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President Obama’s Speech at Mosque Missed American Families Victimized by State Violence

Ultimately, my frustration lies with the American Muslim community. It is us who refuse to face the reality behind a recurring cycle of violence that is buttressed by deep-seated Islamophobia [1]. We continue to frantically put a band-aid...Show More Summary

Moving Beyond the Single Narrative- The POTUS Visit to an American Mosque

Oped by Khadija Gurnah Khadija Gurnah is the Founder of Project Ejaba and a White House Champion of Change. She is a public health professional and an advocate for youth who has channeled her passions into Project Ejaba – a platform for Muslim young adults that provides resources and programming, including programming to promote social […]

Religion events from around the Washington area

23 hours agoReligion / Islam : On Faith

Saturday, 8-10:30 a.m.: All-you-can-eat monthly community pancake breakfast featuring hoecakes made from cornmeal as well as regular pancakes. Proceeds benefit the St. Paul’s Education Awards Program and the St. Paul’s Hunger Ministry that helps feed those in need in the Kensington zip code. Show More Summary

Friday Links

The International Rescue Committee recently sent photographer Meredith Hutchison to meet with young Syrian girls in two refugee camps in Jordan and ask them about their hopes and dreams. The project, called Vision Not Victim, saw the girls draw pictures of what they want to be when they grew up, now that they have escaped […]

Ask A Muslim – A Simple Question that Opened a Floodgate of Humanity

2 days agoReligion / Islam : altmuslim

By Sebastian Robins Mid-winter in New England sees about seven hours of daylight, and that’s only when the sun is shining. More often than not the skies are grey or spitting rain, and it feels like everyone and everything is contracting into itself, pulling up collars against the onslaught of winter, and keeping eyes down. [Read More...]

Panel at McCarter Theatre

2 days agoReligion / Islam : islamicate

I will be a panelist after a play at Princeton. McCarter Theatre. Hoodwinked is a riveting exploration of Islamist extremism sparked by the 2009 mass shooting on the Army base in Fort Hood, Texas. Created by the multi-award-winning playwright, Emily Mann (McCarter Theatre Artistic Director), the play asks us: how...

For Some, Honor; For Others, Honor Killing

Izzat. It’s Old Rei, the language spoken by Scholars before the Martials invaded and forced everyone to speak Serran. Izzat means many things. Strength, honor, pride. But in the past century, it’s come to mean something specific: freedom. – Sabaa Tahir, An Ember in the Ashes  Recently, and in tandem, I read Sabaa Tahir’s An […]

Why I Let My Child Quit The Quran

By Hooyo Said (a pseudonym) I write this on the evening that I told my daughter's Qur'an teacher that I wanted my child to quit memorising the Qur'an. That's right, quit. Who am I? A highly experienced educator mother who's taught excluded children in Pupil Referral Units, mentored Muslim youth and consoled and advised parents […]

Our Greatest Strength is our Diversity

By Philip Murphy We have always been a nation of contrasts – one at once built upon the backs of immigrants and suspicious of those who come from elsewhere.  Throughout our history, virtually every ethnic and religious group that came to our shores faced discrimination. At one time, Catholics were prevented from living freely in […]

Dolce & Gabbana Abayas: A Roundtable

Tasnim: Ever since the news broke about the Dolce and Gabbana abayas, I’ve heard this debut line described as everything from a “smart move” to an exploitative one, from a “cultural breakthrough” to “cultural appropriation.” What are your feelings about it? Afia: Being a modest fashion industry analyst, I have mixed feelings. On one hand, […]

Stop Islamophobia? Know that #BlackLivesMatter — Medium

3 days agoReligion / Islam : islamicate

Stop Islamophobia? Know that #BlackLivesMatter — Medium. Islamophobia is yet another ongoing manifestation of our inability as a nation to recognize that Black Lives Matter. We accept that there are, in practice, gradations of being American, and as long as we can easily penalize a people based on the color...

An American Muslim’s prayer: Forget love, let’s just be civil (COMMENTARY) - The Washington Post

3 days agoReligion / Islam : islamicate

An American Muslim’s prayer: Forget love, let’s just be civil (COMMENTARY) - The Washington Post. Love is a nice sentiment. Real love, though, is work. I can have love in my heart, but to love someone is to know that person. It means having compassion and empathy, and being engaged....

He Wants To Marry His Wife’s Best Friend?

When I first began writing what would eventually become the novel His Other Wife, it wasn't about marriage or polygamy, or even romantic relationships. It was about emotional and spiritual abuse, and it started off as a single narrative blog inspired by a toxic friendship that I'd recently broken off after having endured it for […]

Could a Jedi look like this?

I am not a Star Wars fan. I actually fell asleep marathoning the first three (Episodes IV, V and VI) with my sons. But I was excited for Star Wars: The Force Awakens. And it was for one reason; the diverse cast. A female lead! A Black StormTrooper! A Latino pilot! Yes! Sign me up. […]

Modesty And The Muslim Athlete

First, we must acknowledge the hypocrisy: That is, how college and pro football players can make a play that sends thousands of fans in the stadium — along with millions watching on TV — into wild celebrations and cues elaborate dance routines from a squad of cheerleaders … but those same players are sometimes penalized […]

Black to the Future: A Black History Month Reflection from Margari Aziza Hill

5 days agoReligion / Islam : altmuslim

Editor’s Note: This is the first in a series of articles and reflections for Black History month. By Margari Aziza Hill Know from whence you came. If you know whence you came, there are absolutely no limitations to where you can go. — James Baldwin I was in sixth grade when first learned of Black [Read More...]

Water for Flint: Racial Politics Collide

The Racial politics of Flint: Racial Politics Collide When African Americans use the term “they” it almost always gets misaddressed as an indictment of white society, or even more cryptic, a collection of stoned-faced boogie-men tugging on the levers of the free-world. That catalog of definitions couldn't be more inaccurate. If the arch enemy of […]

Why We Must Be Strategic in Opposing Donald Trump

For this article, I will refer to aforementioned United States presidential candidate as DT. I do not wish to contribute to the searchability of his name, nor do I wish to spend more time typing his name than necessary.    On January 8th, Rose Hamid and her friend, Marty Rosenbluth attended a  DT rally in […]

Religion events from around the Washington area

last weekReligion / Islam : On Faith

Saturday, all day: Washington National Cathedral will be closed to visitors because of a day-long special event. The cathedral is at 3101 Wisconsin Ave. NW. 202-537-6200 or Saturday: The 121st Convention of the Diocese of Washington. Show More Summary

Friday Links

Engy Abdelkader raises questions about when Muslim women are celebrated, pointing out that “Muslim women are often celebrated as courageous when pushing back against legal, social and cultural norms within their faith communities.” But what about other situations, such as protesting racism, or fighting to be allowed to wear a long skirt in school? ModMarkit, is a pop-up […]

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