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Navigating The Nouman Ali Khan Scandal

American Professor Randy Pausch famously said, “When there’s an elephant in the room, introduce it.” So let’s talk about Nouman Ali Khan. If you don’t know who he is, don’t worry. Two million followers on Facebook do, as do hundreds of thousands of students who benefitted from Bayyinah Institute, one of the most well-respected Arabic […]

Friday Features

Things to Know About! South Korea’s biggest cosmetic company aims to reach Muslim women and other women in South Asian with “darker” complexions, after losing some of its Chinese market over political tensions. However, it is yet to be defined what the company understands as “darker” complexions (not to mention, assumptions over Muslim women being […]

We Interrupt Your Regularly Scheduled Broadcasting…

Lately reading the news from around the world has felt like swimming in a wave pool. Every time you get over a wave and find your footing, another one comes and knocks you off your feet. It’s hard to rejoice in anything positive.  Having fun seems like a betrayal. Attempting to create art feels like […]

Questioning Authority in the Pursuit of Islamic Learning

Muhammad al-Hasan Wald al-Dadaw (b.1383/1963) (also known as Shaykh Muhammad al-Hassan al-Amin Walid al-Didu al-Shanqiti, Dedew) is a contemporary Mauritanian scholar who is rarely described without resorting to superlatives. He is certainly one of the most impressive ‘ulama of his generation. Show More Summary

How To Neutralize the Violent Jihadist Pull

By: Yaya J. Fanusie. Yaya is a former CIA counterterrorism analyst. He is the director of analysis at the Foundation for Defense of Democracies’ Center on Sanctions and Illicit Finance. He tweets at @signcurve and produces a personal storytelling podcast about his journey to Islam and working in national security called Rhythm of Wisdom. The […]

A Scintillating Secret To A Successful Marriage

A study published in the journal Personal Relationships has suggested how just a little display of gratitude between spouses is the key to improving a marriage.[1] It is not just one study, rather several that have found such levels of effectiveness of gratitude in one’s marriage. According to Dr. Katia Sol in her Tedx talk […]

The Difference Between Ibn Ali And Everyone Else (The Need For Authentic Dawah)

By Nurriddeen Knight I’m not sure if I ever interacted with Ibn Ali, I just noticed him, and later his wife and kids, among those sitting in an Islamic class in Masjid Muhammad of Atlantic City —seeing a family learning together were reason enough to smile. Recently that man that I only happened to notice […]

Nobody Cares About Black Muslims, He Said

I wrote the above entry in my journal because alone at home with a pen and paper is one of the few places I feel safe enough to be honest about my pain. The other places are when I am alone with Allah, when I am alone with those I love, and those whom I […]

Understanding Donald J. Trump’s Psychological Warfare | Mohamed Elibiary

It’s hard for non-Americans to reconcile the perception of our power as the globe’s only real superpower and our public’s political naiveté at times. However, truth be told we Americans are a very reluctant empire with the domestic political sophistication of a teenager. Why and how come the rest of the world wonders aloud, but, […]

“What Will They Say About Me?”: Nike Middle East’s New Ad

Brown women fiercely running, jumping and giving championship level side-eye. All of this is set to intense music and certainly an effective method of drawing in viewers- particularly from a corporate giant like Nike. The Nike brand has reached all corners of the earth and the Middle East and North African (MENA) region is no […]

Friday Links

Bodybuilder Shirin Nobahari is Iran’s first female bodybuilder. Recently, she was arrested for posting “nude pictures” of her training. In this video, she shares her experience while arrested, and the social taboos that surround her in Iran. These Muslim women aren’t about to let someone harass them or anyone else. They are the creators of […]

Apology without Apologetics | Jonathan Brown

So I’ve learned a few things over the last couple of days. First, I want to apologize to those hurt by how I addressed the topic of slavery in Islam. I should listen to my wife more.  She always tells me that I talk about things too much like a scholar and not enough like […]

BlackMuslimBan | Take Down the Wall in Your Hearts

It’s encouraging to see what happens when, despite our differences, we come together for the greater good. Seeing droves of people around the nation and world stand up with us against the unjust #MuslimBan gives me hope for a better world. However, I can’t help wondering what we as a Muslim community in America are […]

Executive Order on ‘Muslim Ban’ – What Do We Know

President Donald Trump is preparing to issue an executive order dramatically restricting refugee admissions to the U.S. and denying visas to individuals from countries his administration deems high-risk, according to congressional and advocacy organization sources briefed on a draft. Show More Summary

The Muslim Lords of CVE

The main idea behind Countering Violent Extremism (CVE), is that there is a way to intelligently articulate a future “path” to something called “radicalization” by Muslims, and this can be stopped before crimes are committed.  The Intercept last month  exposed a secret study by one of the principal purveyors of CVE, the FBI, that there is […]

SupportStandingRock: Water, Pasture, and Fire

Rasul Allah said: “The people are partners in three things: water, pastures and fire.” Sometimes, it takes a long time for a movement to gain traction within the mainstream Muslim American community.  Collaboration and coalition building between National Muslim organizing and advocacy groups and Native Americans is one of them. For Native Indian/ First Nations […]

To CVE or Not to CVE, That Is the Question

By Mobeen Vaid Overview Countering Violent Extremism (CVE), as defined by the Department of State in a recent CVE joint strategy document, “refers to proactive actions to counter efforts by violent extremists to radicalize, recruit,Show More Summary

Haute History Made: First Muslim Designer To Showcase On New York Fashion Week Mainstage

By Melanie Elturk It's an interesting time to be a hijab-wearing Muslim woman right now. In between flashes of political turmoil on TV, hate crimes, burkini bans and endless condemnation posts on social media, there's a lot going on in the life of a “hijabi” these days. Despite learning how to navigate this tricky landscape, I'm […]

75 Reasons Muslims Must Stop With Their Terrorism Condemnation Ritual

By Ismail Ibrahim (Reading time without references: 45 minutes) The Islamic faith requires Muslims to believe in and practice five pillars. In our day and age, condemning terrorism committed by extremists seems to have become the sixth pillar.[1] There is an online video of a Muslim commentator on Australian television giving an interview to a […]

Why Trump Is Suprisingly Good for Muslims

Does all this mean that Muslims should vote for the odious Donald Trump? Muslims should definitely consider voting third party in at least the non-swing states. But if one is planning to vote for either Clinton or Trump in a swing state, then hopefully I have presented good reasons to consider voting for Trump over Clinton in particular. Show More Summary

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