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Remember the Refugees at the First Thanksgiving

1 hour agoReligion / Islam : altmuslim

By Nihad Awad This Thursday, friends and family will gather to commemorate the resettlement of the first wave of refugees to what would become the United States. While we as a nation are now more cognizant of the terrible toll this resettlement took on the native inhabitants of the land, we also recognize that the [Read More...]

Paris Attacks: When Language Inspires Hate and Terror Vs. Hope and Reason

13 hours agoReligion / Islam : altmuslim

By Ahmad Khawaja As the world begins to recover from last week’s terrorist attacks in Paris, Muslims around the globe have been on the receiving end of misplaced outrage, including right here at home. Mosques have been burnt down, people have been violently assaulted and one UK woman was even pushed into an oncoming train. These [Read More...]

Ouroboros, Part 10 – A Western Sky

Now here they were, she and Hassan, beneath the western sky after all - you couldn't get any more west than this, at the sharp edge of the world with nothing beyond but immeasurable water and sky. Here at Salsabil was the protective wall, the garden, and the sun like the personification of love. But Hassan would not wake up.

How to Raise Your Children, When You’re Dead

Ali had two young children. While he was playing baseball one day, a ball hit his chest. A few days later, he was gone at the age of 33. Three years later, his widow, Firdaus, died in a car accident.  Someone else was now needed to raise their two children, but who would that be? […]

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All Life is Sacred: Thoughts on Paris

By Sheikh Sajid Umar My dear brothers and sisters, we live in trying times and are witnessing days of hardship as frequently as we see our families – May Allah protect us! Ameen – What follows are a few words of caution for you to consider: 1. In Islam life is sacred and murder will […]

Should we call them ‘ISIS’ or ‘Da’esh’? Hussein Rashid answers that and more with Amy Guth | WGN Radio - 720 AM

4 days agoReligion / Islam : islamicate

Should we call them ‘ISIS’ or ‘Da’esh’? Hussein Rashid answers that and more with Amy Guth | WGN Radio - 720 AM. Truman National Security fellow and Hofstra University Department of Religion faculty member Hussein Rashid, PhD, joined Guth to talk about the implications of acts of terror, the rise...

Sacred Matters | The Muppets are America

4 days agoReligion / Islam : islamicate

Sacred Matters | The Muppets are America. The Muppets offered us biting social commentary when their show began nearly forty years ago. Now, with their videos, they are showing us an antidote to the xenophobia infecting our political and popular discourses. In their videos, they are offering a hopeful and...

Terror in Paris: The Muslim Community Responds - The Takeaway

4 days agoReligion / Islam : islamicate

Terror in Paris: The Muslim Community Responds - The Takeaway. Over the last year, Muslim refugees fleeing the brutality of war in Iraq and Syria have sought asylum in a number of Western European countries, including France. But many lifelong French citizens are Muslim—the Muslim nation of Algeria was actually...

Religion events from around the Washington area

5 days agoReligion / Islam : On Faith

Daily, Nov. 23 through Jan. 19: “The Wondrous Gift is Given,” an annual display of Nativity scenes from around the world. Bring your camera. Washington National Cathedral, lower-level crypt outside Bethlehem Chapel, Wisconsin and Massachusetts avenues NW. Free. 202-537-6200. full article >>

Trump Wants ID Badges for Muslims But He’s Behind the Times

Over the past few days, many have expressed alarm about Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump's remarks saying he would “absolutely” consider special ID registration for Muslims. But what seems to have been missed in the controversy is the fact that such a registration system already exists in quite a robust form. The fact of the matter is […]

Friday Links – American flag hijabs, hate crimes, refugee crisis

Saba Ahmed, the founder of the Republican Muslim Coalition, appeared on Fox News in an American flag hijab. See the BBC news article here (as I refuse to link to anything going to Fox News) and if you want to buy her hijab, Forbes has let us know it is ten dollars and can be [Read More...]

Interview with Comedian Eman El Husseini

Guest contributor Stéphanie Renée Roy (@LGD_Stephy) interviews Eman El Husseini.    It was 2 years ago that I first saw Eman El Husseini’s stand-up comedy. I was then a fairly new convert and Eman impressed me when she spoke so honestly about Canadian experience as a Palestinian Muslim. She began professional comedy in 2006 because she [Read More...]

The Dark Business of the Journey of Light – Hajj Fraud

Last year I wrote the following story for The Muslim Link newspaper. There has been an update on the case. The Civil Rights team at CAIR- Chicago worked with the victims in collecting evidence of the fraud and with their permission, reported it to law enforcement. “The defendant, Rashid Minhas, perpetuated two separate schemes against victims in the United States, […]

A Ribbon of Mercy

I believe in the divine plan. I do. I have read up on Islamic eschatology. I know that the current climate of strife and warfare and persecution of Muslims is a central part of the narrative around the end of times. For all that to happen, I believe all this has to happen. I believe […]

Quantico’s Bait and Switch

This post was written by guest contributor, Fatin Marini (@FatinMarini1) When my blog, “Has Quantico got positive Muslim female roles covered?” was published, the response was overwhelmingly positive. For some who hadn’t seen the show yet, the positive portrayal of a Muslim woman as an FBI agent intrigued them enough that they were excited to give [Read More...]

Ouroboros, Parts 8 & 9 – The Man Who Might Have Been

This, Jamilah thought, is what he would look like if he had never gone missing, never been perverted into something evil. This is the grown-up Charlie who might have been.

What Can We Do as Muslims in Wake of #ParisAttacks?

last weekReligion / Islam : altmuslim

By Saud Inam Yes, we are all frustrated. We feel sorrow. We feel pain. We’ve been here before time after time. A violent act occurs in the name of Islam, and we’re expected to condemn or apologize and the same cycle of Islamophobia occurs again. We get angry, we get frustrated and have a storm [Read More...]

Texas Falls Victim to Terror

Terror has taken over Texas. Not with guns or bombs, but with fear and xenophobia. Greg Abbott, Governor of Texas, the state in which I live (sometimes to my embarrassment), sent President Obama a letter today informing him that the state of Texas will not accept any Syrian refugees, and he urges the President to stop […]

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