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Lagniappe: "A little extra money is always welcome"

Soundings must be made at all three mounds. We make a start with Tell Mozan. There is a village there, and with Hamoudi as ambassador we try and obtain workmen. The men are doubtful and suspicious."We do not need money," they say. "It has been a good harvest."For this is a simple, and, I think, consequently a happy part of the world. Show More Summary

Protecting children: Warning signs of potential abusers

By Drew Dillingham Catholic News Service (Eighth in a series) ROME — Everyone knows the story of the prophet Jonah. He is commanded by God to prophesy to Nineveh, home of one of Israel’s greatest enemies. Despite receiving God’s commission … Continue reading ?

Beautiful Vestments in the Cleveland Museum of Art

Thanks to our friend Jordan Hainsey for sending us these photos of an exhibition of vestments currently going on (until September 24) at the Cleveland Museum of Art. The title of the exhibition, “Opulent Fashion in the Church” leaves...Show More Summary

CV LOOP: GOP scrambles ahead of health care vote

SUPREME COURT // Despite pointed questions from Democrats, Judge Gorsuch easily glides through Day 3 of hearings. Sen. Dianne Feinstein, D-CA, claimed: “You have been very much able to avoid any specificity like no one I have ever seen...Show More Summary

A Roman Pilgrim at the Station Churches 2017 (Part 4)

Once again, our thanks to our Roman pilgrim friend Agnese for sharing with us her photos of the Lenten Station Mass. This set includes two particularly nice, and classically Roman, arrangements of relics, on the altars of Ss Peter and Marcellinus and St Pudentiana. Show More Summary

Call your Senators and urge them to #ConfirmGorsuch

The Senate Judiciary Committee is in the midst of hearings on Supreme Court nominee Judge Neil Gorsuch. So far, he has excelled, especially in his defense of our First Amendment right to religious freedom. These hearings have confirmed what Judge Gorsuch’s record showed: he will be a superb Supreme Court Justice. Soon, the full Senate will [...]

CV LOOP: Gorsuch unflappable in 10 hours of testimony

LOOP 500 TRIVIA ANSWER // Justice William Rehnquist was the other dissenting vote in Roe v. Wade. SUPREME COURT // Judge Neil Gorsuch deftly answered questions on abortion, religious liberty, the rule of law, and election spending during the second day of confirmation hearings. Show More Summary

Worth a Thousand Words: Gladioli in a Vase

Pierre-Auguste Renoir, Gladioli in a Vase, c. 1875via Arts Everyday Living

Well Said: There is no entering in ...

The next morning we reach the Cilician Gates, and look out over one of the most beautiful views I know. It is like standing on the rim of the world and looking down on the promised land, and one feels much as Moses must have felt. For here, too, there is no entering in.... Show More Summary

The Tomb of Christ Reopened in Jerusalem

This morning, the Greek Orthodox Patriarch of Jerusalem, Theophilos III, presided over the reopening of the shrine over the tomb of Christ within the Church of the Holy Sepulcher, after many months of restoration work. (The shrine is...Show More Summary

Two Articles of Interest, by Martin Mosebach and Stuart Chessman

Here are a couple of recent articles which will certainly be of interest to our readers, and which I think it profitable to read together, as I will explain below. The first is a lengthy piece in First Things by Martin Mosebach, called...Show More Summary

St Teilo’s Church, Llandeilo Tal-y-bont

A young seminarian recently mentioned to me that he had been following with interest the discussions on the proposal that the School of St Albans might be an appropriate style to develop in today’s churches for the Roman Rite. I wasShow More Summary

Palestrina Mass for the Annunciation in New York City

The Church of St Agnes in New York City, located at 143 East 43rd Street, will have a Solemn High EF Mass this coming Saturday, the feast of the Annunciation, starting at 10:30 a.m.; the St Mary’s Student Schola, directed by Mr David Hughes, will sing Palestrina’s Missa Ave Maria.

Genesis Notes: Hagar's Resume

I never thought of Hagar as a perpetual avoider, a run away, but there you go. And yet she also was thrust into a situation which most of us would find challenging, to say the least, when Sarah gave her to Abraham as a surrogate. We might also get in the habit of running away under those circumstances. Show More Summary

While Scott runs through a frustrating maze, Julie marvels at her ability to find Karl Urban in every inkblot she sees.

We dig deep below the surface Flowers for Algernon by Daniel Keyes and find Genesis everywhere we look. Get it all in Episode 154 of A Good Story is Hard to Find podcast.

The Feast of St Benedict 2017

O ! the praiseworthy and glorious merits of Saint Benedict, who, since he spurned his fatherland, and the pomp of the world for Christ’s sake, obtained the fellowship of all the blessed, and came to share in the eternal rewards. V. Among the choirs of Confessors, he holds a glorious place, and beholds the very font of all good things. Show More Summary

CV LOOP: Democrats try to claim Gorsuch outside of ‘mainstream’

LOOP 500 // This is the 500th issue of the Loop. And our mission today remains the same as the day we started: Help Catholics quickly stay on top of the latest news on politics, life, religious liberty, and the Catholic Church. SUPREME COURT // Neil Gorsuch draws praise from a few Democrats as his Supreme Court confirmation hearings [...]

“Samuel and Daniel, Though Young, Judged the Elders”: Traditionalism as a Youth Movement

The progress of centuries has often returned to the Rule of St. Benedict as a repository of timeless wisdom, capable of guiding any community of God-seekers to peace and holiness. One cannot help but be struck by the way Benedict emphasizes that the young monks’ voices ought to be given a fair hearing. Show More Summary

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