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Trumped Up

If you rely on press coverage of the presidential race you probably think everything is fine in America. No foreign threats. No domestic crises. No budget or crime problems. Certainly nothing important enough to warrant discussing where the candidates stand.

Pastor Appreciation: Bob Neal

October is Pastor appreciation month. I would like to show the appreciation of my pastor, Pastor Bob Neal of Piedmont Baptist Church in Dandridge, TN. #BobNeal #PastorAppreciation The post Pastor Appreciation: Bob Neal appeared first on Courageous Christian Father. ©2004-2016 by Steve Patterson of Courageous Christian Father.

What your boss can and can’t do when it comes to politics at work

Amid this year’s dark and divisive presidential election, the 2012 campaign can feel like a distant memory. But four years ago this month, a flurry of stories focused in on corporate chief executives who were ominously telling their workers what might happen if President Obama won a second term. If that happened, the chief executive of […]

Ask Chuck: Is Divorce Easier for Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie?

Maybe if you have millions of dollars, divorce is not a big deal. Do you think that with lots of money, divorce can work out well?

Become an Informed Voter: Learning More about Candidates and Issues

yesterdayReligion / Islam : altmuslim

This is the third in a four-part series focusing on the 2016 election cycle and how American Muslim communities factor into the political process. Click here for part one and here for part two. By Altmuslim Staff With less than 20 days to go until voting on November 8 in the 2016 presidential election, many voters are looking [Read More...]

Please Don't Ignore the Ambulance Behind You

I have a feeling I might have written about this bizarre subject before, but it just happened again today so I am now truly curious. When you are driving and you see an ambulance behind you with its lights and siren on, what do you do?...Show More Summary

Remembering Aberfan

On this day in October 1966 I was ten years old and living in a small village in Cornwall. I’d gone out for a walk in the afternoon and wherever I went, people were talking to each other about a … Continue reading ?

Book Review: "To Come to a Better Understanding: Medicine Men & Clergy Meetings on the Rosebud Reservation, 1973—1978"

[This month's Cushwa post is devoted to a book review by recent research travel grant recipient Jason Sprague, a Ph.D. candidate at the University of Iowa. (You can see a brief interview with Jason about his dissertation, “‘The Shadow...Show More Summary

Why I Forgave the Man I Once Plotted to Kill

Revenge fantasies were darkening my heart before I trusted in Jesus. W e had heard the distant gunshots for a few weeks. But that morning they were close and seemed to ring out with purpose. I looked to my older brother and the other adults for reassurance. Show More Summary

Paul Doesn’t Care Whether You Like Him

An excerpt from 'Paul Behaving Badly.' T here’s no way around it. Paul thought he was special. In his defense, Christ did knock him off a horse with a blinding light and an audible word from heaven. Peter saw Christ transfigured, but Paul also saw the glorified Christ. Show More Summary

The Bible Never Says ‘All Men Are Created Equal’

How the New Testament offers a better, higher calling than the Declaration of Independence. A n Anglican man rang me out of the blue the other day to ask if the New Testament teaches “equality.” “Not really,” I replied. “The New Testament...Show More Summary

Incredible Indian Christianity: A Special Report on the World’s Most Vibrant Christward Movement

Why it’s the best and worst of times for India’s burgeoning churches. T he world’s most unexpected megachurch pastor might be an illiterate, barefoot father of five. Bhagwana Lal grows maize and raises goats on a hilltop in Rajasthan, India’s largest state, famous for its supply of marble that graces the Taj Mahal. Show More Summary

Interview: Evangelism, Without the Weird Aftertaste

How to share the gospel without making other people—or ourselves—so uncomfortable. M ark Teasdale began life in a “maverick” United Methodist church that emphasized evangelism more than most mainline brethren. When he grew up and moved...Show More Summary

Does Protestantism Need to Die?

Or to recover its riches? Two Protestant luminaries look at the legacy of the Reformation, 500 years later. N ow and then, Protestants are stirred to ask whether the Reformation might be bad for the church and the world. Five centuries...Show More Summary

Gleanings: November 2016

Important developments in the church and the world (as they appeared in our November issue). Our Favorite Heresies LifeWay Research and Ligonier Ministries have once again examined the theological awareness, or lack thereof, of American evangelicals. Show More Summary

Let My People Build

After 160 years of suppression, Egypt makes room for new churches. “L ong live the crescent and the cross!” shouted Egypt’s parliament in joy. All 39 Christian members joined the two-thirds majority to vote to end a 160-year practice...Show More Summary

How to Regain Cultural Capital

The persecuted church shows the way. L iving under anti-Christian hostility is a paradox of tensions. Global Christians suffer not only as friends of God but also as enemies of the people. A Christian brother in a difficult region recently...Show More Summary

Why Africa Needed Its Own Study Bible

And why Americans might want one too. I f you ever get invited to a wedding on a Friday night in Morocco, the invitation will say the ceremony starts “the evening of Saturday.” North Africans consider each day to begin the evening before...Show More Summary

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