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Afghani Feminist in Metal Body Suit Is Driven Off the Streets of Kabul and Forced Into Hiding

This piece of declarative performance art would be brave enough on the streets of any European capital. In Kabul, it's downright dangerous, as Kubra Khademi found out.An Afghan artist has been forced into hiding after receiving death threats for dressing in a metal suit featuring exaggerated breasts and buttocks,... Show More Summary

A Letter to the Muslim Action Forum Regarding Blasphemy in the U.K.

This is a guest post by Caleb Powell. Caleb blogs for the Karachi based Express Tribune. He co-authored the book/film I Think You're Totally Wrong: A Quarrel, published by Knopf and premiering this spring at Vancouver's DOXA Documentary...Show More Summary

“Moderate” Muslim Asim Qureshi Dodges Every Tough Question in British TV Interview: “I Am Not a Theologian”

It's rare to see a BBC interviewer apply pressure to a seemingly middle-of-the-road Muslim guest. Sure: firebrands like Anjem Choudary are routinely peppered with critical questions, but Muslims who present themselves as moderates are...Show More Summary

Weekend Link List

Featured Links Don’t miss the bonus short takes at the bottom. The Pastor in the Larger Community – This is one of a series currently running at Pomomusings: “…I thought it was some Christian youth thing, but found out it was a free community event that was requesting people to give five minute presentations about […]

Disney’s Cinderella Is a Fundamentalist’s Wet Dream

When my daughters, 10 and 12, went to Florida with me recently, we flew into Orlando. To my great relief, neither of them expressed any interest in going to Disney World; we spent a great day at NASA's Kennedy Space Center instead.I've...Show More Summary

10 Myths Christians Believe About Other Christians

Faulty assumptions can torpedo conversations before they begin. Here are 10 myths to watch out for. The post 10 Myths Christians Believe About Other Christians appeared first on OnFaith.

Evangelist Kent Hovind Found Guilty on Contempt of Court Charge

This morning,... the jury in the trial of Pensacola evangelist Kent Hovind returned their verdict convicting Hovind on one of four counts he was facing, and his co-defendant Paul John Hansen on two of five.Hovind was found guilty of contempt for filing paperwork disputing the government's right to sell his property.

The Fallacy of Philosophical Logic & Reasoning An Insight into Ibn Taymiyya’s Radd ‘ala al-Mantiqiyyin

The great British philosopher, logician and mathematician, Bertrand Russell (1872 – 1970) wrote in his autobiography (1950, p. 395): When I survey my life, it seems to me to be a useless one, devoted to impossible ideals. My activities...Show More Summary

Wednesday Link List

Featured Links Passivity, Submission, Bullying and Christian Womanhood – “As I grew up, I watched my Christian mother take a lot of emotional and verbal abuse…from my father and my older siblings, from people at church, her own siblings (my aunts and uncles), and neighbors. My mother rarely stood up for herself when she was […]

This Year, Religious Fraudsters Will Bag a Record $50 Billion — “a Huge Jump,” Says the Trinity Foundation

A billion here, a billion there, and pretty soon we're talking about real money.The Trinity Foundation noted that for 2015 alone it's estimated that international religious fraud will exceed donations to global missions. "The researchers...Show More Summary

On a Berlin Stage, Writers with Islamic-Sounding Names Turn Hate Mail Into Raucous Laughter

Watching the videos of Richard Dawkins reading his hate mail was an unexpected pleasure.Sometimes, that's the best you can do with nasty insults and vicious invective -- defang them by spinning the tar into comedy gold. That's exactly...Show More Summary

FOX News Hires Alveda King, Who Is Anti-Abortion and Anti-Divorce Despite Having Obtained Several of Each Herself

A new face on FOX News:Fox News has signed Alveda King, the niece of civil-rights icon Martin Luther King Jr., as a contributor, Fox president Roger Ailes announced [on Friday]. King will provide regular social and cultural commentary...Show More Summary

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Featured links The Two-Man Men’s Fellowship - “Some years ago I knew of a young man with what was, to all appearances, a fine and stable Christian walk. After leaving home, he fell badly, and unrepentedly. His parents were utterly heartbroken. Knowing this situation led me to reconsider what I was doing with my son […]

Another Female Interviewer on a Muslim News Show Dares Defy a Male Guest

Female Muslim TV hosts are beginning to make a delicious habit of their uppity insolence.Last month we enjoyed the spectacle of a Saudi TV host losing her composure and laughing in a male guest's face when he proposed something absurdly sexist and offensive.Now it's the turn of interviewer Rima Karaki of Lebanon's Al-Jadeed TV. Show More Summary

Harold and Kumar and Chris(t): Thank God For Marijuana, Pot Priest Says

Judge less, love more. That's the message that the Rev. Chris Schuller, 55, wants to spread in a video aimed at asking tolerance for marijuana users."[T]hanking God for weed might feel a little awkward at first," says the Rev. Chris Schuller -- a former rector at St. Show More Summary

Help the FSSP Expand into Mexico

We have received the following information from Fr Daniel Heenan of the Fraternity of St Peter, concerning their plans to open a new house of formation in Guadalajara, Mexico. I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your...Show More Summary

Bryan Fischer Claims Job, Far from Being a Biblical Hero, Should Have Done More to Defend God’s Wrath

What's the moral of the biblical story of Job?My understanding of it has always been that it's about a man who -- despite all the horrible things that happen to him during his life -- remains completely loyal to God. For that loyalty,...Show More Summary

Christine Weick, Who Denounced “Satanic” Monster Energy Drinks, Weighs In On “Stigmata Soda” On Tosh.0

[Caution: This post is possibly NSFW]We're not the only ones who can't get enough of Christine Weick, the crazy Christian lady who warned last year that Monster energy drinks are the work of the devil. Weick, who has since drawn attention...Show More Summary

Disagreement for the sake of heaven

I had the opportunity to do something really neat last night -- to participate in a livestreamed Torah discussion with two colleagues, organized as part of 9 Adar: the Jewish Day of Constructive Conflict. What's 9 Adar? Glad you asked:...

Wednesday Link List

  Don’t forget to read the short-takes following the featured links… Sundays are Still the Worst - A year ago here we linked to a website dedicated to stories of servers in restaurants who are forced to deal with an influx of church-goers whose behavior is abominable. Sundays Are The Worst still gets submissions, but […]

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