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Ohio Couple Joins Cacophony of Psychics Claiming (Without Proof) They Help Law Enforcement Find Missing People

An Ohio psychic talk show host and his wife, both professional mediums and “psychic investigators,” were profiled rather unskeptically this week in the Kenyon College newspaper.Beth Deering (below), who says she "can see angels and demons,"... Show More Summary

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Featured Stories and Articles Adding a Millennial to Your Church Staff - “Very few churches have senior pastors age 35 or younger, and most pastors on staff at a church under 35 are probably going to be youth pastors, which is fine. That’s normal… There isn’t a problem with a church not having many Millennials on […]

Excerpt: Revival and Awakening

An excerpt from Revival and Awakening: American Evangelical Missionaries in Iran and the Origins of Assyrian Nationalism by Adam H. Becker.

Making MCA Proud: The Young Jewish Breakers of D.C.

2 days agoReligion / Judaism : Jewschool

“It will explode your mind.” Breaking, that is. This according to Eliav Binstock, 8 years-old and one of Washington D.C.’s growing crew of young Jewish breakers, or “B-boys” and “B-girls.” In the last couple of years, if you want toShow More Summary

Messianic Judaism Flourishes in Holocaust Towns

Ukrainian Jews who follow Yeshua also plant congregations worldwide. Nearly one year after Jews for Jesus launched one of its most successful and controversial evangelism campaigns, more than 1.3 million people worldwide have watched That Jew Died for You. The three-minute YouTube video depicts Jesus carrying the cross to a gas chamber. Show More Summary

A Survivor of “Faith Assembly,” an Extremist Christian Sect, is Making a Film Highlighting the Cult’s Impact

Last November, Terry wrote about a faith-healing cult from the 1970s, led by preacher Hobart Freeman. Faith Assembly was a cult where babies died frequently and faith healing was a way of life.Josh Wilson was one of the survivors and he talked about his experience in this video..

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Today’s graphics are a couple of Cheezburger classics from 2009. Is the Modern Offering the Same as Biblical Almsgiving? - “I have never heard an evangelical sermon on almsgiving. Despite countless texts in the Hebrew Bible about generosity toward the poor, the example of the first Christians, and a long tradition of the practice, especially […]

How Can a Made-Up Bible Still Be God’s Word?

An atheist and a Bible scholar agree on much about the Bible, but still arrive at opposite conclusions. The post How Can a Made-Up Bible Still Be God’s Word? appeared first on OnFaith.

Event: McGinley Lecture, April 14 and April 15

6 days agoReligion / Islam : islamicate

It is time for the McGinley Lecture at Fordham. This term, I will be giving a response to the theme of “Poverty: The Curse and The Blessing." The event will be Tuesday, April 14 at 6PM at the Lincoln Center campus, and repeated on Wednesday, April 15, at 6PM at...

How Meaningful Can a Relationship with God Be If There’s a Threat Involved?

DarkMatter2525 explains how God's worst idea may have been to use Heaven and Hell as a threat over people in order to inspire "meaningful" relationships with them.(It may help to watch the first two episodes in this trilogy beforehand, though it's not necessary.)

Spanish Priest and Demon-Slaying Helper Charged After Performing 13 Exorcisms on Anorexic Teenager

Eating disorders are the work of the devil. Whoyougonnacall? Demonbusters!A Spanish priest and an exorcist have been charged with gender violence and causing injury and mistreatment after the exorcist performed repeated exorcisms onShow More Summary

-Christian ‘Forgiving ISIS’ Videos Go Viral in Arab World

“But I say to you, Love your enemies and pray for those who persecute you…” Matthew 5:44 We recently posted the video above of Christian child, 10 year old Myriam, forgiving ISIS even though her family had lost everything because of the terrorist group.  She said: “I will only ask God to forgive them. Now […]

The Day that Two States Died

26 Adar will forever live in infamy as the day American Jewry stood in near unanimous silence as Israel embarked down the road to apartheid. The post The Day that Two States Died appeared first on Jewschool.

The Viral “Rush Hour” Video is a Hoax

Captain Disillusion explains why the viral "rush hour" video really isn't documenting reality:

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  Featured Links Your Church’s Management Culture – Thom Schultz looks at five models, the Family Run church, the Celebrity Centered church, the Deacon Possessed church (I loved that title), the Team Oriented church and the Democracy Weighted church. “Every congregation–and each ministry within it–takes on a style of governance that shapes its work and […]

Forgiving ISIS: Christian ‘Resistance’ Videos Go Viral in Arab World

10-year-old girl from Mosul becomes Christian broadcaster SAT-7’s most-watched interview ever. Muhga Ghalab paused carefully as she spoke on the role of mothers in maintaining social cohesion. “We must teach our children to love, but...Show More Summary

I Have Serious Concerns About “We Are Atheism”

In 2011, a website called We Are Atheism was founded to "promote education, activism, and philanthropy about atheists and for atheists." The co-founders, Amanda Brown and her husband Adam Brown, also began a project for non-religious people modeled after the "It Gets Better" campaign. Show More Summary

Reddit’s Biggest Atheism Hangout Scores Sky-High For Toxic Content and Bigotry, Data Analysts Say

On Friday, I published a moderately unkind comment about Reddit; I said that while I love Reddit warts and all, its content is 80 to 90 percent dross. Mostly, that referred to the atheism subreddit (or r/atheism, in Reddit-speak). IShow More Summary

Exercise Those Demons

Oh, you might think this is a Jesus-loving exercise video.But then it gets even weirder...

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