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Does the Devil Make Us Do Things? No, Here's Why

Although the enemy will come against our family, finances, and lusts, we cannot blame him...we must take responsibility for our own poor choices when warranted.

A Young Man With A Stutter Shows the World That You Can Turn A Negative Into A Positive

This young man, Drew Lynch, was once a stereotypical jock who bullied his way through life. That was until he was hit in the head, and now has a permanent stutter. His story is now inspiring millions and making everyone laugh at the same time. WOW, he is awesome!

Nebraska Death Penalty Repealed with Outspoken Christian support

Evangelical, Catholic, mainline leaders openly endorse measure. The Nebraska Legislature on Wednesday repealed the state’s death penalty by overriding Gov. Pete Ricketts's veto on a 30-to-19 vote. Evangelical pastors, Roman CatholicShow More Summary

ISIS Forced 17-Y-O Girl to Recite Quran While Being Raped, Burned Her With Boiling Water When She Refused

According to a Kurdish activist who works closely with Iraqis displaced by the Islamic State, ISIS militants allegedly forced a 17-year-old Yazidi girl to recite parts of the Quran while she was being raped. And when she refused, she was punished by having boiling water poured on her.

Reflections on “Seven Wise Women in the Charnel Ground”

Bonnie Myotai Treace on themes and of impermanence and enlightenment in the ninth century Chinese story, "Seven Wise Women in the Charnel Ground." The post Reflections on “Seven Wise Women in the Charnel Ground” appeared first on Lion's Roar.

Loving Individuals Who are Hurting: Tips on Navigating Trauma and Grief

How do you come alongside someone who is dealing with a traumatic situation? Psychologist Sarah Rainer helps. As someone trained to work with psychological trauma, I recognize that I hold an interest in a topic that makes many people feel uncomfortable. Show More Summary

'Game of Thrones' Casting News, Rumors: Season 6 Cast Leak Reveals New Characters

HBO's hit fantasy TV drama series "Game of Thrones" is already halfway through its exciting current fifth season and preparations for the next chapter are now reported to be on their way.

'Doctor Who' News, Update: 12th Doctor Actor Peter Capaldi Confirmed to Attend the Show's Panel on San Diego Comic Con

Peter Capaldi, who played the 12th regeneration of the Doctor in the hit science fiction TV drama series from BBC, "Doctor Who," is confirmed to be in attendance for the most awaited panel session of the show in San Diego Comic-Con International event this summer.

Phil Thornton Exclusive: eOne VP Talks Faith, Pushing the Envelope in Gospel Music, 'R&B Divas' Challenges

Phil Thornton is doing more than just overseeing gospel artists as the vice president and general manager of Urban Inspirational at Entertainment One Music. The entertainment industry executive has found a way to bridge the gap between Christian culture and the secular world one music artist and television show at a time.

'Bones' Season 10 News, Spoilers: What To Expect in 'The Woman in the Whirlpool'

This week's episode of the hit TV drama series "Bones" will see Booth (David Boreanaz) struggling on his gambling addiction and his desire to patch up his troubled marriage.

Dominican Rite

Corpus Christi Monastery The Dominican Nuns of Corpus Christi Monastery in Menlo Park, California, hosted a day of study and prayer on the Dominican charisma as part of their observance of the year of consecrated life. These photos show the Dominican Rite Solemn Mass that was celebrated as part of this event. Show More Summary

Reflections on Chiyono’s “No Water, No Moon”

Merle Kodo Boyd responds to Chiyono's "No Water, No Moon." The post Reflections on Chiyono’s “No Water, No Moon” appeared first on Lion's Roar.

At the Vatican: “Women are here,” they are tackling problems

VATICAN CITY — The women who run the Vatican newspaper’s monthly supplement, “Women — Church — World,” do not mind at all that their conference Friday through Sunday is just the latest in a long line of Vatican meetings focused on women. “It is almost an incessant reminder, ‘There are women here, women are here,’ […]

Married Pastor Commits Suicide After Admitting Affair With Church Member; He 'Loved God, Ronald Reagan and Captain America'

A married pastor and father of three from Ohio who was about to lose his job after confessing to an affair with a member of his flock earlier this month, reportedly took his own life on Friday inside the church-owned parsonage where he lived with his wife and three children.

Reflections on “The Old Woman’s Enlightenment”

Shinge Roko Sherry Chayat comments on the eighteenth century Japanese story, "The Old Woman's Enlightenment." The post Reflections on “The Old Woman’s Enlightenment” appeared first on Lion's Roar.

Why Reality TV Can’t Handle the Josh Duggar Scandal

It’s time for ’19 Kids and Counting’ to come to an end. Take it from me, a TLC viewer, former reality TV blogger, and Christian journalist: The most fascinating aspects of the Duggar family never appeared on the show that made them famous,...Show More Summary

keeping quiet

by Pablo Neruda Now we will count to twelve and we will all keep still. For once on the face of the earth, let’s not speak in any language; let’s...

Franklin Graham Says There Is No Tolerance for Christians in Culture After Marine Court-Martialed for Keeping Bible Verse on Her Computer

The Rev. Franklin Graham has spoken out on a case concerning a Marine Corporal who was court-martialed for refusing to remove a Bible verse from her computer at work, stating that it shows that there is no tolerance in culture for Christians.

How to Create Safe Spaces Online

"Safe spaces" is a term that has generated some controversy among atheists and freethinkers because of some of the ways it has been misapplied. But in at least one respect, everybody needs safe spaces. We all need to be able to get away from the stresses and strains of our daily lives, even if only for a moment, to regroup and get our heads together. Show More Summary

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