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Tinder Co-Founder Files Sexual Harassment Lawsuit

Mary Emily O’Hara, reporting for Vice News: At one point, Whitney Wolfe was promoted as Tinder’s “inventor” and co-founder in fashion magazines like Harper’s Bazaar. She named the app, and her marketing savvy was often cited as the reason it found an audience among young women. Show More Summary

Use Physics App to Create Crazy Contraptions

Cobbling crazy contraptions together great for aspiring inventors

This App Wants To Fix Our Baseball Injury Epidemic

The founder of the American Sports Medicine Institute just launched an app that could save your son's arm. This article contains interviews with Dr. James Andrews, inventor of Tommy John Surgery and founder of the American Sports Medicine Institute (ASMI), and Kevin Wilk, lead physical therapist at ASMI Read Full Story

Google Glass? Feh. Behold Dyson's 2001 pocket 'puter AR headgear with own 'Siri'

Shaggy was topping the charts, Neural Database was an app Pics  Blighty’s best-known modern inventor James Dyson is famous for his vacuum cleaners, fans and hand-dryers, but apparently he could have branched out into smartglasses and fuel cells years ago.…

Yey! You Can Really Remote Control A Roach from Your Smart Phone

Inventors have not only created a method for hacking the nervous system of a cockroach and allowing the insect to be controlled remotely, but apparently – like so many other things these days - there’s an app for hat.

Have a New App? There May Not Be a Patent for That

Arguments before the Supreme Court Monday will redefine which technology ideas are patentable. If you're an inventor, you may wonder at what point an idea becomes so abstract, it can no longer be patented as an innovation. And in the...Show More Summary

Tetris Inventor Returns With New Puzzle App “Symbol Link” [Video Review]

While many have developed puzzle video-games, not many have compared to the popularity of the hit game “Tetris”. Symbol Link is a new puzzle app created by Alexey Pajitnov, the mind behind Tetris, that has players connect symbols in the … Read more ›

Inventor Of The World Wide Web Does Reddit AMA

In the midst of NSA revelations, app security mishaps, and the SXSW Snowden interview, is Tim Berners-Lee’s ‘Ask Me Anything’ on Reddit.

Findery Is Like Instagram, Only You Share Places Not Photographs

Findery, from inventor of Flickr Caterina Fake, is like Instagram for places, or maybe Foursquare for everywhere – even that street corner you like or the park bench you read on sometimes on Sundays. Findery is a an iOS app … Read more ›

Findery: An app like Instagram but for places (not selfies)

Created by Flickr inventor, Caterina Fake, Findery is a website and iOS app that's a little like Instagram for places - snap a photo of something, tag the location and then leave a tip about why it's unusual/awesome/tasty. Your...

Use PowerPoint to Get a Date, or Some Therapy

2 years agoLifestyle / Fashion : The Cut

Is your OkCupid message game weak? Are you more at home in the Microsoft Office suite than swiping right or left on Tinder? Try Presentation Dating with Rahul Saggar, a Brooklyn engineer and the inventor of an alternative tampon applicator. According to the Daily News and DNAinfo, Saggar’s latest innovation... More »

Apple’s buying spree continues with $200 million Topsy acquisition

Apple is on a roll as 2013 winds down. Just one week after Apple confirmed that it acquired Israel-based Kinect inventor PrimeSense, the company has acknowledged another small buy. The Wall Street Journal on Monday reported that Apple has acquired Topsy, which bills itself as a social monitoring and analytics company. Show More Summary

Want to Facilitate Real Learning? Free Yourself From the 'Expert' Trap

I have a secret. I am no longer the most knowledgeable person in my classroom. I am not sure who owns that title, but more often than not when it comes to teaching Scratch, App Inventor—and soon game design and computer science principles— it is not me. Show More Summary

Vaavud Smartphone Wind Meter Now Available, Use Your Phone To Measure Windspeed Like It's The Future

Kickstarter success Vaavud is a thing of beauty. Created by a Danish team of enterprising inventors, it plugs into your iPhone or Android device's headphone jack and connects with an app to tell you the current wind speed. It uses no power, and actually talks wirelessly to your phone via the built-in magnetic field sensor that ships with modern smartphones.

Isometric, iOS App To Create Colorful Designs With Geometric Shapes

3 years agoHumor : Laughing Squid

Isometric is an iOS app that allows users to create beautiful geometric designs by tapping, rotating, dragging, and manipulating basic colorful shapes. Made With Isometric is a Tumblr blog created by the app’s inventor to showcase some of the best designs made with the app, which is currently available to download from the iTunes App [...]

The World Wide Web Became Free 20 Years Ago Today

You and I can access billions of Web pages, post blogs, write code for our own killer apps—in short, do anything we want on the Web—all for free! And we’ve enjoyed free reign because 20 years ago, today, Web inventor Tim Berners-Lee and his employer, the CERN physics lab in Geneva, published a statement that [...]

Ig Nobel Prize-winning Tamagotchi now made free to the public

Tamagotchi, an invention that earned its inventors an Ig Nobel Prize, is now available to the public free, in the form of a downloadable app. The 1997 Ig Nobel Prize for economics was awarded to Akihiro Yokoi of Wiz Company in Chiba, Japan and Aki Maita [pictured here] of Bandai Company in Tokyo, the father and mother [...]

Beginner’s Android/Arduino example shows the power of App Inventor

This is a simple project. It uses an Android device to switch an LED driven by the Arduino. Connectivity is provided by the Bluetooth module inserted in the breadboard. But one look at the UI on the Android device and you might think this is anything but simple. The truth is that [Kerimil] didn’t spend [...]

TimesCast Media+Tech: Industry Shifts With Dell Deal

3 years agoTechnology : Bits

The effects of Dell's landmark move to go private. Kit Eaton reviews video editing apps. The entrepreneur and inventor James Dyson.


By JUDGE TOM JACOBS Whenever a new technological advance comes on the market or a new app is created, someone will inevitably use it for purposes not intended by the inventor. We’ve seen cases of cyberbullying through Twitter, blogs, and obviously Facebook. Now Instagram, a photo-sharing app, has been used to bully classmates at a [...]

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