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'Fargo' Season 2 Spoilers: Where Is Ed Holding Dodd, Where Is Hanzee And How Will Simone's Death Affect The Gerhardts?

The award-winning black comedy crime anthology series "Fargo" is continuing to make waves in primetime TV storytelling, so much so that the network has already renewed the series for another season. The series' season 2 is in the middle...Show More Summary

Will We Teach the True Story of Thanksgiving?

Thanksgiving. That word holds profound meaning for Americans, most of it nostalgic. I remember in grade school when our classes would present Thanksgiving pageants that retold the story of Thanksgiving.

Thanksgiving: I Hate to Entertain, but Everyone Expects It

Parent Question: I have a full time job and I really don't like to cook and entertain. But everyone expects me to do all the heavy lifting for Thanksgiving and Christmas. Frankly my home isn't that clean most of the year – but I hate to entertain if the home isn't at least presentable. Show More Summary

'The 100' Season 3 News, Update: The CW Announced Show's Premiere Date

The early part of 2016 will surely be an exciting one for TV viewers as The CW announced the premiere dates for its highly-anticipated shows.

Bishop TD Jakes Is Jesus' Brother, Tamar Braxton Posts on Instagram

Bishop T.D. Jakes may be the brother of Jesus Christ, according to singer-songwriter Tamar Braxton who jokingly made that claim when reflecting on her faith recently.

How Paris Affected American Attitudes on Helping Syrian Refugees

World Vision poll suggests terrorism didn't change compassion. Other polls highlight fears. Nearly 3 out of 4 American adults (72%) say they are willing to help Syrian refugees, according to an Ipsos Public Affairs poll sponsored byShow More Summary

3 Churches Destroyed in 1 Month Amid Rampant Christian Persecution in Sudan

Christians in the predominantly Muslim country of Sudan continue to suffer intense persecution, with the government engaging in a systematic destruction of churches, a conservative law group has warned.

'Teen Wolf' Season 5 News, Update: Scott Rounds Up New Allies To Help Him Face The Beast

On Monday, MTV released the latest trailer (via for the second half of the current fifth season of its hit teen supernatural drama TV series "Teen Wolf." The teaser reveals a much bigger, more powerful and utterly dangerous foe that could threaten the very existence of the people of Beacon Hill.

Kirk Franklin Responds to Rapper Plies Inviting Him to Strip Club

Kirk Franklin may be willing to lose his religion for the sake of bettering his relationship with God, but he is not willing to compromise his Christian faith for a rapper who invited the music minister to a strip club.

Just Like Jesus, Davey Blackburn Forgives Wife's Alleged Killers

With his father-in-law by his side, Amanda Blackburn's grieving widower, Davey, reacted just like Jesus on the cross to his wife's alleged killers Wednesday when he declared "Father forgive them for they don't know what they are doing."

Roman Reigns Rumors, News: WWE 'Tables, Ladders & Chairs' 2015 Event Predictions

WWE's most awaited "Survivor Series" is finally over but the tension and excitement are far from finished as fans prepare for the next big event: "TLC: Tables, Ladders and Chairs" which will see, in its main card, the matchup between Roman Reigns and Sheamus.

Donald Trump Confident He Has 'Pretty Good' Chance of Going to Heaven

Republican 2016 presidential frontrunner Donald Trump says he believes in heaven and is confident he has a "pretty good" chance of getting there.

'Reign' Season 3 News: Midseason Finale Spoilers Reveal Elizabeth's Plan To Kill Mary

Things are expected to become even more complicated for Mary when the third season of The CW's hit historical fantasy drama TV series "Reign" returns early next month for its midseason finale.

Jim Bob Duggar's Advice to Parents: Remove 'Sensual Content' From the Home

Depending on how you look at it, Jim Bob Duggar may be one of the least expected people to offer parental advice, given his son's recent scandalous fall from grace.

'Supernatural' Season 11 Episode 8 Spoilers: Dean Finally Meets Sam's Imaginary Friend, Sully

The CW's hit supernatural drama TV series "Supernatural" will be taking a break from the increasingly chaotic storyline involving The Darkness and its embodiment, Amara (Emily Swallow), when it returns early next month for its eighth episode titled "Just My Imagination."

Health News: Mosquito That Can Eradicate Malaria?

In one of the most awesome breakthroughs in the history of potentially deadly malaria, U.S. scientists claim that they have created a new strain of mosquito that sees a future of no malaria.

America's Slouch Towards Gomorrah, March to Socialism Can't Continue

Washington politicians have been selling us that snake oil for as long as we can remember. And yet year-after-year, election-after-election, the parties in power may change but the results stay the same—the Washington Cartel wins and the American people lose.

Obama's Use of 'ISIL' is 'Anti-Israel,' Outlets Say

Is it "ISIS" or "ISIL," and why does Obama keep using the latter term? Read on to find out what various outlets have to say.

'Code Black' Season 1 Episode 9 Spoilers: CBS Drama Gets Extended; Broadway Artists Join Episode

CBS' freshman medical drama TV series "Code Black" is getting five additional episodes from its original 13-episode count. This means the series now has 18 episodes in total. Meanwhile, new reports indicate Broadway performers joining the upcoming episode with one to play the very character he portrayed on the stage.

NFL Thanksgiving 2015 TV Schedule, Preview, Start Times

NFL Thanksgiving offers three games with crucial implications for the playoffs.

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