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Maybe Jeb Bush doesn’t have to pander to the right wing after all

When Jeb Bush said last December that the Republican nominee would have to be willing to “lose the primary to win the general without violating your principles,” it sounded like either a starkly realistic assessment of the dynamics of Republican presidential politics or an awfully naïve statement of what was actually possible for a Republican […]

Ivy League honors conservative justices by not honoring them

(Paul Mirengoff) Law professor John McGinnis finds that Ivy League schools are giving short shrift to conservative Supreme Court justices when they confer honorary degrees. Is anyone surprised? The numbers are stark. Of the fourteenShow More Summary

Clinton Lays Out Climate Change Plan

“Setting ambitious goals for producing energy from the sun, wind and other renewable sources, Hillary Clinton seized on an issue Monday that increasingly resonates with Democratic voters and sets up a stark contrast with the Republican presidential field,” the New [...]

Officials Declining To Issue Gay Marriage Licenses Is Not The Same Thing As Segregation

This letter to the editor by Eric Burin has appeared in a few of the state’s newspapers, and I’ve heard others making a similar argument as well. Burin argues that the decision by county records here in North Dakota – one in Stark County (Dickinson) and one in Walsh County (Grafton) – to authorize someone...

What will Bill Cosby say this time?

"The stark contrast between Bill Cosby, the public moralist, and Bill Cosby, the subject of serious allegations concerning improper (and perhaps criminal) conduct, is a matter to which the AP - and by extension the public - has a significant interest."

President Obama Gets Greeted by Confederate Flags in Oklahoma City

On Wednesday night, demonstrators on the streets of Oklahoma City waved Confederate flags as President Obama's motorcade arrived, a stark scene captured by a New York Times photographer. The scene as President Obama's motorcade arrived at his hotel in Oklahoma City tonight. Show More Summary

Murder Rates Are Plummeting As Concealed Carry Handgun Permits Soar

This must drive gun-haters absolutely stark raving mad! Good times. Since 2007, concealed handgun permits have roughly tripled and the murder rate has fallen by about 25%. If an evil

Jailers in chief?

AMERICA'S criminal-justice system is riddled with flaws. For a stark illustration of its problems, look no further than the country’s crowded prisons. The stats are now uncomfortably familiar: America has 5% of the world’s population but a quarter of its prisoners—more per capita than any developed country. Show More Summary

Donald Trump's immigration stance dividing GOP in Arizona

PHOENIX (AP) — Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump is drawing larger crowds as he continues to criticize immigration policies in stark language that has revealed a deep divide between immigration hawks and moderates who are...Show More Summary

On Television: Who Is Harmed By Stark County Recorder Objecting To Gay Marriage Licenses?

I was on television last night and our topic of discussion was the Stark County (Dickinson) recorder, Kathy Schwab, who doesn’t want to issue gay marriage licenses. I have been amazed by the blowback on social media against Schwab’s decision, particularly because nobody in Stark County is being denied a marriage license. Berg tried to...

The GOP’s Two Latino Problems

With his angry rants against undocumented immigrants, Donald Trump is a stark reminder of the GOP’s terrible problem with Latino voters. In short, Latinos don’t like—or trust—the Republican Party. But Trump also illustrates a second, more complicated problem. Show More Summary

North Dakota County Recorder Doesn’t Want To Issue Gay Marriage Licenses

Some interesting news from Stark County (Dickinson) in western North Dakota. The county recorder there has religious objections to gay marriage and has asked the county commission to let someone else issue licenses to gay couples: The discussion topic was brought up by Stark County State’s Attorney Tom Henning, who said recorder Kathy Schwab had...

Yes, U.S. locks people up at a higher rate than any other country

“It’s a stark fact that the United States has less than 5 percent of the world’s population, yet we have almost 25 percent of the world’s total prison population. The numbers today are much higher than they were 30, 40 years ago despite the fact that crime is at historic lows.” –Hillary Rodham Clinton (D), speech […]

Glock Pistol Used in Church Massacre a Favorite of Mass Shooters

The Glock pistol reportedly used by alleged South Carolina mass murderer Dylann Roof stands as a stark example of the gun industry's marketing of increased lethality. Since the mid-1980s, increased firepower and capacity have defined the products of the gun industry--of both U.S. Show More Summary

What Is Dead May Never Die (Game of Thrones Spoilers Ahead)

Last night’s Game of Thrones season finale was a doozy. Many people are as freaked out about the ending as I was. But, I have some encouragement. I will put my thoughts below the fold. Ever since Ned Stark was killed, we’ve gotten used to beloved characters being killed off. Show More Summary

The Drastically Different Way Howard Kurtz Covers Murdoch Scandals Now That He Works For Fox News

In a report on the Murdoch restructure of Fox News' parent company, Fox's Howard Kurtz glazed over the 2011 phone hacking controversy that implicated the Murdoch family in England -- a stark contrast to Kurtz's critical reporting ofShow More Summary

NEWS FROM THE GODS OF THE COPYBOOK HEADINGS: NHS chief warns women not to wait until 30 to have bab…

NEWS FROM THE GODS OF THE COPYBOOK HEADINGS: NHS chief warns women not to wait until 30 to have baby as country faces a fertility timebomb. “One of Britain’s top NHS fertility specialists last night issued a stark warning to women: Start trying for a baby before you’re 30 – or risk never having children. […]

Historic and deadly flooding in Texas

Texas has been hammered by devastating flooding.  Parts of Houston, the country's fourth largest city, are underwater and it's a stark contrast to the severe...

Sheriff, Police Being Sued over Bungled Dickinson Arson Case

The newly elected Stark County Sheriff, along with two Dickinson Police Officers and the City of Dickinson, are being sued by a former parochial High School Principal over their handling of an arson investigation  stemming from a March 2014 fire at the school. Former Dickinson Trinity Principal Thomas Sander filed suit in federal court today...

Your Filthily Stupid, Pig-Ignorant Leftist Media: Who Are Those Non-Kardashian Men Flanking Rick Perry?

The left knows the things it thinks is important, such as Lena Dunham, Taylor Swift, Sansa Stark, and the various pseudocelebrity satellites which orbit the naked singularity that is Kim Kardashian's ass. It doesn't know other things, such as highly...

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