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Wednesday Link List

Welcome to the economy size link list. If you missed Friday here, we offered this explanation. Essay of the Week: “It is my contention that isolated communities which are suspicious of ‘the world’ are prime targets for pedophiles. One of those groups are the Amish.” A look at several case histories of abuse which, while […]

Psalm 1: An In Depth Study Of The Psalter

Psalms is the Bible’s songbook. Written over centuries, it was finally compiled in the form that Jesus knew, and that we also know, in the post-exilic period, that time when Zerubbabel rebuilt the Temple in Jerusalem with Ezra, Zechariah and Haggai as contemporaries. Show More Summary

And Then There Was Light

Photo by Stephen Theis, father-in-law of the executive director of Delaware Family Policy Council, Family Policy Alliance’s state ally in Delaware. And Then There Was Light By Autumn Leva, Director of Policy & Communication “Let there be light,” and then there was light. Show More Summary

Cambodia Lets Anti-Trafficking Ministry Stay After Controversial News Report

Government rescinds threat to shut down a US-based evangelical charity. A shocking news segment on child sex trafficking in Cambodia spurred American evangelicals to get involved in the cause 13 years ago. A recent CNN update on theShow More Summary

Hope Acronym

Hope Acronym - I am sharing this with you. I saw this on a business sign. It was an acronym for the word Hope. I share two different acronyms for the word hope. #Hope #HopeAcronym The post Hope Acronym appeared first on Courageous Christian Father. ©2004-2017 by Steve Patterson of Courageous Christian Father.

Bringing Back Baylor

Baylor University president Linda Livingstone helps the school navigate one of the largest scandals in US collegiate athletics. A s new jobs go, Linda Livingstone may have stepped into one of the year’s toughest. The newly minted president...Show More Summary

In the ‘DuckTales’ Reboot, Family Remains Scrooge's Riskiest Adventure

As the new Disney series reminds us, ‘Family is nothing but trouble.’ That's exactly what makes it valuable. The past few years have been good for those nostalgic for ’80s childhoods—and for those of my age bracket, few cultural products embody that era better than the Disney animated series DuckTales. Show More Summary

Church Life: Special Music

In a majority of the middle part of the last century, a feature of Evangelical church services was “the special musical number” or “special music” or if the church didn’t print a bulletin for the entire audience, what the platform party often logged as simply “the special.” While this wasn’t to imply that the remaining […]

Don’t Despise Small Town Living: Jesus Didn’t

Capernaum was home to about 1,500 people. There are advantages to growing up in a small town. Everyone knows where you live, what you drive, and what you did last night. You grow up with great trust in humanity and knowing no stranger. Show More Summary

-Boston Antifa: No Room For…Supporters of The U.S. Constitution

I had to ask what radicals on the left would come up with next. First the removal of Confederate statues, then Washington and Jefferson, and now supporters of the Constitution? The Boston Antifa oppose racism but a whole lot more on their website. From Townhall: “There is no room for capitalists, conservatives, libertarians, "classical liberals" […]

‘Pakistan’s Mother Teresa’ Honored With Historic Funeral

The medical missionary who helped curb the leprosy outbreak is the first Christian woman to receive this government honor. For the first time in Pakistan’s recent history, a Christian is being honored with a state funeral. Dr. Ruth Pfau,...Show More Summary

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