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When the Lord’s Work is on the Back Burner: Clergy Edition

Because of the nature of the work that occupies more than half of my week, I am acutely aware of the tendency of the laity to neglect their volunteer responsibilities at the church until the very last possible minute. Thus, this topic is one of my frequent go-to rants. Examples include: The Sunday School teacher […]

The Christmas Story

I share with you the actual Christmas story about the birth of our Savior, Jesus Christ, that was told by Luke in the Gospel of Luke Chapter 2. #Christmas #ChristmasStory The post The Christmas Story appeared first on Courageous Christian Father. ©2004-2016 by Steve Patterson of Courageous Christian Father.

Died: Thomas Oden, Methodist Theologian Who Found Classical Christianity

His contribution to theology: nothing new. And that's what made him famous. The “orthodox, ecumenical evangelical” Thomas C. Oden—a Methodist whose deep commitment to classical Christianity defined his life’s work—died Thursday at age...Show More Summary

TAKE ACTION: Gov. McCrory Deserves Our Thanks

This past year proved to be a challenging one for North Carolina Gov. Pat McCrory. The Legislature sent him a bill (HB2) that protected the privacy and safety of women and children by requiring people to use the bathroom consistent with the sex on their birth certificate. Show More Summary

Why ‘The Secret of Kells’ is a Perfect Christmastime Movie

The film is a gorgeous reminder of the beauty of God that waits beyond our walls of fear. The world outside—it’s a dangerous place. Stick with Christian community. Where it’s safe. I have received that message—sometimes blatant, sometimes merely implied—within so many Christian communities from childhood through adulthood. Show More Summary

The Colors of Christmas

The colors of Christmas are often taken for granted, and many celebrants are unaware of how these colors became symbols of the Christmas season and why they remain so to this day. There are many colors we see a lot during Christmas.Show More Summary

Fairness for All: Evangelicals Explore Truce on LGBT and Religious Rights

It worked in Utah. But national effort by the CCCU and NAE will be more complicated. A mong the many unanswered questions going into a new year and new government led by Donald Trump, American evangelicals await the prospects for the...Show More Summary

Hispanic Evangelicals & Politics Today: My Interview with Gabriel Salguero

Rev. Salguero is the founder of the National Latino Evangelical Coalition (NaLEC) and a pastor in Orlando, FL Ed: Recently, a PBS prime-time special (The New Deciders) and the NY Times Opinion page (The Evangelicalism of Old White Men Is Dead) highlighted the National Latino Evangelical Coalition (NaLEC) as a new kind of Evangelical electorate. Show More Summary

Worldwide Shortage of Christian Book Titles Continues

Other customers also got confused: Lynette Eason’s Without Warning is the second book in a series and released a few weeks ago. Joel Roseberg’s Without Warning is coming in March, 2017. This sort of thing happens a lot.  In 2013 it was two music releases: But 2016 has been a particularly rough year, especially this […]

Wednesday Link List

Some extended quotes from this week’s linked articles because even if you don’t click, I didn’t want you to miss the substance; each one of which could have been a single blog focus here. Jen Wilkin, speaking to Christianity Today notes that “while most evangelical women know their Tim Kellers from their Rick Warrens, male […]

The Narrative of Fear Surrounding Refugees: Preparing Ourselves for the Conversation

If we are pro-life, we are pro-refugee. In this country fear has become a defining narrative, even among Evangelicals. It comes in many forms: fear of unemployment, fear of the unknown, fear of the infringement of rights—all concerning. Show More Summary

Jo Saxton Q+A: What's Holding Women Back?

Why she’s passionate about empowering female leaders. Jo Saxton is passionate about leadership. A Londoner of Nigerian descent who now lives in the Twin Cities, Saxton is a church planter, leadership coach, and the author of More Than Enchanting. Show More Summary

I know the location of the Shoebox but I don’t

I know where my operation Christmas child shoe box went but I don't. The tracking tells you where the shoebox but with mine, it says something different. #shoebox The post I know the location of the Shoebox but I don’t appeared first on Courageous Christian Father. ©2004-2016 by Steve Patterson of Courageous Christian Father.

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