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A Rare Foray Into Culture Criticism

(John Hinderaker) I can put up with just about any Game of Thrones sub-plot, as long as the show eventually gets back to Tyrion Lannister and Daenerys Targaryen. But the current Arya Stark misery, with no name or no face or whatever it is–no eyesight, for sure–needlessly and stupidly sidelines one of the program’s best characters. Show More Summary

A President Clinton or Trump Would Be More Alike Than Different on Foreign Policy

For many decades the U.S. has vacillated between interventionism and isolationism, so the stark contrast between George W. Bush's brash 'engagement' with the world versus Barack Obama's 'withdrawal' from the world is not outside the historical norm. Show More Summary

Cruz reacts to Trump's acceptance of transgendered persons making their own choice of bathrooms: "Let me ask you. Have we gone stark raving nuts?"

"This is not political correctness. This is basic common sense... I'm the father of two little girls, this is basic common sense. Grown adult men, strangers, should not be alone in a bathroom with little girls...." "A few months ago Donald told us he could be the most politically correct person on Earth. Show More Summary

HIGHER EDUCATION BUBBLE UPDATE: Missouri Student Protestors Demanded Generators, a Fire Pit. “The …

HIGHER EDUCATION BUBBLE UPDATE: Missouri Student Protestors Demanded Generators, a Fire Pit. “The protestors’ demands for comfort are in stark contrast with their public rhetoric to the media.” The emails are just pathetic.

Twilight of the Climate Change Movement

Don’t be fooled by the post-Paris fanfare. The climate change movement faces major trouble ahead: Its principal propositions contain two major fallacies that can only become more glaring with time. First, in stark contrast to popular...Show More Summary

Regulating Politics in Missouri

In August, NR endorsed Josh Hawley, who is running to serve as Missouri’s attorney general, over his primary opponent, state senator Kurt Schaefer. “Missouri conservatives face an especially stark choice in the race for the Republican nomination.... Show More Summary

What a Shock: Obama's Watchin' His Fave TV Shows Again

Sooner than the rest of us get to -- he'll get to see Game of Thrones before it airs. FLASHBACK: NED STARK WARNS "WINTER IS COMING" JANET YELLEN: WE'LL POUR MONEY ALL OVER THE GROUND TO MELT THE SNOW OBAMA:...

It's Tax Time, But Corporations Aren't Paying

Tax Day offers a stark reminder of the difference between those of us who pay all our taxes every year and the big corporations that don't. While families and small businesses scramble to file their returns each April, multinational corporations are free to indefinitely ignore a $700 billion U.S. Show More Summary

Clinton Has the Edge Over Trump on Range of Issues, Says Poll

WASHINGTON — In a stark warning for Donald Trump as he eyes a possible general election showdown with Hillary Clinton, Americans trust the Democratic front-runner more than the Republican businessman to handle a wide range of issues — from immigration to health care to nominating Supreme Court justices. Even when asked which of the two…

View: Obama Can Appoint Garland If Senate Does Nothing

Gregory L. Diskant, WaPost, In most respects, the meaning of the "Advice and Consent" clause is obvious. The Senate can always grant or withhold consent by voting on the nominee. The narrower question, starkly presented by the Garland nomination, is what to make of things when the Senate simply fails to perform its constitutional duty. Show More Summary

Of Clarity and Blurriness in the Fall of 2016

Say what you will about a Cruz nomination, that would be one clear race: Cruz vs. Hillary. By that I mean, the philosophical lines, the contrast, would be very, very clear. Stark. Something like A and Z. What about Trump vs. Hillary? Pretty blurry, actually. Show More Summary

DUer Questions Integrity of Blog Founder Skinner Over Clinton Payments

The Democratic Underground website is currently in an uproar. The overwhelming majority of them, Bernie Sanders supporters, are in stark opposition to the very few on that site who favor Hillary Clinton. Among the few Hillary supporters...Show More Summary

Marvel superheroes take over Hollywood

On April 14, 2008, Hollywood’s gravitational pull got turned up a notch. That day, audiences for Iron Man were getting their first taste of the Marvel post-credits scene: “You think you’re the only superhero in the world? Mr Stark, you’ve become part of a bigger universe. You just don’t know it yet.” Samuel L Jackson [...]Show More Summary

Hillary Clinton broadly denounces Cruz and Trump on national security: ‘Loose cannons tend to misfire’

In the wake of the deadly terror attacks in Brussels, Hillary Clinton laid out a stark contrast between her approach for dealing with the Islamic State threat and that of the two leading Republican presidential candidates, businessman Donald Trump and Sen. Ted Cruz, in a wide-ranging speech at Stanford University on Wednesday. Her remarks were both a […]

The Obama doctrine applied

(Scott Johnson) In the immediate aftermath of the terror attacks in Brussels yesterday, President Obama gave a previously scheduled speech in Havana “To the People of Cuba.” The speech contrasts rather starkly with the speech suggested by Professor Carlos Eire in “The speech never given,” to the detriment of Obama’s speech. Show More Summary

Parties Never More Different

Ezra Klein on recent events showing a stark difference between the Democratic Party and the GOP. This week, it became clear that the Democratic Party will nominate Hillary Clinton — a politician about as mainstream in her beliefs and methods as you will find in American politics. It also became clear that the Republican Party [...]Show More Summary

Happy Hour Roundup

Interesting goings-on down in Cuba: In an extraordinary news conference Monday afternoon, President Obama and Cuban President Raúl Castro sparred over human rights, Guantánamo and their starkly different views of their own countries and the world, even as both hailed Obama’s historic visit here as a successful new step in normalizing relations. The event […]

From Sarah Palin to Donald Trump: Where the Republican Party went wrong

During Mitt Romney's recent speech denouncing Donald Trump as "a fraud," a stark question arose: How did the Republican Party go, in four years, from nominating a sober grown-up with a record of achievement in the public and private sectors to embracing a loud-mouthed playboy with a string of bankruptcies...

BOOM! Hillary Panics After Hearing Trump’s Plan For Her Once He’s In The White House

In a move that is in stark contrast to our current President and his Justice Department, Trump has said that as President, he would look to prosecute Hillary for her

Hey Hey, Ho Ho, HB 2 Has Got to Go

Amy Hagstrom Miller leaves the Supreme Court The sun is bright in the sky, providing a scenic backdrop to the stark marble fortress of the Supreme Court. Flags at half-staff, in honor of the late Justice Antonin Scalia, ripple on either side. Show More Summary

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