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"He who sings prays twice"

Today's guest post comes from Jennifer Callaghan, a doctoral candidate in Religious Studies at Northwestern University. Her dissertation, Mass Effect: The fall and rise of Latin in the long U.S. Catholic liturgical movement, tracks the...Show More Summary

Wednesday Link List

Welcome to Wednesday Link List #323. Lots of listicles this week. Breaking: Urgent prayer request for Nabeel Qureshi.  If a certain book about courtship and dating has been weighed in the balance and found to contain great liabilities, this author wants to know why the publisher is still selling it. Dissecting the Pastor: Testing for […]

Retired Iowa Priest Charged with Watching Students Use Bathroom During Track Meet

A retired Catholic priest in Council Bluffs, Iowa, was recently charged with five counts of invasion of privacy after allegations arose that he watched several students use the restroom at a high school track meet last April. Paul Monahan, the accused clergyman, retired in 2004 and has served as a school chaplain during his retirement.

Casting Lots and the Sovereignty of God

This is approximately the first one-third of an article by Leighton Flowers at Soteriology 101. Click the title below to read in full. The article was originally posted in April and now has over 250 comments. Casting Lots To Find God’s Will: Proverbs 16:33 “The lot is cast into the lap, but its every decision is from […]

Donald Trump Ran for President Because He (Wrongly) Thinks the White House Has a “Holiday Tree”

In an interview with Christian televangelist James Robison, Eric Trump explained a few of the reasons his father chose to run for President... including the flat-out lie that the White House's Christmas Tree is now called a "Holiday Tree."

Colin Kaepernick Shouldn’t Be Criticized for Sitting During the National Anthem

Last night, before the start of a preseason game, San Francisco 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick remained seated during the singing of the National Anthem. It didn't even become a story until well after the game ended, when a website...Show More Summary

Great Magic Is Still Amazing Even When You Know How the Tricks Work

I love it when Penn and Teller do this: They don't just perform a trick like they did on The Late Late Show this week. They pull back the curtain and do it a second time so you can see what's actually going on! It's still amazing even after the illusion is revealed.

Word getting around that Sept. 1 is World Day of Prayer for the Care of Creation

Pope Francis a year ago declared that Catholics would join their Orthodox brothers and sisters and other Christians to formally mark Sept. 1 as the World Day of Prayer for the Care of Creation. This year awareness of the day is gaining momentum as church groups and faith-based environment advocates have instituted a series of […]

Wednesday Link List

Tomorrow is August 25th, which means only 4 months to Christmas. It’s never too early to start planning your advent services: Today something a little different. Because the 30th Weekend Link List happened on Saturday, I’m going to reiterate all those links at the bottom of today’s, just ICYMI. (Statistically many of you do miss […]

YouTube Atheists Sue Christian Film Company Over Multiple Frivolous DMCA Complaints

Hugo and Jake from The Bible Reloaded show announced yesterday that they were filing a lawsuit against the Christiano Film Group for filing multiple copyright claims against them, forcing their videos to come down. The atheists says the DMCA requests are frivolous and they're taking a stand for other YouTubers who don't have the money to fight back.

Wednesday Link List

Let’s be realistic here. After last week’s 38-point link list, you weren’t expecting another huge one, were you?  You do know I don’t get paid for this, right? At right, our Book Cover of the Week, published this year by Multnomah, authored by two of the Happy Rant Podcast guys. With the latest release of […]

Wake to you

I want to wake to you. When my alarm pulls me (a silvered trout, struggling, from sleep's stream) you remind me I breathe air, can thrive. Your song calls forth my own. I'm a tuning fork, vibrating. When my walls...

Becoming a Christian by the Numbers

…or in this case, The Book of Numbers I’m breaking our 12-month rule here, only because I used this approach with a young woman on Friday and realized that I wanted to share this again on the blog and didn’t want to wait until October. ? ? Could you retell this Bible story? That was […]

Carl Anderson Speaks for the Church: Don’t Vote for Pro-Abortion Politicians in 2016

Supreme Knight Carl Anderson spoke out against voting for pro-abortion politicians in his address to the Supreme Convention of the Knights of Columbus in Canada earlier this month. “[T]he right to abortion is not just another political issue; it is, in reality, a legal regime that has resulted in more than 40 million deaths,” Anderson [...]

Wednesday Link List

I hereby declare this link list officially opened! Not only opened by jam-packed this week! (I needed to write something here because this is the opening sentence which appears in the Twitter feed.) I keep thinking we’re pushing the envelope too far with the way some churches are named. The one pictured above is real, […]

75 Reasons Muslims Must Stop With Their Terrorism Condemnation Ritual

By Ismail Ibrahim (Reading time without references: 45 minutes) The Islamic faith requires Muslims to believe in and practice five pillars. In our day and age, condemning terrorism committed by extremists seems to have become the sixth pillar.[1] There is an online video of a Muslim commentator on Australian television giving an interview to a […]

Grace, Guns, and Freedom

How a Maine restaurant owner’s discrimination against gun rights advocates signals a disturbing trend in American culture As a conservative living in Texas (albeit, not a native Texan) I’ve often been in something of a minority position when it comes to guns. For the longest time I didn’t like guns. I’ve been, and still am, [...]

Why Trump Is Suprisingly Good for Muslims

Does all this mean that Muslims should vote for the odious Donald Trump? Muslims should definitely consider voting third party in at least the non-swing states. But if one is planning to vote for either Clinton or Trump in a swing state, then hopefully I have presented good reasons to consider voting for Trump over Clinton in particular. Show More Summary

Pareidolia at Work: The “Smiley Face” Volcano

Last week, filmmaker Mick Kalber and pilot Colin Burkhardt flew over the Pu’u O’o crater in Hawaii when they caught the lava inside in a familiar position:

Wednesday Link List

This cartoon — which I discovered we’ve used before (in color) — highlights the need to be able to function on a number of levels. To some common folk, there are philosophical issues raised in the first panel which are possibly above their pay grade. But the highbrow intellectual or academic might totally miss the […]

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