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Confronting Neo-Nazis at University of Oregon

44 minutes agoReligion / Judaism :

We fought back with singing and demonstrating our Jewish pride.

Becoming a Mother Changed How I View My Body

45 minutes agoReligion / Judaism :

My journey from having a negative body image to finding self-love.

The Hassidic Rebbe who Pioneered Moving to Israel

45 minutes agoReligion / Judaism :

All Jews can learn an important lesson from Rabbi Menachem Mendel of Vitebsk.

Are You For Real?

46 minutes agoReligion / Judaism :

Don’t just look good; be good.

Where to Place Hanuman Photo in Home?

Placing picture, or murti (idol or statue), of Hanuman in home is considered highly... [Visit original source to read the entire content and more such articles.]

Tenebrae Photopost 2017

This year, we begin our Tenebrae photopost with something quite special, part of Gregorio Allegri’s famous Miserere used in the service at the Shrine of Christ the King in Chicago, run by the Institute of Christ the King. The special...Show More Summary

Love in S?rah Y?suf | Sh Ahsan Hanif

S?rah Y?suf is an amazing and beautiful chapter of the Qur’an. I often hear people say that it’s one of their most favourite S?rahs, and how they love to hear it being recited by as many famous reciters as they can get their hands on. Perhaps, one reason for this is the beautiful story of […]

Jyeshta Nakshatra – Information – Importance of Jyeshta Birth Star

Jyeshta nakshatra is the eighteenth of the twenty-seven nakshatras or birth star in Hindu... [Visit original source to read the entire content and more such articles.]

A bridge not yet made

From the Mahaparinirvana Sutra we can see that there are three kinds of Buddha-nature: (1) the potential Buddha-nature—not yet realized—which is in all living creatures; (2) the Buddha-nature developed by the right discipline in the analogy of transforming cow’s milk...

IRS, postal inspectors raid Benny Hinn Ministries

9 hours agoReligion / Islam : On Faith

Federal agents descended on the North Texas headquarters of television evangelist Benny Hinn and took boxes out of the offices.

Lawrence Krauss on Cosmic Natural Selection: Why the Universe Isn’t Fine-Tuned for Our Benefit

Back in February, Lawrence Krauss delivered the British Humanist Association's annual Darwin Day Lecture. He spoke about "Cosmic natural selection" -- why our universe is the way it is and why we're lucky to be here.

Southern Baptist Seminary Apologizes For Faculty Members' Racist Photo

Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary is apologizing for a racist photo that several faculty members shared on Twitter on Tuesday. Five men, all of them senior faculty members at the Southern Baptist seminary in Texas, staged a photo in which they posed as rappers wearing hoodies, sideways hats and chain necklaces. Show More Summary

Pope Francis's TED Talk: "The future does have a name, and its name is Hope."

As I meet, or lend an ear to those who are sick, to the migrants who face terrible hardships in search of a brighter future, to prison inmates who carry a hell of pain inside their hearts, and to those, many of them young, who cannot...Show More Summary

Grace is that gratitude which can remain all the time – Sri Sri Ravi Shankar

11 hours agoReligion / Hinduism : Hindu Blog

When gratitude in you stays, that very gratitude flows out of you as grace. When there... [Visit original source to read the entire content and more such articles.]

Roy Moore, the Christian Judge Twice Removed from Alabama’s Supreme Court, Will Run for Senate

I didn't think it was possible for Jeff Sessions to be replaced by someone whose views are even more despicable than his, but leave it to Alabama to find a way.

Saudi Arabian Supreme Court Denies Appeal for Man Sentenced to Death for Apostasy

Ahmad Al Shamri, a Saudi Arabian man who allegedly "renounced Islam and the Prophet Mohammed" on social media and was sentenced to death for apostasy had his appeal dismissed by the nation's Supreme Court. That effectively means he'll die for the "crime" of challenging Islam in the Muslim theocracy.

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