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College Rejects Breivik's Application

Mass murderer Anders Behring Breivik won't be a college student after all. The University of Oslo has rejected his application to study in its political science program online from prison, reports the AP. The school says Breivik's "qualifications do not suffice," and it surely didn't help his case that he...

Mass Murderer Breivik's Next Step: College Student?

Those who thought Anders Behring Breivik got a ridiculously light sentence of 21 years for murdering 77 people in Norway will be just thrilled to hear the latest development about him: The unrepentant anti-Islamic extremist has applied to Oslo University, and the school is considering, reports the Local. Breivik's prison...

Neo-Nazi Metal Star Busted for Terror Plot

A Norwegian black metal musician and alleged sympathizer of mass murderer Anders Behring Breivik has been arrested in France on what authorities say was suspicion he could be planning "a large terrorist act." Prosecutors identified the suspect as Varg Vikernes, a neo-Nazi who earned notoriety in the 1990s after he...

"Varg" Vikernes (Burzum) arrested in south of France

Kristian "Varg" Vikernes (aka Burzum) is back in police custody.A neo-Nazi linked to Norwegian mass killer Anders Behring Breivik was arrested in southwestern France on Tuesday after his wife bought four rifles, raising suspicions he could turn to violence,...

Newtown Shooter May Have Taken Cues From Norway Massacre

2 years agoNews : The Two-Way

Authorities tell CBS News and The Hartford Courant that they found several news clippings about Anders Behring Breivik, who killed 77 people in Norway in 2011, in Adam Lanza's belonging.

In Crazy White Folks News: Sandy Hook Killer Tried To Emulate Certified Wackjob In Norway Who Murked 77 People “For No Reason”

Remember the Anders Behring Breivik character???? Well apparently, ole boy who was responsible for killing all those babies in Connecticut was a fan and trying “emulate” his massacre in Norway. Via CNN: The shooting spree at Sandy Hook Elementary School

Adam Lanza Reportedly Inspired By Violent Video Games, Norway Spree Shooter

Adam Lanza was motivated in his shooting spree of Sandy Hook Elementary School by violent video games and an admiration of Norway spree shooter Anders Behring Breivik, law enforcement officials said. Lanza killed six adults and 20 children at the Connecticut elementary school in the days before Christmas break, but he may have aimed to [...]Show More Summary

Longreads: "Is He Coming? Is He? Oh, God, I Think He Is."

There were few education-related stories among the many "best feature stories of 2012" roundups that I skimmed (on Longform, Longread, etc.), but this GQ piece (The Anders Behring Breivik Story) about the summer camp massacre in Norway...Show More Summary

What It Was Like Sitting in a Courtroom Last Spring with Mass Murderer Anders Behring Breivik

3 years agoUnited States / Seattle : Slog

The journal n+1 just published this piece by Julia Gronnevet about her experience covering the trial of Norwegian mass murderer Anders Behring Breivik for the Associated Press. Different shooter, different country, but some eerily resonant details and (obviously) the question of mental illness. Show More Summary

Anders Breivik, Norway Mass Killer, Finds Prison Unpleasant And Unfair

Anders Behring Breivik, the man who killed 77 people in Norway last year in an wide-scale spree murder, does not like prison, thank you very much. Breivik, 33, killed eight people in a bomb attack on government buildings in Oslo in July of 2011, before targeting a Workers’ Youth League camp on the island of Utøya, in [...]Show More Summary

Norway mass killer criticizes prison conditions

Norwegian mass murderer Anders Behring Breivik accused prison officers of trying to drive him to suicide in conditions he describes as "a mini Abu Ghraib."

Breivik Whines: I'm Served Cold Coffee

Norwegian mass murderer Anders Behring Breivik isn't done complaining about his life in prison : Now he says prison officers are trying to drive him to suicide in conditions he describes as "a mini Abu Ghraib," with strict security regimes and unpredictable guards. What makes it so Abu Ghraib-like? Well, Breivik...

Mag: Norway killer Breivik wrote to German far-right suspect

BERLIN (Reuters) - Anders Behring Breivik, who slaughtered 77 people in Norway last year, has written to a far-right gang member in Germany charged with helping in a series of racist killings, calling her a hero of national resistance, a German magazine reported. Show More Summary

Violent Games Blamed as Russia Grapples With Mass Shooting

Described as "Russia's Breivik"—a reference to Anders Behring Breivik, the Norwegian mass shooter who killed 77 in 2011—Dmitry Vinogradov already is being linked in Russian press to the bête noire of violent video games, Manhunt, as authorities probe a workplace shooting that left six dead in Moscow. More »

Norwegian Mass Killer Complains About Prison

Norwegian mass murderer Anders Behring Breivik, who confessed to killing 77 people in a bomb and gun rampage, has complained that he is being held in inhumane conditions and is being denied freedom of expression. "He has written a long complaint that he is being held in a section with...

British neo-Nazis praise 'role model' Anders Breivik

Support from far-Right for Norwegian who massacred 77 to 'protect' Europe from Islam One-Minute Read LAST UPDATED AT 10:06 ON Sun 2 Sep 2012 ANDERS BEHRING BREIVIK, who will probably spend the rest of his life in jail for the massacre...Show More Summary

Jacob Sullum on Mass Murderer Anders Breivik and the Fine Line Between Ideology and Insanity

3 years agoNews : Reason

Last Friday, upon receiving the maximum possible penalty for murdering 77 people in and near Oslo a year ago, Anders Behring Breivik smiled. The prison sentence—21 years initially, but indefinitely extendable for as long as Breivik is deemed...Show More Summary

Anders Behring Breivik

Written by Homer Throughout the history of mankind, admirable deeds and tragic sacrifices have been made in the name of patriotism. We know there’s a reason why Russians call their country Mother Russia, why the 4th of July is a national holiday in the United States, and why Inter Milan and AS Roma soccer fans [...]

More Punishment, More Crime?

Last week Norwegian mass murderer Anders Behring Breivik received the maximum sentence under Norwegian law - 21 years (the sentence can be extended indefinitely if Breivik is deemed a threat after serving his time). David Dow supports the punishment: The...

Anders Behring Breivik: murderer, fascist; and object of derision?

3 years agoNews : Slugger O'Toole

Norwegian mass murderer Anders Behring Breivik was found guilty (and sane) last week. There is an excellent article on Breivik and his ultra right ideology by Matthew Feldman on the BBC website. Feldman (a Reader in History at Teeside University) is an expert on fascist ideology and the far right. Feldman notes the “Lone Wolf” [...]

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