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The Power of the Divine Office to Transform a Church and Society

The ‘Method’ of the Methodists! I was idly investigating forms of the breviary on the internet the other day (as one does), and came across a page about the history of the Anglican breviary, here. Contained within it was the following:...Show More Summary

Kevin Sorbo’s Next Project? A Film About the “World’s Greatest Atheist” Converting to Christianity

Kevin Sorbo famously played the atheist professor who converts to Christianity in the film God's Not Dead. Now he's going to repeat the formula by playing an atheist author who converts to Christianity. (Never let it be said that Sorbo doesn't have range as an actor.)

Atheist Group Asks IRS to Investigate Church Where Pastor Told Congregation Not to Vote

You remember Pastor Donnie Romero of Stedfast Baptist Church in Fort Worth, Texas. He's the faithful, Jesus-loving guy who said shortly after the Pulse massacre in Orlando that he fully agreed with his Independent Fundamentalist Baptist...Show More Summary

In Oklahoma City, a Mother Allegedly Used a Crucifix to Brutally Kill Her “Possessed” Daughter

What would possess a mother to kill her own daughter? Believing that her daughter was possessed.

Christian Convert Nabeel Qureshi Says There Is No Basis to Claim Muhammad Is a Prophet

Best-selling author and Muslim-turned-Christian apologist Nabeel Qureshi has written a new book that highlights inconsistencies and errors within Islam, which he says opened his eyes and helped him come to the decision to abandon the religion and embrace Christianity over 11 years ago.

Build-A-Bear Workshop 2016 News: Eevee Stuffed Toy to be Released in US, UK and Canada on Thursday; Fans Rejoice on Twitter

Stuffed toy retailer Build-a-Bear Workshop definitely wants you to catch them all as Eevee Pokemon gets plush version.

Allen Iverson to be Inducted into the Naismith Basketball Hall of Fame Next Week: How 'The Answer' Lived Up to His Nickname in the NBA

Former Philadelphia 76ers legend Allen Iverson is being inducted into the Naismith Memorial Basketball Hall of Fame next week. The 41-year-old retired basketball star, otherwise known as "The Answer," had a unique journey to greatness in the NBA.

Xbox One Summer Update News: Pandora Gets Background Music Support; New Apps, Features and How to Update

The Xbox One Summer Update was released earlier this month, which came with new apps and features. The most requested highlight of the update is the ability to play music in the background, which the new Pandora app now supports.

A Growing Trend: Brave Muslim Zionists

Muslims and Arabs who openly identify as Zionists are growing in number – powered by the freer flow of information and ideas made possible by social media and the search for answers in the wake of the Arab Spring and Islamist terror...

Donald Trump and the Amusing Case of the Evangelical Conscience

In what many are calling the most consequential election in a century, the evangelical community is radically divided when it comes to the presidential candidates.

Thrown to the Lions: Christian Persecution Yesterday and Today

The experience set me to thinking — thinking back to when Christians during the first century were thrown to the lions in the Roman coliseums. In the clutches of these mighty creatures, they were tossed about like rag dolls, disemboweled, torn from limb to limb, for not renouncing or compromising their faith in Christ's Lordship.

Casting Lots and the Sovereignty of God

This is approximately the first one-third of an article by Leighton Flowers at Soteriology 101. Click the title below to read in full. The article was originally posted in April and now has over 250 comments. Casting Lots To Find God’s Will: Proverbs 16:33 “The lot is cast into the lap, but its every decision is from […]

'Criminal Minds' Season 12 Updates: Major Cast Revamp in New Season Due to Gibson's Dismissal; Paget Brewster Eyed As His Replacement?

CBC is currently looking for Thomas Gibson's replacement in "Criminal Minds" Season 12. A major cast revamp is being seen in light of Gibson's unexpected dismissal from one of America's longest-running series.

How to Rig an Election: The 2016 Republican Primary

Based on everything I said in Part I of this series, I suspect that most of you can anticipate where this post is heading reasonably well. If our corporate-owned mainstream news media "rigged" the Democratic primary for Hillary Clinton, they "rigged" the Republican primary for Donald Trump too. Show More Summary

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