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Gold Nanoparticles in Hybrid Cardiac “Patch”

11 months agoIndustries / Medical : medGadget

There is often a shortage in organ donations, and hearts themselves do not contain many stem cells to regenerate once injured or diseased. Researchers Dr. Tal Dvir and his graduate student Michal Shevach at Tel Aviv University’s Department...Show More Summary

Bilgel & Galle: Tax Incentives and Organ Donation

Firat Bilgel (Okan University, Istanbul) & Brian D. Galle (Boston College), Paying for Altruism: The Case of Organ Donation Revisited: Although many commentators have called for increased efforts to incentivize organ donations, theorists and some evidence suggest these efforts will be ineffective or even could perversely crowd out altruistic efforts....

Are Organ Donation Opt-Out Systems More Beneficial than Opt-In Systems?

The University of Nottingham, the University of Stirling and Northumbria University have studies showing that overall, an opt-out system might provide a greater number of organs for transplant but many factors can influence the success of either system. A repository of accessible information would help individual countries decide which one would be better for them. […]

Demonstrating Decellularized Heart Valves

11 months agoHealth / Aging : Fight Aging

Decellularization of donor organs and tissue sections has been demonstrated in laboratory animals and trialed in humans for some years now. It is clearly an improvement over straight organ donation in that it greatly reduces transplant...Show More Summary

WHEN REDISTRIBUTION COMES TO ORGAN DONATIONS: Liver transplant plan could punish donor-rich South. …

WHEN REDISTRIBUTION COMES TO ORGAN DONATIONS: Liver transplant plan could punish donor-rich South. Well, Obama did promise to punish his enemies, and these are red states....

Merrillville Officer Succumbs to Wounds

A hero, even in death, via organ donation : Merrillville Police Officer Nickolaus Schultz, 24, was taken off life support Sunday morning, less than two days after he was shot in the head while responding to a call.Robert Byrd, spokesman...Show More Summary

One way to boost organ donations: Just keep asking

One possible solution for America's growing need for organ donors could be relatively simple, according to new research: just keep asking. About 123,000 Americans are waiting for an organ transplant — a wait that kills 18 people each day, according to the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services. The waiting list has grown sixfold […]

Here's One Unexpected Problem From Self-Driving Cars — We Lose A Way To Get Organ Donations

If the world eventually adopts self-driving cars, there could be an unexpected secondary impact on the availability of donor organs. Google's doing self-driving cars because they are safer than the current human-operated situation that claims an average of 3,287 lives every single day. Show More Summary

A Clash of Religion and Bioethics Complicates Organ Donation in Israel

Questions on mortality and brain death have left the country with a low rate of deceased organ donation.

Bullied Teen’s Organ Donation Denied Because He Was Gay

Alexander "A.J." Betts Jr., a 16-year-old from Pleasant Hills, Iowa, committed suicide in 2013 after dealing with bullying and ridicule over his sexual orientation. But, as common as that story is, this isn't what this post is about....Show More Summary

Boy's Organ Donation Rejected Because He's Gay

Alexander Betts Jr's heart, liver, kidneys, and lungs all went to recipients when he died following a suicide attempt last year. His eyes, however, did not—because Betts was gay, the Washington Post reports. The 16-year-old's suicide attempt followed years of bullying in Pleasant Hill, Iowa, where he stood out...

Gay Teen’s Eyes Rejected For Organ Donation

A gay teen’s eyes were rejected for organ donation by the Food and Drug Administration because of his sexual orientation. The teen, Alexander “AJ” Betts, attempted suicide in July 2013 and died shortly after. His mother, Sheryl Moore, said he was outed as gay about a year and a half before his death. Betts requested

Gay Teen’s Organ Donation Rejected

Alexander Betts attempted suicide in July, 2013, and died soon after. He wanted to be an organ donor. While is heart went to a 14-year-old, his eyes were rejected. A Food and Drug Administration’s guidance for donor eligibility says men who have had sex with men in the past five years “should” be ruled as [...]

Organ donations on the rise among Latinos at County-USC Medical Center

Latinos who die at Los Angeles County-USC Medical Center are donating organs for transplantation at increasing rates, according to a new study.

Aggressive outreach increases organ donation among Hispanic Americans

Bottom Line: An outreach campaign that included local media and culturally sensitive educational programs in targeted neighborhoods was associated with an increase in consent rates for organ donation among Hispanic Americans in the Los...Show More Summary

Death of 7-year-old donor helps save at least 4 lives in Xiamen

The organs of a seven-year-old boy who passed away in Xiamen on July 29 are now helping save the lives of at least four other patients, according to the Red Cross Organ Donation Office. [ more › ]

NY falls short of national average in organ donation

A study from Excellus BlueCross BlueShield showed 22% of New York adults in the donor registry, compared with 48% nationally. The study also said 539 New Yorkers died awaiting a transplant last year while others became too sick and ineligible.

Physicians Have Higher Rate of Organ Donation Registration than General Public

A study that included about 15,000 physicians found that they were more likely to be registered as an organ donor compared to the general public, according to a study in the July 16 issue of JAMA.

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