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Journalist: I’m No Longer an Atheist Because I’m Not a “Negative Person”

Sally Quinn's spiritual journey involves throwing a lot of atheists under the bus.

Even Amazon Can’t Stop the Gayest Bible Ever Written

This Bible has the distinct advantage of being just as accurate as the original.It's MORE accurate, really, since Lord Rihanna actually exists.

The ‘Catholic Left’ Thinks It’s Cool To Be a Catholic–Until You Act Like One

There was hardly anything more disturbing in recent news than Sen. Dianne Feinstein (D-CA) implying that judicial nominee Amy Barrett could be disqualified for her position because of her Catholic faith. Unfortunately, the story got worse when, on Sunday, Sen. Feinstein prefaced a defense of her grilling of Barrett with the explanation that she attended [...]

For Conservative Christians, Is Engagement A One-Way Street?

Conservative Christians frequently complain that progressives are intolerant of their views. We refuse to listen to them

'It' Is Big-Budget Horror with a Surprising Amount of Heart

The latest Stephen King adaptation’s success has more to do with the friendship it celebrates than the scares it delivers.  An R-rated film about a demonic shape-shifter that satisfies its appetite for children by taking on the guise...Show More Summary

The trap and the pass key

A trap is a useful instrument depending...

The Cautionary Tale of Jim and Tammy Faye Bakker

Their sins and scandals were extreme, but it’s too easy to dismiss them as an aberration. T he apostle Paul considered himself the “chief of sinners,” but then again, he never met Jim Bakker. The latter’s ministry got off to an innocent enough start. Show More Summary

Navratri 2017 dates - Sharad Navratri As Per Hindu Calendar Begins on September 21

Sharad Navratri 2017 will be observed in India from September 21 to September 29, 2017,... [Visit original source to read the entire content and more such articles.]

Of Old Testament Haircuts and New Testament Head Coverings

How Scripture records God consistently defending the humanity and dignity of women against sexual violence and exploitation. A re women human? Dorothy Sayers asked the question in a series of essays published in the early 20th century. Show More Summary

Five Christian Athletes Face Felony Charges After Allegedly Sodomizing Student

Wheaton College punished the accused students by making them write eight-page essays about their bad behavior.

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