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Shani Puja in Shravan Month – Saturday Puja and Fasting for Sani Bhagavan

Special pujas and rituals dedicated to Shani Bhagavan are performed in some regions on... [Visit original source to read the entire content and more such articles.]

Are Planned Parenthood Abortionists Delivering Babies Alive Then Killing Them?

David Daleiden, project lead for the pro-life group Center for Medical Progress, alleges that StemExpress — a biotechnology company that sells aborted baby organs for tens of thousands of dollars each — is trying to use the courts to block the release of future undercover videos because they might reveal "evidence of born alive infants."

Why Obama Admin Won't Use 'Islamic' Term to Describe Terror Attacks

US Homeland Security chief recently revealed that the government tactically made the decision to call Islamist terror attacks "violent extremism," avoiding the term "Islamic" or similar wording that would point to religious motivations in an effort to build bridges with the Muslim community.

Christian Rapper Flame Explains Why the 'Death of Cultural Christianity Will Help the Gospel'

Grammy-nominated Christian rapper Flame makes a statement on his new album Forward suggesting the death of cultural Christianity will help the Gospel, and during an appearance on CP Voice he elaborated on that message.

Boy Scout Backlash? Youth Organization May See Rapid Decline in Church Support Following Vote to Approve Gay Leaders

The Boy Scouts of America may experience a severe backlash from church sponsors following its recent vote to approve openly gay scout leaders.

United Methodist Church Likely to Get New Hymnal; Will it be More 'Gender Neutral'?

The 2016 General Conference of The United Methodist Church will decide on beginning the process of developing a new official hymnal to be more relevant, and if approved, it could pave the way for some pastors to call for "gender neutral" language.

Planned Parenthood Videos Prove 'What's Been Happening for Decades,' Lila Rose of Live Action Says

Lila Rose of the pro-life Live Action group said in an interview that the two secretly taped videos showing Planned Parenthood officials discussing delivery of fetal parts prove "what has been happening now for decades."

Christ in the Nuba Mountains: God's Glory in the Work of Dr. Tom

"Jesus Christ" has been spotted in Sudan's Nuba Mountains – and that's according to a Muslim!

State Dept Report: Iran Officials Involved in Sex Trafficking of Women, Girls

Iran's government officials were involved in sex trafficking of women and girls, and some of them even forced girls into prostitution rings, a report by the State Department says. U.S. Rep. Ileana Ros-Lehtinen says the report shows the Obama administration's "irresponsibility" in striking a nuclear deal with Tehran.

How to Heal the Urban Education Gap

How can we ensure that all parents can make the choice that Glenn and Sheri did for Shante?

Bill Nye Responds to Mean Tweets

In a promotional video for a Kickstarter film documenting his life, Bill Nye read some mean tweets and proved you can't outsmart a professional nerd:

Help Support New Kenyan Humanist Group so No One Else is Kicked Out of School for “Devil Worship”

Innocent Odeny is the President of the first-of-its-kind Humanist Society of Kenya and he's trying to raise awareness of skepticism in a place where bullshit runs rampant.In fact, one of his friends received this letter from the private school he attended, kicking him out for the crime of "devil worship":

Christians Explain the Dangers of Masturbation

Leave it to Christians to make a conversation about masturbation even more awkward...

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