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Who Is Fighting for Working Families?

At the 2012 Republican National Convention I spoke about the hands I shook during our improbable run for president that year, a journey that took us to 11 primary election victories.

Portland homeless sweeps solve nothing

My latest oped in The Oregonian: "Why do we still have a homelessness crisis after all these years? Part of it is political. Part of it is spiritual. We've never invested the resources needed to build affordable housing. The entire....

Tornado Warning | Stoplight

Imagine you’re driving down a highway with a threatening storm cloud dead ahead. You see a couple storm-chaser vans stopped on the side of the road with the doors open. And the college students from those vans are standing at a fence – all looking in the direction you’re headed. What would you do? In […]

God's Loving Discipline

Lot's point of reference was Egypt. Genesis 13:10 tells us, "Lot took a long look at the fertile plains of the Jordan Valley in the direction of Zoar. The whole area was well watered everywhere, like the garden of the Lord or the beautiful land of Egypt. (This was before the Lord destroyed Sodom and Gomorrah.)"

Family Christian Stores to Stay Open if Highest Bidder for Company's Assets Is Approved

The locations of the world's largest Christian-focused retailer Family Christian Stores will likely stay open if a bid at a private auction by a subsidiary group for the company's assets is approved in bankruptcy court in June.

Kenyan Lawyer Offers Obama 70 Sheep, 50 Cows, 30 Goats to Marry His 16-Y-O Daughter

A Kenyan lawyer is prepared to offer President Barack Obama a lucrative $90,000 assortment of livestock in exchange for Obama's 16-year-old daughter Malia's hand in marriage.

Upcoming Motorola Phones 2015: 2 Verizon-Bound Handsets With QHD Displays Already Being Tested?

Motorola and Verizon have come up with the finest Android devices with their exclusive partnership. Some of the more popular ones include the Droid RAZR, RAZR Maxx, Droid RAZR M, and the Droid Turbo which launched last year.

Asus ZenFone 3 Specs, Rumors: Could This Be Next-Gen Android Smartphone From Asus?

It has been a great year for Asus so far, especially considering the immense popularity of its ZenFone 2 smartphones. But while the smartphone models have not yet made their way to most markets worldwide, it seems the Taiwan-based manufacturer is already developing the next models.

Exclusive Sneak Peek: In 'A.D. The Bible Continues,' Saul Asks for Forgiveness in New Episode

A sneak peek at the upcoming episode of "A.D. – The Bible Continues" that will air this Sunday reveals the moment Saul received forgiveness and joins the disciples.

Xiaomi Mi5 Specs, Rumors, Release Date: Upcoming Flagship Tipped to Boast QHD Display, Snapdragon 820?

The "Apple of China" continues to dominate in its home market, as it recently announced retaining the top spot for smartphone sales against Samsung and other hometown rivals like Huawei and Lenovo.

iPhone 6s Rumors, Specs: New Apple iPhone Could Be First in Years to Get Higher Camera Resolution

The iPhone is probably one of the most popular smartphone brands in the world today, and Apple has definitely reaped its rewards for designing it.

Adorable Teacup Poodle Brings Love and Smiles to People in Nursing Homes

Many aren't used to seeing a dog at a nursing home. But it has actually been putting smiles on the faces of these people each and every day.

YotaPhone 2 Specs, Release Date: New Dual-Display Smartphone Dead-On-Arrival In China?

Last year, Chinese manufacturer Yota introduced the world to a smartphone that has not one, but two displays. The YotaPhone was a promising hit for the Asian market, particularly due to its unique feature of a e-paper display which is perfect for reading e-books, etc.

Sadie Robertson on Brother John Luke's Graduation: 'I Can't Wait to See Where God Takes You Next'

"Duck Dynasty" star Sadie Robertson and her family celebrated her brother John Luke's high school graduation this week and she says she says she "can't wait to see" where God takes him next.

'Brother's Keeper' Explores Forgiveness, Sacrifice and Redemption in Theaters This Friday

"Brother's Keeper," a new film based on principles of faith and family that hits theaters this Friday, reminds moviegoers that sometimes the greatest revenge is forgiveness.

Asus ZenPad Specs, Rumors: Android Tablet Expected to Be as Popular as ZenFone 2 Devices

Ever since the Asus ZenFone 2 was announced at the start of the year, the entire mobile industry has set its eyes on the Taiwanese manufacturer. After a successful release of the device in various markets in Asia, it seems the company is already preparing to make its next move - to launch a next-generation tablet.

Upcoming Android Phones 2015: This Semi High-End Device Only Costs $210

The last quarter of 2014 marked the first time that a Chinese manufacturer took the crown from Samsung as China's top smartphone manufacturer. And in the hope of following Xiaomi's footsteps, another Chinese brand wants to make a name for itself.

Lenovo's New Smart Cast Phone Projects Touchscreen on Any Surface (VIDEO)

Lenovo just unveiled its latest smartphone, Smart Cast, equipped with a laser projector that beams a touchscreen onto any surface.

Bishop T.D. Jakes Calls on the Church to End Racial Divide and 'Fulfill the Prayer of Jesus Christ That We May be One' (VIDEO)

Bishop T.D. Jakes, founder of The Potter's House, one of America's largest megachurches, recently called on the Church to become a source of unity and healing in the faith community, particularly in the wake of ongoing racial unrest...

LG G5 Rumored to Feature Iris Scanning Technology

With the LG G4 going on sale soon, rumors have surfaced of LG's next big flagship, the LG G5, will harness iris scanning technology.

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