazy with an intimidating vocabulary...Show More Summary

New Video Interview with Saving Mes Aynak Director Brent E. Huffman at American Buddhist Perspectives

I was honoured to interview director Brent E. Huffman recently about his important new film Saving Mes Aynak, which documents the struggle to protect a Buddhist archaeological site in Afghanistan from destruction by a Fortune 500 mining company. Show More Summary

Notice re blog post, acoming on "No Self"

Understanding “No Self” Hey, Y’all! This is not a blogpost. Rather, it is just/merely a temporary notice that will be up for a period of seven days before I delete it. I’ve determined that my next Prog Bud blogpost, which will go upShow More Summary

Can I Be Happy for an Annoying Politician?

3 years agoReligion / Buddhism : IDP Blog

On Election Day, I was doing a practice of mudita, appreciative or empathetic joy. Like in metta practice, you choose a neutral person, a loved one, and an irritating person. In this case, you look to feel happiness in their happiness, taking joy in their joy. For my irritating person, I chose a politician, not one whose election would bring me joy. read more

I'm an Ego Maniac

3 years agoReligion / Buddhism : IDP Blog

“Only a person who is congenitally self-centered has the effrontery and the stamina to write essays.” - E.B. White read more

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