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“Balance Instead of Harmony” : A Guest Article by Pawe? Milcarek on the History of the Liturgical Reform (Part 1)

We are very pleased to offer to our readers this excellent article by Pawe? Milcarek, an account of some important aspects of the Liturgical Reform before Vatican II. Dr. Milcarek is a Polish philosopher and historian, founder and director...Show More Summary

The New York Times Explains Islamic Moderation

Over at, a site dedicated to calling out the New York Times' blind spots and biases, a reader suggested that this Times article, headlined, "Experts See Signs of Moderation Despite Houthis' Harsh Slogans," may be "the...Show More Summary

To thine own self be true? Maybe not at work

The job market may be improving, but for many people, finding the right new gig is still a huge challenge. After years of cutbacks in corporate programs, few Americans have had much on-the-j0b training at all. And even if your workplace is giving out promotions, the competition for getting one is especially stiff after years of pent-up demand. Show More Summary

Toddlers and picky eating: It’s all about trust and control

Toddlers and picky eating: It’s all about trust and control: I can’t imagine a more timely article for my family right now.

Mormon Church Defends LGBT Protections — As Long As Religious Groups Can Still Legally Discriminate

At a press conference in Salt Lake City today, Mormon church officials requested a truce with the LGBT community.The Mormon church will support nondiscrimination protections for LGBT people in matters of housing, employment, and public...Show More Summary

Religious Couple Returns $2,631 to Burger King Because “Jehovah Sees Everything”

Here's a question for you: If you're honest because you believe God is watching you, are you really an ethical person?Last week in New Hampshire, Janelle Jones went through a Burger King drive-thru and was surprised to discover while driving home that the bag didn't contain her food; rather, it contained $2,631 in cash. Show More Summary

Today’s Hindu Calendar – January 28, 2015 – Tithi, Vrat, Good Time, Nakshatra, Rashi and Festival

Tithi in Hindu Calendar on Wednesday, January 28, 2015 (Today) – Shukla Paksha Navami... [Visit original source to read the entire content and more such articles.]

How a Pro-Life Bill Could Lead to More Abortions

A new bill in Indiana could undermine efforts to get accurate information into the hands of expectant mothers. Pro-life legislators in Indiana recently introduced a bill to ban abortions based upon the knowledge of sex or disability....Show More Summary

Zen Mountain Monastery abbot steps down

On Sunday, January 25th, Ryushin Sensei stepped down as abbot of Zen Mountain Monastery after it became known that he had been committing adultery for the previous six months. The post Zen Mountain Monastery abbot steps down appeared first on Lion's Roar.

Arizona Bill Would Exempt Churches from Paying Property Taxes on Buildings They Rent

Arizona legislators have just introduced a bill that would allow churches to claim a property tax exemption on buildings they rent rather than just own. A similar bill was vetoed by Gov. Jan Brewer last year, but there's no telling if...Show More Summary

The Young Turks Take on Harlem Hate Pastor in Interview

You all know Harlem Pastor James David Manning because of the inflammatory things he's said about President Obama, gay-rights supporters, and Starbucks (which he said flavored their coffee with the "semen of sodomites").That's why I was surprised to see he did an interview with Ana Kasparian and Cenk Uygur of The Young Turks:

Redefining Faith

1857 lithograph by Armand Gautier, showing personifications of dementia, megalomania, acute mania, melancholia, idiocy, hallucination, erotic mania and paralysis in the gardens of the Hospice de la Salpêtrière. Reprinted in Madness: A Brief History (ISBN 978-0192802668), from which this version is taken. Show More Summary

Discipleship Works-- What a Lot of People Miss about Our Role in Our Discipleship

God could mature His people on His own, but He has decided to bring us into the process. Why Is Discipleship Lacking? We were called to make disciples, but there seems to be a discipleship deficit in many churches. And it isn’t for lack...Show More Summary

In Egypt, Atheists Are Considered “Threats to National Security” or “Carriers of a Dangerously Contagious Virus”

Mona Eltahawy has an important and eye-opening opinion piece in tomorrow's international edition of the New York Times (online today) all about the persecution of atheists in Egypt.The people she writes about -- like Karim al-Banna and...Show More Summary

Anthony Visco's Sacred Art Summer School in Florence, June 22nd to July 10th

In a juxtaposition between old and new, I heard of Anthony Visco’s summer school in Florence when I was invited to like the page on Facebook. So, via blog posting, I happily pass on the information to you. The Facebook page is called...Show More Summary

A reality check about U.S. women in power

On election night in November, many cheered a relative milestone: For the first time ever, there would be more than 100 women in the U.S. Congress. Yet while that may be a record high, it doesn't look as impressive when compared with other high-income nations — or even many lower-income ones. The Pew Research Center released a data analysis Monday […]

Review of Brantley Gasaway’s Progressive Evangelicals and the Pursuit of Social Justice

Lauren Turek Today I have the great pleasure of reviewing Brantley W. Gasaway’s recent monograph, Progressive Evangelicals and the Pursuit of Social Justice (University of North Carolina Press, October 2014). In this book, Gasaway traces...Show More Summary

Mike Huckabee Suggests that Prayer and Bibles in Public Schools Would Prevent Shootings

Mike Huckabee, the man who wants to become President to protect us from an atheistic theocracy, has a solution to violence in this country, particularly in our schools.Take a guess.You'll never figure it out.Okay, okay... it's more God. Show More Summary

Good News, Millennials: You Don't Have to Save the Church

Millennial anxiety sabotages attempts to engage the next generation. Dietrich Bonhoeffer explains why. W e are certainly concerned about millennials. It began about the time this age cohort reached adulthood, with the 1999 publication of Saving the Millennial Generation: New Ways to Reach the Kids You Care About in These Uncertain Times. Show More Summary

Dealing with ‘Gender Disappointment’

In the age of girl power, many of us want daughters. Here's why I’m happy either way. Like many moms, I joke that I have a love-hate relationship with pregnancy. I love feeling my baby kick and the idea of life growing inside of me, but my body tends to hate being pregnant. Show More Summary

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