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Bravo Blair!

Bravo Anthony Blair. Yes, I’ll repeat that : Bravo Blair! In all fairness, I have to give the ghastly creature the credit for trying to stop David Cameron’s overthrown of Colonel Gaddafi, which has led directly to the great migratio...

No wonder George Osborne didn’t want the EU referendum – it may derail his journey to No10

Another disclosure from Anthony Seldon’s upcoming biography of David Cameron: he reveals that George Osborne tried to stop the referendum European Union membership. The below is from the Mail on Sunday’s serialisation of Seldon’s… Continue reading The...Show More Summary

If Tony Blair thought that Gaddafi wanted to cut a deal, why did no one follow up?

Just a few months ago, almost everyone thought that David Cameron was a goner. That he was about to go down in history as a one-term Prime Minister who failed… Continue reading The post If Tony Blair thought that Gaddafi wanted to cut a deal, why did no one follow up? appeared first on Spectator Blogs.

When David told Boris to ‘f—ing shut up’

Oh dear. Although Lord Ashcroft said he would be pleasantly surprised if Anthony Seldon’s biography of David Cameron offered anything more than ‘a sanitised account’ of his time in Number 10,… Continue reading The post When David told Boris to ‘f—ing shut up’ appeared first on Spectator Blogs.

How to eat a scone

This is serious business. It might sound trivial, but David Cameron would agree with me (on this at least). Eating a scone is not just a matter of picking up a crumbly bun and cavalierly slathering on jam and cream. Oh, no, no, no! There is a method! A method based on … geography. Whaaa? […]

Cameron’s Cronies: UK House of Lords Bulging With Buddies

UK Prime Minister David Cameron has announced the latest list of peerages, sending 26 of his close aides and supporters to the House of Lords, including a lawmaker who allegedly claimed public expenses to have the moat at his country pile cleaned out.

UK immigration hits record high, causing headache for Cameron

LONDON (Reuters) - Long-term net migration to Britain has hit a record high, underscoring the challenge Prime Minister David Cameron faces to dispel voter fears that immigrants are straining public services such as housing, hospitals and schools.

U.S. and UK politics are mirror images

LONDON — It’s remarkable how often British and American politics resemble each other; often only the accents differ. Following a disastrous defeat at the hands of Prime Minister David Cameron’s

French minister highlights that Treaty change is in the air

French Economy Minister Emmanuel Macron is speaking openly about changing the EU Treaties to achieve further Eurozone integration. This is good news for David Cameron's EU renegotiation push, as France has historically been wary of Treaty change - but the diverging timelines remain an issue. Show More Summary

Brexit 'Good for Democracy', Says Boris Johnson

As the dust settles on Greece’s position within the EU, Britain appears to be making more moves to leave it. Prime Minister David Cameron has promised the public that he will renegotiate the UK’s relationship with the EU ahead of an in/out referendum in 2017.

BP and Shell Benefit From ‘Strategic’ Relationship With Government, Documents Show

New insights into David Cameron's government and its “strategic” relationship with BP and Shell can be gleaned from documents obtained by DeSmog UK in a Freedom of Information request and published for the first time. The documents show...Show More Summary

Shake-Up Needed in EU's Schengen Area, Says German Minister

One of the founding principles of the European Union, freedom of movement has been put into question by a German minister, playing right into the hands of Britain's Prime Minister David Cameron who wants to reform the EU and call a referendum on Britain's membership.

Letter From Europe: BBC’s Status Helps Shield Broadcaster

"The question for David Cameron," a professor says, "is whether he wants to go down in history as the prime minister who effectively dismantled one of the world's most important cultural and democratic institutions."

Boot camp not benefits

BELFAST, Northern Ireland — Since his party’s impressive election victory in May, Prime Minister David Cameron is moving quickly to fulfill his campaign promise to ensure welfare benefits are no

Britain May Cut Welfare Benefits to Drug Addicts, Alcoholics

last weekHealth / Addiction : The Fix

People classified as obese are also in Prime Minister David Cameron's crosshairs.

A Teenager Filmed David Cameron Eating Pringles and the Internet Went Crazy

For this week’s instalment of Politicians Eating Weird Shit, we turn to British Prime Minister David Cameron, eating salted snacks on a budget airline.

Britain brings age-ratings to online music videos: could other countries follow?

Britain is officially bringing age-ratings to online music videos, in a move designed to inform parents of whether the content their kids are watching is suitable. First announced by Prime Minister David Cameron last year, the pilot program constituted a partnership between the British Board of Film Classification (BBFC) and music-streaming sites Vevo and YouTube, […]

What Christian Guy’s appointment says about David Cameron’s No.10

What will David Cameron do with his final few years in power? On election night, he said he wanted his party ‘to reclaim a mantle that we should never have… Continue reading The post What Christian Guy’s appointment says about David Cameron’s No.10 appeared first on Spectator Blogs.

Social Media Documentarian Captures Prime Minister Pigging Out on Paprika Pringles

This weekend, British prime minister David Cameron was flying back to Portugal to finish his summer vacation; he appeared to be unaware that a documentarian was seated in the row across from his, eager to turn his snack time into a Planet Earth-esque montage, zooming closer and closer with shaky-cam... More »

I’D SAY PACK OR HORDE: David Cameron insists describing migrants as a ‘swarm’ wasn’t ‘dehumanising…

I’D SAY PACK OR HORDE: David Cameron insists describing migrants as a ‘swarm’ wasn’t ‘dehumanising’.  Seriously, should he bow before referring to them?  Maybe “Gentlemen who honor us by coming to our country” would be enough.

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