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James Dobson Says Paula White Led Donald Trump to Jesus Christ

After making headlines last week for saying Donald Trump is a "baby Christian" who has accepted a relationship with Jesus, evangelical leader James Dobson has emphasized that even though the Republican nominee is still maturing in his Christian walk, that is no reason to not vote for him and give Hillary Clinton the power to "run the world."

Actress Patricia Heaton Blasts Supreme Court Abortion Decision by Quoting Thomas Jefferson

Pro-life feminist television actress Patricia Heaton has spoken out against the United States Supreme Court's decision to strike down a Texas law that required abortion clinics to operate under similar medical safety standards required of other surgical medical facilities.

Supreme Court Condones 'Vicious Anti-Christian' Law, Says David French on Washington Pharmacist Suit

Conservative columnist David French denounced the United States Supreme Court's recent decision to not grant a hearing for a suit against a Washington state law that compells pharmacies to provide abortion-inducing drugs despite any religious objections.

The Purge: Election Year

The opportunity for biting social critique gets swept away in a torrent of bloody destruction. Few, if any, of CT's readers probably ought to see (or bother seeing) The Purge: Election Year. Like its predecessors (The Purge and The Purge:...Show More Summary


Fairy tales need real dragons. Roald Dahl weaves strange yarns for kids, mixing imagination and whimsy with a distinct strand of menace. The enduring popularity of his stories—Charlie and the Chocolate Factory was published in 1964!—depends on all those threads, menace included. Show More Summary

Who Is Nigel Farage? 5 Things to Know About the Man Who Led Brexit

At the heart of the successful Brexit movement was one man: Nigel Farage. The 52-year-old leader of the UK Independence Party is considered the champion of the effort to leave the EU. Yet who is Farage?

Gospel Singer James Fortune Admits 'I Was an Abuser' After Being Sentenced for Bone-Breaking Assault on Wife

In his first candid interview about the bone-breaking assault on his wife in 2014, to which he pleaded guilty and was sentenced in March, popular gospel singer James Fortune recently confessed, "I was an abuser."

Anne Graham Lotz Lists 3 Sins America Is Committing Against God

Evangelist Anne Graham Lotz has listed three "national sins" that she believes are prompting God to back away from America.

'How To Get Away With Murder' Season 3: Which Mysteries Fans Wish the Upcoming Season Could Address

Even on its third season, "How To Get Away With Murder" is still able to keep people interested with the many mysteries surrounding the characters. All the skepticism has led to fans questioning what is going to happen in the next season of the hit series.

'Game of Thrones' Season 7: Will This Be The Final Season? Top 5 Theories On How The Series Will End

After the dramatic season finale of "Game of Thrones," there is a lot of anticipation for the seventh season of the hit HBO series.

Liberals of 'Reason' Need to See Incivility of Intolerant Liberalism, Says Author Mary Eberstadt

Prominent conservative author and essayist Mary Eberstadt aims to show liberals of "reason" just how intolerant and incivil today's secularist political Left has become toward traditional religious beliefs on marriage, sex and abortion in her new book, "It's Dangerous to Believe."

Daughters of Christian Mom Who Snapped Begged for Their Lives as She Gunned Them Down 911 Calls Reveal

In repeated posts on Facebook, Christy Sheats, who described herself as a conservative Baptist, expressed her love for her daughters, Taylor and Madison, sometimes while quoting Scripture. She was nothing like the woman who gunned them down last Friday as they begged for their lives.

WWE News: Kurt Angle and Other Possible Returns for Brand Draft

The WWE Brand draft is less than a month away and rumors are running around on which superstars will make a dramatic return for the draft. Here is a look on who are highly speculated and likely to return.

Does Talking About Your Pain and Suffering Show a Lack of Faith? Christian Apologist Answers

Does talking about one's pain and suffering give power to the adverse condition or demonstrate a lack of faith in a believer? Is doing so unChristlike?

Calvinism Not to Blame for Southern Baptist Decline, JD Greear Says

J.D. Greear, a strong contender for president at the recent Southern Baptist Convention, says it's unfair to blame declining baptism numbers in the SBC on a resurgence of 5-point Calvinism in Southern Baptist life.

'Halo Wars 2' News: Another E3 Game Worth Waiting For -- Better Than Original

One of the biggest announcements that was made during the Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3) was the real-time strategy game "Halo Wars 2." The game is being developed by 343 Studios and Creative Assembly. It will be published by Microsoft Studios.

Dawn of the Carnivorous Lionfish – Threat to Mediterranean Could Be Exacerbated By 'Mating Behavior'

As the seas get warmer, invasive lionfish species have been spotted in the Mediterranean sea, which could mean another imbalance in marine biodiversity.

Atheists Attack America's Most Religious State in Anti-God Billboard

An atheist group has posted a billboard in Mississippi, one of the most religious states in America, telling residents that God and faith will not solve their problems.

The Faith of Basketball Legend Pat Summitt: God Gave Me 'Certain Work to Do'

While most sports fans will remember former University of Tennessee coach Pat Summitt as the all-time winningest coach in NCAA women's basketball history, the fallen legend will be remembered by those closest to her as a woman who built her life's successes around her love for Christ.

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