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Murdoch says sorry for ‘real black president’ tweet

1 hour agoNews : The Raw Story

Powerful media magnate Rupert Murdoch apologized on Thursday after suggesting that Barack Obama was not “a real black president,” triggering outrage. In a message posted to his @rupertmurdoch Twitter account late Wednesday, the 84-year-old owner of News Corporation had seemed to...

Rupert Murdoch Wants A ‘Real Black President,’ Later Apologized For Tweet

Rupert Murdoch tweeted his support for presidential candidate Ben Carson Wednesday evening, but he also appeared to make the assertion that President Barack Obama isn’t really black. Murdoch later apologized, saying that he finds both Carson and Obama to be “charming” men. Show More Summary

‘Is Obama a real black president?': Watch Ben Carson and Wolf Blitzer’s latest mind-boggling race interview

3 hours agoNews : The Raw Story

It’s hard to believe that an American news anchor would be asking candidates if Barack Obama was “a real black president” in 2015, but that’s what happened when CNN’s Wolf Blitzer interviewed GOP hopeful Ben Carson on Thursday. After News Corporation founder Rupert...

Why Clinton's Opposition To TPP Is Unnerving

7 hours agoNews : Huffington Post

In 2008, Hillary Clinton was running against an inexperienced, untested young senator named Barack Obama. Clinton was known as one of the most serious policy wonks to ever run for president, and her network included most of Democratic...Show More Summary

CNN pundit defends Rupert Murdoch’s racial tweet: He just meant that Obama is a ‘magic negro’

7 hours agoNews : The Raw Story

CNN political commentator and Donald Trump supporter Jeffrey Lord on Thursday defended Rupert Murdoch’s suggestion that Barack Obama was not a “real black president” by noting that the News Corporation founder really meant that the president was a “magic Negro.” On...

Hillary Clinton won’t be Obama 2.0

9 hours agoNews : The Raw Story

As Barack Obama’s secretary of State, Hillary Clinton loyally carried out his agenda, but since mounting her presidential bid she has split with the White House on several key issues, including global trade. Drilling in the Arctic Ocean is too risky, she argues. Deportations? The...

Talks on U.S. defence grants to Israel may resume next month: Obama aide

JERUSALEM (Reuters) - The United States may resume talks on its defence grants to Israel when Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu visits Washington next month, an aide to President Barack Obama said on Thursday.

Rupert Murdoch suggests Obama isn't 'real black president'

18 hours agoNews : The Newsroom

WASHINGTON (AP) — The founder of the global News Corp. media empire, Rupert Murdoch, is suggesting that President Barack Obama isn't a "real black president."

Rupert Murdoch Suggests Barack Obama Is Either Not Really Black or Not Really President

19 hours agoNews : Slate: The Slatest

You be the judge. Murdoch, the conservative media scion and occasional Twitter user, is obviously not a fan of the sitting president, but it was revealed Wednesday night he apparently isn’t totally convinced that Barack Obama is the “real” President. Show More Summary

Rupert Murdoch says Ben Carson would be a ‘real black president’

20 hours agoNews : The Raw Story

21st Century Fox head Rupert Murdoch promoted a Ben Carson interview on Fox News on Wednesday by suggesting he is more black than President Barack Obama. According to The Hollywood Reporter, Murdoch called the former neurosurgeon and his wife “terrific” on Twitter before adding,...

Congress Passed A Bill To Change Obamacare. What Happened Next Will Amaze You.

20 hours agoNews : Huffington Post

  WASHINGTON -- President Barack Obama signed a bill into law Wednesday, which is pretty boring in and of itself. The legislation is kind of boring, too. But what made the moment significant is it's the first time in four years that Congress has sent the president a bill expressly intended to make Obamacare work better, not ruin it. Show More Summary

Glenn Greenwald on CNN: Obama Can’t Just Apologize for ‘War Crime’

yesterdayNews : Mediaite

Two days after Glenn Greenwald went after CNN for "obscuring" the facts on the U.S. airstrike that killed 22 people at a Doctors Without Borders hospital in Afghanistan, he appeared on that network to criticize President Barack Obama for delivering what he believes to be an insufficient apology to the organization.

Hillary Clinton Comes Out Against TPP

WASHINGTON -- Hillary Clinton came out against the Trans-Pacific Partnership Wednesday, breaking with President Barack Obama on the 12-nation trade deal that is set to be a key part of his legacy. "As of today, I am not in favor of what...Show More Summary

Senate Sends President Defense Bill He Opposes

WASHINGTON -- Time to bring out the veto pen, Mr. President. The Senate on Wednesday passed the annual National Defense Authorization Act, sending it on to President Barack Obama in spite of the White House's repeated threats to veto the measure. Show More Summary

Obama Apologizes to Doctors Without Borders for Kunduz Attack

President Barack Obama reportedly apologized to the international president of Doctors Without Borders on Wednesday, telling her the US will “make changes if necessary” to prevent the bombing of hospitals -- killing staff, patients, and children -- in the future.

Obama apologizes to MSF for air strike on hospital: White House

yesterdayNews : The Raw Story

U.S. President Barack Obama telephoned the head of Medecins San Frontieres and apologized for a deadly air strike on the aid group’s hospital in Kunduz, Afghanistan, the White House said on Wednesday. On the call with the medical charity’s president, Joanne Liu, Obama also said the U.S....

Obama apologizes to aid group for U.S. attack on Afghan clinic

President Barack Obama has apologized to Doctors Without Borders for the U.S. air attack that hit the group's medical clinic in Afghanistan. Continue reading ? The post Obama apologizes to aid group for U.S. attack on Afghan clinic appeared first on PBS NewsHour.

Obama Apologizes to Doctors Without Borders for Hospital Bombing

US President Barack Obama assured Doctors Without Borders International President Dr. Joanne Liu that the Department of Defense investigation, currently underway, would provide a transparent investigation of bombing of hospital in Afghanistan, according to White House Press Secretary Josh Earnest.

Clinton seeks to distance herself from Obama’s policies

WASHINGTON — President Barack Obama seemed to call Hillary Rodham Clinton's idea of a no-fly zone in Syria "half-baked." Continue reading ? The post Clinton seeks to distance herself from Obama’s policies appeared first on PBS NewsH...

Child ISIS Jihadi Threatens To Cut Off Barack Obama’s Head In Chilling New Video

Barack Obama may be good at keeping his head in tricky situations, but a child ISIS jihadi has threatened to decapitate the U.S. President, unless Obama pays the jig’ yah (religious tax) in submission before “the swords of the khalifah (caliphate)” cut his “filthy head off.” As threats go it doesn’t beat around he bush,... Show More Summary

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