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Muslims Predict Jesus Will Defeat ISIS, Beginning in 2015

This was originally posted on the Huffington Post  By Dr. David Liepert Canadian Muslim Leader, Spokesperson, Author and Educator All right, it might not start until 2016, these things can be awfully hard to predict exactly. However,...Show More Summary

#BlackLivesMatter and the Women of Malcolm X’s Legacy

yesterdayReligion / Islam : altmuslim

By Margari Hill Often, when we talk about the history of Islam in America, we focus on the great men and their big ideas. This month, in looking at the BlackLivesMatter Movement through the life and legacy of Malcolm X, I thought of the many women who were also part of our nation’s freedom struggle. Just [Read More...]

Diversity in Community Representation at the White House Meet with Obama

Crossposted from the Muslim Link By Hena Zuberi For the first time in his two terms in the Oval Office, on February 6, 2015, President Obama met with leaders of the Muslim community for an hour-long 'frank and open exchange with the President'. Show More Summary

Defending Free Speech or the Prophet ? ? – Imam Kamil Mufti

n January seventh a savage shooting in Paris at the office of Charlie Hebdo, a French weekly satirical newspaper, claimed the lives of several people. Reportedly, the first person the attackers killed was a Muslim police officer, Ahmed Merabet. Show More Summary

The Purest Things I’ve Ever Seen

It's easy to feel down these days with everything going on around the world. There's an awful lot of negativity out there making the headlines. But in the words of the timeless Dr. Seuss, “keep your eyelids up and see what you can see.”...Show More Summary

Lessons from Our Past: CVE, Black American Muslims, and Social Justice

By Margari Hill On February 5th, Muslim twitter responded to the Right Wing backlash over Obama meeting with Muslims leaders with hilarious tweets #MuslimMeeting. Although many of the tweets were light hearted, others were critical of the meeting largely due to its secrecy. Show More Summary

Does boycotting Israel work?

Yesterday, I received a message from a religious, down to earth, Muslimah, who contested our ability to boycott Israel. She cited the notion that Israel controls a vast empire of companies and products; making it impossible to make sure our money does not reach Israel in some way. To further this argument, she cited relatively [...]

Studying in the Hawza – Realities and Challenges

A write-up on a session regarding pursuing Hawza studies, with Ayatullah Mahmood Madani, one of the representatives of the Supreme Leader.” There exists not progression, but that it requires knowledge and recognition. In our daily lives, we are in desperate need of knowledge, and without learning, man cannot progress. Ahadith of the AhlulBayt are abundant [...]

Camp Wilayah ends with new hope for the future

Camp Wilayah 2014 finishes with a huge success, new friendships, a desire to come back again and a pledge to better ourselves and the society around us. Over the Summer, AIM held two camps, one for brothers and another for sisters from Sunday 3rd until Saturday 9th August 2014. Young people from ages 10-15 attended [...]

Save for the love of my Relations

The  Prophet’s  Household  (Ahl al-Bayt)  occupy  a  special position  in  Islam.  God instructs  His  Messenger (s)   in the Qur’an: ‘Say, ‘I do not ask you any reward  for  it  except  love  of  [my]  relatives.’ ...Show More Summary

Do we have the right to ask about the Logic behind Islamic Laws?

Now we discuss the most important topics about Islamic laws, its rules and regulations and their philosophy and most of the questions and answers are based on this. “Why should we pray Prayers is the question every person asks himself? Why should a person go for the pilgrimage of House of Allah? Why it is [...]

Evolution vs Islam

Evolution and religion have never been friends. It is common to see biologists and religious leaders argue over ‘evolution’. Most of the biologists believe that religion has nothing to offer to people who are striving for answers about the origins of life. On the other hand, philosophers or religious fundamentalists try to answer back to [...]

What is “Islamic”? A Muslim Response to ISIS and The Atlantic

By Dr. Yasir Qadhi and Daniel Haqiqatjou   Graeme Wood's “What ISIS Really Wants,” published in the March 2015 edition of The Atlantic, has quickly become the most widely read article on the militant group. Indeed, it is becoming the most read article ever published by The Atlantic. Show More Summary

Statement: AIM rejects defamatory allegations

In His Name, the Most High It has been brought to our attention that an article is circulating on the internet alleging that AIM is looking to recruit Shia Muslims to fight against ISIS in Iraq and Syria. AIM categorically rejects any such absurd allegations and considers these pronounciations to be libellous and defamatory. We [...]

Those three mystical letters

Those three mystical letters, mystify and hypnotize Ain – Lam – Yaa or A – L – I, they never fail to surprise Its narrated just the mention of his name is blessed What undying secrets had these three letters possessed Yes, undying he was, he is and will always remain Even his death brought [...]

An ethical discourse on the occasion of Eidul Ghadir

We are on the heels of the commemoration of the glorious event of ‘Eidul Ghadir. May Allah (SwT) make this a graet day of celebration for all of the Shia, and grant us all the ability to follow in this school of thought which aims to make us true human beings. The ethical tradition and [...]

Eid Al-Ghadeer 2014 Celebrations

The AhlulBayt Islamic Mission (AIM), Islamic Centre of England, AhlulBayt Societies, and Bani Hashim Foundation organised an Eid Al-Ghadeer celebration featuring comedy, poetry, and talks. On Sunday 12th October 2014, a celebratory programme was organised at the Islamic Centre of England in London to mark the auspicious occasion of Eid Al-Ghadeer. The programme was attended [...]

AIM Condemns Sectarian Rhetoric at Muharram Programmes

The Ahlulbayt Islamic Mission (AIM) condemns recent comments made from certain Muharram pulpits promoting sectarianism against Sunni theology and law whilst also attempting to push the Shia Muslim community away from the cause of Palestine. AIM would like to take this opportunity to remind everyone that this is not the message of the Ahlulbayt (as) [...]

Muharram 2014 draws to an end

The Ahlulbayt Islamic Mission (AIM) finished the 10 night Muharram programme on Tuesday 4th November marking the annual commemorations for the martyrdom of Imam Hussain (as). We were honoured to have Shaykh Amin Rastani lecturing every evening and the various reciters including Haj Mohammad Baqir Al-Esia and Mulla Ammar Al-Nashed. To watch the videos, please [...]

Come join the caravan of ‘Abes!

Come join the CARAVAN OF ‘ABES!!! The Caravan of Ibn Abi Shabeeb Al Shakeri A remarkable and devout companion of Husain ibn Ali   Come join the caravan of this believer who gave up his life for the prophet’s progeny He was not a rich man who owned land or property Nor did he belong [...]

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