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How Churches Can Better Support LGBT+ Christians

A celibate gay Christian on how traditional churches fail to provide a space for lgbt+ people to thrive. The post How Churches Can Better Support LGBT+ Christians appeared first on OnFaith.

Creationist Explains to Eighth Grader How Humans Came Into Existence: “POOF! God Made ‘Em”

Regular readers of this site are undoubtedly familiar with Chad by now. He's the young atheist who has flummoxed a number of Christian debaters over the years.Looks like he's still at the top of his game when it comes to asking questions that trip up Creationists. Show More Summary

Courage is Necessary....Take Action Today, with Love!

We are powerful beyond measure. We are here to be in service to our purpose.  We are the people. Everytime I think about the great women I know and have inspired me I am brought to tears.  For all that have come before me and all that will follow. Show More Summary

Beyond the Sea - Love Never Dies - Dr. Jamie Gets to the Heart of the Matter

Somewhere beyond the sea, somewhere my lover stands on and watches the ships that go sailing. Somewhere beyond the sea, she is there watching for me. If I could fly like birds on high, it's far beyond the stars Enjoy this Flight of the Soul note to take loving action.  Dr. Show More Summary

One Hand Piano Man. Inspiration comes in many Forms.

Everyone loves an underdog story.  Overcoming obstacles placed in the path of achievement against great odds. While I can't even imagine what it would be like to not have one of my hands.  Nothing can stop up but our own thinking about...Show More Summary

Wednesday Link List

Before we begin, as a public service, here is your horoscope for today: Of the things I clicked this week, here’s what I bookmarked to share this Wednesday: Was this a reaction to Charleston? I have a hard time taking this facial recognition software for church attendance seriously… …And reaction has come from many quarters. […]

I Was a Guest Speaker at a Church Last Sunday

In May of 2013, Kile Jones launched a nation-wide project called Interview an Atheist at Church Day where he matched atheists and preachers for video-recorded conversations in their churches. I had immediately signed up as a candidate, but he was not able to find a match for me. Show More Summary

I Refuse To Discuss Mars In Cancer

Last time, I discussed how the current transit of Mars through Cancer will have a tendency to make people moody, irritable, and blame the wrong person or situations for their problems. Having studied the nature of Mars in Cancer further in order to get into character to write this blog entry... Show More Summary

Trailer: Honeyglue

[youtube][/youtube] "Honeyglue" follows the story of Morgan (Adriana Mather), who flips her conservative, protected life upside down after learning she has three months left to live. She sets out on a bucket list of adventures with a purse snatching ex-junkie cross dresser Jordan (Zach Villa).

I'm Only Human

[embed][/embed] Why is being a human so hard? Why is taking the high road even harder? I remember being in my twenties and truly only living for me. I wanted everything my way and when things didn't go my way, I moaned, groaned and had a big chip on my shoulder like the world owed me something. Show More Summary

Cultural moment: President Obama sings "Amazing Grace"

Here’s today’s dispatch from the crossroads of faith, media and culture. A 336-year-old hymn is amazingly relevant today. Carolyn Rossi Copeland, the executive producer of the new Broadway musical Amazing Grace,  emailed me "The president...Show More Summary

23 Persecutions that Failed to Destroy Christianity

The Supreme Court decision in Obergefell v. Hodges on Friday raises troubling questions about the future of religious freedom in the United States.  Most ominously, Justice Kennedy writing for the court seemed to circumscribe the freedom of religion as no longer the exercise of one’s faith, but merely the profession of it. All four of […]

The Religious Right’s Racism is Still a Serious Problem for the GOP

In the wake of any tragedy, victims and their families often struggle to understand why something so terrible has happened. In the wake of the Charleston shooting at the Emanuel African Methodist Episcopal Church, that question was rapidly asked and answered. Show More Summary

The Core Principles of an Anti-Gay Bigot

Americans For Truth About Homosexuality (AFTAH) -- an organization dedicated to spreading lies about homosexuality and one that is rightfully considered an anti-gay "hate group" by the Southern Poverty Law Center -- just released its first draft of "Core Principles and Beliefs." So this should be interesting. How many core values just reek of bigotry?

Pat Robertson Tells Woman to Avoid Her Wiccan Neighbors Because “They’ll Destroy Your Children”

Giver of all wisdom Pat Robertson was asked on The 700 Club about how a woman should respond to her new Wiccan neighbors. Should they be friends? Should she allow her son to befriend their daughter?Robertson, as expected, responded with the love of Christ: By telling the woman to avoid them at all costs before they ruin her family.

Trust Black Women: God is Change

The fourth installment in a series of articles that Laura McTighe is writing for The Revealer about issues at the intersection of race and religion.

Disney May Be Developing a Film About Charles Darwin

Charles Darwin has had a rough go in theaters over the years. The most recent biopic, 2010's Creation with Paul Bettany and Jennifer Connelly, made less than a million dollars worldwide and was barely memorable.The Pirates! Band of Misfits...Show More Summary

Wednesday Link List

It’s now been 1,000 days that Saeed has been in prison in Iraq. Calvinism is slowly replacing Baptist Traditionalism in the Southern Baptist Conference. After being banned, InterVarsity Christian Fellowship has been reinstated on 19 California college campuses. Quickly, what percentage of the worship choruses your church sings are in minor keys? Even the ones […]

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