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Mitt Romney On Clinton: 'It Looks Like Bribery'

If anyone would recognize criminal behavior, it would be this weasel. A terrible politician, a guy who's the target of a racketeering suit, and he's accusing Hillary Clinton of bribery? Former Republican presidential nominee Mitt Romney...Show More Summary

NY Times’ Jeremy Peters: Media Matters Exists to “Misdirect” Attacks on Hillary Clinton [Video]

New York Times reporter Jeremy Peters appeared on MSNBC’s Now with Alex Wagner yesterday to discuss the controversy surrounding the Clintons. The issues were whether or not they provided favors in return for money that either they or their family foundation received over the years, as alleged in the new book Clinton Cash, and how they were […]

Twitter Plays a Game of #SaySomethingNiceAboutHillary

yesterdayNews : Mediaite

The 2016 presidential election has begun, and you know what that means... trending hashtags about the candidates. And this time it's Hillary Clinton who's managed to set off a huge Twitter trend today.

Gowdy vs. Hillary Clinton: Benghazi Panel calls Hillary to Testify in May

The exact date is May 18th, but it may be a long shot at best since Trey Gowdy (chairman on the Select Committee in charge of investigating Benghazi) insists on a transcript during the hearing. Hillary, now an official 2016 White House candidate, will probably refuse to agree to those terms.

Hillary's Infamous Women in the World Talk Isn't Quite as Awful As You've Heard (Though It's Still Awful)

During what was supposedly a rousing speech yesterday at the Women in the World Summit (held in David H. Koch Theater, as it happens), Hillary Clinton touched on a number of issues where women’s welfare has improved but hasn’t reached...Show More Summary

Hillary Clinton: ‘Religious beliefs’ against abortion ‘have to be changed’

Pro-abortion 'laws have to be backed up with resources, and political will,' she said.

David Harsanyi on Hillary Clinton's Awkward Class War Rhetoric

yesterdayNews : Reason

Near the end of a recent New York Times article detailing the imaginary populist roots of Hillary Clinton —the original Elizabeth Warren, her people would have you believe—the reader crashes into an implausible scene, wherein, confronted...Show More Summary

Mitt Romney: Foreign Donations to Clinton Foundation Look Like ‘Bribery’

yesterdayNews : Mediaite

Former Massachusetts Gov. and Republican presidential nominee Mitt Romney likened controversial donations to the Clinton Foundation to "bribery" when Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton was the nation's top diplomat.

The Insiders: How do the Clinton scandals end?

In a compelling read, The Post’s Chris Cillizza just declared that Hillary Clinton “had the worst week in Washington.” Fortunately for Clinton, we all know that things in Washington can turn on a dime. Bad news recedes from the headlines, momentum shifts and today’s scandals and gaffes fade into distant memories. But given the long […]

MSNBC: 'A Lot of Holes' in 'Clinton Cash'; 'Hard to Prove' Without E-Mail Trail

On her Friday MSNBC show, host Andrea Mitchell dismissed the upcoming Clinton Cash book as having "a lot of holes" in its corruption allegations against Bill and Hillary Clinton: "There is the question of, how do you connect the policy...Show More Summary

Cruz Urges Clinton to Return Foreign Donations Made to Clinton Foundation

Ted Cruz said that Hillary Clinton must return all donations made by foreign governments to the Clinton Foundation since they represent a clear case of conflict of interest.

Ex-GOP Governor: ‘I Call on Hillary Clinton to Withdraw from the Race’

yesterdayNews : Mediaite

A 2008 Republican candidate you've probably never heard of (and potential 2016 Republican candidate you've probably never heard of) declared on MSNBC today, "I call on Hillary Clinton to withdraw from the race."

'It looks like bribery'? Actually, it doesn't

Like so many of Mitt Romney's allegations, his over-the-top accusation against Hillary Clinton appears to be completely untrue.

[VIDEO] Hillary Tells Christians They HAVE to Change Their Beliefs Over Abortion

As she warms up her new campaign for president, Hillary Clinton has a message for Christians: You morons better change your feelings on abortion or you are denying women “health

Hillary Clinton to hold first Hollywood fundraisers May 7

Hollywood is getting ready to pitch in for Hillary Rodham Clinton's presidential campaign.

Clinton cash — “not a shred of evidence”?

(Paul Mirengoff) Team Clinton spokesman Brian Fallon responded to the New York Times Clinton Foundation/Russian uranium deal story by asserting that there is not a “shred of evidence” Hillary Clinton approved the deal to reward donors of the Clinton Foundation. Show More Summary

Seth Meyers, The Unfunny MSNBC Hack Who For Some Reason Was Accidentally Employed as a Comic on NBC, Decries the Bias of Peter Schweitzer, Defends Hillary

If you watch this video, which I think you should, just because you need to understand his whine to get the punchline ahead, you'll see that he makes several points about Hillary Clinton's cover-ups and conflicts of interest. Sethie is...

Dog the Bounty Hunter devastates Fox News by informing them he prefers Hillary Clinton

"I think you're powerful and heroic but the fact that you endorse Clinton makes me sadder than 'The Notebook'"

Schweizer's Publisher: There Is No Forthcoming "Book" On Jeb Bush

Journalists have suggested that conservative author Peter Schweizer's forthcoming book attacking Hillary Clinton is more credible because he will follow it up with a similar book examining Jeb Bush. But according to his publisher, no...Show More Summary

Can Hillary Come Between Friends?

This week the Cut explores the messy, loving, spiteful, supportive, competitive, joyful, and funny sides of friendship. When Hillary Clinton announced she was finally, officially running for president this month, a series of ultimatums began popping up in my Twitter feed. They fit into two categories: “Unfollow me now if... More »

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