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Pennsylvania Megachurch Votes to Leave PCUSA for Theologically Conservative Presbyterian Group

A Pennsylvania megachurch's congregation voted overwhelmingly Sunday to leave the Presbyterian Church (USA) over theological differences on homosexuality and gay marriage.

Chocoholics Unite! Scientists Create Low-Fat Chocolate By Electrifying It

For those who are watching their weight but loves chocolate, today's your lucky day. Temple University researchers were able to cut about 20 percent of fat from chocolates by electrifying it. Even with reduced fat content from minimal cocoa butter, scientists say that the chocolate still tasted the same.

'Quake' News & Update: Developer MarchineGames Releases New Story for 20th Anniversary; How to Download

To celebrate the 20th anniversary since "Quake" was released, a developer released a new and free DLC story.

Naghmeh Abedini Tells Christians: My Family Found Jesus as Muslim Immigrants to America

Naghmeh Abedini, the wife of formerly imprisoned American Pastor Saeed, says she and her family came to America as Muslim immigrants before converting to Christianity after witnessing the love of Jesus Christ exhibited by those who helped her.

Jesse Williams: 2016 BET Acceptance Speech Full Transcript – Watch VIDEO of the Powerful Speech

Standing ovations for award speeches are not uncommon, but last night (Jun 26) at the 2016 BET awards a standing ovation rose to a different level as the audience was visibly taken away by their emotions struck by Jesse Williams' powerful acceptance speech.

Fallujah's Displaced Residents Facing 'Inhuman Conditions' Despite Liberation From ISIS

The city of Fallujah in Iraq has reportedly been "fully liberated" by Iraqi military forces following five weeks of intense battles with the Islamic State terror group, but grave concerns remain for the thousands of refugees who have been forced to flee.

'Bates Motel' Season 5 News & Spoilers: Expect More Madness; Norma to Appear Next Season?

The creators of hit show "Bates Motel" have announced that the "Psycho" inspired story will come to a close in Season 5. A lot of fans are already itching to know what will happen to Norman because of the events that occurred during the Season 4 finale.

'Shark Week' 2016 News: Is the Hype Legit? Critic Says 'Megaldon' is Fake

The annual Shark Week is about to start. A lot of fans of the annual event are excited to watch the hour-long specials that will be featured on Discovery. Said to be one of the contributors to pop culture, Shark Week is considered a phenomenon and has proven itself to be a huge contributor to the ratings of the network.

What to Expect When You’re Expecting (a Church)

Birthing a new church is not without pain. A mother church experiences stress when birthing. The pains are physical, spiritual, emotional, and financial. Starting a new church sounds exciting, but a church needs to prepare for this birth...Show More Summary

Host Church Syndrome

Host Church Syndrome is what happens when a local church decides to do a major event that is open to people from other churches in the community, but in the end, the majority of attendees are from the congregation which sponsored the event. In our years living in this town we have seen this play […]

Top Scorers List in UEFA Euro 2016 News & Updates: France's Anton Greizmann Joins Top 5 Goal Makers for European Championship; Rankings and Statistics

More than 70 goals have, so far, been recorded for the entire UEFA Euro 2016 tournament with some of these coming from the best players in the league.

Brexit Fallout: Stocks Tumble and EU Asks UK to Leave 'As Soon As Possible'

Days after United Kingdom voters decided through referendum to leave the European Union, foreign ministers from the E.U.'s six founding member states asked Britain to start the exit process and designate a new prime minister as soon as possible so that the economic fallout is not prolonged.

Do You Have Enough Power in Your Life?

There's nothing more valuable than the presence of God in our lives. And my goal for teaching about God's presence and anointing is to increase your desire to completely and promptly obey God. Because the more we love, trust and obey God, the stronger His anointing will be in our lives.

In an Amazing Twist, ACLU Now Wants to See Abortion Data

Last week, the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) accused the Department of State Health Services in Texas of purposely withholding state abortion statistics for 2014.

Political Correctness Won't Defeat Radical Islamic Terrorism

I am a religious leader from India, where we know something about extremism. That's why it didn't surprise me that just days before the terrorist attack in Orlando, Prime Minister Narendra Modi of India warned both houses of the U.S. Congress that the global fight against terror needs to be unified.

Gospel-Centered Evangelism for a Multiethnic World

So what does high-definition evangelism look like? The vast majority of local churches in America are not growing. This should break our hearts. This statistic means that more and more people in America don’t know the redemptive power of Jesus Christ. Show More Summary

USA Basketball Roster for 2016 Olympics Finalized: Complete List of Players for Rio Games Bared -- Who Made it to the Final 12?

The long wait is over as the 12 players for the USA Basketball Team has been finalized barely two months before the 2016 Rio Olympics.

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