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Draw Muhammad – Another Point of View

Turn on the T.V. in last few weeks and we are inundated Draw Muhammad news. First it is was the contest in Texas; then there was the attempt to place the drawing on Washington, D.C. Metro systems; now there is the rally in Phoenix. While violence is not the way to respond these kinds of […] The post Draw Muhammad – Another Point of View appeared first on

America Is Surrendering Freedom of Speech as a 'Relic of History,' Activist Pam Geller Says After DC Metro Avoids Running Muhammad Cartoon Ads

Washington, D.C.'s public transportation system has rejected an ad depicting a cartoon representation of the Muslim prophet Muhammad, the founder of Islam, by adopting a ban on "issues" ads.

Former House Speaker Indicted, Resigns from Wheaton Advisory Board

Dennis Hastert has been accused of hiding $1.7 million in hush payments. Former House Speaker and Wheaton College alumnus Dennis "Denny" Hastert paid $1.7 million in hush money before later lying about it to the FBI, federal prosecutors...Show More Summary

Franklin Graham Says Ireland's Vote for Gay Marriage Is a 'Defiance of God;' Urges Christians to Pray for Supreme Court to Uphold Biblical Marriage

In a social media post Thursday, Franklin Graham called Ireland "a once staunchly religious country" that is now a "light shining in the wrong direction."

Consistent pursuit even when the body and mind are tired is true patience – Swami Tejomayananda

When we undertake any activity we are bound to face obstacles. The most important quality... [Visit original source to read the entire content and more such articles.]

Christian Rap Group Endorses GOP Presidential Candidate Sen. Ted Cruz in New Song 'Set It on Fire'

A Christian rap group that goes by the name We Are Watchmen embraced GOP presidential hopeful Sen. Ted Cruz, R-Texas, in a brand new rap song "Set It on Fire."

The Power of the Holy Spirit

Yesterday's reading offered scriptural proof that the Holy Spirit is a person. Yet there's a persistent misconception that casts Him as some kind of intangible force. The underlying assumption is that "the power of the Holy Spirit" is something Christians wield for themselves. But in fact, the phrase refers to His work in the believer's life.

A Duggar Family Response to the Child Molestation Scandal, Courtesy of Funny or Die

Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar finally responded in some depth to the allegations that their son Josh molested his sisters severals years ago:I'm just shocked they decided to do it at Funny or Die...

Clemson Coach Bows Out of Family Policy Council Event

Clemson Head Coach Dabo Swinney has withdrawn from a Palmetto Family Council awards event. Pressure from gay activists appears to be the reason. Swinney was to receive the South Carolina Champion of 2015 award. “It was my understanding,” Swinney said in a statement, “that the nomination and selection for this award was based on the […]

Upcoming Nokia Phones 2015: New Lumia Tipped As Microsoft's Brand New Flagship

Last year, Microsoft decided to rebrand Nokia Lumia, and instead use its own name for upcoming Windows Phone handsets.

Here are the top ten favorite articles this month

David Letterman retired, so now I can do a Top Ten list. And just like his, mine isn’t funny. These are the Top Ten Most Interesting Articles, according to our Loopers — the faithful subscribers of CatholicVote’s daily rundown on news and articles from around the web. Are you in the Loop? If not,  sign up [...]

Doggart- the Tennessee Terrorist

By Khalil Meeks Federal law enforcement agents caught a real terrorist. He was plotting to attack a small town in New York, burn its buildings and kill its residents. The terrorist was planning to bring like-minded militants and various weapons to help him kill as many people as he could. Show More Summary

139 Graves of Trafficked Captives Found in Malaysian Jungle Detention Camps Where Victims Were Tortured and Caged

Malaysian authorities have begun exhuming the jungle graves of 139 trafficked migrant captives, who were buried in various human trafficking detention camps along a 30-mile stretch of the Malaysia-Thailand border, where it is believed they were tortured and kept in cages.

2-Year-Boy Has the Sweetest and Most Unlikely Friendship You Will Ever See

We often look over the hardest-working members of society. These are people who really take time and effort to make our day a better one. In this case, two-year-old Deacon Ross thanks this garbage man everyday for his hard work, he even looks up to him!

Asus ZenFone Selfie is Unannounced, But Rumored to Boast 13MP Front Camera

After launching one of the most popular Android smartphones this year, Asus reportedly has a number of other devices in line for the coming months. One of these devices include a cheaper ZenFone, a ZenPad tablet, and even the upcoming ZenFone 3.

-Large Support for a Ban on ‘Hate Speech’ and for the Primacy of International Law?

‘Hate Speech’  ‘Islamophobia’ ‘Homophobic’ Bible Passages Yesterday we posted on Sen. Rubio’s claim that traditional Christian and Catholic teaching might be labeled as ‘hate speech’ in the future. For those who think that might be a long shot or an over-blown fear, here are some recent figures on how large the support is in America […]

Review: Hot Girls Wanted

A documentary on Netflix tells an ugly truth about those who join the pornography industry and challenges our silence. mpaa rating:Not Rated Genre:Documentary Directed By: Jill Bauer, Ronna Gradus Run Time: 1 hour 24 minutes Cast: Belle...Show More Summary

Students Banned From Dinosaur Museum Field Trip After Anti-Creationists Threaten Lawsuit Against Montana Schools

A Montana public school district has canceled a planned field trip to a dinosaur museum after receiving the threat of a potential lawsuit from a Washington D.C.-based secular group if the students attend.

Huawei Watch Specs, Release Date: Chinese Brand Launches Smartwatch

Ever since the smartwatch revolution began, the pricing for the mobile device has definitely picked up. LG started the trend last year with the G Watch R, followed by the stylish Moto 360. Then, Apple announced its own Apple Watch that costs almost as much as a smartphone.

Cheap Android Phones 2015: This Could Be ZTE's Cheapest Android Lollipop Smartphone in the US

ZTE is known for developing Android handsets that are not only of decent quality, but come at affordable prices. No wonder, the manufacturer has retained the attention of the Chinese market in spite the presence of other popular companies like Xiaomi, Huawei and Lenovo.

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