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Confessions of a Fasting Muslim

By Maysaa Fahour “I'm starving,” is uttered from my mouth at least a dozen times a day during Ramadan. Other things like, “Why?” and, “I can't even…” are also spilled out and it wouldn't be a lie if I said I have wanted to break my fast many times over the years. My reputation is embarrassing when […]

The Fearless Call of Asian Americans in Christian Hip-Hop

Breaking stereotypes and spreading the Good News. That dope Chinese rapper. MC Jin remembers immediately being labeled by his ethnicity when he got his big break over a decade ago. He recalls the experience in Bad Rap, a documentaryShow More Summary

Wednesday Link List

Welcome to Link List #311. Mission Trip Etiquette: Those selfies and other pics you take on mission trips “might look awesome on Facebook, but in reality are dis-empowering, dignity-stripping or dangerous for local people.” Three reasons to think before you photograph. Major networks reported the killing of 21 Coptic Christians by ISIS last year, but […]

Problems with The Problem with Islam: Approaching Religious Violence, Part II

2 months agoReligion : The Revealer

Part one of a three-part series on religious violence by Suzanne Schneider. This month: Nothing is inherent.

In This Short Film, a Father Turns to Religion After His Son’s Death… and Finds Nothing

In this short, depressing, but ultimately honest film by Eli Daughdrill, a father laments the loss of his son.He tries to find solace in religion... but it just doesn't have any answers for him.

Lessons from a Year on Fellowship

Hunter M. HamptonTwelve months ago, I started my fellowship year to work on my dissertation. I was equally excited and nervous. Nothing to that point in my academic career, from preschool to comprehensive exams, had prepared me for a year without teaching, grading, or deadlines. Show More Summary

What Would Happen to the World if All the Humans Just Disappeared?

What would happen to our planet if humans just disappeared completely? (Given the impending Trump presidency, it seems like a good question to ask.)The answer is fascinating. While there would be initial chaos in the short-term (some...Show More Summary

Chicken Chaplains: A Business Made in Heaven

Andy McKeeAt the end of a short video about Tyson Food's chaplaincy program, Dr. David Miller, identified earlier in the same video as "Princeton University Project Director Center for the Study of Religion and Author" states, "If IShow More Summary

The Unreliable Quilter

2 months agoReligion / Buddhism : IDP Blog

I can only speak for myself, and I am pretty good at doing that. Like many of us, I am quite accomplished at weaving my own narrative. The internet has broken down many - if not most - of our collaborative cultural tapestry-narratives by giving each of us the ability to craft and share our own, which gives us agency to pull at the loose threads of the big one. read more

Fell Walk – Transfer of Merit video

Here is a short video recorded after walking up Great Gable.

Texas Militia Group Dips Bullets in Bacon Grease or Pig’s Blood To Fight the Coming Muslim Takeover

Why would you dip a perfectly good round of ammo in bacon grease or the blood of a pig? It's simple for these members of a Dallas-area militia:"So that when you shoot a Muslim, they'll go straight to hell. That's what they believe in their religion."

‘Halal speed dating’: bringing together Muslim (professional) couples

A few days ago, Malaysian online news platform Malay Mail Online reported on how some married Muslim men in Malaysia are using “halal speed dating” to find a second wife. Halal Speed Dating (HSD) is a matchmaking platform for Muslims, co-founded by Malaysian couple Munirah Tunai Shamsidi and Zuhri Yuhyi. Together they run matchmaking events […]

These Colorado Pot Smokers Just Made Us an Offer We Can’t Refuse

Legalizing marijuana will have one wonderful side effect that goes way beyond getting blissfully baked. All is revealed in this Stevedore Comedy video, at 1:26:

Wednesday Link List

Welcome to WLL # 309. Today marks seven months to Christmas. Started your shopping yet? Please note we try to avoid articles which are pay-walled. If you find blocked content, let us know and in most cases we’ll remove the link. Dialing for Doctrine: On Calvinism and the Southern Baptist Convention, “We may not be […]

Beyonce, Sexuality, and Non-Black Muslim Women

Last month, Beyonce released her latest visual album, Lemonade. And the responses have been numerous. On CBC’s q, Naila Keleta-Mae called it masterful and discussed the legacy that Beyonce is creating. Courtney Lee listed the lessons about Black womanhood she sees, over at Sojourner, and the presence of God and Christianity in the album, over […]

Interview: Kenneth Bae: My Story of Faith in a North Korean Prison Camp

Why this missionary’s prayer changed from “Send me home, Lord” to “Use me.” H as a persecuted Christian ever had an unlikelier champion than Dennis Rodman? The eccentric former NBA star made a bizarre cameo in the drama surrounding Kenneth...Show More Summary

In New York State Orthodox-Jewish Enclave, Child Abuse Is Suspected, and the FBI Is on the Case

A child-rape investigation is underway in Kiryas Joel, an Orthodox-Jewish shtetl of about 23,000 people, located halfway between New York City and Poughkeepsie. The FBI-led probe centers on the alleged misconduct of Rabbi Moshe Hersh...Show More Summary

Baptist Pastor Does His Best Impression of Mother Teresa Burning in Hell

If there were a hell, I think Mother Teresa would be a perfectly fine candidate.But not because she simply chose the wrong religion.Fundamentalist Baptist pastor Steven Anderson thinks it makes perfect sense that only his kind of Christians...Show More Summary

Wednesday Link List

Before we begin, a reminder that Saturday we did a Weekend Link List. A big one. With links… The graphic at right was sourced in a 2013 blog post at Barenuckle Bible. Video(s) of the Week: Yes, we’re actually kicking off with VotW because we’re impressed with the three recently-posted episodes of Extra Credits that deal […]

This Yelling Christian Mother of 12 Leads Her Kids On a Hate Parade Through a Target Store

Not since watching the half-gutbusting, half-terrifying footage of "God Warrior" Marguerite Perrin have I felt this sorry for a Christian's kids. And there's a lot of them to be sorry for, because the anonymous woman in this brand new...Show More Summary

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