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Join the #AtheistVoter Campaign

The #NormalizeAtheism campaign used Twitter to bring attention to the important goal of normalizing atheism, and now American Atheists has brought us a new one. On October 21, American Atheists announced a two-week #AtheistVoter campaign. Show More Summary

A Blogging Revival

Gothic revival church of St John the Baptist (1894 – 96) in Dohalice, Hradec Králové District, Czech Republic (Photo credit: Wikipedia) The evangelical fundamentalist Christians in the part of the U.S. where I live have something called revival. Show More Summary

Religious Atrocities in the Age of Transparency

Daniel Dennett at the 17. Göttinger Literaturherbst, October 19th, 2008, in Göttingen, Germany. (Photo credit: Wikipedia) Sooner or later, every atheist blogger writes about religious atrocities (e.g., clergy sexual abuse). Howls ofShow More Summary

Daily Show Mocks Exorcism

I love The Daily Show With Jon Stewart, and the clip below is an example of why. The clip reminds viewers that the Catholic Church is still performing exorcisms. I know you knew that; I'm not sure the entire audience did, and so I think that was an important contribution all by itself. Show More Summary

7 Reasons Why Church Leaders Should Practice Fasting

Fasting – not our favorite topic. We don't usually like to talk about not eating. In fact, nobody talked to me about fasting when I was a young believer. I didn't learn about this spiritual discipline until I was already a local church pastor.

Reducing Spam Comments

no spam! (Photo credit: Wikipedia) I made a change to the commenting system here today. I'm not sure this will affect any of you, but I wanted to let you know about it just in case.The Intense Debate commenting system appears to use a low-quality spam filter, and I've been seeing a sharp increase in the number of spam comments lately. Show More Summary

The Atheist Community is Dead; Long Live the Atheist Communities

Flags of Coalition of the Radical Left supporters in a coalition rally in 2007 (Photo credit: Wikipedia) If is is true, as I believe it is, that atheism begins and ends with the lack of god belief, I suppose it makes sense that most atheists who write blogs will eventually address topics other than atheism. Show More Summary

Free Speech on Campus

US Secretary of State, Ms. Condoleezza Rice, speaking on climate change in Washington DC. (Photo credit: Wikipedia) My views on the importance of free expression and what threatens it have evolved over time. I do not have to go back more than a couple years to find posts I wrote on this topic with which I now disagree. Show More Summary

UC Berkeley Students Are Protesting Bill Maher’s Upcoming Commencement Speech, Claiming He’s a “Bigot and Racist”

It's the Ayaan Hirsi Ali controversy all over again...This time, comedian Bill Maher was invited to deliver the commencement address at University of California, Berkeley's winter graduation ceremony.

Joan Didion documentary blasts past goal on Kickstarter

Photo by David Shankbone.In his Shambhala Sun profile of Joan Didion – the great American novelist – David Swick explored Didion’s renown, her thoughts about death, and her relationship to Zen. Now, Didion’s nephew, Griffine Dunne, points...Show More Summary

Video: How to be Ultra Spiritual… or ultra spiritually materialistic

In this video, life coach and blogger JP Sears gives some tips on how to be ultra spiritual, including “silently-slash-passive aggressively” comparing how spiritual you are to others, talking in a super-soft voice with other spiritual...Show More Summary

Bhikkhu Bodhi discusses the path to liberation in early Buddhism

Earlier this month, Bhikkhu Bodhi, Theravada teacher and accomplished Buddhist translator, gave a talk at the first American Tipitaka Chanting Ceremony. The post Bhikkhu Bodhi discusses the path to liberation in early Buddhism appeared first on Lion's Roar.

Beyond “photogenic”

You could easily miss this scene if you were looking for something 'photogenic.' However, the rich colors and texture make a very strong image. It's a great example of fresh seeing. The post Beyond “photogenic” appeared first on Lion's Roar.

Yoga from the Inside Out

For Christmas a few years ago, my partner, Teja, gave me a round yoga mat about six feet in diameter. When I spread it out and began to practice—by the twinkle of the Christmas tree lights—I was amazed at the way my asanas transformed. The post Yoga from the Inside Out appeared first on Lion's Roar.

Welcome to

Named for the fearless proclamation of the buddhadharma, Lion's Roar offers news, commentary and features from the Shambhala Sun and Buddhadharma magazines. The post Welcome to appeared first on Lion's Roar.

Peeking Inside Paul’s Computer: Christian Blog List

Okay, you need to be a Christian blog nerd to appreciate this, but I thought today I’d give you an inside look at my computer; specifically, all the Christian blogs that I have bookmarked there.  The blogroll you see in the right margin of Thinking Out Loud is just a small part of a bigger […]

Daniel Aitken joins Wisdom Publications as Sales and Marketing Director

Wisdom Publications, the not-for-profit, ecumenical publisher of Buddhist books, has hired a new director of sales and marketing, Daniel Aitken. The post Daniel Aitken joins Wisdom Publications as Sales and Marketing Director appeared first on Lion's Roar.

Buddhism and anime collide yet again

We posted recently about a Japanese temple that is using “cute-sexy” anime depictions of deities to promote itself. Now, here’s another surprising trend in Buddhist art. The post Buddhism and anime collide yet again appeared first on Lion's Roar.

Ashoka Mukpo cured of Ebola [Updated]

Ashoka Mukpo is cured of Ebola. Yesterday evening, he posted on Twitter, "Just got my results. 3 consecutive days negative." The post Ashoka Mukpo cured of Ebola [Updated] appeared first on Lion's Roar.

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