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A Meditator’s 7-Point Practice Plan for 2017

Buddhist teacher Ethan Nichtern shares the practices he'll be undertaking to stay healthy and responsibly engaged this year. The post A Meditator’s 7-Point Practice Plan for 2017 appeared first on Lion's Roar.

Anti-Gay Pastor: Highlights Magazine is No Better Than ISIS For Showing Gay Parents in Its Pages

Highlights, the magazine for kids, will soon include gay couples in its pages as a way to showcase diversity. Anti-gay Pastor Kevin Swanson isn't handling the news well, saying on his radio show that the magazine was no better than ISIS.

Why Abortion Can Never Be a Good—No Matter the Circumstances

One of the most compelling things about the Church is the fact that God’s love is the foundation of everything She calls us to. It’s utterly ironic when people paint Her as some dictatress coming up with edicts out of thin air. Catholic teaching is rooted in God’s desire to share His life with each [...]

The Story Behind Trump’s Controversial Prayer Partner

What Paula White’s Washington moment implies for the prosperity gospel’s future. Donald Trump discovered Paula White the same way legions of fans and followers did: on television. Fifteen years of prayer, visits, and friendship later,...Show More Summary

Restored to Life — After a 72-Hour Stomach Virus

Ahhh, it feels good to have something besides ginger ale!And it's good to be back to the blog. Except for the Genesis study post which I prepared ahead of time, it's been a bit blank around here. Now that I'm back at the computer things will get back to normal soon.

Singleness: My Only Companion

I've never been in a serious relationship despite my desire to one day marry. God is teaching me to hold that desire loosely.  I have always been reluctant to contribute to the cacophony of opinions about singleness. There is no shortage of blog posts or think-pieces that explore this topic. Show More Summary

Latin and the Latin Mass in Singapore

A regular reader from Singapore brought to my attention this article from the Straits Times (named for the strait that separates the island from the Malay Peninsula) about the TLM community there, and the presence and use of Latin in their small, multi-lingual nation.“Latin is also alive in St Joseph’s Church in Victoria Street. Show More Summary

Atheists Sue West Virginia School District Over 75-Year-Old Bible Indoctrination Classes

A West Virginia school district has been offering a class on the Bible for 75 years... but rather than teach the book as literature, they're preaching it as if the kids were in Sunday School. That's why atheists are suing the District to stop the illegal curriculum.

Santoshi Maa Katha – The Story of Santoshi Matha

Santoshi Maa is believed to help in fulfilling the desires of her devotees. She is the... [Visit original source to read the entire content and more such articles.]

The Harsh Reality of an Aid Worker’s Life

Today’s a bit of an exception: A book that’s not new (published in 2012) and not carried by Christian retailers. Rather, it was loaned to me by a friend who met the author at a work-sponsored event several months ago and thought I would enjoy it. I need to return the book to him now, […]

Triveni Amavasya 2017 Date in Orissa – Tribeni Amabasya

Triveni Amavasya, or Tribeni Amavasya, is observed on the Amavasi or no moon day in Magh... [Visit original source to read the entire content and more such articles.]

Development on D.C.'s waterfront presents chance for neighborhood churches to cash in

yesterdayReligion / Islam : On Faith

Three churches have sold portions of their property, and are rebuilding their own facilities.

Interacting With Those Who Disagree With Us

The Charlotte Observer headquarters (Photo credit: Wikipedia) When you care deeply about a particular sociopolitical issue (e.g., reproductive rights, LGBT equality, immigration, income inequality, secularism), it can be difficult to see the value of interacting with persons who are on the other side. Show More Summary

What is Nembutsu? ~ Dharmavidya

The word 'Nembutsu' is Japanese and is made up of Nen and Butsu. Nen means ‘mindfulness’. Butsu means ‘Buddha’. So nembutsu is mindfulness of Buddha. However, it has come to...

We’re Not Atheists Just Because Some of You Are Bad Christians

We all know Christians who are jerks, bigots, and hypocrites. But contrary to what some apologists say, that's not why we're atheists.

CV LOOP: TV star wants to be Trump of the North

EDITOR’S NOTE // Due to DNS failure on several email service providers, some of you may not have received the Loop since Jan 12. This issue is now resolved. To check out what you missed, or if you ever miss an issue of the Loop, simply go to to see the current issue, and all [...]

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