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The Perils Of Protecting Bill O'Reilly

Always viewing conflicts through the prism of partisan warfare, conservative media have been faced with a stark choice as Bill O'Reilly's long list of confirmed fabrications pile up in public view. They can defend the Fox News host no matter what, while lashing out his "far-left" critics for daring to fact-check the host. Show More Summary

The Consequence The Supreme Court Obamacare Challenge

The Supreme Court hears the latest challenge to Obamacare this week.  The consequences of a decision (which won’t come until June) are stark: As a result, the elimination of the subsidies would destabilize the individual insurance markets in states not running their own marketplaces. Under the ACA, insurers would still be required to guarantee access [...]

Rubio draws contrast with Bush in New Hampshire appearance

MANCHESTER, N.H. —Sen. Marco Rubio of Florida used his first trip of the year to New Hampshire Tuesday to stress his working-class and immigrant family experiences -- appearing to draw a stark contrast with potential rival Jeb Bush in the process. In a speech at the popular Politics & Eggs breakfast forum here, Rubio said […]

The Quiet Global Transformation of Global Development

When I started working in emerging markets - or "least developed countries" as they were less politely known in 1990 - aid and investment were regarded as two starkly separate approaches to supporting development. Developing countries...Show More Summary

Watch How The Five Panel Reacts When Juan Williams Gives Obama Title of Best President Ever on Supporting the Military [Video]

Well, it’s official… Juan Williams is delusional. He’s gone stark raving, moonbat, ding dongs and lives in a totally different reality from everyone else. I would counter with there has

"We hear of the stark sentimentalist, who talks as if there were no problem at all: as if physical kindness would cure everything...."

"... as if one need only pat Nero and stroke Ivan the Terrible. This mere belief in bodily humanitarianism is not sentimental; it is simply snobbish. For if comfort gives men virtue, the comfortable classes ought to be virtuous — which is absurd. Show More Summary

Our New Series

Over recent months I've become increasingly interested in the stark and fairly recent, even sudden, changes in the global energy economy. We're all seeing lower gas prices, which affects all of us as consumers - either directly or indirectly. Show More Summary

Texans demand participation in selection of new president of the Federal Reserve of Dallas

Last week I went to an eye-opening conference on the real state of America's second economy. While former Texas Gov. Rick Perry touted the so-called Texas Miracle, the stark reality tells a much different story. The conference highlighted the role of the Federal Reserve in America's economy. Show More Summary

How to End Child Poverty for 60 Percent of Poor Children and 72 Percent of All Poor Black Children Today

Poverty hurts children and our nation’s future. This stark statement is backed by years of scientific research and the more we learn about the brain and its development the more devastatingly true we know this to be. Childhood poverty can and does scar children for life. Show More Summary

Spending Debate: Partisan Divide on Deficit Problem Signals More Tension Ahead

Stark partisan differences in the importance attached to making further deficit reductions, combined with the new deficit estimates, could spell more tension in the annual spending debate in Washington.

Rush Limbaugh's Gasoline Conspiracy Depends On The Price

Rush Limbaugh complained that low gasoline prices are a sure sign the U.S. economy is "in the tank," a stark turnaround for a radio host who previously told listeners that high gas prices were part of President Obama's plan to inflict...Show More Summary

Brownback Wants to Raise Taxes on Cigarettes, Booze

Kansas Gov. Sam Brownback, whose massive tax cuts became a cause celebre for conservatives but threw his state's budget into disarray, announced Friday that he would pursue tax increases.In a stark turnaround, the Republican called for...Show More Summary

In Spite of Dr. King's Dream, We Have Not Reached the Mountaintop

As we take the day to honor the legacy of the late Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., recent events are stark reminders that we have not reached the mountaintop where "all God's children, black men and white men, Jews and Gentiles, Protestants and Catholics, will be able to join hands." Today is a cause not for celebration but for mourning. Show More Summary

Economics Daily Digest: A tax plan to fight inequality, this year in Congress, Antonio Weiss

2 months agoUS Politics / Liberal : Daily Kos

By Rachel Goldfarb, originally published on Next New Deal Click here to subscribe to Roosevelt First, our weekday morning email featuring the Daily Digest. Democrats, in a Stark Shift in Messaging, to Make Big Tax-Break Pitch for Middle Class (WaPo) Lori Montgomery and Paul Kane explain Rep. Show More Summary


I’D BE INTERESTED IN SEEING WHAT THEIR INTERNAL POLLING LOOKS LIKE, BECAUSE IT MUST BE DREADFUL: Democrats, in a stark shift in messaging, to make big tax-break pitch for middle class. The GOP should start a bidding war on this stuff, but also include a few revenue enhancements that Democrats won’t like.

Differences Between Civil Rights Movement of 1963 and Today’s Illicit Nonsense is Stark

Comparing the wholly American and sensible demands issued by the real civil rights movement during the event that saw Martin Luther King deliver his “Dream” speech in August of 1963 to the mishmash of self aggrandizing nonsense belched...Show More Summary

Let’s not kid ourselves about the world

In President Obama’s worldview, the world is brimming with evidence of his strategic brilliance. For those of us in the reality-based community, the gap between his vision and geopolitical facts is stark. Iran is supposedly isolated, according to Obama, but then again, it can be a “very successful regional player.” The entire world is united […]

DEBLASIO’S NEW YORK: Forward, Into The Past! Is this Christmas 2014 — or 1974? A stark remi…

DEBLASIO’S NEW YORK: Forward, Into The Past! Is this Christmas 2014 — or 1974? A stark reminder of New York City’s bad old days appeared on the streets of Manhattan Thursday, as three-card monte dealers turned out in force on Fifth Avenue. An army of the shady gamblers — offering both crooked card and […]

Antarctica Ice Sheet is Disintegrating

In Antarctica, glaciers are sloshing seaward at an ever faster clip, ocean waters are warming, and, perhaps counterintuitively, sea ice is expanding, according to a batch of recent studies that paint a stark picture of climate change unfolding at the far southern reaches of the globe. Show More Summary

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