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Zari: A Puppet of Awesomness

I have a crush on a muppet. Yes, my most recent girl-crush is on a fuzzy magenta puppet in vibrant dresses. I am smitten with Sesame Street’s newest family member from Afghanistan: Zari. I grew up watching Sesame Street. My mom tells me how my schedule as a preschooler was set around watching Ernie & […]

#LoveRally on April 10, 2016

3 weeks agoReligion / Islam : islamicate

I'll be speaking at a rally to counter the hate emerging out of this year's Presidential Election Cycle. Please join if you can on Sunday, April 30, 2016 at 2PM in New York City, by New York University. The official letter about the program is here. Dear Friends: As the...

Leading Edge - Conference

4 weeks agoReligion / Islam : islamicate

I'll be speaking at the following conference on a Muslim theology of Black Lives Matter. I've spoke at the church before on a similar topic, but this will be different. “Body Politics” :: Jan 17 @middlechurch from Middle Collegiate Church on Vimeo. The Leading Edge 2016: REVOLUTIONARY LOVE—Tools, Tactics, and...

Reuter's Coverage of America to Zanzibar

last monthReligion / Islam : islamicate

Here is a Reuter’s video on the exhibit America to Zanzibar: Muslim Cultures Near and Far, at The Children’s Museum of Manhattan, for which I was the lead academic advisor. I had no idea the tie was rakishly crooked. The Muslim Culture Exhibition on TRT Showcase from Reuters Content Solutions...

Muslim Female Boxers Featured In Documentary

The narrative of the female who shows strength through fighting — be it at home, in school, at work, in sports or simply day to day in a society that has historically mistreated her — is one that resonates with women (and hopefully men, insha'Allah) across all walks of life. Whether she lives in the […]

A Profile of Yasmin Choudhury, Founder of Lovedesh

This week I interviewed Yasmin Choudhury, winner of the Entrepreneur of the Year at the British Muslim Awards for her social entrepreneurship business, Lovedesh. Waking up early to talk to me on a Saturday morning, Yasmin was full of energy, despite the time. She jumped straight in with the background on how Lovedesh started. During […]

When I Grow Up: Syrian Girls Envision Their Future

names changed to protect privacy I came across an uplifting piece by David Sim of the IB Times featuring gorgeous photographs of Syrian girls envisioning their future career goals. They pose as a radiologist examining X-Rays or as an architect holding building and project plans. The series is called “When I Grow Up” and was […]

Where I Stand with Beyoncé’s Formation | Khalil Ismail

Before I state my piece, let me be clear where I'm coming from. As a lyricist and producer myself, I appreciate raw talent, and there's no doubt that Beyoncé has been gifted with it. I've been in this industry for eight years, and during this time, I've had my work featured on nationally syndicated television. […]

When Muslim women are not welcome for Valentine’s

Valentine’s Day used to be a big day for me when I was a teenager. While the original “cupid” is more than a little problematic and the capitalist, gendered and heteronormative nature of the holiday is absolutely real, in urban middle-class Mexican society it was often considered an “opportunity.” An opportunity to make your feelings […]

President Obama’s Speech at Mosque Missed American Families Victimized by State Violence

Ultimately, my frustration lies with the American Muslim community. It is us who refuse to face the reality behind a recurring cycle of violence that is buttressed by deep-seated Islamophobia [1]. We continue to frantically put a band-aid...Show More Summary

Review: Islam and the Future of Tolerance

Islam and the Future of Tolerance is a dialogue about the possibilities of reforming Islam between Sam Harris, neuroscientist and New Atheist, (one of the Four Horsemen of the Non-Apocalypse), and Maajid Nawaz, a former Islamist turned reformist. As the book details, the idea for this discussion began in the wake of an Intelligence Squared […]

A Busy Church Month

3 months agoReligion / Islam : islamicate

In January 2016, I was blessed to be invited to share the pulpit at two Collegiate churches in New York City. The first was Marble Collegiate Church, as part of their annual Trialogue amongst the Abrahamic traditions. January 10, 2016 Three Faiths, One Family from Marble Collegiate Church on Vimeo....

A Conversation with Kashif Pasta, Director of Zoya

Kashif Pasta is the founder of Dunya, a communications agency that aims to bring relatable narratives to South Asian and Muslim communities in North America. He and his team recently produced Zoya, a short film following a high school girl who doesn’t quite expect her peers’ reactions when she decides to experiment with hijab.   […]

Taqwa Through Anti-Bias Education

My first taste of racism occurred in kindergarten, where my classmates barred me from drinking out of the water fountains. When I was in fourth grade, a  sixth grader in the neighborhood took her rage out on me, called me a N—- and pulled out a plug of my waist length hair. The trauma I […]

Dégradé: An Exaggerated Drama?

Crossposted on Arab Hyphen Dégradé, a film by Palestinian twin brothers Tarzan and Arab Abou Nasser, forces the viewer into a claustrophobic situation and cranks up the tension to an almost unbearable degree.  The title (which refers to a layered haircut but also evokes the word degradation) is an apt one, as the film uses the enclosed […]

Stop Demanding White Christian CVE

As Americans it is vital everyone, particularly community leaders, interact with all community institutions, including law enforcement. However, act carefully and in the best interests of the weakest and most vulnerable in the community. Show More Summary

No Justice No LeBron: A Last Thought

It is true. I asked you to sit out. The reason I went as far as to ask you to sit out is because every bit of empathetic work you have done makes you the archetype for this sort of leadership. Whether it be hoodies, t-shirts or 4th quarter comebacks, your energy commands allegiance. Show More Summary

The Problem with the America-Latinx Standard

Since I moved to Canada, I cannot go a spring without someone asking what I will be doing to celebrate Cinco de Mayo. The first time I heard it, I was pretty confused. Now I am just annoyed. You’ll see, Cinco de Mayo is a civic holiday in Mexico. We commemorate a battle won against […]

Delawareans Reject Anti Muslim Bigotry And Stand With Muslims

                Op-ed By Muqtedar Khan Profoundly hateful comments by Donald Trump, reminiscent of Nazi Fascism, and a number of incidences of violence, vandalism and arson against Muslims and Islamic centers has focused global attention on the outbreak of anti Muslim bigotry in America. No doubt, Republican Presidential candidates have […]

Silence or Intervention?

A recent report in The Independent highlighted that there has been a spike in Islamophobic hate crime of more than 300 per cent since the Paris attacks. Most victims of the UK hate crimes were Muslim girls and women aged from 14 to 45 in “traditional Islamic dress.” Even before the attacks, the recent high […]

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