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And so Britain’s slow exit begins…

Today is the day Britain begins its two year period of exiting from the European Union, the official beginning of what has been termed ‘Brexit.’ The country is surprisingly divided over our immanent departure from what started out as a … Continue reading ?

From Downfall to Windfall

17 hours agoReligion / Judaism :

An Orthodox Jew, unjustly fired after complaining about a Hitler-themed training video, fights back.

Bagels: A Surprising Jewish History

17 hours agoReligion / Judaism :

The history of bagels gives a window to Jewish history and fortunes over the past 800 years.

How could Christians support Trump's lies? It depends on what you mean by 'truth.'

17 hours agoReligion / Islam : On Faith

Americans have had a fact vs. “alternative fact” standoff long before Trump.

sangha is deep spiritual practice

:: The Practice of Sangha Thich Nhat Hanh explains that sangha is more than a community, it’s a deep spiritual practice. Photo by Paul Davis. A sangha is a community...

Triple Photopost: St Joseph, the Annunciation and Laetare Sunday (Part 1)

Since the feast of St Joseph, the Annunciation and Laetare Sunday all fell within a single week, we had a pretty large number of submissions in response to our joint photopost request, so I am splitting them up into two posts. As always,...Show More Summary

A Sixth Compilation of Neil deGrasse Tyson’s Best Arguments and Comebacks

Here's a sixth compilation of Neil deGrasse Tyson's best arguments and comebacks. Because you can never get enough.

Story of Jayadratha Kidnapping Draupadi in the Mahabharata

18 hours agoReligion / Hinduism : Hindu Blog

Story of Jayadratha kidnapping Draupadi, the wife of Pandavas, is found in the Vana Parva... [Visit original source to read the entire content and more such articles.]

Signaling Group Membership

By Timothy Colgan [CC BY-SA 3.0], via Wikimedia Commons The methods we use to signal in-group membership often involve the use of group-specific jargon that will be unfamiliar to outsiders. This helps us mark who "gets it" as in-group members and who does not as members of the out-group. Show More Summary

Wednesday Link List

    Welcome to another Wednesday. Not all stories included this week come with endorsement, but they’re things I felt were worth a look. Religion as virtual reality game? A writer suggests this is possibly the worst description of Christianity ever…  …Related: This your brain. This is your brain without God. Sample: “Religion works exactly […]

Pope demands ‘urgent’ action to protect civilians in Iraq

19 hours agoReligion / Islam : On Faith

Pope Francis has demanded “urgent” action to protect civilians in Iraq, saying forces involved in the battle for Mosul have an obligation to protect innocents following a recent spike in civilian casualties.

CV LOOP: Pro-life investigator charged with 15 felonies

PP SCANDAL // Pro-life investigator David Daleiden has been charged by the Attorney General of California with 15 felonies for exposing Planned Parenthood baby parts sales. Daleiden called the charges “bogus.’ More Summary

Why is Salah Not Allowed Except In Arabic?

 Answer: This is a frequently asked question by people – Muslims and non-Muslims alike. We know that Muslims all over the World rely on the Arabic language to perform their prayer (Salah). It is required from them that they recite certain portions from the Qur’an that affirms the greatness of Allah and the submissiveness of […]

TTD Panchangam 2017 in pdf – Venkateswara Temple Telugu Panchanga by Tirumala Tirupati Devasthanams – Tirupati Balaji Temple Panchangam 2017 -2018

23 hours agoReligion / Hinduism : Hindu Blog

TTD Telugu Panchangam is one of the most popular Telugu Panchangams and is published by... [Visit original source to read the entire content and more such articles.]

Rebirth and getting over the Newtonian hump

23 hours agoReligion / Buddhism : The Zennist

Over the years I have met very few Western Buddhists including Zen Buddhists who fully accept the idea of rebirth, that consciousness (vijñ?na) does not die but is, in fact, born again in a new embodied condition based upon certain....

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