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Waving a Rainbow Flag is Not a Neutral Act

Some Roman emperors didn’t like Christians. To flush them out, Roman authorities would often force people suspected of being Christian to do a public act that no Christian could in good conscience perform, such as offering incense on the altar of a pagan god or before an image of the emperor himself. Because, in either [...]

Republican Health Care: Is This the Best We Can Do?

However close we might have come to having a real debate over health care in the U.S., it seems that it may soon be over. In yet another reminder that elections have consequences no matter how poor voter turnout may be, the Republican side of the debate has all but won. Show More Summary

State Department's Anti-Semitism Office Will Soon Have No Staff

Secretary of State Rex Tillerson has expressed hesitation to appoint a new envoy to head the office.

Poet's Ode To Refugees Offers The World Some Much-Needed Perspective

"How many of us would be here now, without the immigrants and the refugees?"

Is The Western Wall A Kind Of Idolatry?

An Invitation I will not stop going to the Wall. The Shekhina probably feels more abandoned now than it has in the past 50

How Muslims Celebrate Eid al-Fitr, The End Of Ramadan

The long month of fasting, prayer, and reflection has come to a close.

A Very Bad, No-Good, Rotten Day For Zionism

After decades of political brinkmanship and hand-wringing, countless tears and letters and protests and arrests, after multiple

Bill Maher, You Should Have Been At The Pakistan Embassy This Week

Political commentator Bill Maher, his voice dripping with the vitriol which he reserves for Islam, made the claim last week

Israeli Airline Banned From Asking Women To Switch Seats To Accommodate Men

“The policy is a direct transgression of the law preventing discrimination.”

Annie Besant Thoughts

The breadth of Hinduism must not be narrowed, nor its wide extent be lessened. All... [Visit original source to read the entire content and more such articles.]

Jewish marchers say they were kicked out of a rally for inclusiveness because of their beliefs

6 hours agoReligion / Islam : On Faith

March organizers said the demonstrators were asked to leave because of their support for Zionism.

The Refugee Ban Is Back, But Church Connections Might Trump It

World Relief wants clarification over today’s big Supreme Court decision. It’s been a tumultuous year for refugee resettlement, and the latest ruling on President Donald Trump’s highly contested travel ban introduces more questions about...Show More Summary

The Online Atheist Community: Still Terrible

If we're just replicating the tribal behavior we decry when religious believers engage in it, then the atheist movement is worthless.

National Catholic Register Review of Seeking Jesus in Everyday Life

A lovely review from Sarah Sarah Reinhard at National Catholic Register.Among other things she says: "This is about forming a friendship that will last through eternity," Davis writes. And that's exactly the foundation she's set for each reader of this volume.Go read the rest at NCR and then stop by Amazon to pick up your own copy!

About Bypassing

A few days ago I mentioned spiritual bypassing in my commentary on a short Hasidic text. A few of you reached out to me after that post went out, asking for more about spiritual bypassing: what it it, how can...

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