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Burying Sam: Life after Death

15 hours agoReligion / Judaism :

Finding meaning after the death of my baby.

Why is France Labeling Jews Again?

15 hours agoReligion / Judaism :

France’s decision to label products from Jewish-owned businesses in the Golan, Judea and Samaria smacks of anti-Semitic bigotry.

My Torah Mentor, Jiro the Japanese Sushi Master

15 hours agoReligion / Judaism :

I just read the Torah in shul for the first time, thanks to an old Japanese sushi master named Jiro Ono.

I Am a Forgotten Jew

15 hours agoReligion / Judaism :

In honor of Jewish refugees from Arab lands.

The Best Shakshuka Recipe

15 hours agoReligion / Judaism :

Eggs poached in a thick, spiced tomato sauce. We add feta for saltiness, but shakshuka can be dairy-free too.


15 hours agoReligion / Judaism :

A young Jewish man gets ensnared in the welcoming community of Messianic Jews.

Ardra Nakshatra 2017 Predictions – Birth Star Astrological Predictions for Ardra Nakshatra in 2017

23 hours agoReligion / Hinduism : Hindu Blog

In 2017, Ardra Nakshatra will have a fairly good year. New house or vehicle. Money will... [Visit original source to read the entire content and more such articles.]

Mrigasira Nakshatra 2017 Predictions – Astrology Predictions - Mrigasira Birth Star 2017

23 hours agoReligion / Hinduism : Hindu Blog

In 2017, Mrigasira Nakshatra will have lot of ups and downs. Financial damage. Career... [Visit original source to read the entire content and more such articles.]

CFA: Inquiry on Religion and Migration

THE CENTER OF THEOLOGICAL INQUIRY CALL FOR APPLICATIONS, 2017-2018 ACADEMIC YEARINQUIRY ON RELIGION & MIGRATION During the academic year 2017/18, the Center will hold an “Inquiry on Religion & Migration.” The human species has been a migrant one since its evolution out of Africa. Show More Summary

How to Make the Most of Christmas When You’re An Atheist Parent

As an atheist parent, what should you do to make the most of Christmas, especially if you're spending the holidays around your religious relatives? Steph Montgomery, writing for Romper, has some excellent advice.

An American Brand Of DIY Spirituality

For decades pollsters consistently reported that 40 percent of Americans were in church on any given Sunday. But a long-term count of actual attendance in real churches suggests that good Christian people weren't telling pollsters the...Show More Summary

Selfless service is an essential part of spiritual life

Man seeks a helping hand in the hour of darkness and crises. This helping hand can be... [Visit original source to read the entire content and more such articles.]

These Mormon Temple “Date Nights” Leave a Lot to Be Desired…

NewNameNoah just posted a video of a rarely seen Mormon Temple "date night." It's the sort of thing that married couples attend once a week if they so choose. If anyone can tell me why people attend this event, I would really appreciate it...

Ad Orientem - How’s It Going?

Two weeks ago, I received the following message from a priest friend who runs two parishes: “Today was the last Sunday with versus populum Novus Ordo Masses at our parishes.... From next week on, all Masses shall be celebrated ad orientem.” Another friend, a laymen, wrote at the same time to say “(Our) parish... Show More Summary

Muslim cleric heads back to court to fight off deportation

yesterdayReligion / Islam : On Faith

The leader of one of New Jersey’s largest mosques is heading to court to fight from being deported after federal authorities say he lied on his green card application.

Trump should not encourage politics in church

In previous columns, I've made clear when I disagree with Pope Francis. But the pope was absolutely right when he called out the "virus of polarization and animosity" that is beginning to permeate the church. "Little by little," theShow More Summary

Air Force Academy Football Coach Accused of Using His Title to Illegally Promote Christianity

The Military Religious Freedom Foundation says that one of the coaches of the Air Force Academy's football team, Steed Lobotzke, is using his Twitter account to illegally proselytize.

Satanists Say Texas Rule Requiring Funerals for Aborted Fetuses “Violates Their Religious Beliefs”

Texas will soon adopt new rules requiring abortion facilities to go through the medically unnecessary step of cremating or burying all fetal remains, but The Satanic Temple says its members will not comply with the rule because it goes against their religious belief in the "inviolability of one’s body."

The Season of Anticipation

  I’ll swear I never heard the word Advent until I was in my 40s. Growing up Evangelical, that just wasn’t our thing. Let me qualify that slightly. I visited a wide variety of churches. I’m sure the word was used, but I had selective hearing. That same hearing challenge would come into play when […]

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