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Tech at Night: Rand Paul replaces one data gathering program with another

[mc_name name='Sen. Rand Paul (R-KY)' chamber='senate' mcid='P000603' ] wants you to think that large-scale data mining on (publicly available) metadata is a horrible thing, and a massive threat to your privacy. Even when that data gathering is done with a warrant. Show More Summary

Jon Stewart rips grandstanding on surveillance: If the Patriot Act doesn’t work — why keep spying?

1 hour agoNews : The Raw Story

Jon Stewart mocked lawmakers and President Barack Obama for trying to scare Americans into supporting the Patriot Act. He played clips of several senators blasting Sen. Rand Paul (R-KY), who forced the expiration of some provisions of the legislation passed in the wake of the Sept. 11, 2001,...

NYT: Paul 'Sloganeering' to Boost 'Flagging' Campaign; Sanders Riding 'Contact High' of Acclaim

Two U.S. senators -- one Republican, the other a socialist who votes with the Democrats -- are outside candidates for president. Both were profiled in Monday's New York Times, but with quite different results. While Rand Paul's anti-surveillance...Show More Summary

Rand Paul’s Worst Enemy

What if Sen. Rand Paul is forcing the most substantive debate of the Republican nominating contest so far and killing it at the same time? On Sunday night, Paul took to the Senate floor to continue his fight against the government’s bulk collection of metadata. Show More Summary

Undercutting the Patriot Act Is a Major Win for Rand Paul and Edward Snowden

5 hours agoNews : Truthdig

The senator was a legislative force against the invasive law, but most of the credit goes to the now-exiled whistleblower who revealed the government’s massive and secret abuse of our privacy rights.

Rand Paul Stands Firm

Yesterday, Senator Rand Paul stood firmly for his beliefs on the floor of the Senate. As a result, portions of the USA PATRIOT Act have been allowed to lapse today. Whether you think this is a tragedy, a victory, or even an absoluteShow More Summary

Barney Frank Calls Out Rand Paul's Double Standard On Civil Liberties Following Patriot Act Expiration

6 hours agoNews : Huffington Post

Sen. Rand Paul (R-Ky.), a vocal critic of the Patriot Act for what he says is its "unconstitutional" invasion of citizens' privacy, was criticized Monday by former Rep. Barney Frank for ignoring some civil liberties. "I think Rand Paul sincerely believes what he says," Frank, the former Massachusetts Democrat, told HuffPost Live's Alyona Minkovski. Show More Summary

Katie Couric to Bernie Sanders: Aren’t You and Rand Paul in ‘Lockstep’ on NSA?

6 hours agoNews : Mediaite

On the issue of NSA surveillance and the Patriot Act, Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders probably has a lot more in common with Republican candidate Rand Paul than he does with Hillary Clinton. The senator reluctantly admitted that fact during an interview with Yahoo News' Katie Couric Monday afternoon.

Rand Paul's libertarian street cred

IN A panel discussion at Harvard University on Saturday, Viet Dinh, who served as assistant attorney general in George W. Bush’s administration and was the chief architect of the USA Patriot Act, was asked whether it was true that Barack Obama’s national security policies were largely a continuation of Mr Bush’s. Show More Summary

The Insiders: Rand Paul’s Patriot Act gamble — gadfly or leader?

Sen. Rand Paul (R-Ky.) has forced the expiration of key provisions of the USA Patriot Act. In doing so, he unleashed criticism from his Senate colleagues and a consensus of national security experts, with many accusing the senator of political grandstanding meant to boost his bid for the White House in 2016. To be clear, […]

Listen: The Washington Report

  Talk Radio News Service White House correspondent Victoria Jones talks with Gary Baumgarten for the Paltalk News Network about Lindsey Graham’s presidential bid, Rand Paul’s lonely fight against the NSA, protection of Internet threat speech, John Kerry’s spill and the death of Beau Biden.

HUFFPOST HILL - South Carolina Bachelor To Go Ramblin'

7 hours agoNews : Huffington Post

Senate Republicans convened in the Strom Thurmond meeting room to complain about Rand Paul’s antics and not, for what it’s worth, that there’s a Strom Thurmond meeting room. John McCain, for one, lambasted Paul’s moves as a “fundraising exercise,” one that was probably keeping John McCain from some fundraising exercises back home. Show More Summary

The First Fight for 2016's GOP Hopefuls: Surveillance

On Monday, former Florida governor Jeb Bush staked out a position on National Security Agency (NSA) surveillance in opposition to his libertarian rival for the 2016 GOP presidential nomination, Senator Rand Paul of Kentucky. Bush argued...Show More Summary

Who’s Behind the “Disinformation” Against the NSA?

Was he recognizing enemy agent Snowden’s important role in Senator Rand Paul’s (R-KY) victory in the Senate in closing down National Security Agency (NSA) terrorist surveillance authority?

Bernie Sanders Reluctantly Admits He Agrees With Rand Paul On NSA Surveillance

8 hours agoNews : Huffington Post

Democratic presidential candidate Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) and Republican presidential candidate Sen. Rand Paul (R-Ky.) may be on opposite sides of the aisle, but they do see eye to eye on the issue of government surveillance. InShow More Summary

Relationship Expert: The GOP Is Doomed As a Party, Should Seek Divorce

Actually no relationship expert said that, not really. I was observing the rift between Rand Paul and John McCain. Really the rift between Paul and most of the party, and that got me thinking about the rift between the RINOs...

How Mitch McConnell Proved Rand Paul Right

A part of the Patriot Act that the National Security Agency relied on to collect bulk intelligence on Americans expired just after midnight on Monday—and that’s just fine. This country is not any less safe; it may be a little more so, if one factors in the advantages of forcing the N.S.A. Show More Summary

Ira Stoll on Jeb Bush and George H.W. Bush

9 hours agoNews : Reason

Even without Father’s Day approaching later this month, writes Ira Stoll, it would be hard to escape the feeling that fathers are playing an outsized role in this year’s presidential race. Senator Rand Paul is in the headlines for forcing...Show More Summary

You Won't Believe What Rand Paul Said About His Environmental Record

Here's a short quiz to see how well you've been paying attention to the 2016 presidential campaign. Q: Which Presidential candidate makes this statement in a new book? "I'm a crunchy conservative and a tree hugger and proud of it." Is...Show More Summary

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