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Voices from around the world consider Trump’s first 100 days

yesterdayReligion / Islam : On Faith

It was the most stunning political victory of the 21st century, one that brought shocked concern in many parts of the world and cheers in others. One uncontroversial certainty was that it would cause reverberations around the globe.

Some Atheists Choose to Be Kind to Others

A couple of the comments on a previous post about social media discourse got me thinking. I know that atheism does not mean anything other than the lack of belief in gods. I also know that atheists suffer from all the same flaws that afflict all humans. Show More Summary

CV LOOP: Trump drops demand for border wall funding

BUDGET // With days left before the federal government runs out of money, President Trump appeared to back off of his demand for immediate funding of the border wall, removing an obstacle on a budget deal. BUSINESS TAX // The business tax in the United States is currently 35% — among the very highest in the industrialized world. Trump [...]

Temples in Uttar Pradesh Visited by Ashwathama of Mahabharata

Several temples in Uttar Pradesh narrate tales of the spotting of Ashwathama of... [Visit original source to read the entire content and more such articles.]

Taking Classes to the Archives

Emily Suzanne ClarkReaders of the blog might remember that I like to post about teaching. A big part of my teaching is primary sources and that increasingly includes archives. I first blogged about taking a class into the Jesuit archives back in November 2015, shortly after having my American Christianities class work in the archives. Show More Summary

San Diego schools launches effort against Islamophobia

yesterdayReligion / Islam : On Faith

One of the nation’s largest school districts has launched a campaign against Islamophobia, drawing praise and criticism.

Earth Sky – No Gap

The entire earth and the entire sky are both the undivided activity of the boat This is the last section of the quote from Dogen’s Zenki. I’ll publish all of the quote tomorrow. However many times I visit these words they do not make ordinary sense. And I think that’s the idea, pointing us past … Continue reading Earth Sky – No Gap ?

Make the Omer Count

Instead of counting down toward the big day, we count up from one to 50. Why?

Daily Omer Meditation

A practical guide to becoming great in 49 days.

Our Son’s Special Bar Mitzvah

One milestone day encapsulated the highs and lows of raising a child with Downs syndrome.

The Jew who Financed the American Revolution

Haym Salomon’s financial risk-taking helped establish America.

One-on-One with Dave Choi of Church of the Beloved in Chicago

Dave started the church in 2011 with no people, no resources, no building, nothing. Ed: Dave, you came here and started Church of the Beloved in Chicago, but give me a little backstory. How did you come to start this church? Dave: I was getting some offers from churches that were established with senior leaders who are highly respected and seasoned. Show More Summary

Is there another alternative besides another illusion?

We fundamentally have the awakened or Buddha-nature. It’s other name is ?tman or in Pali, att?. "The ?tman is the Tathagatagarbha. All beings possess a Buddha Nature: this is what the ?tman is. This ?tman, from the start, is always....

Time of take bath as per Hindu Scriptures

The ideal time to take bath as per Hindu scriptures is during the morning hours –... [Visit original source to read the entire content and more such articles.]

San Antonio Mayor Issues Non-Apology After Blaming Poverty on “Broken People” Who Aren’t Christian

San Antonio Mayor Ivy Taylor recently said "broken people" were at least partly responsible for generational poverty. After receiving a ton of backlash, she's issued a statement attempting to clarify her remarks.The statement is worse than her original comments.

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