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President Obama’s Speech at Mosque Missed American Families Victimized by State Violence

Ultimately, my frustration lies with the American Muslim community. It is us who refuse to face the reality behind a recurring cycle of violence that is buttressed by deep-seated Islamophobia [1]. We continue to frantically put a band-aid...Show More Summary

Like sapphire

This week's Torah portion, Mishpatim, contains one of my favorite verses: ??????????? ??????? ?????????? ????????? ??????????? ???????. I love the verse (it's the second half of Exodus 24:10) because it's one which Nava Tehila has set to music. Had they...

New Video from the Benedictine Monks of St. Bernard Abbey

Here at NLM we do all we can to let people know about good things happening throughout the Church, in the ambits of Eastern and Western rites, in parishes, religious communities, and lay institutions. It is true that contributors have...Show More Summary

Buddhism In Gilgit

There were Buddhist cultures that flourished for centuries and not only disappeared but left almost nothing beh i nd and are scarcely known today, if at all. One of them was in Gilgit, and if you don’t know where Gilgit is look it up on Wikipedia. Show More Summary

“Only the ways of space”: Benjamin Zeller’s Heaven’s Gate and UFO Religion

Andy McKeeLately, maybe because I have a paper deadline soon, I have been thinking a lot about “New Religious Movements.” Among the tens of library books I have checked-out and pretended to read, nearly all reference UFO religions, but few give sustained looks at these movements. Show More Summary

Portland (OR) High School Ends Decades-Long Tradition of Singing Christian Song at Holiday Concert

Last November, the Portland Public Schools announced that choirs would no longer perform at The Grotto -- a Catholic shrine -- during its Festival of Lights because it was a religious venue. That changed took place due to pressure from...Show More Summary

In Taped Conversation, Christian Pastor Argues with Cop Over Trespassing Laws

Arizona law makes clear that trespassing on someone's property is illegal with varying punishments depending on the severity of the crime. If someone makes it clear they don't want you to knock on their door, you can't do it. It's that...Show More Summary

In the Beginning There Were No Indians, Africans, or Europeans...

Or, What African American Studies Teaches Me About Religion in AmericaMatthew J. CresslerWhere to begin, where to begin... This semester I am teaching Religion in America (RELS 250 here at CofC) for the first time, if you can believe it. Show More Summary

Returning to Rabbis Without Borders

I'm heading south today for the annual gathering of Rabbis Without Borders fellows at Pearlstone, a Jewish retreat center outside of Baltimore. This will be my third annual retreat. It's always fun to reconnect with this group of colleagues in...

Dead Oregon Rancher Was Just Like Jesus and Moses, Says Nevada Lawmaker

After nearly a month of patiently waiting out the heavily armed tantrum of Ammon Bundy and his supporters in Oregon, law enforcement officials apprehended Bundy and several members of his occupation earlier this week. One member of the group, LaVoy Finicum, was killed in the incident.

5 Questions for Philip Sinitiere on his new book "Salvation With a Smile"

There are some people in the business with whom you can spend hours talking to about a myriad of things that religion geeks talk about. I've known Phil for years, benefited greatly from his scholarship, his dry Texas humor, and his generosity as a person. Show More Summary

Christian Activist: Parents Would Rather Their Kids Be Addicted to Drugs Than Be Gay

“Coach” Dave Daubenmire is a speaker whose ministry focuses on firing up Christians to win the "culture wars" through heavy use of sports metaphors. His website explains that, after winning a case against the “ACLU in the late 1990’s...Show More Summary

A Christian Bully is Surprised Nobody Wants To “Debate” Him, So Let Me Explain

Like many kids who went through grade school, I had a bully.This person followed me around, called me names, and tormented me in every class we shared. Now, this was back when schools just blithely accepted bullying as a part of theShow More Summary

Bernie Sanders: “I Am Not Actively Involved with Organized Religion”

While Republicans are fighting with one another to get endorsements from leading Religious Right figures -- even Donald Trump got a nod from the head of Liberty University yesterday -- Sen. Bernie Sanders is doing something radical (even for Bernie Sanders).He's not talking about faith at all. Show More Summary

Wednesday Link List

In cooperation with Christian Humor, our gift to all of you still recovering from Jonas: So what’s news? As I go a-huntin- and a-gatherin’ each week, it occurs to me that entirely different things are important to different interest groups within the broad category we call Christianity. There are items here that I would never […]

Former Rep. Michele Bachmann: Laws Passed by Congress Cannot Contradict Biblical Law

It's always eye-opening to hear religious conservatives talk about how secular law takes a backseat to biblical pronouncements.In a recent episode of Christian pseudo-historian David Barton's show "Foundations of Freedom," he spoke with (former) Rep. Show More Summary

Review: Islam and the Future of Tolerance

Islam and the Future of Tolerance is a dialogue about the possibilities of reforming Islam between Sam Harris, neuroscientist and New Atheist, (one of the Four Horsemen of the Non-Apocalypse), and Maajid Nawaz, a former Islamist turned reformist. As the book details, the idea for this discussion began in the wake of an Intelligence Squared […]

Intersectionality and the Fight Against BDS

The institutional Jewish Community is changing course, attempting to isolate BDS activists from the progressive coalitions that support them on campuses. The post Intersectionality and the Fight Against BDS appeared first on Jewscho...

Is Zen nonsense?

Can Zen koans and dialogues be put under the category of nonsense? Thanks to a recent lecture I listened to on YouTube by Dr. Raymond Moody about nonsense (he plans on publishing a book on the subject), it is my...

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