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Woman Who Starved and Robbed Mentally Disabled People Says She Believes in God, and “He Knows What Happened”

Just when you think you've heard everything, along comes Pennsylvania native Linda Ann Weston (below), who spent a decade torturing at least 10 mentally disabled people, including four children. She imprisoned and starved all of them to gain control of their meager finances.

Forget About the RCA. How Can Non-Orthodox Jews Support Orthodox Women’s Spiritual Leadership?

2 weeks agoReligion / Judaism : Jewschool

If we non-Orthodox Jews want to show our support for Orthodox feminists and the movement for greater leadership roles of Orthodox women in the Orthodox world, including through rabbinic ordination, let’s start with listening to the Orthodox women. The post Forget About the RCA. Show More Summary

Of Niqabs, Neo-Cons and the New Prime Minister | Canadian Elections and the Muslim Vote

By Waleed Ahmad Canada's new Prime Minister is hijab-friendly. Too friendly, as some evidence seems to suggest. (Seriously, who kisses the PM? And this isn't the first time. I recall the elders rolling their eyes in disappointment as young girls chased Trudeau down the hall after his talk at the RIS convention a few years […]

Opal Covey, Who Came in Last Place in Toledo Mayoral Race, Claims She Actually Won

A day after coming in dead last in the race for mayor of Toledo (Ohio), "prophetess" Opal Covey still insisted she had actually won the election.She said the same thing four previous times, claiming that all the votes had just been stolen from her. Show More Summary

The Holocaust Through Millennial Eyes

3 weeks agoReligion / Judaism : Jewschool

NANA 5-minute teaser - (English & French subtitles) from Serena Dykman on Vimeo. Granddaughter of Holocaust survivors, young filmmaker Serena Dykman, investigates her grandmother's memoir to discover anew -- and reinterpret -- the Shoah. The post The Holocaust Through Millennial Eyes appeared first on Jewschool.

Goodbye 'Bathroom Bill': Houston Voters Reject New LGBT Protections

Inspired by subpoenaed sermons, conservative Christians overturn HERO. Houston voters have rejected an anti-discrimination law that would extend protections for LGBT residents among other groups. The Houston Equal Rights Ordinance, or...Show More Summary

Pat Robertson Just Got Trolled by a Gamer

I don't know much about video games, but here's what I can tell you about Undertale: It's a role-playing game where you don't even have to kill anyone if you don't want to.And here's a stylized version of one of the characters, Sans: Again, he's just a harmless video game character. Show More Summary

Evangelicals Have Lost the Culture Wars, So Now What?

If you're feeling really depressed, this will cheer you up.It's a long Christianity Today article about how evangelicals can try to flourish in a society where they've totally lost the culture wars. For example, achieving their goals might require them being in an environment where gay cooties are on the loose:

Creationist Claims Richard Dawkins Isn’t a “Real” Scientist and Should Stop Criticizing Dr. Ben Carson

In an excellent interview with Fareed Zakaria on Friday night, Richard Dawkins lamented all the Republican candidates who reject evolution, rightfully calling it a "disgrace." He threw them a bit of a bone by saying he didn't think they...Show More Summary

Six Years After Escaping the Exclusive Brethren Cult, Craig Hoyle Reflects on His Past

I sometimes post stories about the religious "bubble," where you're not allowed to have any significant contact with people outside the faith -- especially those who have left the faith. In some cases, like with the Jehovah's Witnesses,...Show More Summary

Satanist Sues Florida County for Rejecting Him as an Invocation Speaker

Chaz Stevens is the atheist-turned Satanist who has been trying to deliver invocations at city councils across the state of Florida. Rather than let him speak, though, many city councils have dropped invocations entirely.

Wednesday Link List

  I didn’t get around to putting the top five clicks from last week on Twitter, so here they are: (1) 8 Reasons the Worship Industry is Killing Worship, (2) creative church error-404 pages, (3) Lynne Hybels; 40th Anniversary of Willow Creek, (5) John Hendrix church doodles; and (5) Larry Tomczak. (Let me know if […]


Not long ago, I saw this great video of Dick Van Dyke dancing up a storm at the age of 89.  I was impressed and when I noticed the other night that he was going to be on the Tavis Smiley show, I tuned in. He’s currently promoting a new book, Keep Moving: And Other …

Open Letter to J.K. Rowling From a Palestinian Fan

Dear J. K. Rowling, I am an avid fan of yours, and have continuously read your Harry Potter books non-stop since the age of 11. My whole house is splattered with memorabilia, and I have just returned from visiting Harry Potter World which was one of the most amazing trips of my life. I'm 100% […]

A Former Christian Covers the Messed Up Song “I Wish We’d All Been Ready”

In 1969, one of the original Christian rock musicians, Larry Norman, released a song all about the upcoming rapture called "I Wish We’d All Been Ready." While many artists have covered the song, few people have really dissected the incredibly messed up lyrics and ideas contained in it. Show More Summary

Story in Numbers Foreshadows the Crucifixion

? ? Could you retell this Bible story? That was the question we asked yesterday, noting that most adults would have difficulty presenting this off the top of their heads, to either another adult or a child, which is unfortunate because it is many ways key to telling the gospel story. Because I think it’s […]

Turning the “Priceless” Christian Message into Art

Grammy-award winning band for KING & COUNTRY raises awareness of sex trafficking in its upcoming film. The post Turning the “Priceless” Christian Message into Art appeared first on OnFaith.

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