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Obama: The Most Dangerous Precedent

Everyone knows--whether they admit it or not--that President Barack Obama's "executive amnesty" is wrong. But most Americans aren’t sure how to stop him--even though if this last election was about anything, it was about stopping Obama from granting an executive amnesty. Show More Summary

Obama's Executive Amnesty Could Affect 1.6 Million in California

President Barack Obama's executive amnesty could provide legal status to 1.6 million people living in California, according to new estimates. Expected eligible illegal aliens could gain legal status under an anticipated expansion of the President’s Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA), along with a new deferred action program. Show More Summary

Al Sharpton Praises Obama: Executive Amnesty Opening 'America Up for Everyone'

Hours before Barack Obama makes his executive amnesty announcement on Thursday, Al Sharpton praised the President for starting to "undo those locks" and opening "America up for everyone." Sharpton, speaking at the National Press Club...Show More Summary

Rand Paul: Obama Will 'Rue the Day' He Tried to Destroy Separation of Powers

Thursday on Newsmax TV's "MidPoint," Sen. Rand Paul (R-KY) said while there is not a lot that can be done to stop President Barack Obama's lawless executive action amnesty now, it will change in January when the Republican Party takes control of the U.S. Show More Summary

Call Obama a Wambulance

Politico is reporting the following: “The White House is exasperated with the major broadcast networks – ABC, CBS and NBC — for skipping out on President Barack Obama’s Thursday primetime address on his executive actions on immigration.”...Show More Summary

Obama's Executive Action Will Keep Legal Immigrant Families Apart

One of the many spurious defenses being rolled out for President Barack Obama's brazen violation of the Constitution in granting "executive amnesty" is that he is acting to "keep families together." After all, if some family membersShow More Summary

Crazy Pelosi Compares Obama’s Executive Amnesty to Emancipation Proclamation (Video)

(Samford Edu) Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi compared Barack Obama’s illegal executive amnesty to the Emancipation Proclamation. “Does the public know that the Emancipation Proclamation was an executive order? People have to understand how presidents have made change in our country.” … Continue reading ?

GOP Lawmaker: Obama 'Sticking his Finger Into the Eyes' of Unemployed Americans

With President Barack Obama poised to move on executive amnesty, a Republican House member is looking to block any illegal immigrant beneficiaries from obtaining work permits. Rep. Lou Barletta (R-PA) introduced legislation ThursdayShow More Summary

Univision’s Jorge Ramos Complains Illegal Alien Latinos Not Represented in Congress

Univision’s Jorge Ramos swims the Rio Grande. (Swimmers Daily) Univision and Fusion news anchor Jorge Ramos gave an interview with Time magazine this week about President Barack Obama’s pending amnesty announcement for several million illegal aliens. Ramos has appointed himself … Continue reading ?

Obama Announces Immigration Plan Tonight

Frustrated that inaction on Capitol Hill has let America's immigration crisis fester, President Barack Obama is set to announce significant steps to address the issue of undocumented immigrants on his own. In a speech Thursday night,...Show More Summary

Congress Should Cancel the State of the Union Address in 2015

Congressional Republicans are searching for ways--short of impeachment or shutting down the government--to respond to President Barack Obama's seizure of arbitrary power over immigration law and enforcement. One way would be to cancel...Show More Summary

WH Political Director: Obama Can't Ignore Congressional Mandates

White House Political Director David Simas argued that President Barack Obama was right in 2011 when he said that he could not suspend deportations through an executive order, but is also within his power to implement immigration reform via an executive order on CNN's "New Day" on Thursday. Show More Summary

Obama Will Add More Illegals to US Economy Than Jobs Created Under His Leadership

Barack Obama will add more foreign workers to the US economy with his illegal executive amnesty plan that total jobs created since he came into office. The Daily Caller reported: President Barack Obama’s unilateral amnesty will quickly add as many … Continue reading ?

Those huddled masses

LET'S put aside the political, legal and constitutional implications of the executive action on immigration that the president will announce tonight for a moment and look at the problem that Barack Obama is trying to address. Here are all the numbers you need to have a well-informed argument about illegal immigration and deportation in America. Show More Summary

Nancy Pelosi: 'The Emancipation Proclamation Was an Executive Order'

WASHINGTON, D.C. -- House Democratic Leader Nancy Pelosi argues President Barack Obama has ample authority to take executive actions as many presidents before him have done, including President Abraham Lincoln. “Does the public know the Emancipation Proclamation was an executive order?” Pelosi asked reporters Thursday. Show More Summary

Buchanan: Obama Diminishing US By Handing Victory to Lawless Illegals

Thursday on Newsmax TV's "America's Forum," former adviser to Presidents Ronald Reagan and Richard Nixon Pat Buchanan said while President Barack Obama’s executive amnesty action is an impeachable offense, since the Republicans don't...Show More Summary

Illegal On-Demand Abortions Covered by Obamacare

Despite President Barack Obama's promise that Obamacare would not be used to pay for abortions, over a thousand insurance plans under the president's signature health care law are in fact offering coverage for on-demand abortions. This...Show More Summary

‘Honor Before Job': Border Patrol Agent Says Will Not Enforce Obama’s ‘Unlawful’ Amnesty

A man claiming to be a Border Patrol agent in California posted a statement to the conservative site on Thursday saying that he will not enforce President Barack Obama’s executive order granting amnesty to illegal aliens. Obama is scheduled … Continue reading ?

Jeff Sessions: 'Congress Has the Power to Block' Obama's 'Unlawful' & 'Dangerous' Executive Amnesty

On Thursday, Sen. Jeff Sessions (R-AL) said Congress must use the powers that is has to block President Barack Obama's forthcoming unlawful executive amnesty. Obama will make his executive amnesty announcement on Thursday evening and...Show More Summary

White House Doesn't Commit to Vetoing Bill That Would Block Exec Amnesty

On Wednesday, the White House did not commit to vetoing a potential bill that would fund the government but prohibit President Barack Obama from using federal funds to implement his executive amnesty. Ahead of Obama's Thursday prime-time...Show More Summary

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