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Hand-drawn Altar Cards by Daniel Mitsui

Daniel Mitsui is an artist quite well known to readers of NLM for his exquisite work in calligraphy and iconography. He was recently commissioned to produce a set of altar cards and went at it with his customary thoroughness, ingenuity, love of detail, and delight in the Gothic aesthetic. Show More Summary

Supreme Court Already Ruled In Favor Of Christian Bakers – Here’s Why

What does a wedding cake have to do with free speech and the freedom of religion? It sounds like the precursor to a silly punchline, but a Supreme Court case involving a wedding cake could have serious ramifications on the First Amendment. Jack Phillips, a devout Christian, declined to create a custom cake for a [...]

Worth a Thousand Words: Abbey Bible Illuminated Manuscript

Abbey Bible, 1250 to 1262via Getty's Open Content Program I really love illuminated manuscripts. Hey, we all love a Bible with pictures, right? They enhance the whole thing.You can find more information about this at the Getty link.Show More Summary

Time for the Soul to Absorb the Mysteries — Part 2: The Offertory and the Canon

Last week, we looked at how the traditional Roman Rite, from the entrance to the Gospel, gives ample “time for the soul to absorb the mysteries.” Today I shall speak of how the Offertory and the Canon do the same. The OffertoryIt hardly...Show More Summary

LOOP: Judge says no to Christmas ads on DC buses

RUSSIA  Members of Robert Mueller’s team of investigators have been engaged in questionable, partisan-like behavior. And the media has several times hyped salacious headlines, only to retract the stories. It’s given the White House a...Show More Summary

2018 Ordo for the Domincian Rite Breviary Now Available

Just in time for Christmas! I am delighted to announce that Breviarium S.O.P. has completed the 2018 Dominican Rite Calendar for praying the 1962 Dominican Breviary. Once again, the calendar includes notations for the 15 Tuesdays devotion to Our Holy Father St. Show More Summary

Notitiae - Available Online!

Back in February 2016, it was announced on NLM that Notitiae, the periodical of the Congregation for Divine Worship and the Discipline of the Sacraments (CDWDS), was changing the way it was published, moving to an online-only format....Show More Summary

Cat Lives Matter: A Lesson from ‘The Croydon Cat Killer’

When Moral Relativism Killed the Cat, it Awoke in Us the Morality We’ve been Trying to Forget The world we live in is pretty messed up. When I skim the headlines for the day’s news, I’m often saddened, but rarely shocked—another bombing, another shooting, another sexual allegation. But I recently came across a story so [...]

Don’t Be Too Quick to Celebrate Poland’s Sunday Shopping Ban

Recently, the lower chamber of Polish parliament (the Sejm) passed a bill to gradually ban shopping on Sundays. At the beginning, two Sundays of each month will be “free of trade.” The ultimate goal is a total ban on Sunday shopping by 2020. Many Catholics in Poland and abroad are excited to hear this news, [...]

An Original Setting of Psalm 116 by Henri de Villiers

We are very pleased to share with our readers this recording of Psalm 116, Laudate Dominum, in an original composition by one of our long-time contributors, Henri de Villiers. This was made live at the church of St Eugène in Paris on...Show More Summary

The Feast of the Immaculate Conception 2017

The choir of the prophets proclaimed of old the Maiden unblemished and holy, whose child is God, whom Anna conceived, that was sterile and without progeny; with rejoicing of heart, let us who have been saved through Her today bless Her, as the only one who is wholly without blemish. Show More Summary

LOOP: Planned Parenthood under DOJ investigation

CALIFORNIA FIRES  Join CatholicVote in praying today for the people of southern California who are dealing with mass evacuations due to massive wildfires, which has already caused 200,000 people to evacuate. BABY...Show More Summary

A Boy-Bishop for St Nicholas’ Day

Chavagnes International College, a Catholic boarding school for boys located in Chavagnes-en-Paillers in western France (near Nantes), is well known for cultivating a strong liturgical life. In accordance with the old English tradition,...Show More Summary

The Relics of St Ambrose

Partly as a follow up to last month’s post on the relics of St Charles, here are a few interesting photos related to the relics of St Ambrose, whose feast is today, courtesy of Nicola de’ Grandi. The relics of St Ambrose, photographed during a canonical recognition in the late 19th century. Show More Summary

CVRH 13: Luma Simms, The Sin of Tax Reform, Teens4Truth, #JusticeForJack

The CatholicVote Radio Hour, Episode 13: Amber Athey, Bobby Lopez, and Joshua Mercer join host Stephen Herreid to talk about the Catholic leaders who think supporters of the GOP tax bill are headed for Hell, how to push back against LGBT indoctrination for children, and the Masterpiece Cakeshop SCOTUS hearing. Our special guest is Luma [...]

Photopost Request: Immaculate Conception 2017

Our next major photopost will be for tomorrow’s feast of the Immaculate Conception. Please send your photos (whether of the Ordinary or Extraordinary Form) to for inclusion. We are also always glad...Show More Summary

Advent and Christmas Liturgy Schedule for St Stephen’s Church, Portland, Oregon

For anyone within striking distance of St Stephen’s Catholic Church in Portland, Oregon, here is the church’s liturgical schedule for Advent and Christmas. This is an ambitious and upgraded program, reflecting the fact that the church has just appointed a new musical director.

Models and Media Sexualize Christmas for ‘Feminism’

Big name models, backed by the media, are using Christmas—a Christian holy day remembering the Virgin Mary’s birth to the world’s Savior—to flaunt sexuality. But it’s okay, they say, because it “empowers” women. On December 1, British magazine LOVE began its 7th annual online “Advent Calendar.” But instead of offering religious pictures or treats each day leading [...]

New Reprints of Three Theological Classics

People who enjoy reading theological books quickly discover, in the vaults of university libraries, at used bookstores, or by lucky links online, a lot of hidden gems out there — books that were first published 50, 75, 100 years ago or even more, which have long since fallen out of print and yet very much deserve to be back in print for new readers. Show More Summary

LOOP: Oral arguments heard on wedding cake artist

HOMELAND SECURITY   The Senate confirmed Kirstjen Nielsen to lead Homeland Security, 62-37. A former DHS official, Nielsen is a cybersecurity expert.  ARGUMENTS AT SCOTUS  Supreme Court Justice Anthony Kennedy...Show More Summary

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