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GOP presidential hopeful Cruz criticizes Lynch, skips vote

WASHINGTON (AP) — Republican presidential candidate Ted Cruz issued a stark warning against confirmation of Loretta Lynch as President Barack Obama's attorney general — then was the lone senator to skip the crucial Senate vote. On Wednesday, he was absent for a vote on a bill expanding law enforcement tools to target sex traffickers and create a new fund to help victims.

Rabbis and Pope Together Confront Dark Era in History

Perhaps for the first time in centuries, Christians are on the run. Ethnic and religious groups face persecution to various degrees at all times, but the Christian experience in the Arab Middle East has been especially stark. With the fall of Saddam Hussein and further amplification of extremist Islam, Christians have run across the region [...]Show More Summary

Distinguished pol of the week

  Sen. Marco Rubio (R-Fla.) delivered the most memorable announcement speech of the presidential cycle and spent the week highlighting the stark contrast between the young, forward-looking policy wonk and Hillary Clinton. Rubio had witty comebacks for tricky questions and delivered a tough foreign policy speech in New Hampshire, getting two standing ovations, calling for […]

Corporate Lobbyists Outspend the Rest of us 34 to 1

Lee Drutman looks at the real problem with lobbying in the American political system: Looking at lobbying in the aggregate, what jumps out is the stark imbalance in resources. Corporations blow everyone else out of the water. Business...Show More Summary

How Will Clinton 2016 Be Different from Clinton 2008?

Cathleen Decker, Los Angeles Times: If Hillary Rodham Clinton gets her way, there will be stark differences between her failed 2008 run for president and the White House campaign she embarked upon Sunday -- and not just the end result. Show More Summary

Cop's killing of Walter Scott is stark proof of policing crisis

With the death of Walter Scott, the 50-year-old black man shot in the back by a white police officer in North Charleston, S.C., there are fewer Americans who will argue that we do not have a policing problem in America.

Daily dose: The GOP's unpopular agenda edition

2 weeks agoUS Politics / Liberal : BlueNC

GOP Legislature vs. The People – A new survey of North Carolina registered voters shows a stark divide between the Republican-dominated legislature and the people it represents. Only 31% of North Carolinians agree with the legislature’s GOP leadership The who think business owners should be allowed to refuse service to gay customers. Show More Summary

SciFi Weekend: Agents of SHIELD; Better Call Saul; Arrow; The Flash; The Americans; Outlander; 12 Monkeys; Orphan Black; Continuum; X-Files; Big Bang Theory; Good Riddance, Carrie Matheson

It felt like almost every show I watched last week had major episodes. Agents of SHIELD went back to the events of Captain America: Winter Soldier and showed the origin of the other SHIELD. Will Nick Fury or Tony Stark settle this dispute? Better Call Saul revealed who was sabotaging Jimmy’s career all along. Arrow [...]Show More Summary

The Role of Super PACs in Menendez Corruption Charges

The indictment of Senator Robert Menendez illustrates in stark terms the corrupting role that Super PACs now play in our political system. The Menendez indictment alleges that a donor gave $600,000 in corporate funds to Senate Majority PAC, a Super PAC, and earmarked the money for the senator's reelection campaign. Show More Summary

Surprise: Nets ID Robert Menendez as a Democrat Nine Times in Less Than 24 Hours

In a stark departure from the usual routine, the networks on Wednesday night and Thursday morning repeatedly identified scandal-plagued Senator Robert Menendez as a Democrat, mentioning his affiliation nine times in just six stories. NBC spotlighted Menendez's party four times. ABC highlighted it three times and CBS twice.

PBS' Newshour Provides A Much-Needed Lesson To Right-Wing Media In Covering Racial Disparities In Education

A segment on PBS' Newshour provided an example of how media should cover racial disparities in school discipline and educational achievement -- as well as a stark contrast with how right-wing media outlets have covered the same issues. On...Show More Summary

Arab Summit Will Highlight Stark Differences Between the US and Its Main Arab Allies in the Fight Against Extremism

On March 28-29, Egypt will host a two-day Arab Summit, with Arab cooperation in the fight against terrorism high on the agenda. The Egyptian regime has made it clear it will use the occasion to further solidify its alignment with Saudi...Show More Summary

MAP: The Consequences of Republican Trickle-Down Economics

This week, Congress will vote on the House and Senate Republican Budget Resolutions for Fiscal Year 2016. The Republican budgets rely on the same failed trickle-down economics as in previous years, standing in stark contrast to the President’s FY 2016 budget, which strengthens our economy and the middle class. Show More Summary

After Right-To-Work, The Conservative Media Coronation Of Scott Walker Signals A New War On The Middle Class

Right-wing media and conservative financial interests are touting Gov. Scott Walker's latest anti-worker move as a model for America, but his policies will harm the economy and stand in stark contrast with the GOP's recent attempts to...Show More Summary

Voters Want a President Who Will Fight ISIS — WSJ/NBC News Poll

Americans – and especially Republicans – want a presidential candidate who backs using combat troops against Islamic State militants, a stark reversal from the isolationist stance of just a year ago, a new WSJ/NBC News poll shows.

Why My Kentucky Kinfolks Can Sleep Easier Than My Tennessee Kinfolks

If the Supreme Court rules in favor of the plaintiffs in King v. Burwell, nowhere will the effect be more stark than along the 400-mile border between two states my family has called home, Tennessee and Kentucky. In the state where I grew up, Tennessee, thousands of people would in all likelihood be forced back into the ranks of the uninsured. Show More Summary

The Perils Of Protecting Bill O'Reilly

Always viewing conflicts through the prism of partisan warfare, conservative media have been faced with a stark choice as Bill O'Reilly's long list of confirmed fabrications pile up in public view. They can defend the Fox News host no matter what, while lashing out his "far-left" critics for daring to fact-check the host. Show More Summary

The Consequence The Supreme Court Obamacare Challenge

The Supreme Court hears the latest challenge to Obamacare this week.  The consequences of a decision (which won’t come until June) are stark: As a result, the elimination of the subsidies would destabilize the individual insurance markets in states not running their own marketplaces. Under the ACA, insurers would still be required to guarantee access [...]

Rubio draws contrast with Bush in New Hampshire appearance

MANCHESTER, N.H. —Sen. Marco Rubio of Florida used his first trip of the year to New Hampshire Tuesday to stress his working-class and immigrant family experiences -- appearing to draw a stark contrast with potential rival Jeb Bush in the process. In a speech at the popular Politics & Eggs breakfast forum here, Rubio said […]

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