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Maryland Air Force Contractor Fired for “Bringing Demons Into the Office”

Sir,Got witches?Are you and your staff quite out of your Constitutionally derelict minds?With that best-ever opening to a church-state separation letter, attorney Michael L. "Mikey" Weinstein of the Military Religious Freedom Foundation notified...Show More Summary

Saudi Cleric: In Heaven, the Virgins’ Breasts Are Like Pomegranates

Saudi Cleric Sheikh Yahya Al-Jana' wants you to know all about the virgins you're going to meet in Heaven if you're a devout Muslim on Earth.For example: Their breasts are like pomegranates... whatever that's supposed to mean.

A Florida Satanist is Forcing City Councils to Make a Decision About Invocation Prayers

The last time we saw Chaz Stevens, the atheist-turned-Satanist was told he couldn't deliver an invocation at a meeting of the Coral Springs (FL) City Commission because officials had no desire to see a prayer that involved -- I'm not kidding here -- twerking and/or a mariachi band.

Elvis' Chi and the Metaphysics of Martial Arts

Adam Park You might not know it to look at him, but Elvis had tremendous chi. And if you don't believe me, then just look at how big his karate belt was. The fact that Elvis possessed such potent inner force and the power to waylay any grown man is little known. Show More Summary

Carly Fiorina Q+A: ‘Whom Shall I Fear?’

The candidate on her faith, abortion, and why women make good investment risks. Ever since Carly Fiorina’s forceful criticism of Planned Parenthood during CNN’s Republican debate, Americans have been paying more attention to the former...Show More Summary

Wednesday Link List

Notes: For those of you really into links, note that the blog aggregator Alltop has been reformatted. You can read the intro or a summary (depending on the source) to each article now by simply waving your mouse over the links at their site. Check out Alltop Church and Alltop Christianity. (So grateful to be […]

On CNN’s Reliable Sources, Host Wrongly Calls Oregon Shooter an Atheist Targeting Anyone Religious

Sunday's episode of CNN's news program Reliable Sources was mostly interesting, focusing on the dramatic decrease in media reporting of the Oregon college shooter’s name and face. This was a response to the gunman making clear he did...Show More Summary

Why the “Christian Lives Matter” Claims are Absurd

It doesn't matter that the motivation for the Oregon shooting was probably about mental illness and subscription to violent ideologies. It doesn't matter that the latest survivor statements indicate that the shooter was not targeting Christians exclusively. No, none of this matters to those up in arms over the media's coverage of and the public response to last week's tragedy.

How Religion and the GOP Have Hurt Those Who Need Mental Health Resources

The nation is still grappling with the events that transpired in Oregon last week. As we process the carnage, many reactions have been a rerun of the discourse seen after the other 294 mass shootings across the nation this year. Progressives cry out for better gun control (including, in this case, the shooter's father). Show More Summary

Did the Oregon Shooter Actually Target Christians? That Doesn’t Appear to Be the Case

It’s a rallying moment for American Christians angered by the growing voices of the nation’s non-religious, however small a minority we remain.Christian communities online are feverishly crying, "Now do you believe we’re persecuted?” Political,...Show More Summary

Teen Mania’s Woes Ironically Live Up to the Group’s Name

Knowing the often devastating impacts of bipolar disorder on the lives of those affected, it can be particularly irritating when related clinical terms get used as a term of phrase. Calling the weather "bipolar" or busy Mondays "manic" trivializes very real and often very frightening experiences. Show More Summary

Who Are You Calling a Deadly Sin?

The sloth’s slowness is its virtue. At the National Zoo in Washington, D.C., there lives a three-toed sloth. Specifically, this sloth occupies a box in the Small Mammal House. At least, that’s where the sloth has been every single time I have visited the zoo, and I have been five times over the past two years. Show More Summary

Bill Maher and Richard Dawkins Lament “Regressive Leftists” Who Shy Away from Criticizing Islam

There are issues where I part ways with Richard Dawkins, but when it comes to criticizing bad ideas and hearing out people whose views you may disagree with or find offensive, I'm in complete agreement.On Real Time last night, Dawkins and Bill Maher spoke about how, strangely, it's liberals who seem to be on the wrong side of this particular issue. Show More Summary

VA Public Schools End Christian Recruiting Program After FFRF Warning

Two weeks ago I reported on a sweeping program of organized religious coercion of student athletes by their Christian coaches at public high schools across southwestern Virginia. Since then I’ve received reports of two more schools involved, bringing the total number we know to host this program to twelve:

What Donald Trump Has in Common with Prosperity Gospel Preachers

Think about all those prosperity gospel preachers. The ones who brag about their wealth, fly in private planes, and tell their followers how they can eventually achieve the same lifestyle (even though that's never going to happen) if they just believe. Show More Summary

Christian Preacher: I’ve Raised 35 People from the Dead by Praying for Them

You'll all be thrilled to learn that Christian preacher Todd Bentley, last seen explaining how kicking women in the face was a way to heal them, has resurrected 35 people thanks to the power of God:

Wednesday Link List

Bruxy Cavey, pastor of Canada’s fastest growing church movement, The Meeting House family of churches, got a tattoo over the summer. Click the image to see the verse reference. …And now, I hereby declare these links officially open. The “How’s Your Faith?” question is being played out in many arenas, including Joe Biden’s guest spot […]

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