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Liberty U President Falwell Denies Wrongdoing in Not Publishing Anti-Trump Piece in School Paper

Liberty University President Jerry Falwell is denying that he prevented an op-ed critical of Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump from being published in the school newspaper.

Vote for the Country You Want | Stoplight

Are you struggling with what to do this election season? A lot of us are. In his Stoplight® commentary, Stuart Shepard suggests you should “Vote for the Country You Want.” Thank you for sharing Stoplight with your friends. The post Vote for the Country You Want | Stoplight appeared first on Family Policy Alliance.

Third Presidential Debate 2016 Live Stream Free (CNN, Fox, Facebook, Youtube): What Time to Watch Donald Trump vs Hillary Clinton Tonight

Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton will have their final showdown in the last presidential debate tonight at 9 p.m. ET in Las Vegas. Both campaigns will have a final shot at convincing the tens of millions of American voters expected to tune in why he/she should be the 45th president of the United States.

80 Percent of Christians Have Been Forced to Flee Iraq Since 2003, Says Head of Open Doors UK

As conflicts in Iraq and Syria have forced millions of residents to flee their homes over the last several years, a leading Christian persecution activist has explained that over 80 percent of Christians have left Iraq in the last 13 years, while nearly half of all Christians have fled Syria since 2010.

Christian Men Struggling With Homosexuality Find Refuge in 'Your Other Brothers' Storytelling Project

Little did two millennial men know that when they independently Googled "Christians struggling with homosexuality" in utter desperation that a band of brothers would be forged because of their unwanted sexual desires.

Greg Laurie Answers: Did People Who Died Before Jesus' Resurrection Go to Heaven or Hell?

Pastor Greg Laurie of Harvest Christian Fellowship in Riverside, California, answers the question of what happened to people before the Resurrection of Jesus Christ, and whether they ended up in Heaven or Hell.

Companies Illegally Profited From Selling Planned Parenthood's Aborted Babies' Body Parts, Calif. DA Says in Lawsuit

The district attorney in Orange County, California has filed a lawsuit against two biomedical procurement companies and has accused them of turning illegal lucrative profits from the sales of aborted baby body parts acquired from Planned Parenthood clinics.

Hillary Clinton vs. Donald Trump: Abortion

While Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton prides herself on being one of the biggest supporters of abortion and the nation's largest abortion provider Planned Parenthood, her Republican counterpart Donald Trump has made it clear that he will be no friend to the abortion industry if wins the Oval Office.

Blood Moons Came and Went, and Still No Collapse. What Will They Say Next?

Is it all going to stop now? The blood moons are over. The alleged Shemitah is a year gone, and now the highly dubious Jubilee year just ended. And none of the financial asteroids arrived. And between the tetrad and the Jubilee, they had three years to do it, a pretty big target.

Archaeological Discovery Confirms Biblical Account of Pooping on False Gods

Once again archaeology confirms biblical history. I'll explain the latest find — just bring along your sense of humor.

Church Says It's Rewriting Guidelines That Banned Fat Worship Team Members

New Creation Church, a Pentecostal congregation in Hillsboro, Oregon, announced Monday that its ban on fat worship leaders, which had been instituted in the language of a slew of mandatory guidelines to be a part of the congregation's worship team, is currently under review and will be changed.

Billy Graham Answers: What Makes Jesus Different From Other Religious Leaders?

The Bible shows that Jesus Christ is different from every other religious leader in history, says famed evangelist the Rev. Billy Graham.

New York Knicks vs Boston Celtics Preseason Game Preview: Who Will Win? Schedules and Past Matches

The New York Knicks and Boston Celtics will face each other in an NBA Preseason match on October 19, 7:30 PM at the Madison Square Garden. This upcoming game is a re-match from their previous game back in October 15, which was on by the Celtics.

Steve Harvey Reveals How to Listen for God's Voice in Tough Times

Steve Harvey has shared advice on everything from love to careers with his best-selling books. Now, he's taking to social media to share his knowledge about understanding God's voice.

The Cosmos Is Vaster than the Ancients Imagined

Looking at the stars is always humbling. Wrong understandings of their movement are even more so. A s a teenager, I frequently climbed on top of my dad’s shop to look at the stars. When I looked upon a clear, unobstructed night sky, it was as if the starry hosts engulfed me. Show More Summary

Franklin Graham Praying That God Will Give America a Faithful President Despite 'Ugly' Campaign

Evangelical leader the Rev. Franklin Graham has said that despite all the stress and negativity of the ongoing presidential election season, he is still praying that God will give America a president that will follow Him.

NBA Trade Rumors for 2016-17 NBA Season: Gay to Heat, Hawks to Trade Millsap, Griffin to Celtics

A few days from now, the NBA 2016-17 regular season will begin. Most of the teams have already established their lineups, but this doesn't stop trade rumors from flowing in. The following are the latest trade rumors in the NBA right now.

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